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  1. I thought I'd just down a few notes on this fairly new product. CD will be with us for a long while and there's quite a demand for a decent transport to play in to a DAC, or amp, or whatever. Pure CD transports can be very costly and there haven't really been many low cost models to choose from. Indeed, Cambridge seem to have most of this market with their excellent CXC. OK, you could use the digital out from a Blu Ray/DVD player if you wanted and, for many, that's fine. My exeprience tells me that there is a difference to be heard, and improvements to be made, by using a dedicated CD transport. By way of background, I have recently upgraded my amp to the Audionet DNA1, which has a network card and a very good integrated DAC. Initially, I used the coax out of my Yamaha 1060 (in CD mode). I wanted to see what, if any, improvements were to be had by using a dedicated transport but I didn't want to spend thousands doing it. Having had a CXC in the past, I bought another, lightly modified example and plugged that in. Yes, definitely an improvment (as this isn't really a review, I'll leave that comment just as that; purely subjective and if you don't believe transports could possibly make any difference, then fair enough but I'm not sure why you'd be reading this?). As an aside at this point, using the Audionet internal DAC, the same CD played back via the coax is 'better' than that CD (same mastering, as far as I can tell) streamed from Tidal, whether via the internal network card or via my Bluesound Vault. hence, I wanted to fully exploit this potential to the max, without breaking the bank. Again, a subjective view, but there you are. I had noticed the Audiolab becoming available and it seemed like a good product at a fair price (£380) or so, so i decided to buy one to compare vs the CXC. The Audiolab has now arrived and these are just initial observations, predominantly on the unit itself and its operation. It's too soon for meaningful comparisons. I don't think A/B comparisons are very useful; I tend to have a component in my system for a week or two and then change over and leave for around the same time. Firstly, this looks and feels like a much more expensive device. Really nice feel to it and it seems very solid. Coaxial and Toslink out only. The display is particularly classy; easy to read, sensibly large and adds to the quality look/feel of the transport. All the buttons have a nice feel to them and respond well. I'm very sensitive to transport noise as I sit fairly close the the transport. The CXC is very quiet. The Audiolab does even better. I just cannot hear it, even sticking my ear next to the mechanism (same as that in the 8300CD I believe). Extremely impressive. Track access is quick and the transport responds reasonably quickly to direct track access requests (i.e. going directly from 6 to 1, or 2 to 5, etc). I'm really very impressed so far. OK, there is some mechanical noise when loading, but that's to be expected. Disc loading is quick as is initial TOC read. The 6000CDT uses a buffer, and Audiolab claim improved handling of less than perfect discs as a result. Most of my CDs are immaculate, so I can't comment on that at this stage. I clearly can't speak to reliability, etc, but the transport does seem well thought out and made. It looks, feels and operates like a much more expensive transport than the CXC (which itself is a quality unit). It's too early to tell if it's any 'better'. However, i can already tell that there are differences. I'll update in a few weeks time. Pic in situ: [For absolute clarity: I have not been paid for the above comments; I bought the unit with my money and I have no connection to Audiolab whatsoever]
  2. I had to claim on Parcelforce many years ago. I provided a copy of the agreed price (an e-mail conversation). This was accepted and prompt payment of the claim was made. It is entirely reasonable for companies to request proof of actual value. However, I was dealing directly with Parcelforce. Using third party aggregators, such as the one you used, can be a minefield. You always need to read the T&Cs. The organisation you used seem somewhat dubious to me, given their T&Cs. I had a quick gander and it wasn't clear whether your contract was with them, or they were acting as an agent and thus your contract would be with Parcelforce. Have they accepted that the item was damaged, that this damage was a result of their negligence and that the only reason for denying the claim is lack of original invoice? If so, then that would very likely be held as an unfair term, were you to pursue this via a Court action. As you paid Postagesupermarket, I would issue the claim against that organisation. If you tap their address in to Google, it shows a residential address. Companies House reveals no registered company of that name, that I could find. So, you need to know exactly who to sue (I'm pretty sure that commercial web sites need company details, VAT number, etc, on them; looks like that info is not on their site) I would write them a letter, cc a senior person at Parcelforce, summing up the situation and informing them that a Small Claims Court action will follow unless you receive the compensation due within 10 days of receipt. If you don't receive a reply, keep all your documents and initiate a claim (easy to do online). See what happens then. if they do actually want to defend the claim, request that the case is transferred to your local Court. I very much doubt they'd want to turn up (costly for them, especially if they use a Brief). Even if they do, I think you'd have a very good case indeed. I've been using Interparcel for many years. I had to claim once and they were very helpful with the claim. I was paid out within a few weeks. Good luck; I hope you sort this. Don't take this sort of c**p.
  3. simon g

    Amp recommendation for Boenicke please?

