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  1. Lots of goodies hear https://greatofferstore.com/*/Music/?utm_campaign=GreatOfferStoreGOSXmasDelivery151217&utm_content=UMGUK12856-547167&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Email
  2. Can only be good news,hope it works out.
  3. Shelf Life of Record Cleaning Fluid

    I found L"art left a residue after cleaning and needed a pure water rinse,my IPA pure water based cleaning fluid only needs one cleaning cycle to clean most LPs,although there are cases where more than one cycle isn't enough for badly contaminated LP's.
  4. Also saw that tour in Tunbridge Wells,was dire to say the least.
  5. Just ordered this,not dirt cheap as such,but at a tenner per LP seems a good deal. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cheap-Xmas-Donald-Fagen-Complete/dp/B075CRMPKQ/ref=sr_1_2?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1511001512&sr=1-2&keywords=donald+fagan
  6. I used these when soundproofing 2 party walls,however the depth wasn't an issue for me so I built a floating stud wall to mount the bars similar to this https://www.soundstop.co.uk/soundproofing/soundproofing-walls/Independent-wall-solution3.php the finished depth was about 150mm,for ceilings this https://www.soundstop.co.uk/soundproofing/soundproofing-ceilings/resilient-bar-solution3.php would seem a solution,one tip I was given is when fixing the plasterboard,leave a 5mm gap between walls and ceilings and fill with silicon sealer,do not fill with plaster or filler as this will allow noise/vibration to travel through the structure of the building.

    Another fond memory from when I was 12,although we didn't have a color telly back then,currently on ITV4 weekdays at the moment.
  8. Another thing to note ref softeners,the resin bed is a great place for bacteria to grow,so I would strongly recommend disinfecting annually,it's simple enough to do. https://www.wrekinwatersofteners.co.uk/wrekinwatersofteners/final.asp?id=527
  9. Still hoping to make this John,but as I told you it depends on how I feel after next weeks bout of radiation,although please note I have to stay clear of pregnant women and youngster's for 48 hrs,do hope none will be attending
  10. Which is why there should be a mains water fed tap,usually the cold tap in the kitchen,for drinking water and food prep.As Serge previously mentioned also not a good idea to water plants either.
  11. To the OP. Not to sure on domestic softeners.but during my time commissioning and validating medical/pharma pure water systems,we always had a softened supply supplied by the client to feed our systems,so have had plenty of experience when the softened supply has problems. Softeners work on the basis of ion exchange,the hardness calcium is exchanged for sodium,thus the harder water you have will result in higher sodium levels.They also require a motive feed pressure to operate correctly,too low a pressure will result in poor regenerations,which can lead to all sorts of problems,notably excess sodium being passed to the service water,Kinetic softeners were often the worse offenders for this.Note,the yes/no hardness test's will not show excess sodium levels. You will get a slight pressure/flow rate drop as the vessels are 2/3 rds full of 1/2 mm resin beads which will cause some restriction and act as a filter to remove any particulates in the supply,again if the pressure/flow is to low the backwash cycle will be inadequate and these particles will not be flushed down the drain which could eventually lead to a blocking of the resin bed. I would investigate further your water supply as 1.25 bar is low and as your neighbour has problems also,it would seem to be an external issue,good luck.
  12. Fab phono stages

    IME fab = money.I must have had the best part of 30 phono stages turn up to my bake off's over the years and heard many more at other peoples.Last Saturday 3 more turned up ranging from 1K,I think, up to a home built unit that cost 6K in parts alone. There haven't been many instances where the higher price of a unit didn't equate to better SQ,although the Puresound was a notable exception,the Vida is also very good,but I prefer valve based units as rolling the stock tubes can alter the sound to my taste,as demonstrated last week by swapping out some Mullards for Raytheons in my NVO,everyone preferred the latter tubes for the extra life they gave. Just my experiences of course.