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  1. Arsenal

    And guesses correctly.... i went to the game and you didn't play bad but you waste so much time keeping possession for the sake of it, even when you're losing...that you only play a quarter of the game!
  2. Arsenal

    Great game today 👍
  3. Living Voice alternatives....maybe

    The strength of LVs is their consistency. They make 90% of music sound good and still can deliver wow moments. If you analyse what they do closely, you won't appreciate them. If you don't analyse them and give yourself enough time to sink into them, you stop playing 'what sounds impressive', you'll find it hard to live without what LVs do. They are a flawed yet perfect speaker.
  4. Living voice bases

    Thanks Nick. Haha well...I'd still say you're friendly 👍
  5. Living voice bases

    Could a friendly LV owner give me the dimensions of the plinths please? It's the height that is the key thing. Ta Annoyingly, I gave a set away last year!
  6. DALI owners' thread

    Also.., is there a reason for the velvet baffles??
  7. DALI owners' thread

    The similarities with Living Voices are startling, including positioning and overall character. Bass possibly bigger on the Dalis.
  8. DALI owners' thread

    Well...I'm a bit gobsmacked to be honest! Boy can these play electronica! Really tidy pair and the drivers look as new. Best £60 I've ever spent hifi wise!! Driving them with the 20W SE Mastersound.
  9. DALI owners' thread

    look tidy from the eBay ad
  10. DALI owners' thread

    I probably won't get them until next week Nick, just wanted to know what to expect really. At £60 it was a no brainer
  11. DALI owners' thread

    I've just bought me a pair of 104s for peanuts that look extremely tidy. Couldn't resist. How different do they sound compared with LVs andcwhat can be done to improve them? Fancying a tinker 🤓
  12. I wonder if an amp working harder at lower volumes helps?
  13. The WLMs aren't bad at lower volumes but certainly come alive at realistic levels. I found LVs more fussy. Not a fan at low volumes..flat as fook, but superb once the wick was turned up a bit. Audionote Es also good at low volumes, they still sounded full and exciting.
  14. Probably Harbeth SHL5s driven by a Leben CS300 a few years ago. A bit stark as the volume went up though.
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    Fingathing - superhero music