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  1. Hi all, Apologies for going silent. Last few weeks have been a complete clusterf8ck of work travelling and family sickness bugs. Haven't had a chance to think about Hifi at all. Will attend to all pm's and comments ASAP this weekend. Nothing has been sold in the interim and everything is still available. I have 3 lots of cables to post to various chaps as well. Understand if your interest has waned in the interim.
  2. thanks Jules, i will take a look at this.
  3. apologies all. been away on holiday. Now going through PMs and thread posts
  4. Updated for weekend sales Any interest in the Michi?
  5. Great. Collection or postage? I am in London SW17. Postage i will let you know the exact cost. thanks.
  6. Brigadoon Do you want it? As before no liquid or filters.
  7. Hi Idlewithnodrive Didn't hear back from you post my comment on the liquid and filters. Do you still want this?
  8. Glad you're happy and it's gone to someone who will make proper use of it. I think the only person happier with the purchase is my wife.
  9. The previous potential buyer was told that he would be in trouble if he proceeded.
  10. Michi is now available again
  11. check out pic in my hifi clearout thread. I am selling a Qunex
  12. The feet are not for sale
  13. Ok. They're yours if you want them. Below is the dust cap damage Not on the same speaker.
  14. TEAC is yours. If you have a man you normally use that would be great. Arcam and Tag have both been taken subject to collection. I will let you know if they fall through but no issues expected.
  15. I always meant to come to a show. Never got organised enough