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  1. simon g

    best class d amp

    You don't mention budget, but a really good Class D integrated is the Jeff Rowland Continuum S2. Around £8k I think? Maybe more
  2. I'm now using an amp with an integrated streamer, so this Moon MiND 180 is for sale. This is a network player/streamer that is effectively a 'transport' only. In other words this only has digital outputs; no analogue outputs. This is a high quality device, made by SimAudio of Canada. It can be controlled using the Moon MiND App, or other control is possible I believe, but I've only ever used its dedicated app and streamed TIDAL. This comes in its original box and packaging, complete with wi-fi aerial (although works best with ethernet) and power supply. Instruction sheet is in French; plenty of info about this on the net though. It is in very good condition from a smoke, pet and child free home. Manufacturer information: Significant Design Features: ●Allows local playlists, gapless playback and silent track scanning●Universal Plug And Play (UPnP) Renderer ●Support for DLNA 1.5 ●vTuner Internet Radio ●File Support up to 24-bit/192kHz for all file formats ●Supported file formats: WAV (PCM), FLAC, FLAC HD, AIF, AAC, ALAC, MP3, WMA-9 and OGG Vorbis ●S/PDIF (RCA), AES/EBU (XLR), and Optical (Toslink) digital audio outputs●Wired network interface via 100 Base-T RJ45 Ethernet ●Wireless network interface via IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi with WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption support ●Software and firmware updates via simple auto run update buttonApplication Control Features: ●Independent control for each zone using a SimLink equipped MOON Preamplifier or Integrated Amplifier ●Zone selection, zone grouping and Permanent zone naming●iPhone, iPad, iTouch compatible control software ●SimLink controller port allows for 2-way communications between other compatible MOON component £365, inc RMSD postage in the UK
  3. simon g

    Amplifier dilemma

    here's what you need to do: Get the Chord fixed. The heat thing may be relevant in that thermal expansion/contraction is causing an intermittent make/break soemwhere. A soak test should reveal the problem. I'm amazed Chord can't sort; it may be that they think the time spent doing that, thus the cost, would make repair uneconomic. There are many good techs around that could fix. if you don't get it fixed, then its value is severely limited. One fixed, sell it. Get the Sugden serviced by Sugden and then sell that. Put the proceeds from above together with the other funds and buy a decent integrated (the Krell you've mentioned needs great care; these are now quite old, they run hot and you'd need to make sure that any example you were considering had been properly and competently serviced. Very good amp, but I'd give it a miss, tbh. Decide what kind of presentation you like, with an eye on properly driving your 'speakers. Chord and Sugden are miles apart. If you do like Sugden, then look at A21se Signature, or possibly ANV-50. Depends on what you want to spend; if you're thinking Masterclass then you're in the £3-4K mark for a decent used example. Be aware that Class A amps run very hot. Heat is the enemy of caps. Re-capping/servicing of Class A amps often needs to be carried out more regulalrly/sooner than AB, etc. If you want a really good all rounder amp, with a new warranty, then take a look at a Leema Tucana II. Fanthorpes did have a deal on those; not sure if still valid. The Tucana II is a very nice amplifier. Loads of other choices though. Get your existing amps fixed is the first thing to do.
  4. simon g


    Safest way is to buy a power meter that displays voltage, amongst much else. You can then leave that in a visible position and check from time to time. Around £10
  5. simon g


    I'm not sure of the spec of that kit. I would never buy a kit and build myself as I'm not technically or legally competent to do so (I do completely understand the theory, but am not qualified technically in electrical or electronics engineering). Perhaps you are though? Using a DIY device in your mains supply is just asking for trouble with your insurance company, if the unfortunate day arrives and you have a fire, the kit becomes live due to a fault or you damage your kit in some way. That to one side; some of these (often cheaper) devices have a very low current handling capability and are only suitable for sources. Is that the case with yours? I use a ISOL 8 Powerline Axis. Not cheap new, but they do come up used and they do work. Plus you get a very nice multi way block thrown in! Also, have you checked the required supply voltage on your amp? Then checked your actual supply VAC (not the theoretical value)? It is possible that the transformer is vibrating at a resonant frequency? If you feel confident you could open up the amp (after disconnecting from the mains and ensuring caps are discharged) and tighten the securing bolt. Soemtimes slacking it off slightly and re-positioning a couple of degrees can help. Good luck with all this. Amp hum bugs me as well, as I often listen at low levels. You've a good amp there (I had the Pre/power version for a while, which was excellent and was mechanically silent)
  6. simon g

