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  1. This is just not correct. SPDIF is a protocol and spec for data transmission. Bit depths other than 16 bit are OK, as are different sample rates. It may alao be of interest to others that the SPDIF connection can be coaxial and also optical. To answer the OP; no, not all SPDIF outs are at 16/44.1. For example, the respected Bel Canto CD2 transport does not output at 16/44. Usually they are, but not always.
  2. Over the many years that I had many different valves, I absolutely concur with above comment that most sound differences arise from the amp, not the tube. I've tried most of the UK suppliers with mixed results. I ended up using Tube Amp Doctor for 4+ years; I would certainly recommend them. If it's relevant to your amp, then their testing and matching is excellent. This may well suit you: If this is for that pair of amps, then if you can accommodate them and understand that valve amps can require the occasional fettle, then just buy them. I had a pal with these, playing into some large Spendors. Epic sound. Frustratingly, I no longer have the space or physical strength for these, otherwise they'd already be mine.
  3. Here's a full manual with specs, full details and schematics: That is a very good price for these. If you can handle the size and weight of these, then these should be a genuine bargain.
  4. simon g

    Zingali Feast

    Zingalis can be truly excellent; best driven by a high quality SE valve amp, IME. I used a pair many years back with a decent AN front end/amp. Lovely, open, natural yet dynamic sound. I can't remember the exact model number.
  5. For the OP: It may seem counter intuitive, but the resistance of a wire decreases as its thickness increases. So, using a thicker (i.e. a wire with a larger cross sectional area) will reduce the resistance of the cable you are using. As an amplifier uses Alternating Current (AC) as opposed to Direct Current (DC) to drive the speakers, then this 'resistance' becomes 'impedance'. The speaker cables become part of the load seen by your amplifier. So, the total load will be your speaker's impedance, plus your cable's impedance. If you weren't aware, impedance can vary with the frequency of the signal, so the situation is a bit more complex in reality. However, it remains true that a wire with a greater corss sectional area will have a lower impedance than one with a ssmaller cross sectional area. Of course, the degree to which you might actually hear the difference is open for debate (well, it has been researched but let's leave that well alone here). Capacitance and inductance also come in to the equation. I've always found that having as low a possible impedance from the speaker cables is preferable. Impedance can also be affected by the terminations, but this is very minor. Theoretically bare wire is optimum, but there is a real risk of shorts due to unseen small wire strands. Plus it's a pain every time you want to swap speakers, or whatever. Z plug bananas work well and usually provide excellent contact.
  6. If you really want to see some real, first class, quality snake oil then search ebay for 'ansuz'. Now, I like a bit of foo from time to time, but £18,500 for some RCA interconnects and, wait for it, £700 for a single cable lifter?. Apparently my hifi will just get better and better the more of these I add. Sadly though, not a carpet gripper in sight.
  7. Sorry; this is now withdrawn
  8. Did you not see this topic just a few posts below yours? Seems pointless having two, or more, threads discussing the same topic.
  9. That is just incorrect. There's one negative feedback within the feedback qualifying period, i.e. 1 out of 2, so 50% score. Low feedback % is a problem with a limited transaction history. There are many, many on ebay with 99-100% feedback, but very many negative reports. they just get 'lost' in the transaction volume. I happen to know who this seller is.
  10. Thanks, Keith. If you lot don't look out you'll persuade me to keep it! Seriously though, it's got to go. I just don't have room in my flat for all these large hifi boxes. I'll be listing on ebay at a higher price soon, as they have a £1 final value fee promotion at present. I'd much rather sell it to a fellow forum enthusiast though. It may well end up going in to (mainland) Europe, as the weak pound makes buying from the UK look particularly attractive at present.
  11. Thanks. Yes, this is an excellent amplifier. It's tough times for hifi sales, so I'll reduce the asking price to £2,400
  12. If you're looking at this level of amplifier, then you really should also include the Accustic Arts Power 1 and, what would be a fine choice for me (save for the weight again), the Audionet Watt. Both in the EUR10-12K mark.
  13. My new amplifier will be with me shortly, so it's time to offer up my wonderful McIntosh MA252 tube hybrid integrated amplifier. It's just too tall for where it will go in my new home, plus I decided to upgrade my amplifier with the arrival of new 'speakers. This is a UK authorised dealer supplied amplifier, bought ex display by me. It hasn't had that much use; I've had it for around 6 weeks or so. It comes from a smoke and pet free home. It is in very good condition. It will come in its original very sturdy original box and packaging (the foam that protects the tube cages is missing [it arrived with me like this], but I'll use substitute packaging for that; it is not a critical part of the packaging.) Remote control and manual present. No mains lead. This really is a very accomplished hybrid amplifier. It's very easy to use, has some useful facilities (tone controls, balance, decent headphone amp, et al). The remote control reminds me of an Apple type device; very ergonomic and responsive. The MA252 uses a pair of 12AT7 and 12AX7A tubes in the preamplifier, combined with a solid state power amplifier section, offering a conservative 100W/channel in to 8 ohms. This amplifier has received many awards and has had some great reviews. This is an accomplished amplifier that is built to last, from a well established and respected audio manufacturer. Full spec and details from the McIntosh web site here: A review to get you going: These retail at £4,500. I'm asking for £2,525. Collection from me in Bexhill is fine, with a prior deposit to secure. Cash or prior bank transfer on collection. I'm willing to have this delivered by courier at the buyer's risk. Cost with UPS via Interparcel is £11.82 with £25 of insurance, or £106.62 with full cover. Buyer is welcome to arrange their own courier (collection date to suit me though!). Size is 43x39x55 cms and c 18Kgs. I could possibly arrange a meet up in Se England; again a deposit to secure with cash on collection.
  14. Presumably you've seen this? They might take a cheeky offer!