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  1. Bourney

    Fs: primaluna prologue 1

    Sold and collected
  2. Bourney

    Fs: primaluna prologue 1

  3. Bourney

    Fs: primaluna prologue 1

    Bump. Brilliant no fuss valve integrated!
  4. Bourney

    Fs: primaluna prologue 1

    Thanks Tristan.
  5. Bourney

    Fs: primaluna prologue 1

    The small valves do say Mullard- made in great Britain but I can't verify their origins as they came with the amp.
  6. Bourney

    Fs: primaluna prologue 1

    Sorted, thanks Baxzer. Note: location is Stoke on Trent
  7. Bourney

    Fs: primaluna prologue 1

    Sorry, the title is incorrect, it's actually a Prologue 1 not a dialogue 1. Sorry for any confusion
  8. Bourney

    Fs: primaluna prologue 1

    Very difficult decision, I've had this amp over 12 months (a long time for me!) and have enjoyed immensely. I'm heading towards a 300B set up so this is going to have to make way sadly. All valves are branded as Mullards but I think they are modern versions rather than originals. They sound superb either way. Generally in good condition, a couple of fine marks, a scratch on the transformer cover and the text on the front is slightly faded. It's the perfect valve amp for those who want plenty of grunt and minimal fuss. It's extremely heavy and no box so collection only I'm afraid. Photos to follow. £525.
  9. Bourney

    Are my speakers suitable for valves?

    I've got a primaluna dialogue 1 that I've been using for some time. Ts a fatastic amp. Loads of welly and an extremely well balanced presentation. I'm playing with a 300B amp at the moment so I might let the PL go. It'd be around £500 and not too far from you.
  10. Bourney

    Wtd: pre amp

    That would have been superb Brian, the definitive modded AI500 i had was brilliant. I'm now sorted though as of last night, so will pass this time old chum. Hope you're well Brian. Merry Christmas to you and yours mate.
  11. Bourney

    Wtd: pre amp

    Something like a lower model or older Croft. To be matched with a Trafomatic 300b power amp. Budget is £3-400.
  12. Bourney

    Wtd: cheap integrated

    Thanks for the offers chaps. Im sorted now.Managed to get a nice NAD 3130 local.
  13. Bourney

    Wtd: cheap integrated

    For my father in law. His long standing NAD has given up. Looking for something of a similar ilk, NAD,DENON, MARANTZ ETC. around £50 or less and if it wasn't too far from Stoke so that I could collect, even better, as he's asked for it as a christmas present.
  14. Bourney

    Living voice Auditorium

    Sold and collected. Nice to meet you Tristan, I hope you enjoy them.