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  1. Hi All I have quite a few LP’s which are not available on any other format and I’d like to record them and upload to the NAS. I used to have a lovely little Roland Cakewalk UA-1G which made this task a breeze, but I have turned the house upside down and cannot find it, I reckon I must have lent it to somebody? Anyway, I’ve placed an ad for a rega fono mini or something similar, but nothing so far and nothing about on eBay for the budget. I really can’t afford to spend much more money, who knows what’ll happen in this strange new world. So, my question is this - is it possible to use the tape outs on my amp (I have a marantz pm-4 and a A&R A60, so both have phono stages and tape outs) and feed into one of the cheaper behringer line only audio interfaces and then to the laptop via usb? If so, how good would the quality be (I think I still have vinyl studio somewhere) and I assume that my dynavector 10x5 would be fine? Cheers Rich
  2. Torn the house apart looking for the little Roland Cakewalk UA-1g, but no luck. Think £30 is a bit unrealistic, so if anyone has anything for £50 tops, please let me know. Cheers Rich
  3. Hi All I need to record a few LP's and I've lost the little Roland gadget I used to use. So if anyone has an old Rega Fono Mini A2D or something similar but decent, please let me know. Budget isn't great, ideally as far below £30 as possible. Cheers Rich
  4. I don’t think mine came with spikes, however I could be wrong.
  5. An absolute gent is Richard - thanks again mate
  6. Thanks for all the responses chaps, bit of a head scratcher this one.
  7. I’ve owned a pair for over 2 years and I absolutely love them. I bought them from Sodders (Evo audio) and he very kindly drove a long way to home demo them. when he walked into my living room his face dropped, he was certain that they wouldn’t work. However, they just sing wherever I stick them and my room has always been a nightmare for speakers, They are wedged in, close to the wall on a suspended flood and near corners, but they sound great, no bass boom or imaging issues. Im using them just with the standard legs, no spikes.
  8. Hi All Just sorting through my valve box for something to try in my new P10. I came across the little fella below, now is it and ECC88 with the 8's rubbed or an 83 with one 8 rubbed or indeed a 33? I came across an empty box with Telefunken ecc88/6DJ8 written on it, so hoping it's that. Any help would b v appreciated Cheers Rich
  9. Hi All Final piece of my post boiler apocalypse required. Looking for a decent phono stage - ideally a Puresound P10. My budget is around £250/£300 - so I know i'm asking for a big bargain - thus cosmetics not a real issue. Please let me know what you have guys, so I can put this re-jig to bed and get on with enjoying my music again. Will be used with Puresound A30/ Garrard 301 with AN2 arm/ Shelter cart with Living Voice SUT and Heco Direkt speakers. Looking for something on the warm/liquidy side of things. Cheers Rich
  10. Hi All I recently acquired 2 of these wonderful amps and this is the best example I think I've ever seen (bought from RobsterD) Unfortunately, we had to replace our boiler this week, so I need to part with a few things and re-jig both of my systems. This A60 is a very early 1977 model - the serial number is 0384! I believe this means it has the discrete phono stage and it sounds absolutely brilliant! The previous owner replaced the power supply caps to nichicon gold tune - and the were pots cleaned with contact cleaner. It's in fabulous condition with a beautiful sheen to the casework. I'll supply with some spare fuses and a din to rca cable. I have the original manuals and literature that was sent out, i'm going to keep that, ut will be happy to provide a full set of photocopies if required. Looking for £140.00 plus £15 post or collection from East Sussex (would be happy to meet part way) could also bring up to Kidderminster for collection.
  11. Hi All I purchased this from Fled just a few days ago, as lovely as it is - the sudden need for a massively expensive new boiler means I have to move it on Size 293mm dia 3mm thick. 1.8kg £250 plus postage Cheers Rich