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  1. uzzy

    Has vinyl become mainstream?

    I doubt we will ever know the answer but having seen the plethora of new turntables for sale - I assume someone is buying them all to play vinyl on .. seeing the number of junk turntables I think it might be unwise to assume it is just fairly tight groups, audiophiles, completist collectors, hipsters, and bedroom DJs. All i know is my lad really loves his music - collects it all on vinyl and has told his sisters when I die the hifi system is his lol
  2. uzzy

    vintage speakers

    The answer is probably like Brexit - probably a tad less than half preferring one thing and a tad over half preferring the other. Better is a relative term as what is better to one person may be worse for another. Moral of the story buy the ones your ears tell you is best.
  3. Sorry I cannot agree to that - I used to go to many live concerts (not so much now) to see the music I love and from which I saw bands and performers which led me to other music I love. I have tried with my system to render the sound I remember hearing at those concerts (and having followed bands to different venues am fully aware that the sound changed with venue). Also in being in bands and playing with others we are accustomed to the live sound (sax, pianos, many different guitars and instruments like banjos and mandolins etc. percussion instruments, stringed instruments and of course voices). We over our lives build up a mental dictionary of how we believe said instruments should sound and that is our reference - we search for good recordings of music we love that give us that enjoyment of our perceived accuracy. We build systems to try and produce that - and with the best systems it makes no matter which type of music we play on it - they will render the music to our mental image if the recording allows. All this is a personal thing but so often we see so many who seek the reassurance of a clique or club to confirm that their choices must be right because their is a group who hold the same views instead of trusting their own ears. This attitude pervades through life, there are those who want inclusion in a group and so live their lives according to the rules of that group (fashion and style) instead of just being happy in their own style. The arguments (or debates depending on the flavour of responses) extend far beyond hifi - it makes me smile to hear a two guitarists arguing the merits of their guitars or if they have the same guitar the type of strings and set up, similarly with drummers as to makes of drum drum heads, sticks, cymbals and pedals and hardware ... these debates/arguments/preferences extend to just about every instrument. So it is with a mixture of fear and trepidation that comes with any change in my system as to how the overall balance will be affected. A hifi system is a synergy of components that TO US as individuals provides the mental picture we have of how things should sound. Believe in your own ears and your own choices and of course seek out others views to see if they can give you things to listen for (that you may or may not agree with on audition). When you find an enthusiast or a dealer who seems to have the same or very similar mental picture of how things should sound (easily evidenced if you like what they recommend) then you build up a trust - so when for example Bob Eubanks the owner of Guildford HiFi used to say "you need to come and hear this" I knew it was more than likely going to sound great. So for me I love the views expressed in here (even when I disagree with them) and yes I will challenge when I think those views are wrong or misguided NOT to try and change the person making comments mind .. but for those seeking answers to be able to see there are differing views and to use their own ears to make their own decision. Over the years I have come to appreciate differences - I can understand someone's preference for an item and enjoy listening to items that I would not necessarily choose for my own system - vive le difference. Anyway back on point - if you choose your music to match your system then there must be something wrong with your system or your diversity of musical taste cos a great system will produce any type of music brilliantly (of course depending on the quality of the recording). Having said that if your bent is on screeching top and and forward vocals and mainly death metal then the balance of your system may make listening to classical music a tad ear destroying. As it is I have no problem with anything from Led Zep and Deep Purple to Rachmaninov vespers and any type of classical music on my system without wishing for anything to be added or taken away in the sound produced. I do get frustrated though as I am sure we all do, with great music recorded poorly but hey ho such is life that will never change.
  4. uzzy

    Recommend Speakers

    I would suck it and see - they do not drop below 4 ohms so in theory the A65 should be ok (and it is within the range of power recommended) so I would suck it and see - for a small footprint floor stander they take a lot of beating IMO
  5. uzzy

    Power (watt)

    You might like to read this article from the famous DNM amp designer - he also invented T capacitors which are now used by Rotel and others - anyway for those who think power is everything - this is an interesting read on perhaps how much power we actually need (there again it may not)
  6. Nigel sorry if I implied you had made the quote (which was actually made 8 hours ago by Sam Vimes) :which made me think of my acid test .. I have no wish to mislead anyone. I just picked it up in your comment and the wam attributed it to you - Anyway I think my acid test is good for me - it might be good for a few others too
  7. My acid test is coming home after a show or a bake off and putting on my hifi system and sitting back listening to music. At first with a little fear and trepidation that it might not sound as good as it did before I attended a show or bake off, but fortunately to date I am not disappointed with what I hear at home .. so the feeling the need to spend lots of dosh is dispelled and I can rest easy .. until the next time.
  8. uzzy

