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  1. doctorjuggles

    Roksan Caspian series 1 MkII integrated

    Price drop to £250
  2. doctorjuggles

    Bookshelf recommendations

    Righto - asking this here too - I'm having a shake-up of my study/third system. It's mainly a headphone rig and currently consists of: Topping DX7s DAC & headphone amp/preamp NAD D3045 Resolution Audio Opus 21 CDP Monitor Audio Radius R90 speakers (I've omitted the headphone details as I'm happy with that) I mainly use Roon as the source/control. Anyway, it won't need to go very loud, but I'm looking for better quality from the speakers, I think they slightly let the side down at the moment when it comes to non-headphone listening. Requirements: Must be relatively small to fit on the desktop. Nothing higher than 29cm, nothing deeper than 23cm. Must be happy against a wall. Must sound good at low volume and very close to listener's head Prefer an option to have it in white or light wood, although this is not imperative. At the moment I have a range of speakers I'm looking at (the more expensive ones will need to be bought 2nd hand) Dali Zensor 1, Menuet and Pico Amphion Helium140 or Argon0 (or Ion+) Neat Iota Q Acoustics 3020 Anything I'm missing and any of the ones I've listed above that would really stand out from the rest, in the esteemed forum's opinion?
  3. doctorjuggles

    Roksan Caspian series 1 MkII integrated

    Still available and open to offers (especially for trade/part-ex for bookshelf speakers)
  4. doctorjuggles

    eBay amp sale damaged in transit - what now?

    Blimey, this drifted off-topic somewhat, didn't it? Anyway, the amp is returned (so at least it wasn't that bad) but it's in absolutely perfect working order, so he just obviously decided he didn't want it anymore and made up some guff that it wasn't working. So not a fraudster, but hardly a decent customer either. Now I'm out £50 for the shipping and returning of the item and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. Definitely won't be using eBay for any hifi-related sales in future and I strongly advise anyone who's on the fence to just find another way to sell their goods. With that in mind, does anyone have recommendations for places to advertise it outside of here? (I fully guarantee it's working - will happily demonstrate it when you pick it up! )
  5. doctorjuggles

    eBay amp sale damaged in transit - what now?

    Well the buyer's eventually filled out the return form and I've processed it and issued the return slip with paid postage. We'll see what happens next. I'd love to say "he ain't getting a penny back until the amp is in my hands" but we all know how ebay/paypal operate and that's not really in my hands. Lesson learned though - when it comes to hifi/delicate electronic equipment, I'd rather use the forums and, while it reduces the audience massively, will probably insist on collection form now on for this type of thing. Not worth my time and effort to fanny around with this nonsense.
  6. doctorjuggles

    eBay amp sale damaged in transit - what now?

    Thanks for the advice all (and the kind offer, zee9) It's a UK to UK sale but nowhere nearby. I was sent a video file where the guy tried to demonstrate what was wrong, but I'll ask him to swap the speaker and input cables around. It was sent via eBay's shuttle service with their insurance taken up (UK Mail branded but DHL Local as the actual service) Will ask him to do both those things and see what he says. Initially he asked me to organise a return and refund - I've told him to request the return via the official eBay channel and haven't heard from him since, so I'm a bit suspicious of all of this. Will ask him to perform those two tests and report back - thanks for the help so far, all
  7. I recently sold an integrated amp via eBay (yeah, I know) and, while it was perfectly fine and used in my 3rd system for more than 10 years, it's arrived and seems to have something wrong with the right channel, only outputting a very thin, barely audible signal. I shipped it with insurance for the sold value of the amp, anyone had any experience with this kind of thing before? Do courier companies pay for this type of damage? (DHL, for what it's worth) Never had this issue before, but it seems I could be well out of pocket here.
  8. doctorjuggles

    Wanted: Moon Neo Ace (with latest MiND 2 module)

    Mods - please close
  9. Bit of a long shot, as they're not the most common product, but I'm after a Simaudio Moon Neo Ace. Has to be a recent model with the MiND 2 network module as those are the only Roon Ready models. Cheers for looking
  10. doctorjuggles

    Sugden A21 power amplifier

    Sold - thanks Neilos. Great guy to chat hifi with
  11. doctorjuggles

    Resolution Audio Opus 21 Owners Club

    Are these relatively easy to fit, or do they require some kind of adjustment/tuning by a specialist once they're fitted?
  12. doctorjuggles

    Roksan Caspian series 1 MkII integrated

    Updated with new info about the remote control
  13. doctorjuggles

    Resolution Audio Opus 21 Owners Club

    Same colour as mine. Us In all seriousness though, I first heard it at a meet with some Head-Fi brethren at a meet up I arranged. At the time I could barely afford a standard CD player from Dixons but once I heard it I had to have it. Saved for ages and bought it and it's been my trusty source for 12 years. Never once considered changing it, although it needs a service now as it's a bit fussy about which discs it accepts Hopefully you get as much enjoyment
  14. doctorjuggles

    Resolution Audio Opus 21 Owners Club

    Ah sorry, I wasn't clear - I was referring to the replacement laser!
  15. doctorjuggles

    Resolution Audio Opus 21 Owners Club

    Awesome. Any chance someone who has never done this would be able to fit one or is that likely to turn my player into an expensive brick?