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  1. uzzy

    Vandersteen speakers ?

    Oh dear
  2. uzzy

    Vandersteen speakers ?

    Surely if we should ignore reviews we should also ignore personal opinions on a forum. After all they are not dissimilar? One thing in life is certain every individual has their own ideas of what sounds right and occasionally their is agreement amongst groups of people. As to types of crossovers they all have their advantages and disadvantages and to say one is better than the other is less than helpful. For those interested here is an interesting article on the move away from a 1st order by one manufacturer (who was criticised by it by some customers) and gives a fairly easy to understand talk about virtues of each. Some manufacturers use a combination of crossover types in three or more way systems..
  3. uzzy

    Grrr, kids.

    My kids have used the hifi since very small (the main advantage to CDs and Cassette Tapes) .. they never ever played with the attenuation knobs on the Gales (which was a relief as they were factory calibrated and not really there for the user to twiddle) and when I changed to Pro9TLs they also had attenuators (on the front of the loudspeaker and not on the back like the Gales) which allowed -1, 0, +1,+2, +3 on both the tweeter and midrange . Still look on the bright side at least they never fried the tweeters or mid range units as they are getting to be a bugger to replace now.
  4. uzzy

    Upgrade, down grade or just the same?

    He is right - set it up and if you don't like the sound then live with it (they do not do inner ear transplants as yet) .. as the sound may be technically right even if you hate the sound of it Oh then there is the problem of what Mic to use .. and do you use a Dynamic , condenser, or ribbon and do you use a cardiod, hypercardiod, an omni or a figuere of 8? Or should you use the lot and take a medium of the results? The other thing of course is Mics come from very cheap to very very expensive. depending on the technical proficiency and engineering to produce the best possible sound. In reality you will be looking for a guide so a good mic with a bandwidth of 20 to 20khtz .. this link may be of use in determining microphone specs
  5. uzzy

    Upgrade, down grade or just the same?

    Or use his ears if it makes him happy but ideally a pink noise generator and a spectrum analyser with a Mic to measure the response would be ideal (especially if using an equaliser to calibrate the settings properly). I think the ADC soundshaper had a pink noise generator for this purpose but it may have been an alternative equaliser.
  6. uzzy

    Upgrade, down grade or just the same?

    Rule 1 of the Wam has to be to read all the thread .. the problem identified somewhere above was "It was a while ago when I set it up so all a little vague ! but there was not much bass ( due to the room) so I set the two subs to work where the Kefs left off. It filled in the bottom end. The subs were position each side of the room instead of at the end where the Kefs were and the bass dip disappeared. I used a Anthony Gallo bass amp to power both subs." there are also further comments about space restrictions. Hence on to Rule 2 .. having identified the problem (lack of bass) to then work on solutions .. and the suggestions such as try a KEF Cube if he can lay his hands on one and other suggestions above .. an alternative might be to try a graphic equaliser (about £50 for an ADC soundshaper or similar on ebay) .. having exhausted solutions with current speakers then perhaps consider replacement. As the chap said though he feels his room is the problem with the lack of bass .. so if a change is considered one might expect the room to have the same affect on any replacements (but of course you have to try it to confirm it) but his KEFs are not lacking at the bottom end so a small room may be the problem ... He is asking for advice to try and overcome the problems he has highlighted and hopefully will get it sorted in due course
  7. uzzy

    HiFi Shark Scam

    Never pay this way unless you are totally sure of the person you are transferring to. In the event of failure there is no way to get your money back. Ebay deal with PayPal where you can set your profile to pay after an elapsed time to ensure the goods are received. Paypal email to remind you they are going to take the funds when the elapsed time has nearly expired. This avoids having to try and get refunds for goods not delivered or if there are problems not pointed out in the ad.
  8. uzzy

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Where did you get the media unit ?.. I would love one like this (with only 3 shelve width)
  9. uzzy

    Upgrade, down grade or just the same?

    I had a brother named Nigel .. why am I not surprised :) ... You are obviously having a good giggle at one of the other threads .. or are bored to tears.
  10. uzzy

    Upgrade, down grade or just the same?

