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  1. uzzy

    Roon 1.7

    Always a quandary for me - when something like this happens my old mum would say "he who hesitates is lost" and when I acted quick and regretted it she would say "act in haste and repent at leasure" ...
  2. There you go - "in most cases" so that statement surely means there are times when blind testing is beneficial ... What does anyone fear about a blind listening test ?.. I close my eyes when listening critically to focus aurally without distraction of sight. When comparing equipment it can be most useful .. The one thing I can determine without listening blind, is if something sounds good or awful .. but when you narrow down your search to two or three items you feel sound the best, in making your final decision a blind listening test comparing each is, to my mind, invaluable. The thing is of course - if the item you like the sound of best is hideous to look at then you might not wish to buy it .. but of course starting out sighted to narrow down the field should avoid that hazard. In summation, the open minded will find blind testing a massive plus to choosing a bit of kit .. however, for whatever reason (far be it for me to pour scorn on them) there are those who feel this is a waste of time and will not entertain it. Why anyone should pour scorn on blind listening tests is a bit unfathomable. I would suggest it is only those that fear they may realise that their eyes and ears together may have deceived them.
  3. Work used to take me to Teesside - last visit was 2004 .. Lovely people.. I do miss my trips up there. Had some good nights many years ago at Kirklevington Country Club and MacMillans - both sadly no more ..
  4. A fair observation - however, of course a lot of women are interested in listening to music and do appreciate a better system once they realise that the kit plays a big part. The same is true of material items .. but they think more functionally perhaps. My wife's choice of washing machine leaves me dumfounded as to what buttons to push but she assures me it is brilliant. I like the results, the clothes are clean and not damaged in the wash and so I concede to her greater knowledge. Similarly with cars .. my daughter bought a BMW her reasoning being her driving perhaps leaves a bit to be desired and in a BMW people expect her to drive like an arsehole so on the whole are pleasantly surprised most of the time. At the end of the day the difference is most women in my experience buy things they think enrich their lives and not to impress anyone else whereas with men you get the "dick extension" behaviour, buying a car they think will impress the women and the Rolex watch to try and impress others. Perhaps that is true for some with hifi, my speakers are bigger than yours syndrome (or cost twice as much) but of course the only people they impress are those caught up in the same behaviours. I am convinced that the true audiophile can appreciate differences in kit and buy what they think sounds best to them. They realise that it is a personal choice and will appreciate why others may have a different preference .. there is no competition with those people, they wish to share their experiences and views and appreciate that not all will agree with them. As for the box swappers, god knows why .. we all have that itch we want to scratch when familiarity perhaps breeds content. I often fancy the idea of a new power amp - then realise what it would cost to change to get something that will perform considerably better. Being a tight old git that then makes me evaluate what I would achieve by change and the first criteria I apply is -am i dissatisfied in some way with the sound of my system? The answer is NO - so I go to a bake off or two and a few shows and come home and ask the question again - is there something lacking compared to what I have just been listening to elsewhere? For the last god knows how many years the answer has still been NO ... so nowt gets changed. The question is I guess is - if we had the money and buying the stuff was not a deep thought consideration about should I spend the money elsewhere or keep it invested for a rainy day, then perhaps we would box change more often. For some it becomes an obsession - they read that something is better and so they have to go buy it .. and cannot stop themselves .. so I guess it is a kind of retail addiction for some. I get my kicks now when others ask me to help them put a system together, over the years many of those systems have been for my wives lady friends who want something that will allow them to appreciate their music (I guess I am more trusted by them than a scary hifi salesman in a retail outlet). The fun then for me is how cheaply can I put what to my ideas is a top notch system. As to the box swappers - long may they continue otherwise the second hand sales availability may reduce and that would make me very very sad
