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  1. Guess the album cover

    I was thinking the same
  2. OOV - The light coloured vertical band is not in the vinyl its what it was laid on to be photographed. Fabulous condition for secondhand no surface noise and great SQ
  3. Delicate Sound of Thunder reissue?

    Release Date: 17 November 2017 -
  4. New T Shirt

    I just bought myself one of these
  5. Record Collecting

    Get a lot of mine from E Bay only ever had to send one back for refund because of scratch that was quite hard to see boy boy did it make a noise when the the stylus hit it, they took it back without question which was good,. I used to have a secondhand record shop pretty at the top of my road, but it closed years ago
  6. Record Collecting

    Magdalena is pretty near the mark, another
  7. Yea mines a bit scruffy but no too bad, its how I bought it secondhand.
  8. Thats the one same records as in my set.
  9. Mines the Mike Oldfield Boxed Virgin Records VBOX1 States this on the label - Stereo/ SQ Quad Compatible.
  10. I have a Mike Oldfield box set of quad LPs, I play them on my normal setup but they really do not sound right, is there a way round this ? I assume not.
  11. The last album i bought was

    These two from ebay.
  12. The last album i bought was

    This post was an error.