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  1. Cable Monkey

    What are you listening to right now?

    Nice relaxed Bank Holiday vibe!
  2. Cable Monkey

    Bye bye Murray.

    Andy was? Still is. And don’t write him off just yet!
  3. Cable Monkey

    Formula 1 2019

    Well after three races Mercedes have three 1-2 results and Ferrari are back at the drawing board trying to figure out how to extract the performance that is undoubtedly there. Leclerc is doing well and pushing Vettel. I am enjoying it but already the shouts of “boring!” are echoing around the Internet!
  4. Cable Monkey

    Meze Audio 99 Classics

    Advertising elsewhere is fine just as long as you let us know if sold elsewhere. Do you still want this moved?
  5. Cable Monkey

    Hashimoto MC SUT

    I sold a very nice phono stage because it wouldn’t play nice with my step up transformers. They are silent into my present phono stage.
  6. Cable Monkey

    Roon Core help

    You cannot do all of what you want to do with a N4200 processor. Perhaps some DSP or room correction but not both. RoonBridge is software to run on a device local to your hifi. It is low powered and can be run on something like a Pi or, it can be incorporated into a network connected streamer or DAC. If you really need to do room correction and serious DSP like upsampling to DSD you need to employ a machine that sits within Roons specified performance range. That is a gen 5 i3 or better. A gen 8 i3 can do what you want to a single endpoint. That will mean going for something more single minded about Roon.
  7. Cable Monkey

    Roon Core help

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Some. They use Celeron CPU’s so probably best to limit DSP to upsampling PCM or DSD64. Above that Innuos say you may run into problems.
  8. Cable Monkey

    Newbie Intro's

    You really need someone with experience to look it over. Where abouts are you, we are bound to have members in that area!
  9. Cable Monkey

    CD image copy

    My rips used to be WAV but I have since converted to FLAC. Tagging was part of the reason.
  10. I’m a Roon user so I do access everything through that medium. I might disable DNLA on my NAS though and see what happens.
  11. You can certainly nominate something called LUMIN Streaming which allows you to select your storage and create a library. But I think the underlying protocol is still UPnP/DNLA. Or are you talking about connecting mass storage via USB?
  12. This is so much simpler to achieve even since the date this thread was started. My Teac NT-505 is a network connected DAC. It has Qobuz and Tidal integrated and can be linked to a NAS via DNLA. It’s control software is iPad/phone friendly and more recently has an Android version. The app and networked element of the DAC has its origins in LUMIN technology so it is mature and works well.
  13. He shouldn’t have to for an advert here Phil.
  14. Cable Monkey

    how to start streaming from Qobuz?

    There are a few streamers that fit the bill but one that represents good value and performance is the Bluesound Node 2i which will be compatible with your DAC and has a Qobuz portal. It uses BluOS which is used by NAD so if you were to ‘upgrade’ your DAC to their C658 you would be in the same ecosystem but with a single streaming DAC. I have a streaming DAC, the NT-505 from Teac. Preamp, headphone amp, streamer and DAC all rolled into one. It’s only failing is no analogue inputs, but I can digitise my only analogue source so it works for me.