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  1. Classic Album Sundays.

    OK, this month is Nick Cave, The Boatman's Call. The venue has changed: The Station Pub, 44, Station Street, Sutton Coldfield B73 6AT adjacent to the train station. The start is now 13:30, and you can now pay at the door!
  2. I had sent three Rega arms to j7 as well as owning a standard RB900. So after comparing a modified RB250 and j7 modded Mitchell arm to the RB900 I decided I fancied trying the PU7. An opportunity came up after a while to buy a 2010 PU7 less than 12 months old and I bit. The VdH was a forum offer, I don't know if the Wammer who made the connection still posts but the result was a cartridge built to suit my arm at an excellent price. The AR is a bit Frankenstein. Origin Live DC motor and controller, springs removed in favour of sorbothane, mass added plinth (12mm MDF base) and the very fetching veneer. The sub platter is an extra massy example from the models higher in the range. Bearing is ball and cup. But the deck still surprised me because I had been playing with MM stages and a step up for a while and struggled with sibilance on a number of recordings. So much so I resorted to another cart with less 'sparkle' then fell out of love with my deck! VdH always recommended a straight gain MC stage and the Graham Slee Fanfare I borrowed for the day was just that. Ultimately, the fact is I have a lovely TD124 sitting at home I don't really feel the need to get up and running. I just like to look at it! That might change this year though. Two decks next year?
  3. OK, I am back installed in my tiny box bedroom so I'll decompile my week end. I had shown a few times, I was five for five but opted not to show the year I got married. I was a spectator after that until I got the bug again last year and put my name down. My system has slimmed down. Bigger speakers than my early years with Proac One SC's but everything else is smaller. As such I was showing a new system, my speakers had been before as had my turntable but cartridge, phono stage, pre, power and entire digital front end were untested. As some noted I chose to fire across the narrow width of the room. Firstly in my tiny room that is how I listen. Secondly restricted power point positioning and shortish speaker cable dictated I do it like that but thankfully it worked out. I didn't finish my DIY phono in time but thank you to the fellow occasional Wammer and near neighbour who stepped in with his own stage. TIU, take a bow. Access to the new venue is excellent, it is easy to get to weather permitting and I have no complaints other than the relatively high cost of the very simple meals they serve but that is my personal tightness speaking. A chippy, Chinese and Indian can be had in Kegworth village a few hundred yards up the road. My show went well, I was very happy with the sound and really enjoyed my vinyl again having not played any in over 18 months. I regret not staying last night but I promised the Wife I would be home so I left. I am on a four day week presently so unloading was left until this morning. A few hours acclimatising and a careful re-installation and I am now back up and running listening to Kandace Springs. I have dug a fingernail into the cork front of one of my speakers but other than that I am all good, no other damage. It was a blast, see you all next year! Thanks to those able to come, those who exhibited and especially to those who organised the week end. First class work! And thank you to all who showed appreciation of my room. It does make fatigue and a sore back worthwhile.
  4. Thanks Paul. Yello is a bit of a cheat because it has very good production values and that holographic imaging was what they were aiming for. But the recipe for my speakers is not hard. SRM10b (or SGM10b's which are the same with a slightly beefier bass voice coil). Tannoy part number 2558. A Tannoy Devon box modified to take the ten inch driver in place of the 12 inch, braced front to back around the original 12 inch hole and an aftermarket crossover using values similar to the original mounted externally. But there is a short cut if you have the dosh. The new production Tannoy Eaton is excellent and the short listen I had to a pair at a fellow Wammers place a couple of weeks back impressed me greatly.
  5. The Roon server is based on an i5 NUC in an Akasa Plato passively cooled case. It is running Roons own operating System they call ROCK. It is a cut down and optimised Linux OS with a simple setup process that takes a few minutes with the right tools. Once setup your Roon NUC can act as a server or combine that with playing via HDMI into a multichannel system or a USB DAC. I use it to serve and have an optimised streamer based on a low power processor (typically a Raspberry Pi type unit) that feeds directly into a AudioByte Hydra Z USB audio bridge shoehorned into the same box. This effectively converts it into an ethernet fed streamer. It is a hack but quite an effective one. That then feeds i2S over HDMI into my AudioByte DAC. Roon serves my locally kept files and is also integrated with Tidal to allow me to stream off the internet. It also has quite powerful DSP capabilities. Using a two generation old i5 NUC I was upsampling everything to 2 times DSD sample rates because my DAC sounds a little smoother and less forced like that. It can also do room eq and has some vendor specific headphone eq too. Hope that is what you were looking for. If you need any more info let me know.
  6. Phono Stage?

    Right, I owe a debt of gratitude to member TIU who owned and Graham Slee who built the diminutive but excellent Fanfare phono preamp people would have heard in room 7 at Kegworth. And I have missed playing vinyl, I really enjoyed the weekend and I won't be negelcting that part of my setup again. So I will be cracking on with this project.
  7. That is my Roon server. And Thank you David. Also Thank you to TIU (Gary) for handing over his phono stage at such short notice!
  8. No, they are pretty standard boxes from the 12inch HPD's. Just modified to take the 10 inch driver. The crossover is an aftermarket affair but doesn't stray far from the original design.
  9. Looking good at the moment, had a constant stream through since about 09:45.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Loving their work!
  11. Formula 1 2018

    In pre season testing, sandbagging seems to be the name of the game with no-one try too hard to go faster than last year. But my prediction is... nothing has really changed. Mercedes and Ferrari are on a knife edge that will be determined more by reliability and driver competence than performance. I am going to back Red Bull to get a bigger share of victories. The only people who seem to be struggling are McLaren. This could be catastrophic for them, especially if Torro Rosso get things together.
  12. Phono Stage?

    Solid state. Never Connected power and a DACT CT100 phono module all in one box.
  13. Phono Stage?

    I am committed to vinyl at Kegworth but I haven't actually spun vinyl for two years! I suppose this should act as an incentive. A case fitting the form factor in my setup has arrived so I'd better get cracking!
  14. Is it just me?

    You have paid for the product. That was their aim. What you then do with it is entirely up to you. U2 proudly announced one of their LP's was mixed for listening on portable MP3 players. That doesn't mean it will be the only way to listen, you find a way to enjoy it.
  15. Is it just me?

    There is a headphone based product that calibrates itself to your hearing. It keeps popping up on my social media feeds. But I don't think anyone would do this with a loudspeaker.