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  1. simon g

    Do your “standards” go higher as you upgrade?

    What I find changes is my understanding of what perfromance level that can optimally be obtained at a certain price point. Is the £10k system that I'm listening on right now as 'good' as the £35k AN system I had in the past? No. But it's equally an enjoyable!
  2. simon g

    Tube rolling with 12AT7 and 12AX7A on MA252 preamp

    Some advice: stop mucking about with this and just enjoy your amp! These are signal valves and will probably have a life of 10,000 hours or more. The original ones fitted by McIntosh will have been properly selected and tested to work well in this hybrid amplifier. Having been down this rabbit hole myself, it's easy to get completely carried away with it all. I've just purchased an MA252. Sounds really good to me and I love the looks. The last thing I'll be doing is tube rolling. If the tubes do fail, then I'll be off to,AWZna03 who I've had many previous good dealings with. Tested and matched current production stuff. NOS valves is a minefield and a waste of time, IMO. Sure there can be differences, but that's mainly all they are; differences. Just stick with the tubes sleccted by the manufacturer and try to rid yourself of audiphile nervosa Carry on!
  3. simon g

    What's it worth - van dan hul the second?

    Stick them on ebay next time they have a £1 fee promotion. Start at a £1. That'll get you the best best price and determine what these are 'worth'.
  4. simon g

    Rogers LS55 speakers - any experience?

    These were never really proper Rogers speakers. Nothing special at all. Take the refund and look for something else.
  5. simon g

    Bollox to most of the science - I'd like a new cable

    Only just looked at this thread. From your comments, I would suggest a good look at:
  6. I'll take these. PM on way
  7. simon g

    Question about KEF drivers

    Does this help? History of Kef Drive Units issue 3.pdf
  8. I'm moving on this excellent, beautifully made, integrated amplifier; the AVM A30. This is a proper (two transformers) dual mono integrated amplifier that combines great features and flexibility together with superb sound quality. The A30 was an anniversary model from AVM, a run of 300. This is number 287 of that run. I bought this brand new (i.e. sealed box, not ex display, ex -dem etc) from an authorised dealer about 4 months ago. It is is excellent condition and comes complete with a very nice metal remote control, the manual (in German, but an English version is available online) and original packaging and double box. No power cable. Mine is a smoke and pet free home. The A30 can act as an integrated, a pre or a power amp. Even the DAC could be used on its own. It's even got tone controls! Very flexible indeed; read up on the 'net for full details. Internal picture showing layout here: Description and spec from AVM: Analog Class A/AB MOS-FET High Current Amplifier with 2 x 125 Watts · Uncompromising double-mono power supplies, each with a separate main transformer per channel · Comprehensive menu functions (sound control, input sensitivity and much more) · HiFi Bluetooth · Headphone Output · Home Cinema Loop · RC 3 full aluminium remote control included Analog Inputs 1 x XLR, 6 x RCA Analog Outputs 1 x Line/Fix Out RCA, 1 x Pre/Var Out RCA, 1 x Sub Out RCA Home Theater / AV Bypass Analog Inputs Digital Inputs 1 x Coax, 1 x Opto, 1 x USB B Digital Outputs 1 x Coax, 1 x Opto Headphone Output 6,35 mm Included Remote Control RC 3 Optional Remote Controls RC 8 Power Amp 2 x 125 W [4Ω] Speaker Outputs 1 Pair Trigger Outputs 2 x 3,5mm Product Line AVM30 Product Dimensions 345 x 430 x 110 mm (L x W x H) Product Weight 13 kg This is a review that sums up this amp nicely: UK retail price is £2,749 My price is £1,050. You're welcome to arrange your own courier for this. The box is 56x46x23cms and weighs 16Kgs. Collection is fine with me, by arrangement, from my home in Bexhill (cash on collection only, with a prior deposit to secure) I can arrange carriage for you, but this is strictly at the buyer's risk. On that basis it would be £12.06 by UPS with £25 transit cover, or £63.66 with full cover. Rates from Interparcel. As i say, you're welcome to arrange your own courier. I could possibly meet up in SE England (again cash on collection, with a prior deposit to secure) Pictures:
  9. simon g

    balanced vs speaker cables

    15m of speaker cable,would most likely effect the sound due to the changes in electrical characteristics, at that length, being audible. If you must go for cables at this length, then use as large a CSA as possible, in copper. Long blanaced cables is a much better idea.
  10. A bit of a long shot, but has anyone got a Moon Neo 330a, preferably in black, that they're looking to move on? It'd need to be in very good condition, fully working and from a non smoking household. Thanks. Update: I've now sourced an ex-dem unit, so I'm now sorted.
  11. simon g

    Wanted: Moon Neo Ace (with latest MiND 2 module)

    I noticed one on ebay recently:égré-Moon-Ace/163614069756?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 I had a Neo Ace for a while; great package with a sound that suits me. I did have a few troubles with the MIND module. Very good quality and app is pretty good to use. However, it was a bit unstable and often lost 'connection' to my iPad Mini. A quick in and out of 'flight mode' sorted it, but it was less than ideal. I haven't had a similar problem with Bluesound or Auralic.
  12. simon g

    Anyone dealt with Unilet Hi Fi?

    This, absolutely. If it is genuinely faulty, then they should have tested before listing.
  13. I'm on holiday in the not too distant future. It'd be nice to have this gone by then. I'll reduce this to £1,050 for a quick sale. If no takers, I'll list on ebay upon my return at a much higher price.