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  1. No one else seems to post here. Sub forum Bloody predictive text bollocks 😠
  2. Tel

    Stylus cleaning Gel .. any problems?

    Don't use any solution with IPA in it to clean a stylus. IPA is a solvent and can dissolve the glue holding the diamond on.
  3. Tel

    Second Hand Prices Gone Mad?

    They often don't even see it if they set their search parameters by distance
  4. Records Vinyls is a term used by teenagers who know no better.
  5. Tel

    Second Hand Prices Gone Mad?

    Shill bidders.
  6. Tel

    What's happened to the classifieds?

    I'm amazed that you have to. Have you really not been paying any attention for the last year?
  7. Tel

    1960s Rolex or Omega

    Try Can personally recommend them. Worth ringing them as their website is not always their entire stock.
  8. Tel

    Distance to work

    50 Miles takes 1hr 20 mins but can be open ended if problems on M23/M25 A few days a week I stay at my Dad's who needs a lot of support then it is 15 miles and takes an hour. Both the above include leaving at 7.00 School Holidays knock of 10-15 mins if going from home and halve the time to 30 minutes if going from my Dad's.
  9. Tel

    Fixing a Gryphon

    Where are you based?
  10. Tel

    Whisky Box to Speaker Enclosure

    Great idea, Whiskey Tube to passive pre-amp (not mine)
  11. Tel

    Please recommend me a seriously good phono stage

    It all depends on what presentation you like. I would never consider a Whest in any system.I would own. The Allnic 1500 is excellent but the best value for money in that class is the Aurosound Vida, absolutely stunning phono stage. But then I think LCR is the way to go.
  12. Tel

    Concerned about cables

    It is a waste of time and money worrying about cables. If your life is that screwed spend the money on counseling.
  13. Tel

    Best Record Labels ?

    MSFL Music on Vinyl
  14. Tel

    Flac compressed or not ?

    I use dBpoweramp to rip all my CDs and it defaults to FLAC 5. In all the tutorials I have read and forum threads about the best settings to use no one has ever mentioned changing this (and I never have).