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  1. uzzy

    Ortofon Cadenza Black sudden death

    Well the thing is a shaped boron rod with a hole in it for the diamond is good - as is an aluminium one .. the force on a stylus in the groove is very great and so for it to be seated in a hole and bonded there provides for greater strength and less likelihood of the bond breaking and stylus falling off. It is not the essential condition of any good cartridge to have just a bonded stylus tip on a boron cantilever .. the only time bonding alone is necessary is when it is mounted on jemstone cantilever (e.g. saphire and ruby cantilevers). There are theoretical advantages in having just a bonded stylus tip (reduced tip mass) but of course theory does in guarantee that in turn that will relate into a more superior or better sounding product. There is far more coming into play than just the cantilever material and the method of fixing the stylus tip.
  2. uzzy

    Speaker cable user review thread

    Tried some solid silver cables - and they were wonderful .. the thing is were they £10k wonderful (which is what they would have cost me for 25 foot length. Cables are highly personal - on loudspeakers they can act as tone controls (single core more mid and top it seems but in reality is just less bass .. 512 strands at 6mm thick overall seemingly more bass to my ears and as a result a little less resolution in the top end and mid but I think that is an aural illusion because the brain has more of everything to contend with (if there is less bass you focus more on mid and top end in my opinion). On interconnects the main differences I have noted are between my pre and power amp (probably because it is over a meter in length) and between CD and preamp (analogue output) .. on digital output to the DAC I have tried many and could not detect any difference. After good quality OFC cables with decent connectors (which are can be had for not a lot of spend) you have to suck it and see and let your ears be the judge. If you listen to all the rantings then be careful - I mean would you buy an Infinity Motor car over say a Merc or BMW without trying it? The same is true with hifi equipment .. the only time you buy blind is if the price is so good you know you can move it on at no loss and it is fun to try different things at home ..
  3. uzzy

    Forum old wives tales

    Instead of raising this here (the old he said she said etc) why not organise a bake off and stick your amps on all sorts of loads others say make them go bang and let the equipment speak for itself. I think I was very fortunate to work in a decent outlet for a number of years where I got hands on with many products. I saw Jap amps give up into difficult loads (they didn't like less than 4 ohms up em in the mid 70s), I saw Naim amps throw the thermal trip into many loudspeakers when you turned the wick up, I was lucky enough to compare three cartridges at a time on the wonderful old Micro Seiki monster (which didn't sound as good as Linn, Systemdek original, or Oracle) .. I know many hate AB but we could do it with that turntable with different cartridges and same model cartridge in different arms .. most of all I got to use my own ears and realise that reviews are just a guide and not a very good guide a lot of the time. At the end of the day words say so much and can mean nothing and the only way to determine is with your own eyes and ears .. In the meantime you might like to add a glaring omission from your web site on amplifier specifications (you do not quote the required input level of power amps to achieve maximum rated output) to quote one other bit "it will work ok with active preamps" the problem of course is if your preamp has an output of 2 or 4 volts then it might work but the volume control range will be severely restricted if the amp only needs millivolts. (puts on hard hat and retreats to protected bunker )
  4. uzzy

    Facts vs Myths

    Performance above 20kHz matters : Not proven - if you are bat it certainly does - i guess it all comes down to does our body vibrate (or bits in our ears) at over 20khz and we feel it because we certainly do not hear it Expensive equipment always sounds better: No it all depends on design - you can have a cheap piece of equipment due to the fact it has a cheap case but is sonically brilliant .. also expensive usually means lower number of units sold so less economies of scale. Vinyl is more musical than digital: just as some digital recordings are more musical than others .. it all depends on the care taken in converting analogue to digital for older musical sources. What Vinyl does for us that is less easy to do with CDs is to alter the delivery by changing the cartridge used. So if you want exciting front row you can install a Decca .. if you want it more laid back and easy then you can install a lush moving coil. Amplifier headroom matters: Very much so - lack of headroom means more distortion and clipping so more bad sound Power supplies are equal in importance to amplifier circuits@ Conjecture - but anything to improve the power delivery to components ensuring clean electricity with no spikes or troughs can only help the amplifier circuits deliver their best. Subwoofers are an unnecessary luxury: Not if you have a small room with the inability to house big cabinets Parts quality affects performance: Most definitely Single driver speakers are better than multi-driver designs: Utter bollox because no single driver can deliver the full spectrum Speaker size should match the room: Ideally this is true - but the question is in whose definition is a speaker too large for a room ? Cables matter well first off they are vital as the system cannot run without them. The problem is what cables for what system (think tone controls with loudspeaker cables) .. then you have to determine if your system might sound better with the decent OFC copper cables you have but instead of spending a few grand on cables would it sound much better with spending a few grand on a new amp or source or loudspeakers. The biggest improvement to my system was the change in loudspeakers to the Art Impressions. Vibration isolation products are snake oil: Some really work (Max Townsend's springy stands for equipment and loudspeakers) the question is, do you really reach a much improved sound (bang for buck) in spending a lot of money on isolation products .. e.g. instead of spending a few grand on Townsend's speaker stands would you attain even more improvement just buying better speakers? although it has to be said if you have a suspended wooden floor they might be just the ticket to solve resonation problems.
  5. uzzy

