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  1. The bloody cheek Still a season ticket holder...I must like pain
  2. Quad QSP in excellent condition, boxed, quad link etc Most recent version of the superb 909, with all the same qualities and beautiful sound. A genuine hifi bargain. Its had very light use. £485 + p&p or collect from Stoke on trent.
  3. Provisionally sold to John subject to the usual.
  4. Back available. John has first refusal, if hes still interested.
  5. Bump. Audionote E type sound and ease of drive for much less wonga.
  6. Bump, my other DAC is home now so need the space. £175!
  7. Williams Audio Valve DAC Williams Audio Dac. Built by Duncan/tubehunter. Original description from when Duncan sold it. 'Output is slightly higher than the standard 2volts around 4/5volts, so will drive a power amp direct but is still usable with a preamp. Spec: Wolfson WM8740 DAC DIR9001 digital receiver PCM2902 USB interface AM26C32 for SPDIF Inputs USB, Optical or SPDIF Input signal source scanned and selected automatically Power supply for analog, digital and driver section are separate and independent Double regulated before board, then step up and third stage regulation on board. Valve output stage is SRPP using the most excellent 6N6P tube. Input capacitors are Mundorf supreme and output capacitors are AmpOhm. Two 6amp mains Transformers supply Dac regulators and stepped up again to provide HT for valves. Smoothing is by quality polypropylene capacitors and choke with kiwarme resistors. Case is solid beech sides with 5mm clear acrylic top/back and base. The top slides off for access. There is a small crack in back panel to the right hand side which isn't a problem. The front is a sandwich of 10mm clear and 3mm transparent blue. This thing rocks!' Condition is used- ie minor marks and the perspex shows some sign of being over the top of a hot valve. Not really visable in use. To be fair, I bought this to use for a few weeks whilst I had my Chevron repaired/ upgraded but Ive really enjoyed it and I have a feeling it might outperform my Chevron (which comes home tomorrrow) but I love my chevron set up, so its staying put. It's a heavy unit and comes with a couple of spare valves. Doubt much would touch this for the money. £200. Prefer not to post. Located in stoke on trent
  8. These my old ones Ian? Beautiful finish on them if so.
  9. For sale: Heco direkt in black. Bought recently from a forum member as I've always wanted to hear them since they first came on to tte scene. I love the way they sound but I've got to be honest, the looks really dont fit with our room and with my alcoves, they're dominating the room somewhat. If heco could make a wood finished model with black feet, they'd have world beaters..that's just my opinion I guess Anyhoo. Boxed in excellent condition, a few minor marks in the outriggers/ feet. Boxed with grilles. £1000
  10. Driving them with Art quintet for a few days. Its taken me a few weeks to get positioning right. I'm now tinkering between the tidy and generally clean sound of the Quad against the creamier Art. They're out in the room further than originally which has pulled everything together but maybe not as practical space wise and visually. Still amazed at them sonically. They just keep surprising me.
  11. Bourney

    Wtd Hifi stand

    Sorted now thanks.
  12. I moved to using a sideboard a while ago, but I'm finding it a bit frustrating and messy. Looking for 4 or 5 shelf stand hopefully pretty local. Stands unique or similar would be nice.
  13. I'll be visiting him at some point this week hopefully.