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  1. uzzy

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    It wasn't a trick question as such - it was just a demonstration that amps might not sound as we expect they might due to the bias we have built up for whatever reasons. I have to say I have not heard a "bad" SET amp but there again the only chances of that is if I was to go to a person's house and hear a bad one - which hasn't happened to date. I never grow tired of listening to new kit - in dealers, or at a show, or at a bake off or visiting another Wammer. I love understanding peoples choices and why they made them and seeing the enjoyment they get from them. I also get vaguely amused at shows where an amp manufacturer is demming their amps in a small room with humungous loudspeakers placed where they shouldn't be and sounding nowhere near their best (doing no favours to the amps they are trying to sell and the poor loudspeaker manufacturer whose speakers are not heard anywhere near how they should sound) and then to contrast that with a manufacturer who understand the room and how to get the best from it (far and few between but I think much is driven by budget and so a smaller room is less cost). if you go to a show where Mike Valentine is demonstrating his Chase the Dragon Recordings make sure you give the room a visit first before all the others - I have always found his setups to be very very good. A deep sea diver whose hobby is recording and who understands how music should sound. I agree that not all SETs sound the same - but all the ones I have heard have had a delightful mid through to lower high frequencies .. all within the limitations of the speakers being driven as well and the volumes you want to listen at. I have no problem with people having a bias or preference the only time it gets on my nerves is when someone tries to convert everyone else to their way of thinking (and as we both know that is never gonna happen). The whole point of this hobby of ours is to enjoy the music we hear (and we do not all have the same hearing or preferences). I have learned over the years to appreciate the reproduction of many items that would still not be on my shopping list and vive le difference. As long as it gives me pleasure and a good insight into the music being played then I will find nothing to criticise (even though I might prefer a different presentation). I think of it as akin to Music Venues were some produce better acoustics than others - and then those that sound awful (I will never go to a performance at Earls Court again unless I can get front row seats (the echo off the back wall is annoying to the extent it just messes up the whole sound and you wish you stayed at home and just listened to albums on the hifi).
  2. uzzy

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    No they don't - the Sugden sounds more valve like they do not sound similar. Hence as I keep saying .. trust your ears and yes your ears may prefer SETs but too many the compromise on the limited choice of loudspeakers rules them out. The thing is SET to my ears is all about the mids and low end highs but we all have our preferences. I used to think only Electrostatics could produce the sound I liked best (Acoustat 4x) until I heard the Art Impressions.
  3. uzzy

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    Have you ever compared a solid state like the Sugden Masterclass against a pair of EAR 509 valve amps? Both are enthralling - I defy you on blind test to determine which is the valve amp. Yes topology makes a difference but there is a lot more to it than that - whatever floats your boat but the results are in many cases subjective
  4. uzzy

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    Unless you use unshielded interconnects - which will act as an antenna. Hence my comment earlier about when I tried 300 ohm ribbon feeder cable as an interconnect between pre and power (I expected to have to shield it but gave it a go) and the kit I have had no RF problem that I could hear - but when I plugged in a Quad 405 in place of the Hafler I was getting some foreign radio station. Hence there is the question of how many designers anticipate RF and build their kit to avoid it? Methinks quite a few but buggered i know
  5. uzzy

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    The thing is - personal subjectivity. Performance is about sound at the end of the day, e.g. some people cannot stand listening to anything but an SET amp . The holy grail I guess is to produce an amp that can drive virtually every loudspeaker, has ideal measurements AND sounds great to whoever listens to it (and is affordable to the masses) -
  6. uzzy


    They are open baffle type so placement is gonna be a bitch (away from rear walls methinks like electrostatics) - but the proof of the pudding as they say - is in the listening. If they tickle your fancy and you like the online reviews then .. take a holiday to the USA to have a listen as I cannot find a UK distributor on google search lol I would expect they would need a lot of EQ applied as the bass response on an open baffle loudspeaker depends on the size of the baffle it is mounted on - these have a small baffle board. Happy hunting to get a listen to a pair if they tickle your fancy
  7. uzzy

