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  1. Pat Metheny this evening In Belfast. I've never seen him live so it'll be interesting I am sure.
  2. Downtempo electronica

    Totally magic retro album...essential!
  3. Guess the album cover

    Well done...your go!
  4. Guess the album cover

    Here ye go
  5. Guess the album cover

    Eno/Byrne My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
  6. Replay preferences ...

    There are phases....some of them. In the mood maybe vinyl.....really in the mood....summer no. Digital streaming throughout which is great as there are 40K odd tracks for the choices. Putting up with the flighty nature and temperamental moods of the hardware at times can twist ones melon till the pips squeak! Just sayin......perhaps your melonies have no pippies.
  7. I'd have to agree with the previous re Electronic music,,,,not just more recent dance type stuff but real electronica like Early Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze etc...sublime with the ProAc 140's. Portishead, Massive Attack and Nils Petter Molvaer are simple stunning as is David Sylvian. I just love them. Initially I had these hooked up ro an Icon Audio Stereo 40i which was just so fluid and warm with an amazing soundstage. I decided to see what the ProAc's produced with a little more SS power up them so swapped amps for an Electrocompaniet. Still excellent though I am sorely temped to start saving for an Icon Audio 60....I miss the fluid dynamics.....Sadly funds are tight
  8. I've the Studio 140's MKI ....I absolutely love them....I've considered trading them up a couple of times but always bottled out....
  9. Sainsbury starting own record label

    I pretty much hate compilations.
  10. Michell Engineering Thread

    Well that one has been sat in my lounge since March though its been pretty much unused since June!
  11. Michell Engineering Thread

    Mine......which may be on it's way back to the shop!
  12. Guess the album cover

    I absolutely loved one of the tunes off this as a youngster. Completely at odds with my normal taste in music in those days. Never thought of them as prog but then I never listened to any of their other songs.
  13. Downtempo electronica

    KS reissues on Double LPsUniversal Music will reactivate the old "Brain" label for a bunch of re-releases in December 2017. Among those are a few historic double albums by Klaus Schulze:Cyborg, Audentity, "X", Dziekuje Poland, ...Live... and En=Trance. Furthermore, two old Wahnfried single CD albums will be reissued, also as double LPs: Trance Appeal and Drums 'n' Balls (all without the bonus tracks that the CD reissues have) Oooh.....may not be down tempo enough for ye all though
  14. So I managed to get the expensive general pleb tickets €131 this morning only to be told after payment that there was an error. I gave up and called my local Ticketmaster office and was allocated a couple in the middle of the back of the stadium. They are not bad seats I guess as this show is quite large visually. What is frustrating me even more is that I could apparently have left my card details and prefs with the guys at Ticketmaster office and they would have gotten better seats for me. There are of course other tickets available Bronze, Gold and Platinum, the latter being in excess of €300. This is flipping scandalous as I have no doubt they will appear reduced closer to the gig date if they don't (and they shouldn't) sell at this crazy price. Update: just picked the tickets up and the staff confirmed that not all seats have been released to sale at this point and as per many shows of late there will be a number of blocks available closer to the time of the gig. This is dire for real fans
  15. Guess the album cover

    It maybe dim at midday