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  1. Cable Monkey

    Quad 909 power amp £450

    Please do negotiation by pm where possible.
  2. Cable Monkey

    For Sale - Denon DVD-3910 DVD DVD-A SACD player

    They date back to around 2006. They were sold for a couple of years.
  3. Cable Monkey

    HP Laptop

    If I had seen Lenovo on the list I would have commented. For work (I am a field based Engineer) I use two Lenovo’s. Bells and whistles I will never use are useless to me. Good Bluetooth and wireless performance, a decent none reflective screen and being rugged enough to survive the occasional drop is what I need. My wife’s NHS provided HP laptop wouldn’t survive half what I need to do and her problems acquiring a reliable VPN connection put me off them even though that probably isn’t hardware.
  4. Cable Monkey

    LiTe DAC - AH DAC Issue

    If you have a long power lead, power it from a different ring or unplug anything else running in the same ring.
  5. Cable Monkey

    LiTe DAC - AH DAC Issue

    There have been a lot of suggested mods for these. Firstly transplant it into another system and see if the problem persists. Then take it from there. Also, for completeness if you have a network with things like power plugs, switch all of that off.
  6. Cable Monkey

    LiTe DAC - AH DAC Issue

    Is this original or has it been modified.
  7. Cable Monkey

    Ageing PC based system requiring update.....

    This is where matters become interesting. If there is an area where some progress has been made in the last few years it is streamers. So I would suggest something like the Cambridge Audio CXN v2. UPnP, AirPlay, Chromecast and a decent engine to accommodate software upgrades. The v1 can be had cheaper and second hand but it lacks the potential of the v2 which you would need to be lucky to find 2nd hand. The upside is you can sell the Squeezebox and DAC you have to offset your expenditure. With regards to Bencats suggestions above, concentrating on the DAC is a good call but I’d extend it to a decent networked all in one device. Purchase it, plonk it down, set it up and forget it. For more money look at the Teac NT-505 which is better built and designed with a great user interface or its older sibling the NT-503 which can still be had new and possibly second hand.
  8. Cable Monkey

    Ageing PC based system requiring update.....

    Where are you in the Midlands? Your PC is not in the flush of youth but it is backed up and it isn’t being asked to do anything too heavy. I’d concentrate on streamlining the streamer/DAC element of your setup. A networked DAC should make life a lot simpler and remove the risk element of the elderly SBT.
  9. Cable Monkey

    Cheapest Roon Core Server

    You can run a modern Pentium processor and it will be fine. Bearing in mind a latest generation Pentium chip will probably perform better than a 5i3. But on a budget I would aim high second hand or pick up something like this new. If ROCK won’t load just go with a small Linux install and add Roon Server manually. Music can go on spinning disks. Stick it away where it won’t disturb you and still use your Pi’s as end points if you wish. If you want to spend less, you just need to be creative and look a little harder. I forgot to add, don’t be afraid of AMD core machines either.
  10. Cable Monkey

    New Apple iPod Touch Plays FLAC

    Yes, it is confirmed. iTunes is dead. Long live Apple Music. As someone who always avoided iTunes like it was the equivalent of syphilis I honestly can’t say I am bothered but I imagine there will be some soul searching for those who have bought into it all.
  11. Cable Monkey

    Richard Dunn

    My most sincere condolences to Nadia and the rest of the family. Not many get to leave much of a legacy when they are gone but Richard has.
  12. Cable Monkey

    Roon lifetime membership

    It depends on what value you place on Roon. It was money well spent for me but I went with an annual sub first and switched to lifetime part way through that first year. In that time it’s value to me went from expensive to worth every penny. A little calculation I did was to add up the value of my kit and compare Roon as a percentage of its value. It was a small percentage, and I would go so far as to say most of my kit isn’t that exotic.
  13. Cable Monkey

    Quad 909 power amp £450

    A picture of the entire rear panel would be useful.
  14. Cable Monkey

    Roon lifetime membership

    They did some deals early on in the life of the product. They don’t any more, just long trial periods with some kit. Plenty of folks buy that kit who already have Roon accounts so you could try that avenue. Otherwise splash the cash. If you are anything like me you won’t regret it.
  15. Let’s not forget that something like the 5 port metal bodied TP-Link TL-SG105 cost about £15. I have two on the end of power line plugs doing audio and video duties and they do a great job.