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    Do amplifiers sound different? I think they do. In my years in this game (selling in earlier days and just an enthusiast these days) I have heard the differences in many amps. The thing is though - the differences are better controlled bass, clearer presentation (the analogy would be the lifting of a curtain), more space and width and depth. WHY do they sound different? What elements make them sound different? I guess these would be distortions produced and at what level, the damping factor, the slew rate and other prime measurements of a piece of kit. Quite frankly I really do not care why they sound different - I always chose the ones I like the sound of best and variety is the spice of life. The efficiency of a loudspeaker of itself is no guarantee of quality - there are loads of crap sounding very efficient speakers out there (I experienced quite a few PA cabinets that varied wildly in sound but were all very high efficiency. What is true is a speaker with low sensitivity needs to be partnered with an amp capable of driving it or it will not sound as good as it can. I am a bit at a loss why we try to explain the differences - at the end of the day the user needs to sit and evaluate and determine what they like and buy it. It is a shame we cannot treat the matter as simply as a guitarist choosing an amp. He will want two channels one that is clean and one that distorts .. now most of the time he will be playing through the not clean channel because he prefers that sound WHEREAS a pedal steel guitarist will play through the clean channel because the instrument sounds best with clear undistorted notes. I think a certain element of this dislike of measurements is when the amp or piece of kit does not measure well (ok our ears love it but the pyschological affect is we may doubt what our ears are telling us if we know that measurements are bad?) I dunno if that is the case at all but I am sure it must have an impact. At the end of the day just follow your ears and do not get hung up on types of amp or too hung up on measurements - after all this game is about enjoying your music, so at the end of the day it is how it sounds to you that matters and on that note I rest my case.
  8. uzzy

    Custom Design or Something Solid

    Stands and loudspeakers - that is what turned me to floorstanders only (except the conservatory and kids bedrooms and the latter are wall mounted or on top of the wardrobes each side of the room) .. good luck in your quest .. personal view is the more solid the stand the better - you do not want vibrations from the cabinet reaching down to the floor.
  9. uzzy

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    The biggest and worst was Practical HiFi but they were all guilty. I guess it is all down to the amount of advertising pages bought - although it seems daft that would be the case as if Linn and Naim did not advertise in Hifi Mags where would they advertise to reach their audience?
  10. uzzy

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    It was his review of the Hafler DH200 convinced me I really had to give one a try - and here is still is 40 years later
  11. uzzy

    Does rfi makes a system sound brighter?

    You really ought to check out Gordon King who was a great reviewer in HFN over much of the same period.
  12. uzzy

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    I have sold many different types of loudspeakers - i have listened to many types of loudspeakers - and there is no such thing as one crossover network type being better than another. We all have opinions on our preferences but in reality do not get hung up on a crossover type. Just buy the speakers that your ears like when it comes to sound. There is no point in debating (or is it arguing in here a lot of the time) about different types of crossover as the end result is about personal subjective reasoning ..
  13. uzzy

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    Aye a problem all designers have had since they designed the first crossover networks The thing is the crossover that got you to the non flat frequency response has the same basic principles in the design of the crossover but the designer chose to not have a flat response (or could not achieve it with the drivers in question) as to the dynamics and clarity and detail resolution, all of that will depend on the drivers used and the design and components used in a crossover and host of other things including the type of cabinet .
  14. uzzy

    Please educate me on crossover slopes

    You might like to read this which gives a fair explanation of crossover networks and type of rollover achieved with each
  15. uzzy

    Amplifiers for bass

    No valves just lots of space and a fan as a 200 watts a side amp gets a bit warm (or can) .. as for converting there are jack to phono adapters easily had (jack plugs with phono sockets at the end ya just push em in .. will cost you the princely sum of less than a fiver