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  1. Awesome, was just after one of these and they’re around £50 everywhere else! Thanks 😊
  2. After a pair of LSX in good condition - I’d prefer maroon but open to other flavours. Cheers
  3. Right - so I have an amp for sale which is working, but has a fault which I don't really know how to fix. I actually sold the amp and the person who bought it ran it for an hour or so, then it turned out that once it's used for a while and pushed by harder to drive speakers, after about an hour or so, it seems to switch into "protection mode" and shuts down, almost as if something is overheating. I haven't managed to replicate this as I've only run it very light, but the guy sent me details of the issue and apparently it goes into a mode where green and orange lights alternately blink. You have to switch off completely to reset, and then it begins to happen more frequently after that (about 40mins the next time) Rather than send it for repair, I thought someone in here might like a stab at buying it and refurbing. Originally this was around £1300, I checked before I sold and they seem to sell for between £400 and £600. Now having never sold something like this before, I'm taking a wild stab at pricing here, but feel free to tell me if I'm being unfair. Was thinking around £170? I would very much prefer collection - SE London area Here are some pics (this was bought 2nd hand from Sevenoaks in the exact physical condition you can see in the pics). Never came with a remote but I have an old Musical Fidelity which controls the volume which I’ll happily include (I think the rest of the controls are manual anyway).
  4. As has been mentioned, knowing your budget would help, but the Topping DX3Pro is pretty decent
  5. Hopefully I'm asking in the right forum I have a Roskan Caspian Mk1 v2 integrated amp which seems to have developed an odd fault - when pushed hard for an hour or so, it shuts down. I'm not sure why, maybe a heating issue, but I know very little about these things. It doesn't have a problem if not pushed. It was only ever used by me in a small-room setup, so I didn't know of the issue. Sold it on ebay and the buyer noticed the issue and returned it. Anyway, it's an odd fault and I don't know how to repair it. Am I better off selling it broken for a hobbyist to repair, or getting it repaired and then selling?
  6. Going wireless with my system so I'm selling my pair of Eclipse TD508 mkII speakers Here's the product page with specs Love the sound of these, especially for vocal and anything with a sweet midrange requirement as they use a unique full-range driver concept. Can't find too many reviews anymore but here's one Just be aware that if you're a basshead, either supplement this with a sub or avoid. They're hard to price these as they're quite rare but hififorsale had a pair for £390 in silver - my asking price is £250 delivered
  7. Got a load of new kit over the last few months, here's a taster of one of 'em... And in situ....