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  1. I would build a pair of Radford R50s - you can still get the Coles supertweeter and the crossovers from Falcon ..
  2. uzzy

    Fazed by phase

    You can read on it here Some manufacturers such as Neal and others made little boxes to make the job simple - take the speaker feed to the box then use the box outlets for front left and right and read left and right. Some even had volume controls for the rear speakers. I have got one knocking about in the garage somewhere (one day I might get round to clearing it out and finding what I do have).
  3. So you have had some great suggestions .. and yes we are a friendly bunch mostly who just want to help. One thing that shouts out from your room diagram is there is not going to be the possibility of having a lot of space behind the loudspeakers. So in your choices make sure that whatever you get will work well sited close up to the wall (no rear firing ports etc.). Take your time - listen to others - get to the Wam Show and listen there and get an idea for what floats your boat.
  4. ah so .. still no matter I guess. It came from the MD of Swisstone who took the company over when J Rogers Rogers went bust .. I guess no one will ever know the story .. all that can be said is the JR 149 was a bit special and yet he seemed to spend all his time thereafter on the cheapy end of the market (although that is probably wrong but that was all i ever saw for sale). I should have added it was a strange day when I met him as that day I met my favourite reviewer of all time (also a speaker designer) Dave Berriman. He was lovely to meet such a gentleman. I never had met him in the face before but had dealings over the phone when working on my PRO9TL .. he supplied me with two B139 bass units and a heap of tips ..
  5. I ran a long length of telephone wire (it being small and easily concealed) to the kitchen when we moved into our house in 1980 so I could run speakers in the kitchen. I use a QED speaker switching unit which wires the speakers in series when all four are running (so the impedance if you had two pairs of 6ohm speakers would be 12 ohms when all were running). Failing this you need to ensure both sets of speakers are 8ohms or higher (get some 15 ohm LS35As for the kitchen?) The biggest problem with two sets of speakers though is having no control over an individual pair - so if it is the right volume in the lounge you will be deafened in the kitchen. I did the arrangement to have music in the kitchen and sometimes have both going but it is just background levels in the lounge then (which the missus likes if she is reading). Having said that if you were to use the A & B outlets for speakers on your amp the only time you would run into problems is if you have all four going at once but it could be costly - I have seen amps blow up when trying to drive below 4ohm loads (saw a few jap amps disappear in smoke when trying to drive the Gale GS401a in the mid 70s and Naim used to throw the thermal cut off after about 30 seconds). For safeties sake I would use a GED speaker switching unit.
  6. I stand corrected - yes he formed the company in 1947 and formed JR Loudspeakers when the company went down the tubes in 1977 (and was resurrected as Swisstone). So all loudspeakers from Rogers after 1977 had probably nowt to do with Jim Rogers. This article says he worked for the BBC and designed the LS35A (it looks like a BBC site so I have no reason to disbelieve what it says) . He was wearing well the last time I saw him (he was at a show in Northampton about ten years ago now and I never realised he must have been in 70s then).
  7. As it is your first foray .. and the weird shape of room you have to contend with .. it might be worth getting a listen to a Boss Acoustimas system. There is no doubt that for pure stereo listening that better sound can be had .. but taking your room constraints into account it is an option you should get your ears around. The speakers are small - there is a bass sub you can hide away to plumb the depths .. and for TV you can exploit surround sound as well .. New a system 10 is £899 ( ......Here is the same for just over £200 on ebay ) You could then spend the rest on a decent DAC/ Streamer (Bluesound? .. and whatever other kit (amp preamp cd player etc) Having heard the above and decided if that is for you - or whether you want to go the more hifi route .. then we can make some recommendations .. there are a lot of magical small loudspeakers out there but will require careful placement and stands etc. all of which you have to fit in your lounge somewhere. In the meantime as suggested get yer arse around local wammers to listen to their systems and make a nuisance of yourself at local dealers to have a good listen and explore.
  8. Jim Rogers was an engineer at the BBC where he designed the LS35A .. he also created the Jr149s and 150 (of an LSA35A type but better to my ears). For what is inside em and what they are - they are about £100 overpriced in my book He is not Rogers' Loudspeakers .. if you want to know more about Rogers then this is the home page
  9. uzzy

    Fazed by phase

    I guess the more anal might try it on each record - and if they had a preference to write it on the sleeve and change for each record I might rig up a haffler arrangement again sometime though - feeding a back speaker(s) fed from the two positive terminals on the power amp to pick up the out of phase information ... I actually had a set up like that for a time with a pair of Alison corner speakers for the rear and a hafler box .. all that stuff has fallen well out of favour these days. Bloody hell the good old days - when hifi was a lovely discovery and you could put together a decent system and have some fun (without taking out a second mortgage). When exotic cables were either QED 79 strand or Monster .. where decent interconnects were actually ones you made yourself and you could pick up old Quad 22 202s and Leak valve amps for tuppence halfpenny ..
  10. uzzy

    Speaker rattle

    Sounds like the dustcap is vibrating if it stops when you touch it .. get a small craft knife and just prize the edges a bit to see if it comes up - then with a small brush and upva glue brush round where the cap meets the driver (try and lift with the craft knife to get glue underneath the edges) - let it dry and then see how it sounds .. hopefully that will be job done. Or use Gorilla gel superglue (I think it comes with a brush applicator)
  11. uzzy

    Fazed by phase

    You are not wrong .. the effect of reversing the polarity of both speakers will be to give a 180 degree shift in polarity .. if you reverse the polarity of one loudspeaker (which is termed as being out of phase not out of polarity and I have not a clue which is incorrect) then certain frequencies will cancel each other out. For those who wish to know more about phase and polarity this little article may help (or not) and this one explains use of phase in recording
  12. uzzy

    Fuse direction

    I was thinking isn't it about time someone blew the fuse on this topic ...
  13. uzzy

    Speaker rattle

    I doubt there will be much to see .. the fault normally lies out of sight lol .. did you try pushing the driver in and out gently by hand to see if there were any extraneous noises
  14. uzzy

    Fazed by phase

    This can have a mild affect - I am led to believe some amplifiers are inverted (reverse phase). I have heard a difference but cannot understand why - one is pushing then pulling the drive unit and when the phase is reversed, is pulling then pushing the drive unit. The same affect can be had by swapping the speaker leads on each loudspeaker (put the positive to the negative and the negative to the positive on each loudspeaker)