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  1. Cable Monkey

    Jon Myles review is rubbish again .

    It is virtually impossible to define “useful”. What you might read as subjective fluff will sell units to another sort of person. Numbers are easy for those of us who have lived with them forever. For others they are impenetrable and make no difference when sitting across the room having a look and a listen. There are different types of reviewer, and different types of people, and room enough for us all to share our hobby. I do share your reservations about some of the claims of some reviewers and have a technical background myself (in measurement!). But the thrust of my point was discussing Jon Myles has raised his profile and put the review in question in front of a lot of people who would otherwise not have seen it. They would see that as a win.
  2. Cable Monkey

    Help on adding Dsp correction to a streaming setup.

    Possibly. At a £1500 budget there are alternatives like the Bluesound 2i, which together with a lifetime membership of Roon brings you to a around £1000. Or you can go yearly if you want extended proof of concept, at a lower price of course. If there isn’t already something suitable in the house to host Roon, an i5 device should be achievable within budget. Even a Mac if you are OK second hand. DSP is a grey area for me however. I have my microphone but it has never come out of its box because my space is tiny and listening near field compensates for a lot of the room related issues. But REW is the easier DIY method of measuring your room. But if Roon is a consideration then you may as well use its functionality because it sits on your computer, not in a physical box with cables etc. It is a judgement call I suppose. Hard core DIY vs. simple setup vs. bringing a man in! The important thing is once done it shouldn’t need to be revisited.
  3. Cable Monkey

    Help on adding Dsp correction to a streaming setup.

    Hi, take a look at the Teac NT-505. It resides at the upper end of your budget at RRP but is very well specified and should fulfil your needs in most respects. My only reservation about it is that unlike the Bluesound product you talk about, its control app seems to be buggy under Android. However the IOS app seems less problematic. Dual mono AKM AK4497 DAC chip (found in Esoteric and Linn gear) Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify capable MQA enabled via Ethernet Roon enabled streaming endpoint The final point is important because Roon can incorporate DSP including room correction. So you would be looking at the cost of the streamer, the Roon software and a minimum i3 PC, preferably NUC sized. Substitute the Teac for the Bluesound and you have similar functionality for less.
  4. Cable Monkey

    Jon Myles review is rubbish again .

    I think the reality here is we are all discussing Mr. Myles’s reviews which we seem to think are poor. Right now the controversy is winning readers and raising rather than diminishing his profile. The OP actually did this reviewer a hell of a favour. Not to mention Melco.
  5. Cable Monkey

    Wanted Dynavector HX100 power amp

    santiago929, tell us where you are from.
  6. Cable Monkey

    M7/M77 Clones

    I am not sure if the value of the choke is critical, but AudioNote UK do chokes. That is where I sourced mine.
  7. Cable Monkey

    THX AAA 789

    Aaaand, already sold out.
  8. Cable Monkey

    THX AAA 789

    This device is back on Massdrop. $350 plus $12 shipping to the U.K. If you are unfamiliar with the way Massdrop works, they commission a run of gear. You pledge to buy using CC details or PayPal. When production is complete (in this case May) they take the money and ship the device. For those unfamiliar with this headphone amp, here is a link to a review.
  9. Yes, you have the help to polish the product.
  10. Just a minor point. Fixing your book won’t matter if you don’t come across as someone who is able to handle some criticism. Because in this game 50% of everyone you come across will be critical of some aspect of your opinion or style. Try to remember that the alternative is to be ignored which I can assure you is many times worse.
  11. Cable Monkey

    Wanted or swap - Living voice interconnect

    Definitive is the place to ask. Call them if they don’t answer their e-mails.
  12. Please advertise a price. This isn’t an auction site.
  13. Cable Monkey

    M7/M77 Clones

    Hi, I built it and had it assembled in breadboard fashion. It never progressed beyond that stage because I got distracted! It failed to ‘captivate’ me. I might have another crack at it at some point. The aim will be to compare and contrast something modern and accurate with a classic combo, perhaps for a future Kegworth.
  14. A forum is its people. The people are still around. If enough coalesce here or at another place that info is retrievable.