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  1. GJO

    Bake off March 23rd in TN8

    List updated to include Paul and Pete.
  2. GJO

    Bake off March 23rd in TN8

    Will add you to the list Pete.
  3. Time for another spring get together from 12 noon until Mrs O's 6PM curfew. Any front end component's welcome,ie cdp's,dac's phono stages,tt's etc and of course music and also cake. Tea,coffee and snacks provided.Have room for 8. List started. Baggawire. Steve S1. Harv. Orbscure. p147.
  4. One of the best 70's live band's,were always a hoot,saw them many times.
  5. GJO

    Can a 12" tonearm do without bias adjustment?

    I was never convinced when using a VPI JMW arm that twisting the cable was very effective,I think they did make at one time an add on bias arm and weight. I was shown many year's ago a simple trick to set bias using the Shure audio obstacle course LP.Track 2 has a section where you can adjust the balance on your amp by using a test tone which alternates from the left speaker then the right,just adjust the bias to level match the volume and that's all it takes,I have used this method with Kiseki,Lyra and Koetsu cartridges and have never felt the need to deviate and the cantilever's have always remained straight.
  6. GJO

    RIP Windsor Davies

    He did live in Carshalton back in the 80's,often used to see him in the Dukes Head at Wallington with a pint of Young's special, RIP
  7. GJO

    Hi-Fi Society Blog

    Good idea,hope it works out Paul.
  8. GJO

    Record cleaners

    Can I ask how many lab water systems you have experience with ? as I have worked on many 100's of systems over the years in numerous different types of labs and for pharmaceutical production and surprisingly they all use tap water. DI requires the use of Hydrochloric acid and Caustic during regeneration,much of this will go down the drain.Distilled uses large amount's of electricity and takes time to produce any water, neither process is cheap or importantly environmentally friendly,thats why RO is used in every lab/pharma system I have ever worked on as the first stage of purification as it can remove 98% of all impurities with one single pass unlike DI or Distilled.
  9. GJO

    Record cleaners

    It is not possible to produce lab grade water via distillation alone,in fact I can't even remember the last time I saw a working still as most were mothballed years ago.lab grade water can only be produced via several different processes.
  10. GJO

    Record cleaners

    I have been using dishwasher rinse aid since the early 90's,10ml in a 5 ltr mix,without any problems,having spent 25 years in the pure water industry I would suggest that there could possibly be many more impurities in some DI waters sold as they very rarely state the conductivity of the water.
  11. GJO

    Complete vinyl set up

    Thanks Barry.
  12. GJO

    Complete vinyl set up

    Due to unforeseen circumstances this sale is now on hold until sometime next year.
  13. GJO

    Complete vinyl set up

    Please note the RDC puck shown in the 2nd picture is not included,the Basis clamp in the first picture is the current one included.
  14. The best Christmas songs ever IMO.
  15. GJO

    If you did believe in power cables..

    I use to suffer RF breakthrough from some foreign station after 9 PM. I tried this as it has a screen,problem now solved.