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  1. listenup

    Screen reflections

    Thanks BlackSabbath - you appear to be almost local to me! I had noticed that the picture is really good in daylight hours, and at night if I switch on the ceiling lights, again it seems to be no worse than with the room darker, sometimes even better? I presume that is the automatic adjustment of the telly to daytime/night time conditions and I am happy with that. My problem concerns how to light the room at night time without those lights reflecting back from the glass. It would be great if lights were off but not popular with the rest of the household. Reflections appear much brighter when action in the program showing on screen takes place at night and the reflections are exactly where the action is taking place. I think that maybe it's a problem that I have to live with.
  2. listenup

    Any ideas or pointers to building a media cabinet

    I had a hifi cabinet made some years ago. It has wooden doors so when not in use all hifi is hidden and they also help to keep dust out during periods of inactivity. Initially made with a (removable) back panel, this had to be removed completely when the equipment changed and as you say, the system became more complicated, but the initial discussion included making the cabinet strong enough without the rear panel attached. The suggestion to slide it closer to the wall when you are away seems sensible and again will keep more dust out. When in use the doors can remain open allowing cooling if its location allows. Kit can sit on the bottom level, any one of 4 adjustable height or removable shelves, and the top. The shelf adjustment is with little metal pin things, two per side, that have individual metal sockets which works quite well - rather than those ladder things you see on bookshelves. As the makers were skilled cabinet makers, all four of the pins line up keeping the shelves level! Quite obvious that they should I suppose, but important to mention as I bought a ready made cabinet before that and the shelves wobbled a bit as one row of supports was at a slightly different height to the other three - it went back. When I had less kit, one bit was a valve amp which ran hot, and I used a spare shelf above it angled steeply upward (by using the next higher locating pins at the front) to try to convect the heat away. It worked ok but the valve amp did not stay long. The disadvantage of a cabinet with closed sides is that it is a pig to change wires. Thats because its difficult to push a connector or mains plug on from the rear while reaching round to the front to stop it sliding of the shelf. Very long arms required! For locking plugs the only way is to slide the cabinet forward which is also a pig! Mine moves reasonably easily, sliding over the carpet, but with some big amps I had, weighed well in excess of 100kg and I needed flattened cardboard boxes under the front edge to help it slide. Currently I am using a pair of bel canto power amps with their on/off switches mounted on the back - who thought that one up? - but it is just manageable.
  3. listenup

    Screen reflections

    Thanks for the replies. The problem of light reflection is definitely when watching TV, and is by far the worst when the screen is dark - for a night scene or similar. Also annoying for sports though. MY personal solution would be to watch in the dark, but as others live in the house too, they prefer a bit of light because they are sometimes distracted from watching England Rugby for instance (cannot think why) because they are trying to solve a crossword puzzle. Ambient lighting would be a solution, except they can't read the clues. Problem of ageing I suppose. Back in the day when I did some rally navigation and needed map lights, we would tape sheets of black cardboard strategically to prevent light reflections from the windscreen and from the drivers line of sight. It worked quite well, but when i suggested this for the lounge my other half objected to being taped into a corner surrounded with black cardboard. Interesting to read about blue light emissions. I think our problem is more straight forward than that though.
  4. This may seem like a silly question, but how can you prevent reflection from a large screen telly? Mine is fixed to the wall, angled down at about 5 degrees and unmovable. It seems that wherever we site lights, whether ceiling mounted or table lamps, somebody in the room gets a reflection of the light. Have even tried uplighters, but although the light itself does not then reflect, the bright area of wall/ceiling is a problem. Any solutions to this problem?
  5. listenup

    Bel Canto Pre3 VBS & Ref 500s

    "Cash on collection" - but from where? (nothing in personal info).
  6. listenup

    Musings on a speaker upgrade.

    Good observations. It is surprising how much better even an acoustic guitar sounds with more bass available. A decent bass response can underpin the whole listening experience, seeming to allow the rest of the scale to be appreciated - so long as the bass is not bloated! That is not always due to speaker change though. A friend has recently changed his dac (plus power supply and digital cable) and has found more bass that way. It all depends on system balance.
  7. listenup

    Russ Andrews Zapperators

    What terminations? Spade or banana?
  8. listenup

    Audiozen Alchemy Amplifier in Silver

    'Would prefer collection' - so why not give us a clue where from!
  9. listenup

    Bel canto

    Tony Sallis at Coherent Systems is one of the most experienced repairers and modifiers of bel canto gear in this country. Check out his website and especially the reviews section. Over the years I have purchased bel canto equipment from him, and have experience of his modified bel canto amps, dacs and cd players which have all operated without problem. Currently using an Esoteric dac which he modified, so I have no hesitation with this recommendation.
  10. if you can get a cd player or transport which can accept the signal from an external master clock you have an easy upgrade route. The clock will not be in the signal path but should reduce jitter and enhance the sound which you hear. If you go for separate transport and dac then the external clock is even more important because instead of having two units with slightly different clock timings, both will be synchronised. IMO the source is most important, and you would be surprised how good a system can sound with relatively modest speakers.
  11. listenup

    FS Synergistic Research BLUE fuses new

    What do they fit, and what rating?
  12. listenup

    SACD's DVDA and collectors CD's for sale

    May I have - Police - Outlanders d'Amour Police - Regatta de Blanc Police - Every breath you take Thanks. Will await PM.
  13. listenup

    Digital Interconnects what's the story?

    In the instructions, my player / dac has specs of 110 ohm XLR, 75 ohm for both RCA and BNC. Since the OP mentioned cables between player / dac is this relevant? Nobody has mentioned figures for any of the cables they use, so is it plug in any old thing with the right connector (and some ferrites) or does that ferrite thing apply mainly to Chord products? Personally, I have heard differences with XLR signal cables, and BNC for clock cables.
  14. listenup

    Virgin Media UHD 4K Channel

    I presume that the 4K UHD channel will become a reason for Virgin to hike prices any day soon, using this extra feature to pacify some moaning customers. So far I have not watched any progs there because I have not a clue what is on - until it has happened. Yes, I do use Virgin and love the sport in HD. At the weekend saw some rugby on BT Sport 4K UHD and it was excellent. Replays of some tackles in such detail makes me wonder why people actually play the game because the potential for serious injury is enormous. So thumbs up to 4K UHD, but the much vaunted Virgin channel? Who knows whats on?