    Recommend Speakers

    Hey behave you poo pood the Totems and are saying a less sensitive speaker (the anniversary tablet is 86.5 db and 8 ohms) .. the Dynaudio Emit 10 or 86db and 6 ohms .... so if these are not going to be good with the AR65 then it looks as though it will struggle with the Proacs as well. At the end of the day the answer is to get your ears around as much as you can and pick which speakers you like best (do a list) and then see if the A65 works ok into them ...
  9. uzzy

    Recommend Speakers

    Am surprised at this - they are 87db sensitivity (average) and 4 ohms impedance and they recommend amps of 20 to 80 watts and the AR is well in the middle of their recommendation - at the end of the day the best thing to do is to try your AR on the end of whatever you think fits the bill to see if it does the business
  10. uzzy

    vintage speakers

    You were done - there are another pair here at £130 buy it now (and up for bidding starting at £75)
  11. uzzy

    Speaker noise when tapping turntable??

    Good stuff - however, as you now know the deck will transmit vibrations through the stylus to the loudspeaker. You can get a siesmic app for your phone and leave it on the turntable platter whilst playing music from another source to determine how much vibration is getting through (Max Townsend used it, I seem to recall at a show, to demonstrate his stand isolators). This interested me in as far as we hear so many views on which is better; this suspension, or that suspension, or no suspension, or idler drive, or belt, or direct drive? That got me thinking, if a turntable is turning at the precise speed how can one type of turntable drive have an affect on PRAT and the claim of direct drive users that their is more "drive to the music". I have nothing to prove it but I have a strong suspicion that all of those things may well be down to the added vibration noise (or lack of it) especially when taking into account f1eng comment above, namely, That should get some raging debate going perhaps lol. However, at the end of the day it is what sounds best to you that matters innit (as Linn users might say it is all in the bounce)
  12. uzzy

    vintage speakers

    Oh behave, this is not about who is right cos at the end of the day anyone auditioning should use their own ears to asses. There is no right and wrong just the personal views of individuals which may not be the same as views we hold. What I was getting at is one mans detailed MR and HF is another man's screeching hell. I must ask though did you compare the 20s to the 30s and 50s when you chose your E20s? and being a compact two way what other speakers did you audtiion in reaching your conclusion that the E20s were the ones to buy. I am glad you loved them so much you couldn't part with them, they suit your ears and that is all that matters. I was selling the stuff and experienced all the E series both in the shop at home and against many other speakers. So you loved them that is fine - I didn't (well the 30s and 50s were ok and the 70s and 90s were good). I am not trying to tell anyone to buy or not buy, I gave an opinion that I hope in audition may make them more aware. At the end of the day regardless of advice from anyone .. people should use their own ears and make their own assessment. It could be argued when we have lived with something for many years our ears become accustomed or tuned to that sound (hence anything with a different balance may not sound as good to that person). So live and let live ..
  13. I know but I just couldn't resist - at the end of the day a lot of concerts are in barn like surroundings .. corn exchange halls, village halls, open air village fetes, shopping malls (I love the sally army at christmas in our local shopping center when they come to play). There are always environmental issues and sometimes we are unable to influence them (my wife wouldn't let me put mushrooms on the ceiling like the Albert Hall) .. I do not doubt I could furnish and doctor the environment I have to improve the sound quality BUT living in the real world and thoroughly enjoying the way it sounds I really cannot be arsed My first introduction to stereo and the search for a decent home system was an old SP25 fed into a pa and out to two vox AC30s and no room correction and it sounded .... bloody fantastic
  14. uzzy

    vintage speakers

    aye well we each have our own views on that one I guess. One man's great midrange and HF is another persons screeching nightmare. I personally felt the top end on the 30s got in the way of the mid (i.e. could do with being tamed a tad) but the 50s were as I said "better balanced". The 70s and 90s were a sonic bargan but the problem was in the 70s they looked very Amstrad (black and metal) and the cheap look put a lot of punters off
  15. I was just suggesting the barn and open doors syndrome .. and even with a big PA you do not have to play it loud lol ... As for me it depends on the music .. some music just has to be played very very loud