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  1. Bourney

    Jas orior grand speakers

    Just to say you will not meet a nicer chap than Graham. Fantastic to deal with. I'm tempted myself...
  2. Bourney

    FS Living Voice OBX R

  3. Living voice OBX R in cherry complete with Audionote crossover cables. In relatively tidy nick, not perfect but price more than covers any minor blemishes. Boxes for speakers in tact but not courier safe. Bargain price of £1000 collected with minimal fuss and the hope I won't see them on eBay for a few hundred quid more next week. I can't do long dems at the mo due to personal reasons as I have a poorly family member. Located in stoke on Trent..
  4. Bourney

    SOLD: Impulse H2

    I've dropped you a pm Martin
  5. Bourney

    SOLD: Impulse H2

    Always wanted a pair of these after hearing a pair at a doctor's house, driven by an almarro 318B. One of the best sounds I've ever heard in a home. Garrgh
  6. Bourney

    FS Blok Stax 400

  7. Bourney

    FS Blok Stax 400

    Blok stax 400 in a dark stripey finish. Its Not mint. The veneer has lifted in small places and probably needs re glueing and a small strip on an edge is missing..only a couple of mm wide.. If you take it apart and spin the sections around it would mostly be hiddem I'm making it sound worse than it is ! Anyway...It's cheap and extremely heavy. Definitely a 2 man lift. I believe this is 400 quid + stand new. Ive had it a few years but unsure of age. £60 collected from Stoke.
  8. Bourney


    Streaming advice. Looking for some advice please. At the moment I stream Spotify premium through my iPad that wirelessly connects to my Apple tv with a digital cable connecting to my DAC. Could a clever digital bod tell me if I'm limiting quality doing it in this way? Ie is the apple tv a bottleneck or the way I have it set up not getting the best out of it? Would I get better quality using a dedicated streamer and if so, where do I need to start looking and is it worth spending extra money on these? Is there one that would act as a CD transport also? Any help greatly appreciated.
  9. Bourney

    Standmounts that are good at low volumes

    Royd sintra. Somehow still manage to groove at low volumes even though they're small. Driven witj sonething like a primaluna el34 based amp..Audionote/ Snell K are bigger but excel at lower volumes.
  10. Provisionally sold
  11. FS Resolution audio opus 21 CD player. In silver, in exc working order complete with remote control and the all important din to Phono lead to by pass the variable out put and get the best performance. I've used this as a CD player and a DAC and it operates seamlessly, easily swapped between the two modes via the remote. It's certainly a nifty bit of kit and Kevin at Definitives favourite CD player. Comes complete with original crate. All in reasonably tidy Nick. £700 collected from Stoke on Trent. I won't post this.
  12. Bourney

    Sugden with Living voice hi fi system.

    Is there anybody there.......?
  13. Bourney

    Sugden with Living voice hi fi system.

    Any boxes John?
  14. I bet I can guess who the buyer is...
  15. Bourney

    FOR SALE - MARANTZ PM4 Integrated Class A Amp

    Does it have speaker connections that take banana plugs?