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  1. stevied

    Audeze lcd2 classic Headphones

  2. I had a previous thread with regards to Beyer dynamic T1s but. I Decided to go with a set of Audeze lcd2 classic headphones Im looking at recommendations for a headphone amplifier to pair with them around £500 but could go a little more if it was worth it. Thanks in advance
  3. Cheers I’ll have a look.
  4. Cheers Thanks for your help
  5. Thanks for reply I would be prepared to go up to a £1000 for the right amp I have been looking at the Feliks-Audio valve amplifiers also found a good review on Rupert Nerve amplifier which I have just emailed them to see if it works ok with 600 ohm impedance headphones cheers
  6. Hi I have finally decided to go with a pair of Beyerdynamic T1 headphones,can anyone recommend an Amplifier to pair with them. I have read a few forums and they seem to recommend valve amps and some recommend there own amps. If anyone can recommend an amp for them that would be great Thanks in advance
  7. stevied

    Stacked Quad ESL57s

    I would buy these in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have a pair awesome sound for the money.
  8. stevied

    New turntable

    Alphason tonearm superb as well!
  9. stevied


    Emailed a couple of times with no reply I presume the rooms are all gone?
  10. stevied

    Nottingham Analogue

    Just an update of my time with Nottingham Analogue Dais Still sounding superb, my vinyl has never sounded better, just a brilliant turntable I think my turntable journey has finally ended.
  11. Another nice upgrade for space deck or Hyperspace owners.
  12. Superbly made,and the early ones personally sounded best,I think the original designer has died now. There is certainly a lot of speakers now that sound better I changed mine to a pair of amphion Xenons and didn’t miss my Cremonas one bit apart from looks
  13. stevied

    WTD: Quad II Valve Amplifiers

    Don’t have any doubts about purchasing from Mike,I’ve been buying gear from him for a few years now and it’s all been top notch,tempted by a pair of Quad 2s myself. He lives in a nice part of the world also the Lake District.