    Caring for an early LP12

    Last systemdek IIx sold for under £150 without arm and sometimes at that price with arm .. just a question of not getting caught up in a bidding war The Systemdek IIx differs considerably from the Linn having a better suspension (not compressing the springs) the Mantra however I believe uses the same compressed spring arrangement as Linn, which was the same as on the original Ariston, which had copied it from the Thorens TD150 who in turn had copied it from the original AR. The problem with compressing springs is they wobble (try compressing a spring between thumb and forefinger) and actually want to move off axis to spring back to shape. Stretching a spring however is a far smoother operation and it just wants to move up and down. As such it was a shame that Mantra didn't use the non compressed spring option which would have put it in a different class in my books (even though the plinth appearance is so shoddy).
  6. uzzy

    New PMC Twenty 26 a tad light

    I have an a problem with any humour entailing the mistreatment of an animal .. perhaps it is because just a little bit of me thinks if anyone thinking using abuse of a living being as part of joke is probably capable of the action anyway .. so I wish you sex and travel
  7. uzzy

    Caring for an early LP12

    ermmmm .. nope but we each can disagree on that. If love is something that looks heath robinson with poor attention to detail, that costs about the same on ebay or more than Systemdek IIx and has a slightly inferior sound quality than just about all the suspended subchassis turntables then the Mantra wins every time
  8. uzzy

    Caring for an early LP12

    well if you want to take a massive step backwards then go for it. The manticore is like a badly made Systemdek (the IIX is far better in my opinion)
  9. uzzy

    MQA A Hoax and a Con ------Bob Carver

    All I know is in the age of cassette (and yes I had a Nakamichi 580) I only taped albums from mates to listen to the odd track but if it turned out I really liked the album I then went and bought it. So to when we all moved onto CDS. I would rip mates CDs but if I really liked the album I then bought it. I think a lot of people use streaming services the same way - I know my lad does - he then buys what he likes on Vinyl (sensible young man)
  10. uzzy

    New speakers

    The toilet paper idea (used on Yamaha NS10s due to the awful intrusive top end) is a good starter to see if taking the volume off the treble unit makes the difference you want - if it does then the next step is to dispense with the toilet paper and stick a resistor in (as previously advised) .. let us know if one sheet or two is the preferred requirement, or if it still sounds messy then you need a few more sheets.
  11. uzzy

    Speakers, new or refresh.

    My suggestion is live with what you have and save a few more pennies then go out and get your ears around a load and do not buy without a home dem (unless it is such a bargain you know you can move them on without a loss). Just did a quick search on ebay up to £2k and only these grabbed my attention try and get a listen to these - they are marmite you will either love them or hate them (most people love them in my experience) For a few pennies more you can get these they are the signature version with kondo silver wiring and jensen caps inside - stunning pair of loudspeakers or thse My advice is to find local wammers and go to listen to theirs, hit the dealers and listen to theirs and try and get to some bake offs etc. Take your time and try and decide what you are looking for and what delivers those requirements .. unless you do you may well find that in a few months time the replacements you choose were not really ideal.
  12. uzzy

    MQA A Hoax and a Con ------Bob Carver

    Him too but he did multichannel not just the stereo of fish and chips
  13. uzzy

    Caring for an early LP12

    and there is loads more - check out You tube and google for advice on setting up
  14. aye very true - and know it has cost Parcel force considerably more than the claim he made - and if everyone did it then perhaps the position might change in the future. Sad thing is if this was a bank the media would be up in arms every day about it ..
  15. You give up too easily .. the contract is with Parcel Force .. the cost of small claims court is very low to the claiment .. the cost for them to defend is very high. So we shall agree to disagree .... as for the value of the claim who gives a flying f..k - it is the principle of paying for insurance and being refused. He should also make the matter known to all and sundry and especially the Financial Ombudsman. It is people not taking action that leads to the continued mistreatment .. so yes I would make a stand if it was me. He has a genuine complaint .. and deserves fair treatment.