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  1. GJO

    Think back

    1st single, "Hole in my shoe" by Traffic 1st LP "Unicorn" by Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  2. If you don't have sky,it's live on channel 4 today.
  3. I might be able to make it Julian,put me down as a possible please. Graham.
  4. Amp 2 x 88s DAC 2 x 33's Phono 22 in total.
  5. Optical out goes to my DAC,telly is a 15 year old Panny plasma,so very much doubt it would have optical out,it doesn't even have hdmi
  6. oops,yes the optical out socket,mine's buggered.
  7. My Humax freesat takes about 1 min to boot up. If anyone is skipping one of these,would it be possible to remove the optical output socket as mines not working. TIA.
  8. GJO

    RIP Dr John.

    Saw him live in Crawley back in 05,great night and artist,will be sadly missed RIP.
  9. First bake offs are always going to be a nervous affair,do we have enough food,do some have special diet needs,what sort of music should you get out of the rack,how much loo roll should you put on the shelf next to the bog etc,etc. In the end none of this really matters,it's all about the people who turn up,make the effort to bring their kit along and enjoy the day. Have a good time and hopefully if you have another I will be able to make it.
  10. Heard a Kiseki through the Vida at my last bake off sounded rather nice.Know idea what they cost though.
  11. I had my Voyd speed controller fixed by Audionote in Hove,mind that was some 15 years ago.
  12. I purchased the Valdi and Orion new from a dealer,have know idea who would have supplied the armboard.
  13. I used a Helius Orion on a Valdi which is 10".
  14. Ade Joolz best place pick up for me would be Junction 6 M25 at Godstone.