    Not sure if the KEF Cube will work on the Kefs you have .. if it does that may give you the bass you want. From another forum someone said Kef made KUBE equalizers to be used in a tape loop or between a preamp and power amp for the newer 102, 103, 104 and 107 models in the mid and late '80s. It was necessary with the flagship 107 (I owned a pair) but optional for the others. Subjectively (I never measured one) it extended low bass at the slight expense of headroom, and sat on the upper bass/midrange, slightly lowering sensitivity. These devices, calibrated for each model, equalized different Kefs to a flatter frequency response. I think KUBE stood for Kef Universal Bass Equalizer...but don't quote me.
  11. uzzy

    Intersample Overs in CD Recordings

    Did you measure it first just to make sure?
  12. uzzy

    Intersample Overs in CD Recordings

    Depends on the arm and damping applied .. as for sqare waves being an total statement of overall sound quality? For god's sake man stop arguing - you like CDs we have got that - the problem is all the old stuff put on CD is usually a crap conversion from less than master quality sources resulting in all my favourite music from the past sounding much better on vinyl - end of .... as for new recordings I find some sound better on vinyl Other people find all vinyl sounds better - that is a fact. If your reliance on measurement is correct why do CD players all sound different if they all measure technically superb? ,,, surely if they all measure the same they should sound the same (but they don't) .. Well I stand by my measure which is my ears - if they do not enjoy it then I aint gonna buy it ,,, also you ignore my comment about early transistor amps versus valve amps which measured so much better but sounded so much worse. See how much a Quad valve amp costs on ebay compared to a Quad transistor amp (which on paper is technically more proficient). Also can someone explain to me why a copy of a bought CD can sound better than the original? There are many articles and this debate from another forum states a lot about it After all I thought the CD medium was supposed to be "perfect"
  13. uzzy

    Intersample Overs in CD Recordings

    Enough - the electronics required to extract the digits off the CD are usually full of problems - jitter errors and loads of other mush - Go enjoy your cds - and tell all the valve enthusiasts in here that their equipment is garbage or technically inferior to similar priced solid state amps.7 Manufacturers and reviewers choose what measurements to give - and they can be manipulated - your ears are the final defining factor ...
  14. uzzy

    Alphason Hr 100-MCS tonearm

    I think that will be replicated whatever MM or MC you stick on it - it is a superb arm. It will allow the cartridge to do its thing adding nothing and taking nothing away.
  15. uzzy

    Intersample Overs in CD Recordings

    Good response and question. I was talking hifi turntable .. so starting point being a project perhaps with an Ortofon Red. As for the Decca it is astounding at producing transients (so it is very very fast) and does not appear to have audible compression .. so when a cymbal is crashed for example it is so lifelike (well for me as a drummer it is). For anyone who had a crappy old record player or music center, I totally agree about cheap CD players - but their systems did not have the dynamic response to give a true comparison. The thing about CD that pees me off is there are many new recordings that are fine and do not leave me hankering for vinyl - but none of the older recordings transferred to CD are anywhere close to the original. The 40th anniversary remaster of Crime of the Century comes close but is still not as good as the vinyl. So we wait for remasters and pray the person remastering doesn't f..k up the original balance (the tinkerers who boost the top and blow the bass etc.) I note what you say about modern digital playback equipment but it is strange that the so called progression by Meridan was interesting. I had a 506 20 bit (£1200) versus a Meridian 206 I got second hand for a few hundred quid .. their was no wow that is so much better between the two machines and interestingly some CDs sounded better on the 206 than the 506 and vice versa. I picked up a Dacmagic oversampling DAC at a Richer Sounds sale and surprise surprise .. feeding the two meridians through it yielded another change some CDs sounded better through the Dacmagic than either CD player strait - and the rest sounded virtually the same .. so the Dacmagic stayed and the Meridans died (and were irreparable) ... The thing I find most amusing is the friends I have who know nowt about hifi laugh at my LP collection - and I sit them down and align the cd player with the vinyl and switch between the two and ask them which they think is the best .. the majority to date pick the LP (I start with music playing so no silent groove before track start which would give the game away) .. it does bring some joy to my face when I do this .. they invariably say "i never realised LPs sounded so good" to which I respond .. you are prepared to pay over £300 on a CD player yet would never have considered spending that amount of money to turn your LPs. I really want CDs to be better all the time - they are so damn convenient and not as fragile. However, to get anything close in reproduction to the turntable cartridge set up I have now I would have to spend over £5k .. and the problem still remains of crap CDs through poor masters and process in the analogue to digital conversion. To top all this there is a major argument as to the type of DA conversion .. to upsample or not upsample etc. etc. Back to your original question - yes I prefer vinyl even when not using the Decca .. I have a Fidelity Research FR1 Mark 2, I had a VMS 20E, and have used a Goldring 1042. I prefer the rendition from the Decca but I could happily live with a number of other cartridges. So much of my record collection is the stuff I cannot get decent CD copies of and most of my new stuff is on CD where some are beautifully recorded. However, some of the best digital recording is from Dave Grusin who has said - to record on a digital medium it is necessary to be as live as possible and with as few overdubs as possible. Try Grusin plays Gershwin and then wonder why none of the other CDs you play seem to come anywhere close in recording quality (regardless if you like the music or not). I am not a person who longs for the past and to keep vinyl alive because it is retro - I would love to be able to ditch the vinyl and just have CDs but I love my music and my ears won't let me.