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  1. uzzy

    Arcam 2 speakers

    The Townsend's will do as you say but he could buy a whole better set of loudspeakers for less IMO The Coles supertweeters are available from Falcon for about £40 and either make a little cabinet for it to sit atop of the speaker or get out the tank cutter and sit it next to the Tweeter .. Falcon will advise how best to wire it in (e.g. in series with the current tweeter or in parallel with an appropriate crossover addition (probably just a simple capacitor to cut off the frequencies below say 8k or perhaps an L pad to be able to adjust the volume as well). Falcon may advise a solution which just entails changing the tweeter ...
  2. uzzy

    New Preamp, Croft or Tron?

    well it is good we can agree to disagree
  3. uzzy

    Man caves...

    Don't forget to factor in ventilation and a good heating system .. cold and humid conditions leads to condensation and ruination of delicate electrical equipment .. again a sound engineer used to setting up small recording studios in such buildings will advise.
  4. uzzy

    Guide to price for a second hand Michell orbe

    Well I know the Gyro/Orbe is eye candy but for me if it is sound you are after this little beasty would allow enough funds after to buy a superb arm and cartridge and would take a lot of beating Then there is this beasty sporting a 122 SME i think - which if it is then the arm is likely to sell on its own for in excess of £500 .. sad one this the owners are moving to a retirement home Or how about one of these eye candy for sure Have fun sourcing the Orbe .. but I couldn't resist trying to throw a few spanners
  5. uzzy

    Guide to price for a second hand Michell orbe

    aye it is a Gyro SE but I thought it had the Orbe platter .. (it is the cheapskate in me )
  6. uzzy

    ariston rd11 e

    Welcome .. in your nervousness for a first Posting it would seem you have posted this twice .. but we are two channel I guess .. Stand easy we are all pretty friendly in here (well mostly lol)
  7. uzzy

    ariston rd11 e

    This would be the plastic (or looks like plastic) topped one? I would suggest that the electronics are getting very old and that could be the cause of the problem (it may be worth getting the components on the circuit board replaced or bypassing it completely with a dedicated power source with speed control like the Heed). I use a Speed box strobo on my old Systemdek and have had no need to adjust the speed (once set initially).
  8. uzzy

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    would that be a vinyl one (sorry I couldn't resist) but I do agree with your sentiments which are true for a lot of comments and threads
  9. uzzy

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    I saw the discussion - but it was a discussion that did not prove any conclusion as far as i was concerned. This is also all about DAC connection .. but hey ho whatever floats your boat
  10. uzzy

    Impedance 4 / 6 /8 ohm question ?

    Now for those who want to know when we really need to know the measurements, this is a good case in point. If a loudspeaker has a substantial dip in impedance below 4 ohms (but the nominal imepedance is say 4 ohms) there is the distinct possibility that playing them on an amp not capable of dealing with less than 4 ohms may have problems. Naim built in protection (which meant when playing the Gale 401s for about ten minutes it would shut off). Also when I first got the Gales I had a leak Stereo 70 which never had a problem (other than I was scared of driving it too loud in case it went into clipping and burned out the tweeter and it was very shortly replaced by the Hafler DH200 I still have in reserve today). It mean't I couldn't go Naim (but I never wanted to anyway so that was ok). Another case in point was my pal with his Kef 104/2 which give a constant 4 ohm load BUT he managed to blow up a NAD power amp and with a MF Electra Power amp at the volumes he used to play the thermal cut out would cut in after about 20 minutes. He bought a Meridian 557 (after talking to Meridian who said the 556 would be pushing it) and has not had any problems since. As such with my risk averse type policies (I used to work in Fraud Prevention) I would recommend if you have speakers that have a nominal impedance of 4 ohms to get an amp that is stable into 2 ohms and then you are virtually guaranteeing to not have any matching problems.
  11. uzzy

    Guide to price for a second hand Michell orbe

    or buy the one above for less than £2k lol
  12. uzzy

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Why would I when I do not have long connect leads and an amp with a superb phono stage built in? .. I played in bands and did roady work for years and am fully aware of balanced connections (and how it is a bit overkill for hifi unless you are going to have leads over ten meters in length). There is no real right or wrong on this one methinks and it is horses for courses at the end of the day.
  13. uzzy

    Guide to price for a second hand Michell orbe

    This looks to have the Orbe platter and is less than £2 grand with an arm and cartridge
  14. uzzy

    Arcam 2 speakers

    I was trying to find out what drive units are in use - but my search on google only came up with Delta 2 and 2+ .. for what you will get for them second hand it may be worth doing some diy to increase the treble .. it may be worth getting a coles supertweeter to extend the top end - I would give Falcon loudspeakers a ring and ask for their advice - they are great diy and drive unit experts
  15. uzzy

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Ok I have got my measurement ears on - my speakers sound fine ta