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  1. Lord Nitrogen

    FS: DiDiT 212SE DAC

    Anyone have any thoughts as to how this fine DAC would compare to a Schitt Yggdrasil Analog 2 at about £2,200 new? Mostly listen to blues, male and female vocal, jazz, african music. Some rock, virtually no classical (or C&W for that matter).
  2. BUMP . . . and price drop to £700.
  3. Yes, still keen to sell.
  4. Lord Nitrogen

    SOLD FS: Croft Series 7 power amp with volume control

    Sold, thanks for all the interest.
  5. £800, £700, audition/pickup in Brighton welcome. Will meet halfway in SE/London. No packing so reluctant to send even by courier. Wilson Benesch Actor loudspeakers in cherry. The first grown up speakers I ever had were S/H WB Orators and when these big brothers became available I had to have them. On Wammer advice they were replaced with Audionote AN-E 3-4 years ago and they have sat essentially unused since then. Spikes, terminal connecting plates and photocopied manual included. 88dB sensitivity. 110 cm tall (with sloping top), 23 cm wide, 37 cm deep. Approx 48 kg. Huge WAF (sample size n=1). Some dings and imperfections, nothing noticeable from listening position. Black bases could do with touching up (see terminals photo). Some historic love from the 'Wam:
  6. 45W Mosfet/Valve Hybrid Power Amp with volume control and single set of inputs. Serial number 6147. Details of the Series 7 here. Bought perhaps 4 years ago to see it would work in a macmini/DAC-only system [SPOILER ALERT it didn't]. In storage since then, maybe 5 hours use. I had thought that I bought it off the Wam, cannot find any trace of such a sale, so that backstory seems to be irretrievably lost. £330 + PP. Located in Brighton, would meet halfway in SE/London. All in excellent shape but no packaging, not even sure if a manual ever existed.
  7. Lord Nitrogen

    What are you listening to right now?

    Thanks, just ordered this on eBay (Amazon prices obscene). Great obituary: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2008/sep/15/jazz
  8. Lord Nitrogen

    Bake off in Purley Surrey CR8 on 11th August

    Dear Harv - would you have space for me? Thinking about a major shuffle of the system next year, so keen to get some advice and hear something different.
  9. Lord Nitrogen

    Thorens Thorens Thorens

    I need help distance-troubleshooting a faulty (turntable will not spin) TD-125 Mk II belonging to a relative in Italy. He is an rather elderly gentleman who is unlikely to be interested in a) any 'upgrades' such as an OL motor kit or b) buying a Rega or something similar and eBaying the Thorens as spares or repair. He just wants his beloved turntable, bought from new, to start working again. There are some shops in Naples that seem to do hi-fi repairs but I'm asking for help in excluding anything simple first. There is another relative who could pop round and have a look, but he doesn't know about turntables so I want to provide some sort of trouble-shooting guide. This much I do know: The deck had not been moved, nor had there been any power cuts or similar trauma. The light at the front comes on when the ON switch is pressed. There is no vibration or rumble detectable when the turntable is switched on. The belt is properly positioned. Setting the other speeds does not help. There is no resistance when the table is rotated manually. I've downloaded a manual, but here are my questions: 1. I see mention of capacitors failing in the motor circuitry - is this a likely problem? 2. If so, are there any inexpensive (say less then £50) replacements that could be installed by someone with a soldering iron? 3. Are there any fuses that might have blown? 4. Any other areas to investigate? He has sent me a photo - that rack certainly made me wince . . . I'd be very grateful if anyone can suggest a strategy for him. Many Thanks LN
  10. Lord Nitrogen

    Has anyone ever met their idle ?

    Yep, saw Lemmy in a pub in Wardour Street, playing a fruit machine with some passion. My idle/idol moment: At Gatwick airport, wife returned from duty-free shopping saying "Lee 'Scratch' Perry is standing around the corner". He was standing there looking a little lost, full CD-embellished hat etc. I introduced him to my two young daughters. I babbled a bit. What I should have done was say "let me take you to the bar and buy you the finest wines known to man".
  11. Look out for the parallel universe of quotes eg 'the difference was not subtle', 'even the wife noticed the difference'. Some of those forums scare me, especially when it comes to modding pressure systems. Like Original Poster I have started on this journey, but worry that already my expensive burr grinder isn't doing the business and I'm looking at an upgrade . . .
  12. Lord Nitrogen

    Warped vinyl - help required

    Hi Rich, borrow my Vinyl Flat next time you are in Brighton? A bit binary in that it either sorts things out completely or has very little effect. But worth a try if is a gentle warp.