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  1. Shindo equipment is beautifully built and has the added bonus of sounding very well indeed.
  2. TheMooN


    Not all electrostatic transducers need be somewhat looming and butt ugly.
  3. TheMooN


    Well IMO it is certainly not within your remit or place to advocate censure to the content a member wishes to post here is it. I might add that no Goats were harmed in the making of this post.
  4. TheMooN

    Buying a Balanced Mains Power Supply

    I am not baiting at all Rab, merely recalling the few under the hood shots that I have viewed of NVA equipment and I do not recall much evidence of Double or enhanced Insulation....Box within a box... if this is the case then fine, considering the contentious nature of BMU's I would have thought this a reasonable query of a product iiac without any form of protection on main or secondary .
  5. TheMooN

    Buying a Balanced Mains Power Supply

    A responce from the manufacturer clarifying this point would be of interest, especially by adoptees of this product one would think.
  6. TheMooN

    Buying a Balanced Mains Power Supply

    Blindly relying on the CU in every instance is rather foolish IMHO.
  7. TheMooN

    Buying a Balanced Mains Power Supply

    At least there is an option of purchasing an Airlink product with the following fitted. Primary Protection MCB'S 20A 2P Type C Secondary Protection RCBO 20A 2P Type C
  8. TheMooN

    Buying a Balanced Mains Power Supply

    I take it then that if complying with class II regs this sealed plastic box version is double insulated ?
  9. TheMooN

    Speaker stands on a suspended wooden floor...

    Why then are Max Townsends spring loaded decoupling pods so effective. And I do recommend them to the OP if funds are available, or as recommended by robbyd they can be DIY'd Hmmmmmm, Not really sure that I have heard wobbly music.before, unless refering to Wobbly which was the moniker of Jon Leidecker.
  10. Quite agree Rab.......TIz one of the productions/ performances that hang by a thread either way. The Mets 2012 production was superlative.... Terfel as Wotan was Epic... very good DVD available
  11. Not in the slightest, we are talking purely Non amplified point source wave form Viz out of a soloists gob, any 'Omni direction' is purely a product of the hall/room design, perhaps the best I have experienced are La Scala Milan and The Met NY.
  12. Choir perhaps you should spend less time in auto defence mode and at least you tube a few Wagner ring cycle performances
  13. Exactly why the most expencive seats are ' relitavly ' directly in front of the stage and to a lesser degree to each side.
  14. Awwwwww. Do give it a rest, your pavlovian tactics are quite inefectual on me.
  15. Of course, it would be financially crippling to heat a living room that size this winter. My point stands....The vocal performance, albee it on an extrapolated scale was distinctly directional and 'point and squirt' I was not aware of any performer singing out of the top or sides of their heads.