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  1. A quick ear wash may do it for some
  2. uzzy

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Bless you - I love the calibre of all your posts Nigel .. if anyone is criticising them take no notice
  3. uzzy

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Not highlighting your point at all in fact .. tests should be on criteria, not preferences. The test should be to determine what differences are heard and to ignore personal preference. It is personal preference that causes most of the bloody arguments .. but a listening test will not determine what is best but may possibly allow you to identify and iterate the characteristic (if any) of the items tested. Just because 8 out of 10 people said they liked it does not mean it is "best" or that you are going to like it. Hold on .. that just about proves the point the listening test is only vital for one person .. in order to choose what that person likes the best The rest of this is addressed to all and not directed at the reply to the response above. Over the years I have got to know some manufacturers and even one or two reviewers and the odd dealer and a few friends (some of them who have become friends on here) whose opinion I tend to agree with, as such I value their opinion and would give an item a whirl if they praised it and elucidated as to why they praised it. On the other hand there are others whose opinion I rarely agree with and so I tend to discount most things they might recommend, unless others from my known agreed likes also recommends it. There are many who perhaps laugh, or feel my view is irrelevant, seeing that I use a 40 year old amp that most of the magazines did not go wild about (with the exception of Gordon King in Hifi News & Record Review who said it was one of the best amps it had been his pleasure to review) .. that I use a 35 year old turntable and arm and a cartridge from the stone age (albeit with a modern profile fine line stylus) .. that I consider cd players and DACS to sound different but to date I have yet to find one that sounds "right" to my ears, compared to vinyl (strangely my 22 year old lad feels the same and collects all his music on vinyl). The thing is I am happy in my choices and music is the priority .. and if people disagree with my view that is fine .. the thing to realise is, just because we disagree that is not an excuse to try and prove a point or have a battle. It is fine to present a theory or measurements to back up your opinion but if others disagree well that is life
  4. uzzy

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    I was being facetious, however, tests are to describe differences not which are "better" so I think any team of music enthusiasts should be able to deliberate and identify where the sound changes whether they like it or not .. It also brings up the fact that people all have different opinions as to what they think sounds right. To me it is about enjoying the music so I go with my ears - not anyone else's ears. As to identifying particular distortion and room modes - we can suspect the cause but only measurement will tell you if that is the case.
  5. uzzy

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Oh bugger is that what I have been doing wrong all these years? Can someone tell me where to go to get trained as a listener?
  6. The thing is we are talking about minute differences when we get past a certain level of quality. What is a revealing system? For me it is when I hear a system that when I get home I feel disappointed with what I have and feel it is lacking what I have heard on the other system elsewhere. That hasn't happened to me for many years now. I have heard great systems and I come home and still feel satisfied with what I have ... Are there items that may perform better than what I have - undoubtedly there are but the question to me would be how many degrees better and at what additional cost.
  7. uzzy

    Acoustic panel/treatment recommendations

    Or may reveal something else ?
  8. uzzy

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    This may be true for you but there are many who would disagree with that view. Multistranded cable may have the same resistance and capacitance and inductance as a similar solid core of the same diameter, I do not know if it will sound the same because a 6mm solid core would be totally inflexible and more likely to break .. but I do know from my experience the more strands there are there is more bass and the less strands less bass. This is proved true to my ears with long cables (20 feet) and I have no idea if it is true for short cables, as I have never been in the fortunate position of only needing short cables. The thing is why rain on someone else's parade if they believe something to be different to what another person does? It achieves nothing other than the satisfaction of stating our case.
  9. uzzy

