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  1. doctorjuggles

    Resolution Audio Opus 21 Owners Club

    I'm not 100% sure but I believe he's involved at Redline in some capacity, and they're also still able to service the laser too. I actually contacted them less than two weeks ago and they quoted £240 with return delivery. Can't remember the name of the laser unit - I looked into it years ago so I'll dig around and see if I can find out again
  2. doctorjuggles

    Resolution Audio Opus 21 Owners Club

    Martin Morecroft made my cable, it's the DIN out (DNM Reson with bullet RCA) and I have to agree - a marked difference in performance on top of an already stellar sound. Great cdp, I love mine
  3. doctorjuggles

    Roksan Caspian series 1 MkII integrated

    In the first photo, there's a "power in" terminal, so I assume so, but I've never used it in this configuration Will test this for you - I assume hooking something else up with its own volume control and then seeing whether the volume control on the other piece of equipment does work, and the vol control on the amp doesn't work, then it's in power amp mode? (Never had a pre/power setup myself so apologies if it's a stupid question)
  4. doctorjuggles

    Roksan Caspian series 1 MkII integrated

    Updated this to reflect some information in a conversation I've had directly with Roksan
  5. doctorjuggles

    WTD: portable headphone DAC

    I have a Ray Samuels "The Intruder" available at the moment. I can post the details if you're interested
  6. doctorjuggles

    Sugden A21 power amplifier

    Sure - we can definitely arrange something. Send me a PM with your proposed timings etc. and we'll see how we can work it out
  7. doctorjuggles

    Sugden A21 power amplifier

    Open to offers on this, Wammers.
  8. doctorjuggles

    Roksan Caspian series 1 MkII integrated

    Open to offers on this, Wammers
  9. Roksan Caspian Series 1 - MkII. This comes with no remote (I was never supplied with one). I have contacted Roksan directly about this as I was confused by the badging (as you can see in the photos, it has a "Mk II" sticker at the back"). Anyway, according to Roksan, "the difference between Mk1 and Mk2 were uprated main capacitors and a speaker out relay protection circuit". I've checked other sites and these go for between £350 & £600 so I've set the price at £300 to reflect the lack of remote and minor cosmetic damage. I'd prefer collection, although I can post at the buyers expense (it's quite heavy) and with the proviso that I will purchase good packaging and protect them in transit, but just be aware I don't have original box for this please.
  10. doctorjuggles

    Sugden A21 power amplifier

    Two amplifiers for sale, both of which I bought off second hand sites and both of which have cosmetic damage, hence the pricing (I've compared these on hifishark and other audio sites to make sure I'm well below recent second hand sale values) First up is a Sugden A21 Power Amplifier. Shouldn't need much intro if you know this stuff, here's the detail: "Sugden A21P power amplifier Inputs One stereo line level Outputs One pair of stereo loudspeaker outputs multi-way binding posts Specifications Input sensitivity 650mV for max. output Power Output 25 Watts into 8 Ohms both channels working Frequency Response +/- 0dB 10Hz - 20kHZ Bandwidth 3Hz - 300kHz +/- 3dB Signal to noise 90dB Nett Weight 10kg Dimensions 80mm X 430mm X 335mm (hwd)" There's cosmetic damage to the casing and the rear binding posts have been swapped out on the right speakers. Looks untidy but still works absolutely flawlessly. Recent sales have been c.£700 on hifishark, so I've set this much lower at £500 in light of the cosmetic damage. (Apparently the fascia is available from Sugden). Thanks for looking
  11. doctorjuggles

    Opus 21 CD player/dac

    According to their website - 4 Burr Brown PCM1704 @ 32 - 96 kHz / 16 - 24 bit
  12. Thanks for the replies so far everyone! I think I've made a mistake in clarity - for the main system, I don't need any streaming capabilities - it's just the bedroom setup that needs to stream and be neat and user-friendly. The main rig will have direct access to the server so that should be nice and easy. Sorry for the confusion!
  13. Bit of a rambling one here Wammers so please bear with me. Bit of background - I have an HP Microserver with 32TB of space servering up all my media via Plex over a wired network throughout the flat. While I haven't been keeping up to date on the latest tech in hifi, I'm fairly comfortable learning new stuff, so feel free to go into techy detail if you think it will help. For example I'm happy to run a separate server software for music only if that's going to make things easier - server can handle plenty more stress. Bedroom Requirements I'll be moving my stereo system out of my bedroom and into the spare room - looking for a simple, streamlined replacement solution for the bedroom and my thinking is to either get a fully wireless system or, at most, a wired system with a single box that streams everything to attached speakers. Due to space limitations, the speakers have to be (a) very forgiving of placement and (b) not very big. As it won't be a critical listening system and merely there for enjoyment and convenience, what are my best options? At the moment I'm considering Sonos or Bluesound but I'm not even sure how it would work. Do I need to have a base to connect wirelessly to the speakers or are they controlled on the phone? If they can be controlled by phone but it's preferable to have the base, why is that? And how does the sound of, say, two Sonos Ones compare to having, the Sonos Amp plus two small bookshelf speakers? Remember that the point of this system is fun and unobtrusive and above all, easy to use - so while I want good sound, it doesn't need to compete with a proper hifi. In this case, good enough is good enough (but I also don't want it to sound like a pair of Monster Beats!) Budget isn't set but lets start at £1k and see what answers I get Computer/Hifi Room Requirements The stuff moving from the bedroom - I have a Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD player which I love, so that's staying, and the Totem Sttafs are staying too. I'll probably be replacing the Roskan Caspian MkII with something that has better synergy. Now the main question is whether the onboard DAC on the Opus frmo the PC is worth using, or should I be looking at something more recent too, to open up higher res audio? The Opus 21 DAC is 4 Burr Brown PCM1704 @ 32 - 96 kHz / 16 - 24 bit. Would I be better off grabbing something that can do it all (MQA/DSD etc). I have to admit that while I'm comfortable with tech, this is an area I've fallen waaaay behind the eightball on, so happy to be schooled and convinced either way here. I usually tend to err on the side of future-proofing though, so if there's something I should be looking at, I'm all ears (and I usually like the Chord DAC sound if that helps) Again, budget is moderately flexible, let's say £1k for the amp and £500 for the DAC as a starting point. (These will all be second hand so I think we'll have plenty to play with) Other questions For the Computer/Hifi setup I'm also open to a one-box solution with onboard DAC if that's going to work more elegantly. I was eyeing up the Peachtree Nova but thought better of it as it doesn't have the latest Hi Res capabilities, but if there's something else I should consider, feel free to point it out. At the moment I'm considering amps from Sim Audio, Plinius, Ayre and Sugden (whatever falls within the c.£1k range second hand) so would need to compete with that sort of level, but obviously if it has onboard DAC I'd spend more (c.£1.5k) as I'd be saving on the DAC side of things. Experience tells me this is likely to be less of an option than the separates though.
  14. doctorjuggles

    Wanted(!) : sugden a21ap amplifier

    I have a black A21a power amplifier, still looking for one?
  15. doctorjuggles

    Best deal out of this amp lineup?

    Certainly does, JBCobra