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  1. TheMooN

    Rolling power amp input valves - is it worth it?

    I would concur regarding the efficacy of Vintage NOS 6SN7GT over the vast majority of 12au7's vintage or modern production. 5692 is another vintage option interchangeable with 6SN7 however as said both would require adapters for use with your amp. Also good advice regarding the extra current draw required, most deffo seek advise and approval from your manufacturer should you contemplate going down this route.
  2. TheMooN

    Cassette Deck Thread

    Have a couple of Sony Elcaset EL-7's mothballed away ATM, superb sounding machines tho another format that didn't catch on.
  3. If TIz the case re enthusiast take up then that is a shame, one of the great pleasures of shows gone past was in the eclectic nature of most of the systems guys had carefull crafted together from disparate manufacturers or DIY, into a system that they were happy to share with others, not merely an opportunity for Subliminal commercialism.
  4. Dress it up whichever way you like dudywoxer, they are NVA trade rooms in all but name, at a show whose ethos being to offer amateur enthusiasts the opportunity to share their eclectic and diverse systems with other enthusiasts, the proprietor of said company apparently in attendance, all that would seem to be missing will be the price list flyers.
  5. Where and when I choose to post on fora is non of your business, why not address the content of my post? I smell a Familiar doing his Masters bidding.
  6. So, a manufacturer/dealer just happens to organise two rooms solely comprising complete systems from his product range, other than source, and we are expected to believe that this isn't a dealer demo by proxy ! Hope all goes well for the genuine amateur exhibitors on the day, such effort and dedication always amazes me.
  7. Shindo equipment is beautifully built and has the added bonus of sounding very well indeed.
  8. TheMooN


    Not all electrostatic transducers need be somewhat looming and butt ugly.
  9. TheMooN


    Well IMO it is certainly not within your remit or place to advocate censure to the content a member wishes to post here is it. I might add that no Goats were harmed in the making of this post.
  10. TheMooN

    Buying a Balanced Mains Power Supply

    I am not baiting at all Rab, merely recalling the few under the hood shots that I have viewed of NVA equipment and I do not recall much evidence of Double or enhanced Insulation....Box within a box... if this is the case then fine, considering the contentious nature of BMU's I would have thought this a reasonable query of a product iiac without any form of protection on main or secondary .
  11. TheMooN

    Buying a Balanced Mains Power Supply

    A responce from the manufacturer clarifying this point would be of interest, especially by adoptees of this product one would think.
  12. TheMooN

    Buying a Balanced Mains Power Supply

    Blindly relying on the CU in every instance is rather foolish IMHO.
  13. TheMooN

    Buying a Balanced Mains Power Supply

    At least there is an option of purchasing an Airlink product with the following fitted. Primary Protection MCB'S 20A 2P Type C Secondary Protection RCBO 20A 2P Type C
  14. TheMooN

    Buying a Balanced Mains Power Supply

    I take it then that if complying with class II regs this sealed plastic box version is double insulated ?
  15. TheMooN

    Speaker stands on a suspended wooden floor...

    Why then are Max Townsends spring loaded decoupling pods so effective. And I do recommend them to the OP if funds are available, or as recommended by robbyd they can be DIY'd Hmmmmmm, Not really sure that I have heard wobbly music.before, unless refering to Wobbly which was the moniker of Jon Leidecker.