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  1. Bake off Sat 28th April

    Checked what plugs I have,as I mentioned my SUT and the MC in the phono are both 100,but have 100 - 220 - 330 which should cover most cartridges.
  2. Bake off Sat 28th April

    Have a collection of loading plugs,although never needed them,will have to check what I have.
  3. Bake off Sat 28th April

    Whats the cartridge loading requirements Robin,never listened to an SP 10 before.
  4. Bake off Sat 28th April

    Sounds like a plan.
  5. Bake off Sat 28th April

    Brook nothings been decided yet as to whats coming,don't yet no what people would be willing to bring along,with just 3 last time we managed,just,so I think we can cope with 4,but hopefully we can use my current phono.mine MM or MC @ 100 ohm's but I do have some loading plugs,just to make things simpler,last time we had all manner of gubbings strewn over the floor.
  6. Bake off Sat 28th April

    Baz if you can make it and your bringing your daughter I will count you both as one. List updated.
  7. Having a bake off at my place on the above date,this one is going to be TT based,at my last TT bake off we had 3 turn up,but could possibly accommodate 4 at a push.We can discuss what phono's etc we need later when we know what will be required. Location TN8. Confirmed. Baggawire. Lurch. GLB. Wizmax. Chelseadave. Bigfool. Speedracer. I have room for up to 8 max.
  8. We thought we were going to lose the gold one as it was floating on the surface for 3-4 days and I was worried about frostbite,but as the temps started to rise it picked up and now seems fine.
  9. Will do,only 1 place left,might have to start a subs bench.
  10. OK with Ian that makes 4,only have room for 8 otherwise it gets to crowded,we can sort out whatever kits coming later. Chelseadave will be coming,so now only 3 places left.
  11. Will post a thread tomorrow,could you all confirm if your going to attend.
  12. Thanks John,giving first dibs here before I put it on the forum,I guess 4 decks would be enough due to space.
  13. Going to make a date for Sat 28th April,Baggawire's going to bring his deck along,Brooks SP10 would be good,will post on the forum in a day or so. Not trying to hi-jack your thread John.
  14. That would be good Robin,thinking either Sat 21st or 28th April,can do either date.
  15. Nice TT Brook,I feel it's about time for another TT bake off at my place as it's been a few years since the last one,will have to set a date sometime late April if anyone's up for it.