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  1. Just how important is latency in an audio context? Especially when 'audiophile' operating systems such as Euphony and AudioLinux list low latency as an attribute that benefits audio? And I know it does in VOIP applications. This isn't as far off topic as you may think!
  2. It was. It is a shame you aren’t able to measure switches sold specifically for use in high end audio to see exactly what they bring (if anything) to the table. It isn’t really a surprise that a high capacity low latency network switch actually does what it claims. What is a lot less clear is what these audiophile devices do better that a £15 SOHO switch.
  3. Most sigma delta DACs sample up to a predetermined optimal data rate. PS Audio uses an FPGA to sample up to 10 times DSD. Chord also recommend you put your data into them without manipulation and allow the Chord DAC to do what it does best. So there is little point in outputting at anything other than the native frequency of your CD. If there is something to be gained like a NOS DAC then you can buy devices that sit between player and DAC that will do this. I stream, and sample up to the maximum multiple PCM rate of my streamer. So 44.1 reaches my streamer at 176, 48 would arrive at 192. For me it is because I like to see the big numbers, and I use Roon DSP which is pretty good. But is it better?
  4. They will always output 44/16 unless otherwise stated.
  5. So do you have any experience of said switch? Or any audiophile switch? Or is this just an opinion piece?
  6. More expensive here than on EBay! I’d buy there and explore the cash on collection option...
  7. The most sensible way to look at the issues facing a DAC is to view it, not as a digital device but as an analogue device with a digital interface. Because that is what it is. Designers have now gotten beyond obsessing about the digital part and are now learning how to isolate digital from analogue better than they did in the past.
  8. A simple transport only model would be the Micro, Ultra and Signature Rendu products. Importantly these offer options that cover most streaming technologies so they are by far the most versatile of products despite their simplicity. However their performance comes at a price.
  9. I understood that the poor ride was a consequence of the mods they made to get the car through its fitness tests before it could be driven on European roads. The first ones tested fell over when they did the turning and change of direction tests?
  10. Is there any guarantee any of us will be around full stop? Some are nearing that inevitable stroke if things don’t go the way they want. Others are threatening violence and civil war (and accusing each other of upping the ante with regards to violence!). That could well lead to loss of life. I say we keep calm, carry on and hold Nuremberg style trials for the worst offenders once the dust settles. Let’s hope Boris can be more original than saying he was only following DC’s orders!
  11. But he is driving for the WDC. So the young and hungry like Leclerc and Verstappen will always position their cars in the knowledge their opponents will not risk a DNF. The other side of that coin may be that either driver might be the one with a Championship to lose in the future. Ultimately, if the stewards had taken a win off Ferrari with a penalty in front of the Tifosi, it may have been a step too far for many F1 fans.
  12. I don’t really think it was that controversial. What it has done is resulted in a recalibration of what sort of driving is allowed. That means the stewards now need to deliver consistency. In the twisty tracks that remain this season that gives Mercedes a distinct advantage. In a perverse way it almost serves to guarantee Lewis the 2019 championship as he now believes he has the right to do precisely what Leclerc did with little more than an acknowledgement that he was naughty in the form of a black and white flag.
  13. As most of this had essentially been composed decades ago, J.M.J. obviously had time and creative energy on his hands. So this massively over produced example of what happens when you have too many toys and too much time came along! Brings a smile to my face though!
  14. Cable Monkey


    Weirdly, ever so slightly disappointed by this. Thematically great but they’ve messed the bass up! Does anyone else think they could have gotten just as low and loud without over driving the bass guitar?