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  1. steveeg

    FS Proac Minitower Speakers

    Bumpy bump.
  2. steveeg

    WTD Cheapo bookshelf speakers

    Now fixed - thanks for all the offers! Steve Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. steveeg

    WTD Cheapo Bluray player

    PM'ed joleyami. Bumpy - any more for any more?
  4. steveeg

    WTD Cheapo bookshelf speakers

    Thanks - I had actually spotted this but only after I'd bought a small amp and CDP. Agreed, would have been spot on. Cheers, Steve
  5. steveeg

    WTD Cheapo bookshelf speakers

    Will PM you!
  6. Hullo the Wam, Need to downsize the hifi so regrettably must put up for sale my Proac Minitower floorstanders in black ash. Soundwise I'd describe them as neutral, open, controlled, and with strong imaging. Some people may use more adjectives, but this covers it. They sound great. They really are jolly good. They only ever prompt compliments. The bad news is that condition of the cabinets isn't the best. I'd say 6/10 by Wam standards. The black ash veneer is chipped on some of the corners - the photos in bright sunlight probably over emphasise the chips. If you were that way inclined, you could touch up the chips. Note that drivers are all in good condition. For full disclosure, one of the spikes is slightly bent. Again, you could purchase a new spike if needed. Very slim profile and front ported, both of which makes them easier to place. Not sure what else you could get for this type of money that would sound better. Collection from SW London. I may be able to deliver locally for petrol. £250.
  7. Hullo the Wam. Am undergoing temporary change to accommodation so need to downsize on the hifi front for a bit. I consequently need a cheapo bluray player. Thinking £30-£50. Ideally has digital out. Ideally is a slim model - slim width preferred to slim depth. Ideally is fairly responsive and reliable. Want to get something big brand that's reliable, rather than buy a £30 player from a supermarket which'll be frustrating to use and/or break. I leave in SW London, and occasionally drive up the M1 to J20 odd. What you got? Cheers, Steve
  8. steveeg

    WTD Cheapo bookshelf speakers

    Hullo the Wam. Am undergoing temporary change to accommodation so need to downsize on the hifi front for a bit. I consequently need a pair of cheapo bookshelf speakers. Thinking £30-£80, could go a bit more for the right thing. Mild preference for front ported, and black / grey / dark woods. Mild dislike for oak or beech colour. Maybe something like Mission 761i, 780, or Acoustic Energy AE100s? I live in SW London, and occasionally drive up the M1 to J20 odd. What you got? Cheers, Steve
  9. steveeg

    SALE Exposure 2010 CDP

    Hi all, Exposure 2010 CDP up for sale in silver, with remote and original box. Haven't used it for a year or two, just plugged it in, turned it on, and started to listen to the Tron Legacy soundtrack - it's a really rather fine disc spinner. Think it originally retailed for around the £600 mark. Coax and optical outs. Note that the stop button is pushed in - the button still works fine. This 'feature' was caused by a friend who I lent this to a while back - d'oh ... Am sure the technically able could fix it. £150. Collection only in the first instance. Am based in SW London. I occasionally drive up the M1 to around junction 20 odd so * may * be tempted to deliver for petrol money. Also, work in the City so could meet central London. Thanks for looking, Steve
  10. steveeg

    WTD: 4m HDMI cable

    Bumpy bump.
  11. Hi all, Have been ripping a number of CDs recently and have noticed that very often the last track does not rip correctly. The CD plays fine otherwise in any CD player. Very often on the last track itunes humms and whirs, then eventually spits the CD out and the last track is down as "not available" in the time column. Quite an old setup (I know - and desperately need to upgrade) - iTunes 11.3 An old macbook on OS 10.6.8 (more recent OSs not supported). CD rom in the mac went many years ago and so using an external Samsung CDrom - can't have cost more than £25 when I bought it 5 or so years ago. So my question is - what are the chances of a new external CD rom drive helping? It seems like the only thing I can change, and i's only a £20 outlay - but I don't want to waste the money if the problem is likely to be due to either - 1) oldness of the Mac itself 2) physical issues with the CDs - I understand that they can get radial scratches from just being played. Any thoughts appreciated, Cheers, Steve
  12. steveeg

    What was the best James Bond Song

    Clearly The Living Daylights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. steveeg

    WTD: 4m HDMI cable

    As per title - what you got? Am based in SW London, but also happy to have cables posted (cf. the risk with kit). Cheers, Steve Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. steveeg

    That was a great show

    Think this year was my fifth or sixth at Scalford and, yet again, I immensely enjoyed it. As always a huge thank you to all the exhibitors - I know what a pain / total ball-ache / huge time commitment it is to dismantle a system, drive to middle of nowhere, reassemble, dismantle, drive back, etc ... Your efforts were appreciated. I really enjoyed the direction the new owners are taking the show in. Spot on balance between private exhibitors and trade, and great idea to have a bring and buy - hopefully that picks up further in future years. All rooms were great but the things that got me going back for more - - Elite Audio - got to love the sound and style of the boenicke speakers - Looper's lovely KEF concord III - Sunbeamgls's Linn system - plus a super nice bloke with a tremendous playlist of stellar tracks -Nav's room. A comparatively straightforward setup (oldish Marantz CDP, an amp, some big old Spendors), but what a sound. Loved hearing "Wicked Games" there. - Oldius for being such a gent and loving Alice Coltrane. - The epos m5s in eddie-baby's room. - Beobloke's GLL IMagios. - The Sony guy's room / collection / museum / shrine / mausoleum to Sony ... - 'nuff said! - the Linn room - clever demo and great track choices. - 2ndhandhifi's roster of speakers - fantastic sounds at total extremes of prices. Cheers, Steve
  15. steveeg

    FREE Technics Stereo Tuner ST-Z11L FM/MW/LW

    Taken. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk