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  1. That isn’t irony, that is life in the private sector. In the world of lean working practices, you dispense with surplus people as easily as you dispense with surplus stock. The company will be bought into the 21st century now there has been a change of the guard at the top. I have to say I ran into a Bose salesperson at a festival once. The man was a dick, and utterly ignored the fact that the systems he was demonstrating sounded shit because they were turned up too loud. Sadly in that particular case, the problem wasn’t the gear. It was the person marketing it in completely the wrong way to a relatively mature crowd at a food festival. Talk about getting his target demographic wrong! For the record I am a happy user of Bose Companion 20’s to give a minimalist TV setup some extra grunt. So is my Son in Law who bought a pair for his gaming rig on hearing mine.
  2. That looks like a Blok stand. It is certainly in that style.
  3. Confirmation please, then I can archive it. 🙂
  4. “The best” was always tape machines, but the pro double speed machines used for mastering would have been a far cry from what most people could afford in their own homes back then.
  5. I stream, therefore I am.

  6. Playing old stuff is never an issue! We tend not to forget how! And you need to remember that there are many here who are still struggling to get their heads around streaming. Never mind the ‘triviality’ of backing up, checksumming, copying etc. It is the equivalent of proof reading and reprinting a library periodically! I agree with you on an industrial level, but not the sordid world of collecting and hoarding.
  7. Not true, files stored on HDD’s or SSD’s can suffer a condition called bit rot. There are no fool proof individual methods of media storage. Some do better than others but your best bet is physical media made from an inert material and stored in multiple sites. The Japanese pay fortunes for CD’s where the metallic layer is gold. They sound good because they are mastered well, not because they have special audiophile qualities. But in a thousand years when your tapes have rotted, your vinyl has crumbled to dust and your disk drives have died a hundred times over, these will still work.
  8. That streamer has a small core of competencies virtually all based on open source software. So unless the control software is smart enough to transcode on the fly, it is only guaranteed to recognise FLAC and WAV. So perhaps nearly everything does work with ALAC, but this is one of the few that certainly does not advertise that it does.
  9. OK. To use this you need a UPnP/DNLA Server. You are pretty much out of luck in the Apple ecosystem. This won’t recognise ALAC files. If you have no ripped files that is another problem. Ripping isn’t the best way to pass your spare time! I’d get Spotify working and that together with internet radio will be its best value use. If you want to go down the ripping and tagging route then a single drive NAS is inexpensive and if you back it up regularly you will be covered in the increasingly rare event of disc failure. I use a Buffalo Linkstation 210 single drive NAS for DNLA duties. @uzzy Mr. Wright. I drove to his place of work with my London cartridge fully expecting to pay for an overhaul. He tightened the suspension and charged me a paltry sum for his time. A man of integrity.
  10. Just for information, the thread isn’t for petty arguments. I’ve cleaned it up and if that upsets anyone then tough.
  11. For clarification: The process of converting down from a high resolution master to CD resolution is lossy. The CD format itself is not lossy.
  12. OP has stated he is in Peterborough and price is £1000.
  13. Moved back to sale forum pending confirmation of payment. If this falls through you’ll need to add pictures.