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  1. uzzy

    Are you music or hi-fi first person?

    The answer is simple - the music is the most important - but that is why we hanker after good systems so we can enjoy the music even more. But faced with the choice of limited music and a great system (in the days when you had to buy all your music and it wasn't cheap) or lots of music and a mediocre system then I would take the latter. Do you sit in the car and evaluate the system or do you just enjoy the music when you drive? Before the days of car audio we all had to have a bog standard AM radio - then an FM radio - then stereo - then multi speaker car systems etc etc. The development of good systems only happened because of the music.
  2. uzzy

    Linn Isobarik DMS Speakers

    They were bad then - and no better now - they are the only speaker I have ever heard that sounded edgy without having any real top end detail. I always fancied a pair second hand (they used to go for peanuts) but just because you got 4 B200 bass units, 4 101 mid range units and 4 T27 or Vifa tweeters depending on what model you picked up. The sum of the parts was worth more than the whole. From that with Chris Rodgers crossovers you could make the equivalent of two pairs of much better sounding transmission line loudspeakers and get some cash back selling two of the tweeters. Now that is just my opinion and I am sure many out there liked them, mind you lots of drivers said they liked the Austin Allegro but it didn't stop it being considered overall as one of the worst cars ever to drive
  3. uzzy

    Do your “standards” go higher as you upgrade?

    True within reason .. but my old PC is not good (I plug in earphones) - in the conservatory the missus was complaining about the speakers taking up too much room so I spent the exorbitant amount of £25 on a pair of Canon S35s which sit on the window sill right in the corners .. sound pretty crap compared to the main system but once your ears become used to them and the fact you can sit anywhere and get some sort of stereo image they make quite a nice sort of sound allowing you to enjoy the music if you are reading or summat. You would never sit down to just listen to music on them though (and I will get the Systym 931s back in that system one day soon).
  4. uzzy

    Joe Audio 20% off

    thanks for the post - i did a check and if you want any Project, and QED stuff that is the sum total of amps and dacs and cables and loudspeakers wise just Wharfedale and Klipsch. So handy perhaps if you are looking for any of those brands (I didn't check the headphones)
  5. uzzy

    Do your “standards” go higher as you upgrade?

    I am not sure about standards changing as you upgrade. We all seek what think is to our ears the most accurate presentation (or is it most enjoyable?) .. the problem comes with never making a real step change and compromising on what we get (because we cannot afford what we do want and so look to find something that performs to as close as possible for a cheaper price. If you are an equipment addict then it is a bit of an addiction to change boxes regularly instead of doing the sensible thing and saving your dosh until you find something that knockes your socks off. Too often people change items for a minimal or absolutely no improvement in sound quality (although for the first weeks of the change the brain tells you it is better but eventually you are dissatisfied and have to change again). Perhaps I am just a tight boring old git but I am totally happy with my system the last real change being 17 years ago when I spent a fortune on changing the loudspeakers (I could have bought a decent car for less at the time). Are there amos and preamps and cd players and all sorts out there that sound better than what I have - the answer has to be very probably .. but am I happy with the sound my system produces and the answer is most definitely and resoundingly a YES .. so until I hear something that trips that switch inside and I have to have it (as happened with my loudspeakers) then not a lot is going to be changing in what I have ever
  6. uzzy

    Used Dacmagic - plus or 100?

    All I know is I have a Dacmagic (that is like the 100 but bigger and has three settings for reproduction and sound quality wise was the equal and better of my Meridian 506 20 bit machine depending on the three settings used) .. I am pretty sure the guts (DA conversion) has same pcbs - for the money if you do not need a headphone socket then the 100 is a virtual no brainer in my book.
  7. uzzy

    Are you keeping your old stuff alive?

    The problem is (if you live as long as me lol) is that there will be many years of listening left when the second laser assembly dies. I have buried two Meridian CD players in the last 20 years .. I did toy with the idea of buying a small case and putting a pc power supply in it and a cd rom (as found in computers) which means every time it died I could just pop it out and slot in a replacement for all of about £20 each time.
  8. uzzy

    Are you keeping your old stuff alive?

    Fingers crossed that the Laser mechanism stays available for purchase. The problem with many great CD players is when the laser dies the mechanism is no longer available and so it is in the end useless. Hence my advice is always to find a decent player for not a lot of money with a digital out and invest in a DAC that you like ..
  9. uzzy

    Turntable Change ?

    Bloody hell - I have never worn out a motor (not even on the current one in use that is circa 1985) .. check out ebay - for that kind of money you can get anything from a LInn Sondek/Pink Triangle/Rock/ etc etc etc even a Voyd went for £300 the other day. I would suggest you get something with an easily repaceable motor if you wear them out that quick
  10. uzzy

    DAS Acoustics of Hungary: plinths

    They do more than looks - they have done with the Thorens plinth, similar to the Heybrook plinth, which has little air inside and the plinth is in effect sculpted (not a box). As to wages over there - we have a one sided view. Poland has a thriving Hifi Industry and I believe Art have sold quite a few pairs of their speakers out there (and turntables). Poland is also asking people to return home due to a skills and workforce shortage. I am pretty sure as Hungary's economy grows (Suzuki stuck a plant there and Jaguar landrover are moving a large chunk to Slovakia). Too many get hung up on wage levels as opposed the potential to earn. Industrious people will make money working hard even in a low wage economy. It would be interesting to have them design a new plinth for all the suspended subchassis turntables (Linn, Ariston AR etc) and also the non suspended lol .. they look works of art to me bless em - and if they were to source lids and hinges to fit them then they would have a wider appeal perhaps.
  11. uzzy

    My top 5 equipment.

    Bugger all but is IMO a measurement of top equipment (as per the heading of the thread) and of course some of these will be found in dealers' and dem rooms (though rare perhaps) .. The heading had nowt about adaptability but I am sure the wife could use the speakers to prop the ironing on which is another use (aka adaptable) and as it was in your words "light hearted" there has to be lots of wriggle room.
  12. uzzy

    My top 5 equipment.

    Oh dear I must be doing something wrong then - in nearly 50 years of hifi i have bought 5 pairs of main loudspeakers and two pairs of small loudspeakers for kids systems and I recently bought a pair of Time Windows as the price was just so rediculously low and they are in the garage for when my lad gets a house (or daughter whoever is first). My last loudspeaker purchase for me was the Art Impressions in 2002 ... I go to shows and bake offs and visit friends and dealers and have yet to hear summat that would want to make me change them.
  13. uzzy

    My top 5 equipment.

    I think when looking for a top 5 in my books it has to be how many were sold and how many do you ever see up for sale second hand. From the 70s the Mission 103, 103D and 105 with the 101 preamp has to be in the top 5 amps as I know thousands were sold (we sold hundreds from just one little shop), yet they appear very infrequently second hand (more often are tatty 101 preamps where owners have improved the preamp). So for me great amps are those that sold well and whose owners are loath to part with them. There are others of course but that is how I would decide. In the turntable lineup - there are a few notables that rarely appear second hand but the Oracle and the big Micro Seiki and Marantz are up there - rarer than SP10s on the basis of ads seen. Loudspeakers .. there are quite a few, KEF 105s, 107s, 101s, Radford, Yamaha NS1000s, Old Tannoy 15", IMF and other great loudspeakers that sold well and again are fairly rare second hand and selling for lots more than they cost new. What will be interesting to see is how much of the stuff from today will be for sale tomorrow and that greatness for me is second hand rarity on items that are known to have sold well and were known to perform well of course.
  14. uzzy

    What's it worth - van dan hul the second?

    in real terms probably about 50p scrap value or less in materials but as to sale worth - I guess it is whatever you can get for them
  15. uzzy

    Avid volvere..any impressions please

    I will probably get shot down in flames but in my opinion there is not a night and day difference once you get into this price range where the turntable has been well engineered. As to the presentation of any turntable much has to do with the arm and cartridge used as the final sound is a synergy of all three. I could be wrong but when you get into the expensive turntable league there is more than sound quality at play - it is also the eye candy. If it looks hideous and sounds great you will probably convince yourself that the prettier one sounds better even if it doesn't. If you love the looks and you are getting it at a price that makes it a no loss if ever you decide to move it on then go for it and enjoy ..