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  1. Cas

    The last album i bought was

    Thanks for that pointer Amazon was £20 odd pounds more
  2. Cas

    The last album i bought was

    Just pre-ordered this - The Studio Albums 1967-74 [VINYL]
  3. Leon Russell & The New Grass Revival recorded live in concert, May 15, 1980
  4. Now onto Umma Gumma from the Oh, By The Way CD box set Neighbour still out still cranked up
  5. Dark Side Of The Moon from the Oh, By The Way CD box set. Neighbour is out so its cranked up a bit
  6. Back when U2 where good.
  7. My copy must be a very very early one also. I can remember seeing them at the London School of Economics, think it was their first gig in London, but if it wasn't it was a very early gig on their arrival in the UK, I see them several times after that, great live band What great times for music myself and many many many others lived through, now its all gone tits up with so much manufactured stuff sending music to hell in a handcart.
  8. Pink Floyd Echoes on Reel to Reel TEAC A-3300SX
  9. Cas

    Guess the album cover

    I have absolutely no idea
  10. Cas

    Guess the album cover

    Well done off you go.
  11. Cas

    Guess the album cover

    A bit more.
  12. Cas

    Guess the album cover

    Couldn't think of another cover with a skull at the moment so did this instead.