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  1. Headcoat

    New Streamer

    Also just got one of these. Does the job really well. Cost £109... best price I could find in UK.
  2. One thing you can do is buy on Amazon and return if you don't like them. Just make sure to keep all packaging etc. Still better to support smaller business. Why not tell us what type of sound you like - detailed? bass? soundstage? dynamic? And your budget? I love Senn HD6xx / 650. Not cheap and really need a headphone amp. For portable I use Marshall Monitor. Can be found for <£100. Relatively easy load. Plenty of bass. Lively. Not fashionable but worth a listen. Re. pads I bought some third party sheepskin replacements for the HD 6xx. More bass but they just mess the whole soundstage and signature. They make the 6xx sound like closed back rather than open. Wore them for two hours and straight back into their packing, to be cleaned and sold once this is all over. If happy with sound now then buy original replacement pads!
  3. I saw them many times in 1981-82. Used to visit Centro Iberico and the Autonomy Centre every Sunday, and many other venues. A misspent youth. Rubella were streets ahead back then. Great band.
  4. That is a curious trough. Worth noting they also have a smaller trough between approx. 2 and 5khz. I've returned two pairs of headphones lately I didn't get on with; something around 4-5khz was really bothering me, decided to send back and after boxing them back up I looked up the fq graphs and the data backed up my listening - they both had peaks between 4 and 5khz. There's certainly something to be said for fq graphs as a reference. Of course the room then plays a part (not with headphones), but I wonder if the intrinsic fq of the speaker may remain regardless of room anomalies.
  5. Don't forget our government were rather late with lockdown, seemingly only changing track as the French government, along with the rest of Europe following, threatened to shut down all borders for everything. Give them a break, Nigel.
  6. Big fan of their first two lp's... what's this like?
  7. Yes, room filling indeed. The music seemed to float in the air in front of me, quite spectacular on a few tracks.