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  1. Fab phono stages

    IME fab = money.I must have had the best part of 30 phono stages turn up to my bake off's over the years and heard many more at other peoples.Last Saturday 3 more turned up ranging from 1K,I think, up to a home built unit that cost 6K in parts alone. There haven't been many instances where the higher price of a unit didn't equate to better SQ,although the Puresound was a notable exception,the Vida is also very good,but I prefer valve based units as rolling the stock tubes can alter the sound to my taste,as demonstrated last week by swapping out some Mullards for Raytheons in my NVO,everyone preferred the latter tubes for the extra life they gave. Just my experiences of course.
  2. New date Sat Oct 14th

    Not your kind of bass Harv.

    Saturday tea times were mostly accompanied by these on the tv.
  4. Formula 1 2017

    That's the place,first visit would have been 94 ish, up until they moved to the new site.

    This lady did it for me.
  6. New date Sat Oct 14th

    I thought the NVO and Vida were pretty impressive,but Daves "Better than Jim's" phono produced bass the like of which I didn't think was possible with my system.
  7. Formula 1 2017

    If that was the factory units in Woking,I used to service an RO water system there until they moved,the reception was impressive,but I was not allowed to wander to far in the factory area sadly.
  8. New date Sat Oct 14th

    Pleased you enjoyed it guy's,did anyone take any pictures of Dave's phono ?
  9. New date Sat Oct 14th

    Yes,but Dean brought along a 12" single of Phil Collins "in the air tonight" and insisted on playing it
  10. New date Sat Oct 14th

    If you think Harv's musical choices leave a lot to be desired,you obviously haven't met Whizzkid.
  11. New date Sat Oct 14th

    Harv has had to drop out with the flue,so there's a place left if anyone want's to join us.
  12. New date Sat Oct 14th

    Yes Pete.will PM details later today.
  13. New date Sat Oct 14th

    No mate,did PM you but assumed you maybe busy with flat pack furniture
  14. New date Sat Oct 14th

    Please note,start time from 12 noon,gives Mrs O time to get some food in and of course cake.
  15. New date Sat Oct 14th

    Yes Andrew,still plenty of room.