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  1. Quiet bump. I’ve noted in researching for eBay listing purposes that the last two pairs of these to sell there did so around Christmas time and both were for more than £1000. Time to get in here at a third less than that...
  2. Thanks for all the kind words chaps. I'm pleased to say this amp is now SOLD.
  3. These have had a bit of interest but are still here and still very much for sale.
  4. Having recently gone active, the very best amp I ever found to drive my legendarily awkward Kef Reference 3.2 speakers (also for sale) is now up for grabs. This was Denons top of the range amp with all the fixtures and fittings to match. Don’t let the paltry 70 watts spec fool you: this thing weighs an absolute tonne and shoves out enough current that I’m fairly sure you could arc weld if necessary. It gripped those Kefs like nothing else I’ve heard (the bass control and power in particular is stunning) and certainly blew the Arcam P1 monoblocs I had before into the weeds. It is in superb physical condition - see the pics. There are one or two tiny specks under the treble tone control knob that in all honesty I only noticed when dusting it for photographs (see close up photo) and the remote has a dink in it from that amps previous owner. Asking price is £600. Collection from Cardiff is strongly preferred. I have the original box and packaging and could post this but be aware that is is ENORMOUS and weighs 24kg (unboxed) so this will not be cheap: a guide figure (subject to final courier quote) would be around £30-40.
  5. I’ve not heard anything yet from Lawrence so feel free to get in touch...
  6. It’s the left front one on the right hand speaker. The foot itself is flat: it’s the threaded section that’s a bit squiff. Like I say it’s perfectly functional and the speaker sits perfectly flat. I mention it only for completeness.
  7. Never thought I’d sell these but have recently gone active so looks like it’s going to be some other lucky audiophiles lucky day! In perfect sonic order and just as full range as the reviews say. Cosmetically they’re “very good” - see pics. Only marks of note are on the one side (invisible from listening position) and the top surface of one speaker (similarly invisible from listening position). Also, in moving house one of the feet has become bent. I always intended on replacing them all with spikes but never got around to it. Regardless, the speaker sits perfectly and I mention this for completeness only. Finally, the biwire links have been replaced with van damme aftermarket links, which are included in the sale. Price is a very fair £700 and due to their unbelievable weight and size these are strictly collection only from Cardiff. Any questions do please ask.
  8. I’m set on getting one I think. I’m waiting for Christmas to be over and I have a small window for auditioning in January that I’m holding out for, just in case. If I miss that I’ll no doubt order blind. The more I read and ponder the more I believe this is the one.
  9. I’ve got kef references at the moment so it’s a familiar sonic signature!
  10. I’ve just googled the D7 and see they’re several leagues above the Yamaha in the price stakes. High praise indeed that the yammie makes them sing! Thanks so much for the input: you’re making me edge towards the decision I need to make.
  11. I discovered that the wxa-50 doesn’t have any subwoofer crossover built in, which is surprising as it’s got some related software gadgetry onboard! I like the look of the antimode: will keep that in mind for my future path too...
  12. That’s good to know - many thanks! May I ask what you went from before downsizing (I assume?) to the Yamaha?
  13. That’s very handy to know: thanks! What do you power them with now that the bluesound has gone? And have you noticed a change in their presentation as you’ve moved from one box back to separates?