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  1. BBC speakers and Class D Amps ?

    Good to hear. Like you, i was totally underwhelmed by the M30.1. The P3ESR is a nice litte speaker, but vastly over rated, IMO. For what it's worth, I used a Primare i32 when I had my P3s; probably the best overall result with them. Don't be too concerned with all the 'Class D is rubbish' stuff that is spouted. If properly executed, Class D amplifiers offer excellent sound quality. I've had all manner of types of amp (probably 50 plus amps over the years, maybe more!) and I keep coming back to Class D (using Lindemann currently). I particularly like Bel Canto, but they're now very expensive in the UK.
  2. Lindemann Musicbook 25

    The MB25DSD is a superb unit, as I've commented elsewhere. I've had loads and loads of kit. This, with the MB55, is by far the most impressive on the sound and build quality vs pounds spent front. If you regularly play CDs, then it's worth shelling out for the 25. Merely as a CD player (forgetting all its many other capabilities) it easily competes in the £2-3K market. I have comapred various transports (BC CD3t, CEC TL5, Cambridge CXU) with the internal drive (via one of the digital coaxial inputs) and it comes out on top every time (with the same CD). Really not much of a contest. I suspect much of the difference is that the SPDIF is involved with the external transport. I suspect, but don't know, that the player uses I2S internally, plus buffers the data.
  3. DSD upsampling- worth it?

    Using it upsampling to DSD128 the music seems a touch more natural, with more space and ease of presentation, if that makes any sense. You shouldn't really be comparing this to a DAC at £x, as the Lindemann does so much more than being just a DAC. It's a very good pre amp, headphone amplifier , streamer, CD player and a DAC!
  4. DSD upsampling- worth it?

    I have a Lindemann MB25DSD which I bought with my own hard earned. I prefer the sound when set to upsampling. That aside, it is a very high quality, flexible bit of kit that sounds superb. I use it with an MB55.
  5. 8tc 5m - should I try biwire

    You've a strange notion of cheap. Around £400 for a terminated 2.5m pair is not cheap in my book. I doubt anyone would consider that 'cheap'. Cheap is a few quid a metre, not hundreds of pounds a metre. OK, there are plenty of much more costly cables, but that fact does not make Kimber 8tc 'cheap'. To answer the OP: don't bother with bi-wire.
  6. Selling in classifieds

    But perhaps not needed when Megastore opens?
  7. Classifieds

    It'll be interesting to see the detail of how that works. It would seem from the announcement that it's open to all, forum member or not. I'll wait until it appears before passing judgement though.
  8. Horny 'Phones

    Apologies if this has already been highlighted, but this could be just what every audiophool needs:
  9. I'm interested in the Davone Riva speakers listed on the bay (perhaps owned by a Wammer?). They look great and Davone has a good reputation in these parts, in general. Has anyone listened to these and would like to comment? Any feedback on reliability of these? There's no dealer listed in the UK, so support would presumably have to come from the manufacturer. Speakers, in general, are rarely problematic iME, but it is a concern as these aren't exactly cheap. Another speaker of interest is the Heco Direkt. Again, any comments/feedback? (and please see below for detail of room/system) I would be using these in an average size lounge, 5.2 x 3.1m, firing down the room. They'd need to be quite close to a rear boundary, but I could allow around 40-50cms if necessary. One drawback is that one speaker has to fire towards the flat end of a low sofa (around 50 cms away). This is far from ideal, but it is what it is for the time being. I'll be moving within a year or so, so don't want to faff around with a different room layout. My current Art Moderne's work very well like this, but their drivers clear the top of the sofa, as it were, hence nothing to directly impede propagation. With the Riva's the mid & top would probably be sufficiently high (physically!) , but the bass would fire directly towards the sofa. Bass frequencies being not so directional I feel I may get away with this perhaps? Related to this is some confusion on the porting arrangement on these. The pictures in the seller's listing clearly show a front mounted port, yet description calls these sealed boxes. Were there different versions of this speaker perhaps, or is the seller merely incorrect? ( I have asked the question, but others may be able to offer some knowledge). I'm looking for a slightly more dynamic sound, that has a touch more air/HF openness (not brightness) than the Arts. The amp is an Ocatve V40SE, which is spectacularly good so I don't want to change that. I like, fast, accurate bass but not too prominent (extended bass is a problem for the room and this is a flat, with neighbours to consider). I listen at low to medium volumes.
  10. Who can guess what my new speakers are?

    Celestion Ditton 66?
  11. Speakers for 2W amp!

    That takes me back, Steve. One of the (very) many amps I've had. Nice open, airy sound. I used it with some Zingali's; can't remember which now. They do come up from time to time. Worth having a look.
  12. one word daily

  13. one word daily

  14. Tube advice

    +1 I use one of these. Pricey but very good indeed
  15. Tube matching help

    There are two parameters that are commonly used for matching; Mutual Conductance and Anode Current (gm and Ia). gm is measured in mA/V and Ia in mA. I suspect that these are the figures you've been provided. Take a look here for a fuller description and explanation: