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  1. uzzy

    Speaker cover, off or on?

    Fortunately that problem alludes me ... I have no speaker covers for mine
  2. uzzy

    Record cleaners

    It is very very easy to come by ..
  3. uzzy

    Record cleaners

    Nothing to do with harm as such it is possible residue left behind - ilfatol has no residue and is totally safe (being used to wash the chemicals off photographs in developing rooms for years) .. ilfatol is just the most pure form of wetting agent you can get so why not use it - I got mine off ebay but loads of places sell it online as it is still used by those who use film rather than digital photography.
  4. uzzy

    Not Holding Your Breath about...

    The only problem with this is it tells us everything about the source and nothing about the loudspeakers or amplifiers .. The end problem is defining accuracy when it comes to loudspeakers - the argument is one that produces the flattest frequency response but we all know rooms and kit and volume affects the end result. So you are still left with the problem is loudspeaker accuracy to one person may not be another persons view of accuracy. I think this is what makes this such a lovely hobby and also is a frustration .. but we all search for the most accurate reproduction that our ears tell us is accurate. However, the test you quote is the ultimate way to determine the best source (CD/High res streaming/LP Arm and cartridge where comparing those to the master tapes will let you know which is most accurately reproducing the recording. After that for the rest of the kit it is not so easy
  5. uzzy

    Not Holding Your Breath about...

    Aye but please define accuracy and how one person can come to the same conclusion as everyone else? It ain't gonna happen we all have our own idea of what accurate is - and on many occasions there is disagreement. It has nowt to do with Genre .. If we all had the same view on accuracy then there probably wouldn't be a lot of choice in hifi in particular loudspeakers
  6. uzzy

    Not Holding Your Breath about...

    I do not totally disagree with this - the problem is "accuracy" we all have our own ideas .. a person maybe unlucky enough to like a particular type of music or artists that are poorly produced and so they buy a system that makes it sound acceptable. However, their choice of components may not be based on "accuracy". Perhaps I am rather different to most then .. I have stuff I rarely listen to but I always use to evaluate a new component or system because I believe the recordings are "accurate" in producing a range of instruments and or voices that allow ME (and perhaps not you) to determine if the system meets MY accuracy. I know their are like minded people who appreciated these tracks (rarely a whole album) at least they seemed to at a bake off I went to (and the support of some of the tracks on my thread "vocal workout for your system"). It makes no odds if you like a particular genre of music in my view - a great loudspeaker will produce ALL music accurately (given an accurate source and decent amplification). As you get older (or perhaps it is just me) I actually enjoy listening to music not usually on my playlist when at a bake off or a show or when friends bring their LPs or CDs round to mine. You find that you get to hear your system in a new light and the magic is - when you listen to the music and not the equipment - after all that is what this hobby is all about at the end of the day.
  7. uzzy

    Not Holding Your Breath about...

    Very true - one man's clean top end is another man's strident unlistenable top end etc. BUT our memories of a pub performance are different from just listening to a recording of it. When you can visually see a performance and see people actually playing, unless something sounds awful and we enjoyed it so much, we forget that the mix was not as clear as we though etc. so listening without the visuals can disappoint (quote " it sounds like it was recorded in a pub" response "well it was" ). I really enjoyed Dire Straits at Earls Court - but I would be pissed off if a recording faithfully produced the nasty echo coming off the back wall (which initially was pissing me off at the concert but when you all start clapping and singing along somehow you forgot about it).
  8. uzzy

    Not Holding Your Breath about...

    Or an ear wash .. BUT back to the topic "Not holding your breath about" .. for me iI will give you 10 things I will not be holding my breath for; 1. the introduction of very affordable magnificent sounding products that will make the high end manufacturers quake in their boots 2. At least one new LP/CD a week of original material that I want to buy 3. No threads in the WAM for 2019 on cables or loudspeaker cables 4 That Richard doesn't piss anyone off in 2019 (he has been very quiet of late is he ok?) 6. That Santa will bring me an Audio Research SP14 for Christmas and/or a nice pair of Art Dram Reference 15s (I would be happy with the Alnico Reference if that is a bit too much) 7. That Mr Wright of London Cartridges or alternatively Expert Pickups will retip my Decca Super Gold for half price. 8. That Audio Origami brings out a version of the PU7 with fluid damping and they give me the prototype for assessment (and let me keep it) 9. That someone proves that Rega moving to a 3 point fixing has absolutely no advantages whatsoever over the old single bolt fixing and they include VTA as part of the arm (thus not requiring an aftermarket mod or spacers) 10. That Ivor Teifenbrun admits .. nah perhaps not
  9. uzzy

    Sony configuration

    Same as usual -- listen to it with your favourite music and your ears will tell you if you like it or not. Sony make competent (if not life enriching) stuff. The TA-VA8ES is a competent integrated amp. The TA-N220 didn't come up with anything on a google search The SDP-EP9ES is an AV piece of kit so that will add nothing to a two channel hifi set up but may be useful if you want to do AV stuff as well but you say you don't The PS-X555es is a competent turntable with a tangenial tracking arm but its performance would not leave Rega quaking in its boots At the end of the day it depends how much you are paying for this stuff .. if you want two channel then go for a better amp and turntable and forget about the TA N220, the EDPES and the PS X555es ... would recommend you work out what your budget it to spend and advise us of that along with; the dimensions of your room, what your listening preferences are (vinyl or Cds, streaming from the internet) and fellow Wammers can then try to give some recommendations of what to buy within your budget. Take your time so you can work out exactly what you are looking for to satisfy your needs. Methinks the offer you have to buy may be some way off what you actually need.
  10. depends how much you move your cables - plugging and unplugging. If done (crimped or soldered properly) and left in situ without fiddling they should last indefinitely
  11. uzzy

    Loudness Wars Question

    I think the original multitracks were digitised by George Martin so the original tapes are preserved in digital form now (I think) .. hence the new Stereo remix of Sgt Pepper by Giles Martin (superb it is too and I hope he does all of them) .. I am pretty sure the same thing was done to the Led Zep recordings by Jimmy Page. Provided they are stored correctly, the original tapes will last a long time the only thing is you have to wind the tapes onto a new spool at a regular interval to stop the tapes suffering from print through. The biggest problem with a lot of new "remasters" is not just the quality of the old tapes but the actions of person doing the remaster which is likely to alter the original mix (more bass, less bass, etc etc.) whereas we are looking for the original balance of sound but with improved fidelity. It takes a person sympathetic to the originals and who knows the material well to do a good job I think - Steve Wilson springs to mind . he obviously loved Jethro Tull and other artists and it is heard in his music - and he has done fabulous remasters of Jethro Tull back catalogue and others. So to George Martin and his son Giles with Beatles material .. the Love Album is a favourite of mine with the Giles remixes of songs, playing one backwards with no instruments and splicing tracks together whilst retaining the essence and feel and balance of the originals.
  12. uzzy

    Loudness Wars Question

    The Studio Master tape is the final mix of multitrack to a two channel recording. It is at this stage more compression may be added to make the mix. The LP master is a doctored copy of the original CD master (it is not compressed or played about with other than to rectify extremes .. see the article I posted the link for) .. you need to go back to the original UNMASTERED tape and remix it to two tracks without compression to make a new Master Recording (it is the two track Master Mix file that is sent for making CDs and another copy sent to cut LP stamps ) - BUT it depends if the recording studio backed up and stored the original multitrack .. in many cases that may not be the case. It also depends on how much compression was used in the making of the original Multitrack Recording as well. It is not a simple matter to make a new 2 channel master without compression - the whole recording (with the old tape studios probably 16 to 32 tracks and modern digital recordings probably many many more) will need to be remixed down to 2 channels (in effect redoing the whole "mastering" process ..
  13. uzzy

    Loudness Wars Question

    Did you read the article above ? They make a master - they then doctor it (not compress it) for vinyl. If you want to uncompress it you need the original multitrack recording (not the two track master) and then you can get back to the original to create a new master BUT it depends if the recording studio backed up and stored the original multitrack .. in many cases that may not be the case.
  14. uzzy

    Loudness Wars Question

    oh dear and you think the master was not compressed - that is usually where it happens lol
  15. uzzy

    Loudness Wars Question

    Nothing new there - it has been the same for very many years. As to uncompressed - it is a process which has taken away information. You can try to put it back but ... I remember playing with a DBX expander years ago - not ideal but same principle) .. As to changing views - if you think the industry takes any notice then think again - it is only a handful of people in the industry that take notice and love pure fidelity .. if improving fidelity had a great business model (i.e. would give a return of about 1000% plus for money spent then they would do it).