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  1. Brain teasers

    Bloody expensive for a burger, fries and coke!!!!!!
  2. one word daily


    I seem to remember he was a character in 'The Navy Lark' (on good ole steam radio) that didn't get past the censors.
  4. one word daily

  5. Watches

    I always think of them as the Musical Fidelity of the watch world: good products but an odd marketing strategy. But if it works for them........
  6. Watches

    Christopher Ward has a sale on (no, really?) if anyone is interested... well it's on if you're interested or not but you know what I mean: https://www.christopherward.co.uk/events/autumn?utm_source=bronto&utm_medium=email&utm_term=SHOP+TODAY&utm_content=wk29+-+Autumn+Clearance-v1&utm_campaign=12/10/2017&_bta_tid=101709366021392152120009618281625709206125488657393273239377578704220327325570229516707868402236629772&_bta_c=f2lvjt7tsxsrvjn7opiv6w72pd2os
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  8. one word daily

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  12. Shooting in Las Vegas

    The two paragraphs from the latets BBC report are chilling when juxtaposed: "Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said investigators found "in excess of 10 rifles" in the hotel room that Paddock checked into on 28 September." "Senior US officials also discounted [an IS claim of responsibility], with one telling Reuters news agency that Paddock had had a history of psychological problems."
  13. Shooting in Las Vegas

    I suppose that if you're on the receiving end of a bullet (or, as in this case, many bullets), you're not going to be worrying about the residential status of the sender. But does it make a difference to the rest of us? Care to amplify? (I think, on balance, I'm probably tending to agree but I'd interested to hear your reasons.)
  14. Shooting in Las Vegas

    Another horrible event obviously but what caught my eye was the way the BBC reported it. Apparently 'a local gunman' opened fire, presumably phrased thus to distinguish this from the work of an outsider or a 'terrorist'. Well, that makes it OK then!!!! Is there any real difference? If you're shot, you're shot. If you're shot (and aren't dead), you're terrified? Does the wording matter? Does distinguishing 'terrorists' from others help in any way?