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Methinks many people have their own agenda .. has nowt to do with selling cables. Of course I guess people can assume someone has an agenda when you disagree with each other. I think the word agenda is much used and should be retained for its proper meaning, The word agenda is the plural for of the Latin word agendum, which literally means "something to be done." I think the problem is down to a person having an opinion they want others to share I guess? There is the club brigade who need support in their choices (if half a dozen other people use it I might believe my own ears or am I believing theirs?), there are the people who will never admit they bought a pup (the guy I worked with years ago who was telling me how wonderful his Allegro was and he bought another one two years later .. has to be THE worst car I have ever driven and I did drive a Ford Prefect with a three speed box and side valve engine and that was better), and there are the mine cost more than yours brigade and the I am bored with what I have so i am gonna replace it (usually with something no better than what they had) BUT there are the use their ears brigade who have bought what they feel sounds right to them. I am sure they will support the view that items do indeed sound different. Whatever floats your boat is fine by me .. perhaps my ears are just different to others cos I have heard differences in many bits of kit that on paper measure the same (or very close to each other) .. I have heard differences in cable and amps and preamps and many many items. The biggest upgrade to my System was, I think, the Art Impressions but would I have thought that if I had poor source, pre and power amp? (probably yes lol )
  10. uzzy

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    That was below the belt to be fair it was a very qualified non product specific comment on things sounding different .. I too have a healthy scepticism for those publishing a whole load of technical reasons why things sound the same. A lifetime of experience both in selling stuff and choosing my own I have come to find there are differences, sometimes vast and there are sometimes similarities.
  11. uzzy

    Acoustic panel/treatment recommendations

    You tell us the room measures 4.1m (W) x 3.1m (L) x 2.7m (H). The speakers are either side of a faux-fireplace with a wall-mounted TV in-between. Listening position is approximately 2.5m from the speakers albeit they're only 1.5m apart: In my opinion this might suggest the speakers are well away from the corners - as such it is surprising in such a small room you are having bass issues. You do not tell us if the speakers fire across or down the room (e.g, down the room being the longest length of the room) .. if you are firing across the room (3.1m) then the rear wall is less than 2 feet behind your bonce and at high volumes the reflected sound could be quite intense. One would have expected the sound to get very bright and a not very clear image at very high volumes, as the reflective walls are none too far away either. The first thing you can try is to hang drapes on the rear wall (of fairly heavy fabric) and side walls, which can be a heath robinson job using those new hangers that can be easily removed, as the purpose of this is assessing what the overall affect is. One would expect this exercise to reduce top end and mid range nasties due to reflected sound. I am at a loss as to how the bass is getting boomy (although it could also be reflected sound giving an echo and so a boom effect). If that is the case then one would suspect and improvement with the drapes. After experimentation if this yields improvement you can then think of a permanent damping solution for the walls. Of course the harshness and bass boom at high volumes might also be to do with the amp not having the balls to control the speaker at high volumes .. so it might also be worth trying a different amp first to see if that is the problem.
  12. uzzy

    Tannoy 12" red Corner Chatsworth?

    In the 50s 60s 70s and 80s there were quite a few - Alison made dedicated corner speakers designed to sound their best when sited in the corner. The Tannoy design was much older and designed to go into corners before we got the bible of hifi and what you should and shouldn't do. They are made to fit into a corner but probably sound better when pulled out of the corner and in from side walls a bit
  13. uzzy

    Lingo 1 or heed orbit?

    All I know is there was no noise reduction that was audible (probably because there was no audible noise before) on moving to an external supply for my TT ,,,, yes people claim to hear a major difference (good for them) perhaps they have much more sensitive ears than me and can also tell the difference between power supply cables and gold fuses You have hit the appropriate nail on the head though - you have found your old Valhalla supply sounds fine - and as we all know if it ain't broke don't fix it
  14. uzzy

    Tannoy 12" red Corner Chatsworth?

    Any number of amps will do them justice (it would be interesting to see how much improvement you could hear comparing to your old Onkyo which are well made far eastern of course) .. probably the most cost effective introduction into serious high end sound would be a Sugden A21 which has a smooth valve like sound ..... but the list is endless .. if you can lay your hands on a Myst TMA3 (usually about £250 second hand to £300) they would be a dream match IMO. Those are my two recommendations (I could list a shedload more) and I am sure there will be many more from other Wammers.
  15. uzzy

    Quad ESL alternatives

    Well there are Martin Logan's (the hybrids with the conventional bass driver, but unfortunately to my ears none of them sound as good as the ESLs .. similarly the Acoustat range were terrific as well but they make the ELS63s look kinda small.