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  1. GJO

    The Beatles White Album, Confirmed Remaster

    IIRC we stayed in the bar that night.
  2. GJO

    Power Inspired AG500 AC ReGenerator

    https://stromtank.com/s5000hp/ Wouldn't mind giving one of these a try,price is insane though.
  3. GJO

    What is the biggest upgrade to a HiFi system?

    I would agree with bencat,how ever in the real world not many of us,me included,have the room or space to create an ideal environment and being married bass traps etc are not going to be given house room.So I added a DSP unit and it works very well for me and several other people I know have also gone down this route.
  4. GJO

    Power Inspired AG500 AC ReGenerator

    My mains is crap,I tried many different types of treatments including the PI units,had an Isotek Sigmas on a 30 day trial,it went back,from memory the PI had a noisy fan. At one of my bake off's one of these turned up, https://airlinktransformers.com/category/balanced-power-supply it was apparent straight away the difference it made and I could run my amp through it without any of the issues noted above,it does have a slight hum audible from up to 1 mtr away,but apart from that it works a treat in my system. It might be worth seeing if PI have a demo unit you could try before you buy.
  5. GJO

    Bake off Sat 28th April

    The Pathos is the Logos model which I've had for some 14 years now,it has had JS Audio upgrades a few years back. Best to read this https://positive-feedback.com/Issue57/nvo.htm ref the NVO,although there's lots of valves,only 5 make any difference to the sound 2 x 82's and 3 x 83's,the previous owner swapped them all for some 60's Mullards,the 82's are still the Mullards,but after trying several different 83's have settled on some Raytheon CK5755's as these have more life and detail.
  6. GJO

    Bake off Sat 28th April

    What ones Jack.
  7. GJO

    Bake off Sat 28th April

    Wasn't to bad compared to some of my other bake off's Jamie,we had enough room for all the decks,but as previously mentioned we had some technical issues with a couple of them,but I enjoyed spending time with all of the deck's,as usual time flies all to quickly.
  8. GJO

    Bake off Sat 28th April

    Thanks to all who came and brought along their kit.It was a bit tight for room,but we managed OK with 4 TT's
  9. GJO

    Coarse Fishing

    That's a shame,the lake we had now has the coastal walkway along the southern end of the lake and this has caused numerous problems despite there being sign's to indicate it's private property and the amount of rubbish that is dumped is a disgrace.
  10. GJO

    Coarse Fishing

    "The gods do not deduct from a mans allotted span the hours spent fishing" Babylonian proverb Don't get out much these days,but have fond memories of a syndicate water in the New Forest where a group of us purchased the lease to a 25 acre lake,it only had wild carp,but over the years we stocked it with low doubles as we wanted the fish to grow in the lake,most came from the river Avon,I was a member for some 20 years during that time the fish did very well and we had several 30lb + fish and many 20's. But it wasn't just the fishing,the wildlife was quite incredible,Jackdaw's that would feed from your hand,tame deer,numerous birds I have never seen elsewhere.But the downer was the Tic's and the 230 mile round trip and the traffic during holiday periods.
  11. GJO

    Bake off Sat 28th April

    We will maybe need a couple of RCA's 1 mtr long,so bring whatever you like gent's.
  12. GJO

    Bake off Sat 28th April

    Does anyone need address details,start time from 11AM and can we finish by 6 PM as Mrs O would like her house back by then. Could probably do with some more RCA i'c's and please bring a long a couple of coffee tables suitable for the TT's,I have a plan where we can run 3 phono's at the same time and swap them over at the touch of a button,should make life simpler.
  13. GJO

    Bake off Sat 28th April

    How about trying the A24 and going around Horsham and Through Crawley and crossing the M 23 at the Copthorne roundabout,have a look on the maps and see if this makes sense.