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  1. Bourney

    Sugden with Living voice hi fi system.

    Is there anybody there.......?
  2. Bourney

    Sugden with Living voice hi fi system.

    Any boxes John?
  3. I bet I can guess who the buyer is...
  4. Bourney

    FOR SALE - MARANTZ PM4 Integrated Class A Amp

    Does it have speaker connections that take banana plugs?
  5. Bourney

    Resolution Audio Opus 21 Owners Club

    Excellent, let us know what you think
  6. Bourney

    Resolution Audio Opus 21 Owners Club

    I bought nice one recently for less than 700, crated etc. Well worth that sort of money. Is it better than my Chevron set up...hmmmm possibly not.
  7. Bourney

    FS Audion Silver night 300B

    Temporarily removed from sale whilst I look into this minor mod I've been made aware of.
  8. Bourney

    FS Audion Silver night 300B

    I still have it John. I've had a lot of interest who want it posting, I'd prefer not to do that at present. I've also been made aware of a low cost mod that makes a considerable improvement. I might have to give this a go first 😬
  9. For sale: Audion silver night 300B single input integrated/ power amp. In exc condition. Gold chrome finished version. Even though this is an nearly version it looks to have been lightly used and well cared for. It's mighty purrrdy. I bought this from an Audion dealer last year and have used it trouble free each day. Probably the cheapest 300B amp of this sort of quality. Drives my AN Ks beautifully. Selling as I've upgraded to a trafomatic 300B which sounds remarkably similar as you'd expect. No idea of age of valves etc but it all works fine. No box so collection please. I can demonstrate it then too. Located Stoke on Trent £550
  10. Bump - price drop £475
  11. Bourney

    FS Rega RP3/ Elys2/ fono

    Sold to Tom.
  12. Bourney

    FS Rega RP3/ Elys2/ fono

    I'm sure it would be fine as it's in the original packaging.
  13. Bourney

    FS Audio note K

    Earlier pair of Ks in pretty decent condition, nice wood finish and complete with original packaging that I'd in good nick. These have been refoamed around 9 months ago by myself using foams from audionote. I'm not a professional! It was a learning thing especially as I did it without removing the drivers as I didn't want to damage the cabs. To clarify, one is a tidier job than the other- you can see the glue on one - but both sound great. I'm asking £375 collected which more than covers the above and allows a bit of headroom if you want to RE refoam them. I'm now using newer Ks solely as they look better. They sound pretty much the same...the newer ones cost me a lot more mind!
  14. Bourney

    FS Rega RP3/ Elys2/ fono

    Rega front end, RP3 bought ex dem from rega dealer Fono 2 was bought new at same time - September last year. Love the way it sounds...I just can't be arsed with the faff or the cost of records. I'm a CD man... All in exc condition, hardly used. I've bought 5 records since I bought it! All boxed, manuals etc £325 for the package. Located Stoke on Trent.
  15. That's odd, I can see them mate. Hmmm