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  1. Cable Monkey

    Cambridge 851N future

    Absolutely this. I refer yet again to the OP and the only complaint being no development for Roon compatibility. The item still works as originally intended!
  2. Cable Monkey

    Cambridge 851N future

    I did say the 851 has no production future. And the Chromecast thing is a bit of a red herring. There are cheap and cheerful options for every part of the hifi replay chain from USB turntables to Bluetooth speakers. It doesn’t mean we will choose them over a proper hifi although I am aware of how good the Chromecast could be.
  3. Cable Monkey

    how can something so simple....

    From the handbook: USB memory device USB-compatible file systems FAT16 or FAT32 •If the USB memory device is divided into multiple partitions, only the top drive can be selected. Tag data ID3-TAG (Ver.1.x and 2.x) WMA-TAG AAC-TAG The title, artist, and album tag data are supported. Maximum number of files: 65,535 Maximum number of folders: 700 I also had a situation in the distant past where the volume and file names mattered. On a Sony player name and case mattered.
  4. Cable Monkey

    Cambridge 851N future

    What seems to have gone missing here is context. Cambridge Audio have always had shortish production runs, usually with a couple of iterations of a production model before they move on. The reality is the 851N will work as intended for the foreseeable future and can be integrated into any network topology using DNLA and CA’s proprietary software or a number of open source or pay options. The OP was bemoaning the fact that this was not going to work in Roon, but Roon is a very specific environment that requires a high level of effort and interaction between manufacturer and Roon. Making something with no production future Roon ready is largely wasted effort. But you can Bridge between protocols physically with the afore mentioned Pi or electronically using a Sonore device and their UPnP bridge which Roon sees as part of the squeezebox eco system that it works to. In turn it sees UPnP devices and streams to them. So you can make an 851N work in Roon if you try. It just won’t be done for you by CA!
  5. Cable Monkey

    Audiophile Servers.

    I think that first you need to distinguish between a pure data server and one that outputs to the DAC. I agree that the fundamentals of serving data in a relatively undemanding environment like a soho network is not hard. But I would argue that when this device is also the player there is more to it than just data. But congratulations for being able to spend what you have on your Devaliet. You have just chosen to spend your money differently. What I am trying to understand is why are you physically connected to the Devaliet? Why not just use Ethernet or WiFi to get data to it?
  6. Cable Monkey

    Audiophile Servers.

    It is all consumerism, repeatable benefits or otherwise. There is a *lot* of obfuscation amongst those who market and sell these products. But generally if a device is feeding a DAC then the same optimisations that might make a CD player better will improve these items too. Can you hear that difference? I don’t know because I haven’t heard the expensive stuff. But those that own them will claim to do so not just because they have six grand in their pocket. I can’t refute what they say objectively.
  7. Cable Monkey

    Audiophile Servers.

    What is the point of any expensive hardware? As an example what is the point of an expensive Mac when a cheap Chromebook will do the job? Over specification is supremely common in HiFi and no one here is innocent of that in their own way with the kit they personally consider important. Is a MacBook appropriate in all circumstances when a little NUC with a 60gb SSD and 4gb RAM running free software will do the job just as well? Here is the reality. If you point me to a server priced at six grand like a Pink Faun 2.16 and ask it’s worth in musical terms, I will point you to a Universal disk spinner priced the same or a turntable priced at twice that and ask you the same question. It like any hifi comes down to what you wish to spend. But my guess is that you will still be able to access support, spares and upgrades for your uber expensive hardware in ten years time, long after Apple have killed your MacBook with its updates designed to render your laptop obsolete and left without support.
  8. Cable Monkey

    Upgrading a Quad 405-2

    I have a pair of gold 405-1’s I really need to get around to sorting out.
  9. Cable Monkey

    What are you listening to right now?

    50 years old.
  10. Cable Monkey

    Searching for new dac...

    Does that refer to the pro version only or the non pro (no ADC) which is the sub 1K model suggested?
  11. Cable Monkey

    The new Virgin App

    I would remove the app from your phone and then re-install it.
  12. Cable Monkey

    Which 70's Amp

    Which buffer?
  13. Cable Monkey

    Searching for new dac...

    You want a steaming DAC that outperforms the streaming section of your Hegel amplifier. I am not sure you are going to get the improvements you are after. Can you get the sound you want using your amp and speaker combination through other inputs? For instance how does a good CD recording sound?
  14. You need to post prices Sven.