CONFIRMED DATES FOR SCALFORD - March 17th & 18th 2018


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  1. SALE

    I just can't keep up Al
  2. SOLD

    I can quite clearly see the £350 in the ad....
  3. SOLD

    Think My leben would drive these Tim? They are an itch that needs scratching at some point for me.
  4. A new thread would be better. Most folk probably aren't even looking as they presume they're sold.
  5. I've run the zen through the smaller frugals today and at low levels it sounds beautiful but it doesn't have the same flesh on it's bones as with the Leben. As you'd expect, the midrange is very impressive.
  6. Well after losing my trusty and loyal Mollie in January this year, we finally got our act together and now have a new family member... we collect her tomorrow morning meet Wilma, a small breed show type cocker spaniel Excited and nervous. Not had a puppy for 16 years! Busy times ahead!
  7. You can borrow my Zen for a few days if you want to give it a go 👍
  8. Another pair in there that will post for £21. Ripe for some DIY LV isms
  9. £55!!
  10. still there for me. Look at this on eBay: Dali Vinyl 104 Floorstanding speakers
  11. i believe these are what Kevin based LVs on. For £55... they've gotta be worth a go eh???
  12. OooOOOOooo... expensive?
  13. Is that a different design than mine then Ian? Mine is the paradox with off board power supply. Have you had it built for you ?
  14. Oooh what do you think Ian? Think I've had mine around 3 years now. 😮
  15. Always fancied an earlier pair in rosewood. Prices are creeping up I've noticed. Heard a pair at a bake off and wasxsuitably impressed - driven by meridian electronics IIRC.