  5. If you came to us in the midlands there are lots of us where the bake off would be to enjoy the music (provided you liked what you were hearing it on) .. I love the nerdiness it is quite amusing hearing people arguing over things that most of us think is OCD .. live and let live
  6. Oh that is what OCD means - as a vinyl lover I thought it was an abbreviation for Oh No CD
  7. I have a lovely Sony ST-S117 (if you want to buy it) - or a Sansui one as well (TU 217, I think, with 19" add on handles if you want). Also have two Tibo Dab ones .. any offers pmsl
  8. A lot of floor standers have exactly the same footprint as a bookshelf on a stand. Your room is on the narrower side but is a medium sized room. What you have to determine is where you can site your loudspeakers (will her indoors want them back near the wall?). When i first moved to my house I had the Gale GS401s up against the wall firing across the width of the room (4 meters) and they sounded great - I then moved them to fire down the room (which is 7 meters long) and they sounded different .. but still great (there was more of a monitor feel about them across the room with more incisive mids and top end but firing down the room somehow the bass improved a lot and perhaps this made the mids and tops seem a little recessed as the sound was perhaps more balanced). At the end of the day work out how much room you have for manoeuvre you have for speaker placement - (e.g. if close to the wall then avoid rear firing ports) and how much footprint you can have (how big). Contact local wammers to see if you can visit them to listen to theirs (get an idea of what you want) then make a shortlist of speakers you like and find a dealer that does home dem (or if you know what you like buy second hand if you can get them at the right price to be able to move them on with little or no loss if you do not like them). Do not think that size means sounds better either - there are some remarkable small loudspeakers out there (both bookshelf and floor standers).
  9. Looks great to me - if you run your speaker cables down the outside of the house (out of the lounge one end and back in the other) .. this cable is just the ticket (just one hole to drill each end of the lounge (forget the bi wiring) .. Looks surprisingly like the American 4 core cable I got from Maplins years ago purely for that purpose but this looks much thicker. I have two RCA socket plates (think 13 amps mains socket with RCAs on it) to put each end of the lounge but can't seem to get round cutting the wall out to sink socket boxes to fit them but I will one day .. my speaker leads currently fit into a QED 2 way switch box (to be able to turn on and off the speakers in the kitchen) ... and then OFC cables from the switch box to each loudspeaker. I did try the system with and without the switch box and got her indoors to sit and tell me if she could hear a difference with or without it, she couldn't so that is the way it has stayed. (I can see the cable addicts holding their heads in their hands going "Nooooooooooooooo" .. he has speakers that cost over £10k and he doesn't have speaker leads costing at least £2k to hook em up).
  10. I don't know which Bees that might be - they are ok if you sort out the top end (I stuck a 1 ohm resister in series with the tweeters for a neighbour to reduce the top end tizz (ah the buzzing knees) .... I am a fan of transmission lines but I think the designer of these must have had severe upper hearing loss lol
  11. that is part of how we pay for it lol
  12. I know but we still end up paying for it
  13. One of my spares is an ATF5 OCC .. I was using this whilst my Decca was being retipped. Wonderful cartridge - bags of detail, really smooth and well defined controlled bass. Now whilst this is not the VM530 my experience of AT over many years (my first AT cartridge was an AT55 back in 1970/71) is they are for me a safe bet as they are consistent in their sound quality .. and yes some models may lean towards a higher treble output but I guess it is horses for courses. If it does not settle down to how you want it to sound then perhaps you need to be looking at the Goldring Range .. but personal view is there should really be nothing lacking with the Audio Technica .. so hang on in there and tell us how it develops.
  14. They were at Kegworth in March so perhaps some Wammers took some notes or made some observations at the show. Interesting little British company though - for those who want a browse here is there home site Have you tried contacting them to see if they will do sale or return ? That would be the ideal as you get to make your own mind up then.
  15. Hifi and Politics - it is all about the measurements ..discuss. Of course the comparison of hifi with politics is a tad daft .. we actually get to buy what we want in hifi - with politics we rarely get what we pay for