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  1. Dimensions 470mm high 250mm wide top plate 220mm deep Ideal for AN J size I'd say
  2. Much heavier duty than those. I have a pair of them in my garage!
  3. For sale Audio note 'type' stands. I cant confirm their manufacturer. Same configuration as AN stands with uprights at 90deg to each other. Well made and very rigidstands that I've used with a few pairs of reasonably high end speakers . Wlm la Diva, ANk etc. I'll confirm dims later. £65 collected.
  4. The black looks way better in the flesh in my opinion. Good price and a nice guy to deal with. I'd have been all over these two weeks ago.
  5. Living voice OBX R2 in satin walnut. I'm listing these on behalf of a chap I bought an amp off last year and have kept in contact with. He doesnt use any forums so is always going to struggle to sell these outside of Ebay. He keeps his kit in a dedicated listening room and it all looks immaculate. I'd love a forum member to get them. THE nicest pair of LVs I've seen with kondo SPC cabling between cabs and crossover. Boxed, one owner. If I was more flush at the moment, these would be mine. £1750 inc cables. If you're interested, drop me a pm and I can pass your details
  6. Proac 1s in exc condition in cherry, boxed, grilles etc. Bought recently as I have a tatty pair of 1sc that i had given to me via pink fish and I was going to upgrade these pretty 1s to SC spec uding the parts in the tatty black ones but I'm probably devaluing both pairs and these 1s are so so lovely and original, I don't want to tinker with them. Even the boxes are really tidy. One tweeter has slight dimples suggesting it has had a minor poke at some point and been teased out. Not immediately visable and difficult to photograph but thought I should mention it. No effect sonically as far as I can hear. £400 collected or plus P&P. I'm keeping the stands in the photos for my other Proacs.
  7. Having used a quintet with AN Ks recently, I can confirm they drive them easily and sound pretty darn good together. Has this sold now then?
  8. Sold mine earlier this year for £675. Crated, din lead etc
  10. Looking for a pair please. Don't mind if the foam is a mess or missing...just as long as they're working..
  11. Looking to have a cheapy 5.1 system again. I've got tannoy SFX speakers, just need a smallish sub, REL quake, smaller m&k or similar and a cheapish AV amp with a digital input so that I can connect my Sky Q box. Anyone got anything knocking around.
  12. Sold already old chum. Now these Odeons......