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  1. CD Digitally remastered from the original master tapes.
  2. CD Original Master Edition, saves wearing out the original vinyl
  3. The release of this album all those years ago changed my musical tastes forever, thankfully My original copy I bought way back then even after all the plays still sounds very very good, also put a copy of it onto my Revox A77 MkIV at 15IPS.
  4. First listen. [1995] Pink Floyd - Pulse [2018 remastered/reissued 4 x 180g LP's]
  5. Cas

    Guess the album cover

    After mulling this over and jumping on searches when I thought I knew what this is I give up and have realized that I do not know it even though it reminds me of many things that it could be. So after much deliberation I'm out
  6. Cas

    Guess the album cover

    Aaarrrggghhh, what is it, I am sure I know it.
  7. Last one for tonight, oh the memories 😥
  8. Captain Beyond Live - Dancing Madly Backwards.
  9. I actually see them live when they came to the UK in the early 70s
  11. Cas

    Guess the album cover

    This ones got a bell ringing.
  12. Cas

    Guess the album cover

    No cigar Jeff.