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  1. Sheva

    Your best albums of 2018

    Top half dozen for me would be: Actors – It Will Come To You debut album from Vancouver band, polished post-punk Egoprisme – Among Noise imagine you're in a smoke filled goth club in Paris at 2am on a Sunday morning Soft Moon – Criminal NIN-ish with bits of noise SRSQ – Unreality Cocteaus-ish VNV Nation – Noire their best for at least a decade, dark existential electropop Radioaktivists – Radioakt One a sort of electro supergroup with members of Seabound, Haujobb, and Rotersand; vocals by Frank Spinath, so if you like Seabound / Edge of Dawn, this is worth a listen
  2. Sheva

    Death match: Fav Manchester group

    The Chameleons The Fall The Reegs
  3. Sheva

    Albums of 2017 .

    My No.1 would be Drab Majesty's The Demonstration, an 80s influenced gothy darkwave album, Chameleons-esque in places. The only one which may come near it is Prurients' Rainbow Mirror, a 4CD release of industrial noise / ambient which was released at the end of the year and which i haven't completely got my head round yet.
  4. Sheva

    Music from the empty quarter - Sticky

    Excellent article, i know of about half of these, but all will be worth checking out if you aren't aware of them. Also, even if you aren't on Bandcamp, their Daily articles on music in general are always a good read.
  5. Sheva

    Downtempo Electronica

    I don't normally go for that much ambient or downtempo, but released last week on n5md, this has really caught my attention.
  6. This is now being released on vinyl for the first time (triple, various colours) by Artoffact, and should be out in May
  7. Sheva

    Favourite Album(s) of 2016

    Winter Severity Index - Human Taxonomy A female duo from Rome, style post-punk/darkwave; the influences of Cure/Siouxsie etc are as clear as daylight, but the overall feel is austere, hypnotic and very addictive, and it's certainly my most listened to album of 2016.
  8. Since there are one or two Seabound fans out there... having released nothing on vinyl to date, they're releasing literally everything (also the collection title) as a 14x180g vinyl package. Includes all 4 albums to date, live album, the never released 1996 demo album (Die Blaue), every single, EP track and compilation track. Price looks like being about 160Euro, and it should be available just before Xmas.
  9. This month: Cygnets - Alone / Together Assemblage 23 - Endure Liquid Divine - Get Off My Planet In November: Covenant - The Blinding Dark Dead When I Found Her - Eyes On Backwards 3 Teeth - <shutdown.exe>
  10. Sheva


    It took him until his 3rd season at Dortmund to get them right and knock into them what was wanted, especially from a fitness viewpoint. In his first two seasons they were 6th and 5th, then in the next dismantled everyone domestically with the hyper pressing. Also in his previous position at Mainz it took him til his 3rd season to get them promoted to the Bundesliga from which point they pushed on bigtime.
  11. I stongly suspect it will be higher than any general election in recent memory. GE's since the millennium have had less than 70% turnout, given the disillusionment with the current clowns on the left jokers on the right situation. 1992 was 77% and it could well be up at that sort of level.
  12. I was under impression that since it's still quite earlier in its use, that a lot of bugs are still to be ironed out. How much memory does it use compared to earlier editions?
  13. With Windows Live Mail closing at the end of this month for those on Windows 7, (i'm not interested at the moment in the free upgrade to Windows 10), what are the alternatives out there. I'v seen Mailbird, Thunderbird etc, are they all very much the same?, or do some have quirks. What do you use?
  14. I thought his Frozen Niagara Falls release last year as Prurient was brutal and brilliant, much closer to Godflesh soundwise with some softer beautiful ambient tracks thrown in. He's just so prolific though with so many releases under different aliases that it's difficult to keep track of what he's up to, but had a quick listen and this is certainly on the easier side compared with what i've heard to date.