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  1. How do these compare to the 4040 and 4140 sound wise?
  2. Hi All I picked this up from the Audio Jumble on Sunday, but it's just not gelling with my Royd Sorcerers. I'm really disappointed as I owned one years ago and it's a fabulous sounding amp with most speakers. This one is absolutely mint and it has the phono board fitted. I don't have the box, so collection from East Sussex preferred, but i'm sure I can find something suitable for postage if nec. Also happy to deliver within an easy drive. £650 firm (plus delivery if needed) Cheers Rich
  3. Would the s500 be able to drive the Sorcerers ok?
  4. Don’t know too much about them Steve, I’d appreciate your thoughts mate
  5. Hi All Having sold the OTO I have put my Marantz PM-4 in its place, so need a replacement amp for my office setup. I managed to pick up a beautiful Sugden a21a with a rare phono stage at the Audio Jumble on Sunday. But it’s just not gelling that well in my system (Royd Sorcerer SE’s & Sony x600 with dyna 10x5) So next on my wanted list is an AI S500, please let me know if you have one. I’d also consider a Primaluna or Densen b100 Budget is around £600, so not entirely sure if this is possible? Cheers Rich
  6. Hi All I'm looking to put together a couple of systems for some friends. On the lookout for some classic amps and speakers - A&R A60, Arcam Alpha 1, Creek 4140 - that sort of thing - just needs to be working and have a phono stage, looks not too important. Speaker wise - JPW Sonatas (or similar), the old Mordaunt Short MS10's - anything like that. They have bought themselves a Rega P1 and just want a nice warm and musical little setup. Please let me know what you have guys! Cheers Rich
  7. With a very heavy heart - a final final reduction to £1,700
  8. Bump for a fantastic amp in beautiful (and serviced) condition.
  9. End of the year bump. My Living Voice SUT is available to buy with this for MC users. The Phono Stage on the OTO is fantastic. Happy New Year to all.