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  1. USB Audio Player PRO is very needy. Pretty hard to get it to give up control of the Dragonfly while i'm out walking the dog and want to listen on Tidal downloads directly
  2. Hi all Very specific question here that i can't find an answer to in the previous threads or online I am using USB Audio Player PRO to output Tidal Masters to an Audioquest Dragonfly to get the full benefit of Tidal Masters. Within the Tidal app it is possible to download music so that you can listen to it in native format when outside of WiFi range. I haven't been able to determine if this is possible via USB Audio Player PRO. If anyone knows that would be appreciated. thanks Neil
  3. DAC and Headphone amp is priority Number 1. Auditioning is tricky though.....
  4. Thanks Roland. I watched a Youtube video last night from John Darko reviewer and owner of Darko Audio and it's now all a lot more clear. It seems very similar to Sooloos that I currently have albeit better supported, more flexible in terms of hardware compatibility (i guess Sooloos is Meridian only) and a significantly better Control App. There do seem to be a number of Meridian users have switched from Sooloos to Roon. Unclear as to whether this is a software only change or additional hardware is needed. further investigation needed. if it is just software then getting another end point for the office is all i will need and off i go.
  5. Thanks Cable Monkey. Seems Meridian don't sell the MS200 any more but there is a 210 Streamer. Not saying this is the best solution but theoretically i could connect the 210 to the network and stream everything to a DAC
  6. Thanks for the response Roland. Just to give a bit more background I have downstairs a Meridian based system with music on a QNAP server and MS200's feeding the 5 zones downstairs controlled by Sooloos. So yes i do have my own music. In my office i do have an Ethernet connection so can i just buy another MS200 and create a new zone in the office? i hadn't thought about that really. That said i do prefer Tidal to Tidal via Sooloos as an interface I have seen a number of people talk about Roon. Have to say i haven't quite grasped what it does. What i don't quite understand about your reply however is you say use a NUC and connect that to the DAC rather than use the PC? Isn't a NUC a computer or because it is more limited ins cope it doesn't have the same nasties?
  7. Hi all, Hope everyone is doing as well as they can at the moment. I am locked away in my home office listening on my headphones. as is the way i have been googling upgrades to my Headphones, Headphone amp and DAC. I am outputting TIDAL over USB to the DAC. What i have also been reading up on is the use of a digital transport to sit between the computer and the DAC. This is on the basis that the USB output from anything like this is "better" than the Computer which has electrical noise etc. This feels like snake oil to me but wondered if there was any sense to it? To note i also have a NAS on the network and i guess the streamer can also connect with that. Looking at USB only it doesn't make sense to me that PC -> USB -> streamer -> USB -> DAC would make a lot of difference. thanks in advance Neil
  8. reg

    Hifiman Sundara

    Thanks lawrence No idea at the moment. I haven't listened to any Hifiman phones. What sort of price are you thinking of?
  9. reg

    Hifiman Sundara

    Anyone have experience of these headphones? From online would seem for their price they're very good. Ananda is not much of a step up and you need to go to the Arya to materially improve in the Hifiman line up. Was going to try an audition but wanted to see if anyone has any views first?
  10. I am on my third set of Etymotics (over a 15 year period - one set lost on a train and one the cable finally broke) and currently have the ER4XR and love them. They have a very detailed balanced sound. Compared to many IEMs they might seem a bit bass light but after a bit of a listen you come to appreciate the overall sound character and the bass sounds just right. I now use them with Snugs but even with the supplied tips the noise isolation is very good. I would put them on a par with Noise cancelling phones I have heard that some people don't like how deep the tips have to go but i have never had a problem and they are supplied with a variety of sizes so I am sure you'll be able to find some that work for you. It is necessary to get a good seal for them to sound their best. I haven't listened to the latest ER2 range but my first set were in that sort of price range and were also well worth the money. Customer service is also good. When my cable broke they gave me money off the new set even though they were old and well out of Guarantee period.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Reviews on line look good too.
  12. Hi Vinnie I have Etymotic IEMs and Sony wireless already so what i am really looking for here is good quality sounding Closed/Open back Over ear phones for use in a small study/office where i won't be disturbing anyone. I agree that prices start to get silly and you can definitely get something that sounds good for less.
  13. has anyone heard this DAC? Probably opening a can or worms here but this has MQA decoding and as i am going to be using Tidal for 100% of listening may be a good benefit? Reading on line there is a bid debate about whether MQA is good, bad or pure evil but given my source i should surely make the best of what i have
  14. Interesting. Came very close to getting a Chord Mojo but instead went with the Cyrus Soundkey due to price and size.