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  1. GJO

    Complete vinyl set up

    Thanks Barry.
  2. GJO

    Complete vinyl set up

    Due to unforeseen circumstances this sale is now on hold until sometime next year.
  3. GJO

    Complete vinyl set up

    Please note the RDC puck shown in the 2nd picture is not included,the Basis clamp in the first picture is the current one included.
  4. The best Christmas songs ever IMO.
  5. GJO

    If you did believe in power cables..

    I use to suffer RF breakthrough from some foreign station after 9 PM. I tried this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Supra-LoRad-2-5-MKII-Power-Cable-Per-Metre-/391409378509 as it has a screen,problem now solved.
  6. GJO

    What films have you watched this week

    De Niro on top form.
  7. GJO

    Complete vinyl set up

    Price drop before the auction site. Basis TT and arm. £3000. NVO phono £1500
  8. GJO

    JJ gold pin ECC803S

    Would rather sell them as a trio. Regards. Graham.
  9. GJO

    New Aurorasound VIDA Prima (phono stage)

    Speak to Guy @ Puresound.
  10. I have a 3 of these purchased and matched from Guy at Puresound,these have less than 1 hours use due to the lower gain they have they weren't suitable in my Phono stage. £45 posted
  11. GJO

    Many LP's for sale

    Gent's I'm getting so many request's that it will be possible for me to miss some of them,if I don't respond within a week please give me a nudge.
  12. GJO

    Complete vinyl set up

    Decided not to send the SUT to Poland,there seems to be to many pitfalls,so back up for sale.
  13. GJO

    Many LP's for sale

    Unfortunatly when Paul was round I had a problem with the vinyl set up and didn't get it sorted until he had gone,turned out to be a loose RCA plug on the SUT,I blame Mrs O's dusting.
  14. Iv'e had two enquiries regarding my Koetsu SUT from members on another forum,Both based in Poland,one has offered to pay me via BT but although he's been a member for a year's or so he's never posted on the forum. Really not to sure to accept the offer or not. Any advice regarding insured tracking etc as it's all new to me sending items outside the UK. TIA.
  15. Hi Graham


    There are other styles i am interested in, could i pop over and have a look during the day as you are not that far from my work?



    1. GJO


      I will be around all week except today and Thursday,just give me a call when your coming 01732 866608 locatuin TN8 6LQ.

      Let me know what your looking for and I can dig them out.


    2. madscientist


      Will do, i may pop over tommorow but not sure just yet, will give you a ring beforehand. I am interested in any rock , psychedelia, prog and/or folk based 60's 70's