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  1. If only that were true lol - I have countless times been very polite only to be treated like a piece of dirt . However, I always stick to polite and take my custom elsewhere when that happens. I have worked in retail - i do realise the frustrations and have empathy - the problem is too many in retail do not realise it is their job to serve ..
  2. Height ideal is to put the speakers where the mid and top end drive units are at about ear level .. how high the stand depends on how high your listening chair is (which will determine the height your ears are at). Lower floor stands can be used with the speaker tipped back slightly to align the driver with your ears. Other than that I will not join in the debate about which stands to use as that could be as bad as a cable discussion.
  3. a diamond sits in the grooves - the brush will spread out all over in and on top of - and as we know it does not take something very hard to scratch across .. I am sure it is fine but I wouldn't take the risk .. but it might be totally fine
  4. if the eaves cause sound problems the Royal Albert Hall has the answer - suspended mushrooms
  5. uzzy

    New speaker shortlist

    I do not envy you - trying to choose speakers is hard. Over the years my change in speakers has been down to a visit to listen to someone elses system or in a hifi dealer when something just grabs your attention and sounds so much better than anything you heard before. I was always in the position of knowing what I wanted and being unable to afford them or for the wife to accept them. I did a quick check through ebay for speakers under £3000 (that being the price ish of the JBLs you mentioned) and the choice is enormous and there are many I could live happily with from Sonus Faber to ATC However I do love my Art Impressions - so if i was in your shoes I would be looking to dig a bit deeper and buy these Check through the Ebay listings - read the reviews and take your time - and good luck in finding exactly what your ears want.
  6. Now for current delivery and amp protection, I remember many years ago a dem with a Crown (Amcron) amp - where they shorted the speaker cables with wire (probably solder) and it melted the solder (obviously can double as a soldering iron .. without blowing up the amp) lol
  7. Not a good analogy in my book - the difference between a diesel and petrol engine is torque .. when music has a transient it needs to be able to go faster .. so it is a bit like having an engine that is capable of far higher revs (which will not restrict the overall speed) or having another gear lol ,.... now if you were comparing an amp that can deliver its output into difficult loads then IMO the analogy of diesel versus petrol is better.
  8. I have no experience of the VTL all I can say is I have a considerable experience of EAR 509s - friends of mine are still using theirs 40 years on .. they are tough and reliable sound great and would be top of my list if I wanted a high power valve amplifier
  9. As I understand it - high current delivery is down to the power supply which allows the amp to draw much more current on peaks and transients. The overall current delivery to the loudspeakers is just the normal calculation for 2x 25W RMS, speaker impedance 8 ohms; thus the theoretical maximum current given by P = I^2 / R is sqrt(25 W / 8 ohm) = 1.77 A. The bigger the amp the bigger the available current delivery but most of the time the amp is working down in the tens of watts so the only time you will see that big current delivery is on transients when it may need many tens of watts for a few milliseconds. No doubt the techies in here will correct me if I am wrong
  10. How about a nice pair of Celef (now Proac)
  11. Not so sure about nylon bristles .. but if it works for you .. animal hair tends to be much softer at the tips (hence why nearly all artists paint brushes are made from animal hair ..
  12. If you must have a goats hair brush this is the one or similar to the one I used before the mohair paint pad Both of the above makes these piddling things look very expensive
  13. I have posted this a number of times before - I ditched the camel hair or whatever hair you care for brush for these. Thousands of mohair bristles get right down into the groove .. .. I also bought a clothes brush made from goat hair (about 2.5 inches wide first, the advantage being you at least guaranteed more getting into the groove than the piddly little brushes they supply for record cleaning machines and the bristles were more tightly packed. Anyway this is my recommendation for what its worth ..
  14. I used to do consultancy work which meant me working from home for sometimes two or three weeks at a time. I used to phone home every night after getting back to my room having showered and changed. I then used to go for my evening meal have a few beers, watch telly or listen to music then go to bed .. Thank god I never had to do any of the virtual stuff lol
  15. Sounds like you have a dilemma - you like aspects of each but not the total package of either. You are faced with three logical choices 1. Keep both and swap depending on mood or wants 2. Toss a coin for which one to sell (and always be disappointed you cannot experience the aspects of the one you sold) 3. FInd one that gives you everything you want and sell both