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  1. Arcam acquired by Samsung

    Does anyone miss Naim?
  2. fuse technology

    yes he can provide them with instructions if you need them
  3. Turntable Sales Dip.

    I dunno it doesn't include all the sales on Ebay and from what I have seen they sell loads of TTs every week. We have even seen the resurrection of older models from Technics. Any enthusiast will tell a prospective buyer to buy second hand to get real value for money The actual sales of the black stuff continue to rise ... as for cool ... my lad who is 21 and lots of his friends collect all their music on Vinyl (they use Spotify on their phones for music on the move and to find out what they like then buy it). There is a place for the new and the old and there is something about the ritual of removing a record from its sleeve, putting it on the turntable, fixing the clamp or putting on the stabiliser weight, carefully using the carbon fibre brush, moving the arm into place and lowering and waiting for that initial thump and click as it finds the groove, then sitting back and being able to read the sleeve and see all the artwork in its glory instead of trying to read a postage stamp ..... there is something tremendously cool about all of that in his and his friends eyes. To cap it all it rarely sounds worse and often sounds better than the digital format
  4. fuse technology

    Sounds like the Emporer's new clothes to me. As my mum always told me "a fool and his money are soon parted" ... as to Quantum in the name .. perhaps it should also include the word Solace as you may well need some after purchasing said items ... hold on "Quantum Of Solice" - it is all fiction isn't it? or perhaps it is a salesman saying my word is my bond?
  5. Please help me identify this tonearm.....

    ooh Serge, perhaps I can tempt you to replace the transformer in my oldest Hafler DH200 (it is a bit noisy now after 38 years). I saw one for sale once where someone had stuck a nice toroidal transformer in it (seemed to fit a treat) ..
  6. Have DACs really improved?

    If you like this you perhaps should give the Dave Matthews early albums a try (Under the table and dreaming, Crash, Before these Crowded Streets, all produced by Steve Lilliywhite and I think are rather special) and perhaps the album Crash.
  7. Help with problem please

    I wouldn't .. unless they are dirty after the moving back and forth manoeuvre a few time routine and still crackling then deoxit. Best to keep any spray away in my view unless you have to use it. Let's face it whilst the deoxit does not leave any residue the dust that is in there will be just moved about with the liquid and when it evaporates the larger particles will still be there but possible now adhering to the surface. If it aint broke don't fix it as they say
  8. Please help me identify this tonearm.....

    It is not a Mission arm (the only mission arm with a gimbal bearing was the SM (special mechanic and that had a falling weight bias not magnetic) and this is not one of those .. and it is not a Systemdek OEM arm (also fitted to Accoustic Research TTs and again was not a gimbal set up) .. I would suspect it came from the Jelco factory but cannot be certain. You could try the google search "tonearm images" and trawl through to see if anyone has posted a picture the same ..
  9. rega p1 tonearm slides

    aye I know that but I felt what I had to say was an extension of the data you had provided to him
  10. Upgradeitus...

    Oops i meant sim audio moons but there are boulders on the moon
  11. rega p1 tonearm slides

    If it is tugging the arm back on the lift lower device then it would appear that Rega's idea of optimum setting may be a bit off (or the arm is malfunctioning OR the cartridge weight has been set too low). Double check that you have the cartridge weight set correctly (usual rule of thumb is to set the weight to around the top endof the quoted range ..e.g. if it says 1.5 to 2 grams try 1.75 and move up gradually to 2 grams and see if that sorts it). If that doesn't work then pop it back to the dealer you bought it from ..
  12. From the original 1973 Sugden brochure: ‘The A48 amplifier is a ‘luxury’ development of the A21 amplifier. It is in many ways similar, almost identical in size and appearance, except for the 10 button push button bank instead of 6.’ The Sugden A4II amplifiers smooth fatigue free listening owes much to the Class A circuitry of the power stages. The configuration has been chosen to give the maximum benefits of the better reproduction qualities of Class A and the economic output of Class B. So i do not know Serge i am no technician but they were advertised as class A in the 70s (though may be some kind of hybrid) .. Sugden reckons the output circuitry is class A .. all I know is it is damn fine sounding amp.
  13. Upgradeitus...

    The only time I think of upgrading is when I get to hear something better than I do on my own system. As for the life of amplifiers, how long is a piece of string? My oldest Hafler is 49 years old this year .. it is still on its original capacitors. I acquired a second one (which has to be from the early 80s as it was subsequently superseded by the DH220 in the late 80s) and that has its original capacitors and would you believe it sounds exactly the same as the old boy .. I then acquired a DH220 (the young un) which has to date from late 80s to somewhere in the 90s and would you believe it .. it sounds virtually the same as the other two (with its original capacitors) .. I am not sure if a capacitor change would improve things but as I feel nothing is lacking to be frank I would rather spend the money on more LPs and CDs. So if your Boulders are doing the business and sound great then leave alone and no need to upgrade or change. As for loudspeakers to improve on the Dynaudios you will need some deep pockets. My personal view would be to try and track down some Art Deco 20s or Art Impressions, or the Art Expressions (with bass module it is a monitor which was also available with a bass module to turn it into mini Art Impressions). The thing is though all of us have our ideas of how things should sound so you have to trust your own ears (forget what others say it is just a guide to have a listen). There are alos some fabulous older loudspeakers around (they may need some refoaming or tweeters re ferrofluiding) such as Kef Ref 105s, 107s, 104.2s IMF transmission lines, Wilson Watts (the puppy 5s can be had for about £3k now .. not my cup of tea but maybe yours?) .. the list goes on and on. So do not rush into anything. The Boulders should stay in -place methinks .. try and get your ears around as many loudspeakers you can and trust your ears good luck
  14. Japanese amps, accuphase?

    I do not disagree and I think you misunderstand me .. if you do not like it in the first five minutes (or should I say dislike it) then it warrants further attention. However, I do disagree to an extent, in that if it sounds awful in the first five minutes you are not going to spend a lot more time listening (assuming the dealer has run the equipment in) .. and I have yet to hear an item in my time that sounded awful on unboxing and sounded wonderful after it had burned in for a few days. Impressive is a subjective term .. if it sounds impressive then I sit and listen for longer trying to find the faults (as they are not immediately apparent) .. having said that some of my favourite loudspeakers over the years knocked my socks off on first listen (Tannoy 15" monitor golds, Gale GS401, Quad ESL 57s, Profile 11s, Art Impressions etc.) ..
  15. Help with problem please

    What he said but before spraying just turn the nob from full left to full right for a dozen or more times .. that may sort it (it does with my SP9 .. This may be worth a read