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  1. Your top 5 favourite ever albums

    I gave this a lot of thought and then I thought how can you choose just five .. the five I choose today will be different from the five I chose yesterday and different again tomorrow. It depends on the mood I am in and the weather and a so many external influences. I love most of the albums stated above .. Today as I write my five favourites are The Beatles Sergeant Pepper 50th Anniversary Stereo Remix or is it Rubber Soul (one or the other) Peter Gabriel Secret World Live (bit of a cheat as it gives you most of my favourite tracks up and including the album Us) Genesis Foxtrot John Martyn Solid Air Dire Straits Just On the Night (most of my fav tracks live and my ultra fav rendition of Romeo and Juliet) Oh bugger my brain is having an argument as to other albums now so I better stop
  2. So it will BUT it also depends on how well recorded and manufactured a CD is .. James Taylor October Road and Hour Glass are stunning recordings on CD ( I do not have the vinyl to compare but the CDs are so good I never felt the need to find out) .. similarly Dave Grusin CDs are stunning. His theory (Grusin) is to record to CD you need to do it as live as possible. The more overdubs and multitracking then the more is lost in the final mix down to two channels. Of course the latter relates to digital recording .. but even so the same is true of analogue where there is more tape hiss etc. to contend with the more tracks there are to mix down (although high speed tape means such noise is low and also the use of electronic processing to remove the noise (DBX, Dolby etc.). The sad fact is CDs could be so much better but the older recordings converted to digital media depends on the quality of the tapes used and the care taken in the Analogue to Digital process. I know from my experience that copying my Vinyl to CD on my HB Burnit Pro produces better CDs than the shop bought ones (where they are AAD on the factory produced ones). Another factor is overblown bass on some CDs and the processing used to make them sound good on portable devices and inferior replay equipment (at least this is what I have read in my research). It never ceases to amaze me there is such a debate about analogue versus digital when virtually every guitarist will tell you they prefer the sound and presentation of their analogue footpedals versus digital. For echo and reverb a Baby Binson (or a Binson) or even a humble WEM copycat takes a hell of a lot of beating. What I find at the end of the day is if it is a badly produced/engineered recording it will sound bad on whatever medium but when a great producer and recording engineer does the business then it is truly a magical thing .. e.g. the Stereo 50th Anniversary Stereo remaster of Sergeant Pepper on CD is stunning (I haven't got round to getting the vinyl yet and probably won't as I have the original and the earlier remasters on 180 gram vinyl). Also check out the first three Dave Matthews Band .. produced by Steve Lillywhite they are stunning recordings (he also produced albums for The Stones, Joan Armitrading and Counting Crows to name a few). And for vinyl loves of Supertramp make sure you get the 40th anniversary edition of Crime of the Century on 180gram .. I think it is better than the original. Sorry for chuntering on for so long I will stop now (for this post).
  3. The same one for playing 33 1/3 LPS and any other world vinyl the same applies to much vinyl produced from the early to mid 70s when the price of vinyl increased the record companies used any old junk .. if you have records in a bad condition it might be advantageous to use a more robust cartridge .. but I can't be arsed to switch.
  4. Watts - Quantity v Quality

    Aye we used one for the fold back system (and for a time another as the main PA amp) for our band's PA system in the 80s and early 90s though I had to make an alteration to the back to accept jack plugs as they would wreck din plugs .. I still have one in the garage if anyone wants to buy it (needs the caps changing by now methinks).
  5. Watts - Quantity v Quality

    Not with the Gale GS401s or anything else needing muscle at 4ohms
  6. Amplifiers and the End of Science

    It's what most designers work for surely? They are also the cause of their own problems .. Walker designed the 405 to work into 8 ohms - if you ran it into less the power dropped and it sounded not good .. so they reworked it to come up with the 405-2 that would work properly down to 4 ohms. I have never heard of an engineer trying to "voice" an amp (as some supposedly do with loudspeakers although I might suggest that it is not so much voicing with loudspeakers e.g. the hump at 125 hertz or thereabouts on the LS35A to give an impression of bass) BUT it is strange how amplifiers with a virtually ruler flat response and minimal distortion and ability to drive loads can sound so different.
  7. Quick visit to the local body shop for a quote on spraying the cabinets black But I do understand about her indoors - mine is terrible she made me buy a pair of Art Impressions
  8. 1989 LP12

    I was surprised that it was so chalk and cheese. I think it is down to the cartridge choice .. the SME will be better with MM cartridges The Itok is more suited to medium to low compliance cartridges (moving coils) and it would be interesting to compare it with something like a Denon 103 to the Logic with its SME and Ortofon .. The Denon is far cheaper but methinks you might be surprised of the performance in the right arm
  9. Record Stores in London and Edinburgh

    Unfortunately it is not like the days of old - HMV in Oxford Street was magical in the days of vinyl .. now to get what you want the internet is the answer and remote purchasing. Do a google search for vinyl specialists in London perhaps is the best answer.
  10. What he said .. Too much hype on cd pkayers and long term get a decent DAC and use the player as a transport it will save you a fortune as expensive CD players do not have any longer lasting lasers and when it comes time for a new one chances are it has been discontinued (ask Naim, and Meridan users of this prolbem) ... Also if you can get to hear a pair I would go for the Cambridge R50s second hand on ebay at the moment for £299 .. Kef b139 in transmission line, kef b110 mid, T27 tweeter and coles supertweeter. A veritable bargain of anyone's money. The drive units alone would sell second hand on ebay for more than £300 (go audition them at the seller's house
  11. Watts - Quantity v Quality

    Quad 2s were affectionately known as 202s in my day - as for gross distortion - yet to hear a valve amp at gross distortion (well with the exception of my lad with his Bugera 333 xl infinium (which has automatic biasing and don't ya just wish all hifi valve amps had that facility) .. which brings me to a totally different question .. has anyone tried the Marshall Stereo Valve amp in their hifi system and how did it sound I would love to give one a try in my system .. perhaps I can get my lad to move from an integrated head to a preamp and one of these
  12. Watts - Quantity v Quality

    Ooh I hope you don't have too many slips of the digits using the turntable
  13. Watts - Quantity v Quality

    Ok try the Sugden Masterclass .. bit of a pointless reply though Serge we were only offering alternatives
  14. Panasonic 18650s 3400 mah (bloody superb in my ecigs) just over a fiver each and a little solder work to transfer the wiring from the existing ones
  15. Watts - Quantity v Quality

    It isn't about watts it is about current delivery. I guess the prime example is comparing a Quad 202 to a 303; the newer 303 tranny amp is on paper more powerful but when you actually compare the two the 202 has more control and drive. If you can afford them I would add the EAR 509 monoblocks to your list of amps to try .. 100 watts of solid valve bliss .. all the grip and drive of the best top of the range solid states with all the subtlety of valves. Also on your list should be the Sugden Masterclass amps as well methinks (there are probably loads more .. )