    Interconnects - £30, £50, £100

    Well made, reasonable prices:
  7. simon g

    WTB Digital xlr cable abe/aes

    These are fine:
  8. simon g

    Questions about streaming Tidal + Qobuz

    If you like your Atom, then why not just buy a new or used Bluesound and feed the digital out in to the Atom when you want to use Qobuz? You could also use it for Tidal and you'd then have the first unfold of MQA via its digital out (I don't think Naim has signed up for MQA?), or the full MQA via its analogue outs. Don't understeimate the DAC in the Bluesound and don't assume that the Naim or Linn is necessarily any 'better'. I understand that the new i range from Bluesound is improved in the SQ front over the orignal models.
  9. simon g


    Almost certainly DC on the mains. Use a suitable DC blocker (try one if you can, just to confirm before buying)
  10. simon g

    Audiolab 6000CDT CD Transport

    Well, the jury's in on this; the Audiolab is staying. Visual appearance and operation are significant factors in equipment choice, IMO, and the Audiolab betters the Cambridge comfortably in this respect. It's a well put together component that is easy and satisfying to operate. I did have a concern about it being a slot loader, but I cannot see any damage whatever on any discs I've inserted. It's a bit noisy when loading, but more or less silent when operating. SQ wise, the Audiolab does just pip the Cambridge. All this is subjective and I don't do double blind wastes of time, but what i will say is that the Audiolab seems less forced and 'natural', without sacrificing detail. As I said above, I don't do A/B comparisons, so all I have is my overall impressions after a reasonable time with each component (started with CXC, then went on the 6000CDT and finally came back to the CXC). Don't get me wrong, the CXC remains an excellent choice and the differences aren't enormous. What differences there are may well be related to my ears, my room and my speakers. But others looking out for a reasonably priced transport should include the 6000CDT as an option.
  11. simon g

    Hacked Again!

    Grief. Many years ago ebay security systems tended not to like log ins from other than your customary IP address. Perhpas they're swinging back towards that kind of thinking?
  12. simon g

    Hacked Again!

    Always enable two step verification on ebay and wherever else this is offered.
  13. simon g

    Graham Audio Chartwell LS3/5, LS6, and LS6f

    Consider Celef LS8. You could also look at Scansonic MB 1;which I use. They replaced Harbeth P3ESR. I've changed amps since then, so I recently borrowed a pair of P3s to see if the better amp added much. The MB1s are just so much 'better', irrespective of amp. Front ported and not too position sensitive. Need more than the Sugden though.
  14. simon g

    Bryston b60 r integrated amplifier

    This would be a sideways step, at best. My guess would be, in fact, that it would be a downgrade. I had a B60R for a while and it's a decent amp. As others have said, do not be fooled by their high price new; they are stupidly overpriced. I don't know your system or requirements, but i would stay with the Krell. Again, I have had one of those, but it was many, many years ago so any recollection of it that I have now is of little value, I suspect. I do remember it having great control and a nice ease and spaciousness to the sound (again, much of that is down to speaker/room interaction, but my recollection is from my system in my room, with only an amp change, so make of that what you will.) If you want to explore a Bryston integrated then the B100 is a better starting point and, if budget allows, a B135, Again, these are very highly priced new. Worth considering if you're intending to buy for the long term, as they are built very well and superbly supported. On the 20 years warrnty front; don't assume that applies to all Brsyton products (it doesn't apply to CD players, for example). There is a serial number cut off point after which you'll need the original sales invoice to support a warranty claim. Before that point, Bryston would just go on serial number.