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  1. enjoy_the_music

    Merlin VSM Floorstanding Speakers

    I agree, I had two pairs of these speakers and they put out a great sound. Detailed mids/highs and very solid bass.
  2. Hi I am selling my RCA 1428B drivers with original diaphragms. They were originally purchased in Japan directly from the highend vintage outlet Westernlabo. Solid drivers although one of the connection pins for the speaker cables has unfortunately broken. It would be possible to have this connection point converted to a banana pin for example. Selling for £5700 probably one of the finest midranges.
  3. enjoy_the_music

    RCA 1428B power supply

    Hi I have taken my 1428B's out of storage as I will be selling them soon. Can someone recommend a decent 13V power supply to test the units? Thanks in advance Ritchie
  4. enjoy_the_music

    WANTED Macro Lens (manual or auto focus) for Nikon 7100

    Hi Thanks for the response.Yes that could be interesting! Regards Ritchie
  5. Very high quality, battery powered, moving coil step up from Technics. Sold without batteries. Low noise, I have used it with various cartridges from Shure to Audio Note. Gain 28db Input impedance: 47 ohms Noise ratio (IHF-A) 250 μV input: 78 dB Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz + 0-0.5 dB, 8 Hz to 300 kHz + 0.3 dB Dimensions: 140 x 55 x 265 mm Weight: 1.1 kilograms (without batteries)
  6. Looking for a decent macro lens for my Nikon D7100. It is for use on a tripod for studio shots...so manual focus acceptable.
  7. enjoy_the_music

    WANTED Puresound A30

    Thanks hifinutt do you think it is a serious sale? I will get in contact.
  8. enjoy_the_music

    WANTED Puresound A30

    I have a friend in France who is looking for a Puresound A30 amp. Please message me if you have one for sale used.
  9. enjoy_the_music

    SALE Sony PS-X9 turntable SOLD

  10. enjoy_the_music

    SALE Sony PS-X9 turntable SOLD

    Reduced to £3000
  11. enjoy_the_music

    SALE Sony PS-X9 turntable SOLD

    Reduced to £3250
  12. enjoy_the_music

    SALE Sony PS-X9 turntable SOLD

    Now on ebay. Sony PSX9 Link
  13. enjoy_the_music

    SALE Sony PS-X9 turntable SOLD

    Just to say that the turntable is 100V. Although this was mentioned in my ebay auction I forgot to add it here. Apologies.
  14. YL Audio Note midrange drivers. I think these were YL's top midrange drivers for small to medium sized room applications. The G stands for germanium. Frequency range 100 - 7khz 16ohm and 102db sensitivity Consecutive serial numbers. One driver has its original packaging which is quite rare. They were originally purchased as part of a horn project with the D18000G tweeters (for sale) and D35000 upper mids that I own...I am just too busy now to contemplate it. Top drivers. Personally to get better one might have to step up to something like the RCA 1428B or similar.