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  1. I’ve tidied this thread up. Can folks keep unsolicited opinions to themselves or start a thread in 2 channel please?
  2. Roon doesn’t have the market share to drive products in that price range yet. With the arrival of new products based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module we will see things start to change but it’ll take a while for these to filter in to use.
  3. @Ron HilditchIt is done in programmable arrays these days. And most DACs (with a few exceptions) are one bit or bitstream (more bits but less than 16) DACs with their speeds running in the MHz region. So clocks are more important because your concerns are not about jitter at 44KHz but at 5.6MHz (for DSD128 as an example).
  4. That arrangement isn’t particularly unusual. A dedicated device for storage, serving and local streaming is not that unusual, throw in ripping and it becomes a one stop device for those tasks. The Auralic or its equivalent can then be employed purely as a streamer and its physical and electrical isolation from the core device should elevate its performance.
  5. I’m not in the market for swaps but I have a couple of nice DACs (including a Black Dragon) if you are interested.
  6. Tour grade cable is ruggedised and so has to meet certain prerequisites all of which feed into its appearance. None of that matters though. You are left the two reasons anyone might buy it for domestic use. Lots of decent purity copper at an attractive price.
  7. Buffalo are no worse than other makes physically but their user interface is very basic in visual terms. Mine certainly lacks the multimedia bells and whistles of the more established devices like Qnap and Synology which can serve files directly to end points via, USB and HDMI as well as across a network. As my NAS sits in a remote spot and serves, the complexity and added costs of the other models wasn’t needed.
  8. Is anything being done to rectify the issue with photos and some users?
  9. You have to state a price please.
  10. They don’t, but they do use their Kazoo server software for Windows, Mac and some versions of Qnap (x86 machines).
  11. The links on this page were updated in June. Roon are very happy to facilitate the building of and supporting DIY ROCK powered machines on suitable NUC hardware (minimum i3, 5th generation). They are not expecting the Nucleus to be the default hardware for Roon. It was very much intended for a relatively small number of people who went on their forum and bemoaned the fact they couldn’t just buy a Roon server. Nucleus has exceeded even Roon’s expectations. This is why I never understood why people were so anti Nucleus. Buy one if you need to, build one if that suits. Or use existing hardware and OS’s if you wish. Oddly enough, after their previous jobs administering Sooloos(?) they were reluctant to get back into the hardware side of things, but it turned out there was a demand. Who knew?🤷🏾‍♂️