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  1. Assume speakers and room are sorted to the OP's satisfaction! If we start to offer advice conditional on other aspects of the system it can become a bit of a nightmare to follow. By all means add caveats but it isn't really hard to suggest something that will better a laptop in pretty much all appreciable areas other than sound quality unless you really like laptops! And not all laptops are built to the standards of a MacBook Pro or Thinkpad!
  2. Virgin v6 box

    Well I work with them (note, not for them) and was actually sat in the office you would have negotiated with on Friday if you spoke to someone on shore. I do have a better deal than I had and an old TiVo replacement for my trusty V+. But my employers give me broadband and telephone free so it would be tough to beat that. But like you I negotiated an upgrade at a reduced price circumventing the price rise for 12 months so I am happy. And I did it anonymously by phone in case anyone is wondering!
  3. Virgin v6 box

    Netflix via the V6 box is a UHD source so it will be the best quality if your hardware can support it. Strictly speaking you shouldn't do anything to Virgin boxes because you don't own them, unlike the old arrangements with Sky where you owned the hardware. On a different note, despite the fact I can have TV from a different provider free I choose to pay for Virgin TV. I asked to upgrade to the V6 box but it is bundled with Virgin Broadband so they won't sell it on its own. I am not convinced that isn't anti-competitive so I might ask a few questions about that.
  4. Formula 1 2017

    It'll not be that obvious but there have been a couple of instances when a safety car was used when it could have been avoided. Not as many as Lewis has suggested but they do like to cancel out an advantage and create excitement with restarts. And a media company wants us talking about brake testing and exciting overtake opportunities after restarts rather than a processional race with one driver getting fastest practice times, pole, win, fastest lap etc. If they create a spectacle, people will pay to watch.
  5. iMac music ?

    A simple and very effective solution is the Meridian Explorer 2 DAC. It is a very competent USB DAC more than capable of holding its own in a decent hifi system. They have been discounted since the launch of MQA and there have been a few on the second hand market too. They are also quite hard to break!
  6. I have to say I have used some quite nice streaming gear and I have played with a number of SBC's. Beaglebone, Odroid and an Intel NUC based card. All had their pros and cons but the hardware I settled on was dependant on the professionally built OS and software associated with it. It is all about that and as a past user of Squeezer, it gets the job done but if that was all there was to it to it Linn, Naim et al would all be out of business. They are not and for good reason. This is of course because no two people listen to music the same way and for the same reasons and software can be tailored for specific needs, be that simple select and play or a forensic investigation of a performance, artist and associated reviews.
  7. What you get with the big players is a significant amount of time and money spent on the software interfaces that make streaming more attractive to use. And a big lump of metal that will convince you your money is well spent. It is a lot about the look and feel of what you are using. Clearly you don't get that with a device that sits in the palm of your hand. Sound wise you can achieve very good results but at the cost of looks and feel. Unless you can hew your own case out of billet aluminium and fashion your own slick interfaces. In terms of sound, some of the hats are now maturing with the necessary power conditioning and isolation necessary for top notch sound.
  8. It is worth mentioning that any streamer is essentially a computer. It is also worth noting that when it comes to direct connection to a system, laptops are not ideal for a number of reasons. So what would I do. Firstly I might be controversial and choose a SBC other than the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi. Secondly I would include a specialist 'hat' suited for my gear, so a DAC hat with analogue outs, or a USB conditioning hat. As I have a USB capable DAC I would probably go with the Sparky SBC with Allo USBridge. Add a linear PSU and DietPi as an operating system and you have well supported hardware, well supported software that doesn't need you to be steeped in Linux know how and a size that you can put in a box front and centre or hide out of the way. It won't be a walk in the park, you will need some skill but it will sound pretty damned good at the end of the process. The formula is simple. Hardware, software, power. Pay attention in those areas and you should do ok.
  9. B&W 805 & Marantz PM-4 Match?

    I would say they are not necessarily a good match but the lack of response here is because these are not a natural pairing. I would associate the B&W's with modern A/B amplification with plenty of watts on tap. In A/B mode the Marantz might be up to the job but I think it's charms lie the 15 watts per channel class A mode it is capable of and to benefit there you would probably need reasonably sensitive speakers.
  10. Formula 1 2017

    I am pretty sure the view was taken that they have suffered enough! Singapore was a place everyone knows Mercedes suffers at so it must be devastating to them to have a double DNF in a race where they were reasonably expected to push Mercedes to fourth and fifth. The constructors has all but gone, the drivers championship will need a huge slice of fortune. That is all on them, giving Seb more points or intervention by the authorities would result in accusations they affected the outcome which wouldn't be great for the sport.
  11. Watts - Quantity v Quality

    Birmingham, and that is the DIY version of the Ncore amps, the NC400. The NC500 and NC1200's make it into commercial products. The offer is genuine, if you want to hear them into the Dyns, let me know.
  12. Watts - Quantity v Quality

    Perfect amplification. 400 watts into 4 ohms, 200 into 8. For the sort of money you are talking about a pair of these out of a pre-amp of your choice will deliver a great deal of fuss free enjoyment. If you were local to me, I might even let you try mine!
  13. Watts - Quantity v Quality

    I don't disagree Serge but background for those who may not know... The 405 was built as what we called 'squaddie proof'. It was essentially a ruggedised bit of kit you could hand to a grunt roadie and all he had to worry about was to plug it in to the prescribed speakers the way his instructions indicated. The early versions had lots of additional circuitry to protect it in the event of muppetry and similar lack of awareness. Not everything we can buy today is built to such exacting standards and repair technicians can attest to that! My experience with 405's (I still have two gold amps) is that they are happier into a benign load and like 8 ohms. Yes they will work into 4 but they were designed to run 8-15 ohms.
  14. Watts - Quantity v Quality

    You can't sell something on the basis that "it is ok so long as you don't turn it up too loud" though. If it isn't rated specifically for operation at four ohms, don't buy it.
  15. Watts - Quantity v Quality

    With Serge on this one. There was controversy a few years back with this very speaker brand sold as part of an AV package by a couple of dealers. By all accounts the combo sounded excellent, but the amp wasn't designed to drive 4 ohm speakers across all of its channels, something those dealers missed. When the amps began to fail the manufacturer of the amps took a hit to their reputation until it was established that the package was miss sold. Always pay attention to the specifications, it is as important with hifi as any other consumer product, but that goes hand in hand with aesthetics and of course the sound.