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  1. I love this cover because it sums up that time for me and also because the couple on the cover a still together, wonderful, I hope they have many more years.
  2. Don't know how he is seeing those letters, I zoomed my screen right in and can just about make out a few letters.
  3. That's it well done
  4. Vinyl CD Stonesour - Hydrograd
  5. OK found one, sorry for quality could not find better.
  6. I'll do one, gives us a minute.
  7. OV onto Revox A77 MKIV 15 IPS superb
  8. Nvm removed.
  9. Thanks for that. Thanks for that, always good to know
  10. Can I ask what version this is as my UK one is the one below, also looking at the cover it has a hole punched in it which used to denote an import.
  11. Yup the album that changed my taste in music forever
  12. Electronica is it ? Then I am out of this one.