    Effectively driving and controlling 'speakers is about a bit more than pure power! Test results for your Beonicke show a real nominal impedance around 3 ohms, with a dip to 2.3ohms at 6kHz (phase angle is zero though). Sensitivity is 79dbSPL at one metre for 2.83Veq. This is an amazingly low figure. The test results would indicate that this will be a chellenging 'speaker properly to drive. Plus the 'speaker is quite revealing, so I'm afraid that good amplification is required, which often means having to spend a bit on it Of course, most amps will work, but you might be surprised at just how much improvement can be gained by using a better quality amplifier (I've recently surprised myself on that score with a big amp upgrade). You've taken the right route though; speakers/room first, then look for the right amp. If you can stretch your budget a bit, or hang on and save for a short while, a decent used Primare i32 would be one to look out for. That would be a good mid ground possibility, around your budget figure, whilst you decide if you want to keep the 'speakers and, if so, decide on the cost/benefit from your perspective, IMO Is there anyone local to you that perhaps bring around an amp or two for you to try out?
  4. simon g

    Very cheap amp. Suggestions please.

    How much power is required? A T amp of some description shoukd be available new for around that figure. These can generally be good, depending on load and listening levels.
  5. I really can't see the relevance of this topic in 2 channel? This is a political topic, not related to 2 channel hifi reproduction. There are many factors affecting pricing of all manner of goods and services, whether in or out of EU.
  6. simon g

    2018 Exposure 5010 pre and power amps

    I don't have Exposure gear at present, but I did have the 3010S2 CD when I had the 3010S2D integrated and the 2010 DSD DAC. The 3010S2 player was slightly ahead SQ wise than a decent transport in to the DAC. Of course, with the DAC you have greater flexibility. The DAC interface/menu structure is a bit 'agricultural', but OK once you get used to it.
  7. simon g

    Any wammers in or near Derby?

    You need to note that he's not an authorised Rega dealer, or Hegel, for that matter.
  8. simon g

    Any wammers in or near Derby?

    I suspect that's so that he can avoid any returns under distance selling regulations.
  9. These are now SOLD I'm clearing out some of my rarely, if ever, listened to CDs. I just have too much music, especially now given the library resources of Tidal, etc. This is a collection of 100 CDs, all in very good condition. They are mostly Blue Note RVG editions, but you can see the collection in the images. I'm open to offers on this as I'd like them to go to someone who would enjoy them, not just sell to Music Magpie or whatever. Offers above £100 please, plus carriage.
  10. simon g

    2018 Exposure 5010 pre and power amps

    I'm a big Exposure fan, having had most of their products over the years. Most recently 3010S2 range, integrated and pre/power. A great deal of performance for the money, IMO. And that's the problem with this range. The pricing of these products takes them in to competition with some rather serious kit from others, more established in that part of the market. I'll certainly take a listen when I get the chance though. But buying for this kind of money, I'd really be looking elsewhere, to be honest.
  11. This has now been sold; thank you to all.
  12. Hi Tom, No, no message received. I'll message you and see if that works!
  13. This is now SOLD Having now agreed a rather serious upgrade, my SimAudio Moon Neo ACE is now available. This is an amplifier/DAC/streamer that has received wide praise. There's a great deal written about this on the 'net and elsewhere, so I'll leave those of you that don't know about the ACE to go and have a read. Some initial reading: et al (quote from above:" If there is a single box solution out there that offers better value for money than the ACE then I really need to hear it. I get the feeling I may be wailing a while though.") (quote from above: "THIS AMPLIFIER HAS THE ABILITY TO EXTRACT ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS SOUNDS OUT OF THE MOST INCONSPICUOUS SOUND TAKE, AND IT DOES SO WITH FLAWLESS TIMING. THE LISTENER?S ATTENTION IS DRAWN TO DETAILS WHICH LOWER-END AMPLIFIERS CANNOT EXTRACT, SUCH AS THE WAY AN INSTRUMENT IS PLAYED." As this isn't too heavy a unit, I may be able to meet up in the SE of England, if that helps. I am the second owner of this, the first owner having purchased it from a UK dealer in October 2017, so it isn't yet a year old. I was told by the buyer that it was registered with Renaissance Audio for the 10 year warranty and that the warranty is transferable. I haven't checked that with Renaissance, so perhaps best to assume that there's no warranty. It works perfectly though and I wouldn't expect any problems; Moon products are very high quality. The ACE is in excellent condition and will come in its original box, packaging, remote and manual. It comes from a smoke and child free home. This has the MiND 1 streaming module, which is noticeably a better performer with TIDAL than my Bluesound Vault. Moon has just released a MiND 2. You could upgrade to this, if desired, but I would imagine at substantial cost. The MiND 2 brings MQA and Roon. I'm on the East Sussex coast if you want to collect, paying cash on collection (I'd also ask for a deposit to secure beforehand). You're welcome to arrange your own courier; the box is 53x47x20 with an appx. weight of 11kgs. First to pay, or deposit if collecting, secures. £1495
  14. simon g

    Speaker efficiency in watts?

    It’s also not ‘efficiency’, it’s a measure of sensitivity. Often confused.