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  1. Les is a gent and I have used his products over FAR too many years, having just taken delivery of his passive XOs for my SBLs ....but, there are issues with going Avondale: The sound signature is not the same; The Naim support network is much bigger and will have longevity; Resale prices for Avondale touched Naim are reduced IME. That said I have two CB250s in the loft, one of which has been Avondaled, and I like them both. When I see Les's amps for sale I am always tempted. WRT Naim speakers the only ones I have liked were the DBLs, and then a friend offered my his old SBLs and .....WOW; they are superb. In my system they are powered by an EAR534. A friend popped round last week and was taken aback by the IMAGING! And with Les's new PXO they are even better.
  2. I still own a few CB amps and never got along with Olive. More detail but also too incisive for me. I moved to EAR where I have stuck since, BUT had the classic series come out beforehand I might never have moved. That said I am not a fan of the Naim conveyor belt. Although I am not keen on Olive another friend has a Tangerined LP12 and uses Olive amps into Focal, put on Led Zepp and I have NEVER heard it done better, superb. That said put on some Marvin Gaye and it is not a pleasant experience.
  3. I have been to a few demos where I sympathise with this .....but, a friend own a pair of 1028be with a 500DR system, and it is simply one of the best systems I have heard.
  4. You chaps are taking this FARRRR too seriously. You must learn to NOT listen to experts, just rely on the ideologically driven cadre of spiffing politicos we now have running the show. We have the self proclaimed U.S. Messiah on our side, what could POSSIBLY go wrong? .....excuse me, I need to go and curl up in a ball after I have finished taking my medication.
  5. I would say this is still a tad over-priced, but a great pre-amp.
  6. Hi Peter, I too use the high level input connected to the inputs of my main speakers, as recommended by my dealer. Same arguement but a lot less extra cable.
  7. Linn Klimax DS/1 Renew: When v2 allowed the adding of a subwoofer I added my BK XL400 DF as Other & Other. When I compared this to my Paul inspired v1 profile I preferred the v1. However: I reinstated the v2 profile and adjusted the Optimisation Preference, increasing the low frequency energy going from 80% back to 60%. v1 - This is darker with more bass energy v2 - Brighter, but now with more balance in terms of bass input to my ear. I will be sticking with the v2 profile for a number of weeks. When I move back, and especially if I prefer the v2 profile, I will spend time adjusting the v1 profile and seeing if further tweeking can restore its primacy. Nice 'problem' to have,
  8. Having added my sub using the newly updated v2 functionality I swapped back to the v1 profile yesterday. Although the v2 is now very close I still prefer the Paulsurround v1 profile.
  9. Having added my sub using the newly updated v2 functionality I swapped back to the v1 profile yesterday. Although the v2 is now very close I still prefer the Paulsurround v1 profile.
  10. The amp has a great rep and those speakers look superb. GLWTS. A friend pointed these out to me, and even offered to collect them for me. If I hadn't bought a pair of Naim SBLs a few weeks ago, which are working well for me, these would have been heading South.
  11. I tell you Phil, I may have a great pre but I still find this tempting. It is a great device. GLWTS.
  12. IF I was still looking for speakers these would have been bought by me, very nice. GLWTS.
  13. Just back from EAR. TdP over in Japan. Looked after very ably by Dena and the chaps. Malcolm was VERY thorough. The two tiddlers underneath the 534 needed replacing. Two of the output valves were also past their best, so I WAS going to have them replaced .....but it became a pain to identify which specific valve was not on point on the right channel, so I decided to just have all eight replaced, a tad cheaper than KT90s, another good reason for getting a 534. The two small switches on the rear also needed replacing. EAR have changed their EL34 valves. As Malcolm said, 534 is good as new. Home, reinstalled. 1.5 hours there, 3 hours back!