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  1. Wam don't like Southerners (?)

    I came up from Swindon area, no issue with distance and lots come from further.
  2. I've got a box of various cables in Room 19 if anyone needs anything
  3. Same, I was thinking about bringing the P9 (up until this afternoon), and did a version of the room sign with it on but now I've got it all packed up, I really can't be bothered!
  4. Happy to stumble to an Indian on Sunday night
  5. Anyone from near Swindon going the show??

    Steve, just let me know
  6. Anyone from near Swindon going the show??

    Steve, how near Swindon and how big are the stands? I'll be coming from nr Swindon but may be a little tight on car space.
  7. I realise that I missed the reply, if anyone has 30min spare so I can grab some grub, that would be appreciated! How did this come round so quick!
  8. Bit late to the party, if the Sunday curry is still going ahead, I'm game
  9. Bargain excellent speakers?

    For under £2k the KEF 104/2 is an excellent shout. If you liked the ATC SCM40, I'd try the SCM19 which was much better integrated IMO. I would recommend hearing some KEF 201/2s, under budget and outstanding, probably the best speakers I've had. My pair will be at Kegworth too...