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  1. simon g

    Speaker efficiency in watts?

    It’s also not ‘efficiency’, it’s a measure of sensitivity. Often confused.
  2. simon g

    An interesting development...
  3. simon g

    Attitude adjustment...

    A goal for us all to reach for, whatever the circumstances.
  4. simon g

    Moon Neo Ace/AT MM's

    I almost bought a new Neo Ace recently, as I wanted to get off the hifi merry go round and just get back to a simple system, with preferably only one box. It's a great sounding unit. Very neutral and natural I would say, but not harsh. More than good enough DAC. 10 year warranty in the UK. Nicely put together. Great display. So, why didn't I buy it? Well; No CD player (I compared to Naim Uniti 2) and I do like to play CDs I had a close look at the MIND module and its app. It doesn't integrate with Tidal as well as the Naim app and I use Tidal extensively. So, just be sure that the MIND aspect will offer the streaming functionality you need. I've got to say that I'm enjoying the Uniti. Having a single box, all controlled from one app (or the remote), makes life so much easier. Great sound as well. Maybe worth considering? (there are a few Uniti 2s around with dealers at a good price with full 2+3 year warranty; the new Uniti Star is a bit too spendy, IMO)
  5. simon g

    David Gilmour 2017 Pompeii on BBC2 HD Sat 18 Nov 10.40pm

    Which is about 59 minutes too long
  6. Jaga Jazzist at the Southbank Centre tomorrow. Properly good music.
  7. simon g

    AudioNote DAC making funny noises

    You're welcome. I had a complete AN Zero system many years ago; great memories of that. Best value kit AN has produced, IMO. These tubes do have a very, very long life. If it does indeed need replacing then Watford Valves have some Philips on special offer at present, I notice.
  8. simon g

    AudioNote DAC making funny noises

    The Audio Note DAC ZERO has a 6111WA valve, not a ECC822.
  9. simon g

    Unison Research Preludio

    I'm pretty sure that these amps are Auto Bias, so to answer your question; you don't need to check it! Just make sure you sue matched pairs when replacing. Nice amp when matched with the right 'speakers.
  10. simon g

    BBC speakers and Class D Amps ?

    Good to hear. Like you, i was totally underwhelmed by the M30.1. The P3ESR is a nice litte speaker, but vastly over rated, IMO. For what it's worth, I used a Primare i32 when I had my P3s; probably the best overall result with them. Don't be too concerned with all the 'Class D is rubbish' stuff that is spouted. If properly executed, Class D amplifiers offer excellent sound quality. I've had all manner of types of amp (probably 50 plus amps over the years, maybe more!) and I keep coming back to Class D (using Lindemann currently). I particularly like Bel Canto, but they're now very expensive in the UK.
  11. simon g

    Lindemann Musicbook 25

    The MB25DSD is a superb unit, as I've commented elsewhere. I've had loads and loads of kit. This, with the MB55, is by far the most impressive on the sound and build quality vs pounds spent front. If you regularly play CDs, then it's worth shelling out for the 25. Merely as a CD player (forgetting all its many other capabilities) it easily competes in the £2-3K market. I have comapred various transports (BC CD3t, CEC TL5, Cambridge CXU) with the internal drive (via one of the digital coaxial inputs) and it comes out on top every time (with the same CD). Really not much of a contest. I suspect much of the difference is that the SPDIF is involved with the external transport. I suspect, but don't know, that the player uses I2S internally, plus buffers the data.
  12. simon g

    DSD upsampling- worth it?

    Using it upsampling to DSD128 the music seems a touch more natural, with more space and ease of presentation, if that makes any sense. You shouldn't really be comparing this to a DAC at £x, as the Lindemann does so much more than being just a DAC. It's a very good pre amp, headphone amplifier , streamer, CD player and a DAC!
  13. simon g

    DSD upsampling- worth it?

    I have a Lindemann MB25DSD which I bought with my own hard earned. I prefer the sound when set to upsampling. That aside, it is a very high quality, flexible bit of kit that sounds superb. I use it with an MB55.
  14. simon g

    8tc 5m - should I try biwire

    You've a strange notion of cheap. Around £400 for a terminated 2.5m pair is not cheap in my book. I doubt anyone would consider that 'cheap'. Cheap is a few quid a metre, not hundreds of pounds a metre. OK, there are plenty of much more costly cables, but that fact does not make Kimber 8tc 'cheap'. To answer the OP: don't bother with bi-wire.
  15. simon g

    Selling in classifieds

    But perhaps not needed when Megastore opens?