CONFIRMED DATES FOR SCALFORD - March 17th & 18th 2018


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  1. Had a [peep at early Glasto coverage....they still allow flags on poles....why on earth?
  2. Steve if you like them even a little you are in for a great night. Yorke is clearly at ease in his skin these days and the rest of the band are tight along with him. I wasn't expecting to be so impressed but the whole thing was absolutely incandescent .....a roller coaster from start to finish. SQ was excellent though I always wish I'd remembered my plugs lol. Whoever did their stage setup also got it spot on. It looked very minimal at the start but was full on from the get go.
  3. Rain Tree Crow - Rain Tree Crow
  4. Just back from this....a difficult band who at times I struggle to like. I tried to sell my tickets but ended up driving down with a mate. One of the best gigs I've seen in a long while.....outstanding! Junun with Greenwood as support were also outstanding.
  5. I ordered a HR supply along with Gyro and arm in Feb via my local HiFi store......I'm still waiting for the HR!
  6. Hmm I thought that may have been a cryptic clue Expanded....It's not Tontos Expanding Head Band though.
  7. Kraftwerk 3D vinyl box The Unthanks - Songs and Poems of Molly Drake Kamasi Washington - The Epic Colin Stetson - All this I do for Glory Diamanda Galas - Live Harlem Penguin Cafe - Imperfect Sea Steve Jansen - The Extinct Suite
  8. The above points are undeniable however I think it is only fair to try to stick to topic in this case as there was and is still some truly amazing UK/British Electronic music. Not just Dance related music either...think of artists like 'Radio Massacre International', Wavestar, Redshift etc.
  9. Yes I had it on clear also....sadly around 50% of my vinyl has been appropriated by one or two mates. Thankfully iit was mostly the old Techno stuff which I'd never play in the house anyway. I still have some Maurizio 12" belters here somewhere.
  10. Theres also a 27 minute mix of this....wonderful