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  1. HoopsOnToast

    Wam show 2019 photos

    Steve's system is always a pleasure!
  2. The KEF 104/2 are pretty easy load (4Ohm resistive) and pretty efficient at ~92dB, I would expect that the Primaluna would be OK, I used my pair with a little Puresound A10 to good effect. If you really want to rock, I also used a Sony TA-F770ES with them but I'd say 95% of the time, the little Puresound A10 was great.
  3. HoopsOnToast

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Added a Rega Saturn (still not decided on yet) and the start of some room treatment. System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr Rega Saturn by Robert Seymour, on Flickr
  4. HoopsOnToast

    Full range ideas

    For the ~20Litre enclosure, ported you have quite a wide range of suitable options. The Mark Audio drivers as Stefan sells are excellent, and pretty flexible in simple ported enclosures or the Frugelhorn kits such as he sells as well. I have a pair of Frugelhorn Lite speakers, although not with the MA drivers. For a little more sensitivity there are options such as Fostex (FF165WK) or Supravox 165LB for example, on budget but you have a trade off in bass depth generally.
  5. HoopsOnToast

    Hoops, Cheese or Beans?

    The replacement re-manufactured Supravox drives came back, and have been doing the business! I've been experimenting with the cabinet, now with some full length multi-density foam on the rear which really works well. Some tube rolling on the Decware Zen, a Adzam (Mullard) GZ32, a Mullard GZ32, Mullard ECC88, Tesla E88CC and a quad of Svetlana SV83s..... Decware Zen by Robert Seymour, on Flickr Mullard by Robert Seymour, on Flickr I've also managed to bag a Rega Saturn to try after having a Mk1 Planet, Apollo-2000 and Apollo-R in the past. Rega Saturn by Robert Seymour, on Flickr And finally got round to buying some GIK panels, I've been researching it since we moved in 2-years ago but we had a nice little bonus at work so went for it. Decided to start with treating the 1st reflection points, and 2nd is done with the sofa and panel under the TV. I also have some rear diffusors/absorbers behind the listening seat with another thin panel to go up the other side of the window. Then to finally get round to decorating! System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr
  6. HoopsOnToast

    WTD - Something Solid EXR & Rega CDP

    All sorted now, thanks!
  7. HoopsOnToast

    WTD - Something Solid EXR & Rega CDP

  8. HoopsOnToast

    WTD - Something Solid EXR & Rega CDP

    Hi Guys, I am looking for the following if anyone has one to sell: Something Solid EXR rack Rega Saturn (Mk1) or Jupiter CD Player Cheers, Rob
  9. HoopsOnToast

    Wtd - Clones Audio Amplifier

  10. HoopsOnToast

    Wtd - Clones Audio Amplifier

  11. HoopsOnToast

    Wtd - Clones Audio Amplifier

    Thanks, I've only seen/heard excellent things about these amps, from the smaller 25 to the larger 55 models.
  12. Hi guys, I am interested in a Clones Audio amp if anyone is looking to sell one. Fancy giving one a go! Cheers, Rob
  13. HoopsOnToast

    Where's your sofa

    Yeah, my room is 17' long, which accounts for the ~32Hz mode, and 12' wide which I guess could account for the ~50Hz dip....
  14. HoopsOnToast

    Where's your sofa

    In my experience, room issues will not be solved entirely with a speaker change. I have found, bringing the seating position away from the rear walls really helps with bass boom, even if its by just a foot or two, adding some soft furnishings (curtains etc) can help even before proper room treatment. My room, with the seating position around 4ft from the rear wall, has a pronounced peak @ ~32Hz and dip @ 48Hz, this is noticeable on all the speakers I have tried in my room. Below is some measurements with REW/UMIK-1 Mic of a variety of speakers, the KEF Reference 201/2, Frugelhorn Lite and DIY Supravox Full-Range speakers. The KEF 201/2 has excellent bass response, a ported 3-way stand-mount that has generous bass performance for its size produces quite a large peak. The Frugelhorn Lite speakers actually start rolling off at around earlier than 100Hz and very little output normally below 60Hz, but as you can see in my room, it brings it up around the 65Hz area, as well as some output at the 32Hz peak. The Supravox Full-Range driver speakers I currently have are a happy medium, designed to work in the room, with no crossover or Baffle Step Compensation taking into account of the design, that I have planned to be room-friendly. FHL Vs 201-2 FR (Stereo @ Seat) by Robert Seymour, on Flickr Supravox 165-2000 (L) Distortion by Robert Seymour, on Flickr I would recommend getting REW, a USB Mic and start measuring what you are hearing, so you can then alter accordingly. You may find, that some speakers just do not work in your room, I have had that with the little Neat Petite III, larger Tannoy Stirling HE & KEF 104/2 I just could not get to work on the bass. It would be worth using your existing speakers, and playing around with placement of the sofa, speakers and maybe try some temporary room treatment, even with pillows or a mattress for example, just to see what effect it has.
  15. HoopsOnToast

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Is that the PMA-850? I do love the look of the S10 and S1, love a bit of champagne!