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  1. Fell in love with the Densen Beat B 100 years ago, it's still my main amp. Paired with Triangle speakers, although my room acoustics have changed since, so it's all sounding a bit bass heavy and wooly. Need more detail and not sure which way to go.
  2. bode

    Budget 2nd System

    I need a set up for the upgrade to my mono DAB radio! I've been away from gear talk for many years so need updating. I'm looking for a budget set up as it will only be on in the background. I'll probably go with an Amptastic digital amp or SMSL SA-50 or AD18. I'll be playing my own FLACs and low quality internet radio streams. But what about speakers? I'm hearing good things about the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Bookshelf Speakers, but would happily buy something much easier to say from the UK? Any little gems out there?
  3. Yeah, the Chromecast Audio is fussy about Wifi settings. It won't work in my office shared wifi. Since I didn't want to be stuck with the software I was using at home, I decided to buy a Teufel Connector for £120. So now I've got a lovely interface, another option of using the HiFi Cast app (just in case) and it's gapless. I'm not sure if the Teufel Connector uses Chromecast's Full Dynamic Range though. Nothing is ever straightforward.
  4. I'm enjoying my portable and cheap streaming set up to my HiFi. I'm using a Wifi Chromecast Audio, but was wondering how much could a DAC such as the Marantz HD- DAC1 or Aurender FLOW Headphone Amp/ DACs improve on the Chromecast's DAC? Will I leap out of my seat?
  5. I have over 500GB of mp3s and FLACs on a portable USB SSD. At the other end I have a Chromecast Audio with a decent analogue hifi. My problem is the bit in-between. At present, I'm attaching the SSD to a RAVPower FileHub Plus to send the music over wifi. But I can only use the ugly Filehub software to send the music. It only works with one of my android devices. edit. Problem solved. My Chromecast Audio wouldn't connect to the Filehub's own wifi network. But after several attempts the chain is complete from SSD to Hifi. I'm using Bubble UPnP to access the SSD drive. HifiCast will only partially find the Filehub's library though. Looks and sounds great.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I might start off with the Arcam rBlink to receive the files. It will have a decent DAC and an SPDIF. So If I decide to upgrade to a DAC costing £500 or so, at least I'm half way there.
  7. Maybe just connect an SSD full of music into a Yamaha MusicCast WXC50 instead?
  8. The phone was intended as a portable music player, so headphones and basic bluetooth speaker for camping etc. My other plan was storing the music on a portable SSD. Using a RAVPower FileHub Media Streamer to broadcast that to the phone, then send it onto the analogue hifi. Any flaws so far? So what should I use after the phone to get it to the hifi? Keeping in quality with FLAC files and my mid range hifi?
  9. I'm in the process of updating my life. I have purchased an HTC 10 phone, which I understand has a superb built in DAC. I plan to stream this to my Densen Beat B 100 amp and Triangle Comete speakers. So I'm looking for the best way to stream flac files and mp3 etc. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Arcam rBlink or mini blink receivers? Any better options through WiFi worth considering?
  10. Ebay is great for new equipment, I picked up a lovely set of detailed Triangle speakers a few years ago. Not the most fashionable of speakers, but at least they can be bought for a decent price insead of competing for brand name B&Ws! I need two sets of speakers, one for my mum and another for our second hifi. 1st set up: Marantz 63 II KI Signature CD Audiolab 8000A Folk, pop Second Hifi: Marantz CD4000 CD Denon PMA 250 III jazz and rock I was thinking along the lines of 10-15 year old Ruark Sabres, but they are a little dated looking and not really want they would want. My other options are for newer budget Tannoy Mercury M1/ M2s or Acoustic Energy NEO 1s? So old and nice sounding, or nice looking and not so nice sounding! Don't want to pay any more than £100 each. Any suggestions? I haven't got that long to decide!
  11. bode

    Best £150 MP3 player.

    paulfromcamden wrote I couldn't agree more. I very nearly bought the Archos player but went for the Samsung YP-F1ZW as I needed a player for jogging.
  12. bode

    ohm im confused now

    Can you recommened some deep and dirty Chicago house Anthony?
  13. cjr wrote: I have about 10 to get rid of. I could post them first class (UK). Total of £13 ok?
  14. I'm using these, have loads spare if you need any cheap. Gun metal finish and bronze with screw fixing.