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  1. Many thanks once again for this Phil You have helped make a young lady very happy!
  2. Thanks Anil - if I had thought about it, I should have contacted you first! Looks like this may well be sorted, however if there is any change I'll be in touch.
  3. Ooh, this might be the answer to a wanted thread I just posted! Does this have a phono input? If so, I'd like to chat!
  4. My 16 year old niece has been developing her skills as a musician for the last couple of years. She likes the older sounds & tunes (which is nice, no top40 noise - she likes to rock!) and has been pestering me to help her to get a vinyl system going. I can lend her one of my TTs as a starting point, and have a pair of speakers she can use, however an amp is the hurdle at the moment. Unfortunately I don't really have anything suitable I could lend or give to her. I was thing that something along the lines of an older NAD3020 or 80's Japanese amp would be doable for around £20 - £30? Whatever it might be, it would need to include a phono stage to keep things as simple as possible. I know £30 budget is really not very much at all, however she is proud enough to want to do this under her own steam and as a full-time scholar (about to start her a levels) isn't exactly rolling in dosh, and her folks aren't in a position to really assist (for various reasons). I know I can explore e-bay, however I really don't want to buy something sight unseen only for it to turn out to be a dud, then need to replace that out of guilt with chances taken on the replacement, etc etc. Any assistance much appreciated.
  5. Bit overdue, however I really must thank you Paul twice now - 2 lots of cd's posted really promptly and quite honestly most of the albums could still pass for new (apart from those in the plastic sleeves I guess). Condition of every one of the discs is superb & cases etc all in excellent or mint condition. Really nice to business with you mate. I will be back again in due course
  6. Hi Steve I'm very interested in the following please [TABLE=class: cms_table, width: 697] [TR] [TD]Eat Lights Become Lights[/TD] [TD]Into Forever + Remix 2xLP[/TD] [TD]NM/NM[/TD] [TD]£20[/TD] [TD]Into forever – Silver Vinyl Into Forever Remixed – Yellow Vinyl[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Eat Lights Become Lights[/TD] [TD]Modular Living[/TD] [TD]NM/NM[/TD] [TD]£15[/TD] [TD]White Vinyl signed by artist[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Eat Lights Become Lights[/TD] [TD]Autopia[/TD] [TD]NM/NM[/TD] [TD]£10[/TD] [TD]Green Vinyl[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [TABLE=class: cms_table, width: 697] [TR] [TD]Povarovo [/TD] [TD]Tchernovik 2xLP[/TD] [TD]NM/NM[/TD] [TD]£15 [/TD] [TD]For fans of Dark Jazz, Bohren etc [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] If you could give me an idea of the price including postage please (to West Midlands)? Kevin
  7. Chris, if any of those land up proving to be 'spare', do please remember me as a possible next gen recipient please? Never have tried as metal tape in all these years. Ta, Kevin
  8. This seems to have vanished into the Marianas Trench of the classifieds in just a couple or 3 days Resurrected now in the vague hope of......
  9. Thanks all. Yes, Johnnie's pic is exactly what I would prefer(it's like he can read my mind! ), although I would consider others if I need to. Myrman is also a bit far - a 3 hour round trip isn't what I would consider 'within a short trip of Birmingham'.
  10. Thanks Mike, just the sort of thing I'm looking for. Unfortunately nowhere near Birmingham, is it? And equally unfortunately I won't be around for Scalford either. Thanks for the thought anyway.
  11. Hi. I'm looking for a (cheap) hifi rack around 80cm (32") high please. Must be stable & capable of taking the weight of a plinthed turntable on top. Wood finish would be nice - something like the Henley racks would be ideal. Preferably close to/within a short distance of Birmingham and not too pricey please. Thanks
  12. How much posted for the following please; Alcest Souvenirs d'un autre Monde DIGI £5 Alcest ECailles de Lune DIGI £5 Black Sabbath 13 Lonely Kamel Lonely Kamel
  13. I have a similar problem, with unbalanced hearing (to match my unbalanced mind/personality I am told! ). I do have a hearing aid, but don't wear that as much as I should either. What I did really was to step back from high fidelity and simply listen to the radio or to pc speakers for a while. Without concern for hifi, I just got to the point of enjoying tunes again. Then I tried the hifi again, however actually turned the speaker away on the 'good' side, de-emphasising the misbalance. Sounds stupid I realise, but it did work for me. Bloody awful situation and I really can empathise with you. However if you love music, you will really find a way (eventually). Good luck
  14. Anthony, if you do think of changing speakers I might have some useful input to offer (amazingly!) My music room (such as it is), apart from being absolutely crammed full of my crap is definitely as anti-hifi as they come, being about 2m x 5m and 2.5m high. Anyway, the best outcome I have managed to achieve in here was to bring in a pair of rather large speakers - DeccaVolts, which incorporate Volt 10" drivers with Decca horn tweeters. Previously I even ran a pair of IMF TLS50s in here! Needless to say, in this size room these are pretty much used as near-field monitors [ one facing forward behind my left shoulder, the other firing down the room at me]. I long ago ignored the idea of purity of image etc, however I do get a good measure of stereo imaging still and the sound is far better than you would imagine. A few wammers have crammed themselves in here over time (generally only 1 at a time it has to be said), and most have been pretty positively surprised by the sound. Anyway, the point of my story was that perhaps larger speakers taking it easy in your room, rather than small units working really hard to get the sound out might be an option to consider? Hopefully a) food for thought as well as b) confirmation that a lot is achievable from the most unprepossessing environment.
  15. Oh, and Dana nearly self-destructed when I insisted on testing some speakers I was buying from him with this choice number [video=youtube;3hgH6hD3RWI] They were IMF TLS50's, and of course it needed to be loud to hear what the bass sounded like... By the end, I think he was getting ready to pay me to take them away [that image at the beginning of the video pretty accurately sums up his expression at the time ]