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  1. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Thanks, very pleased with the combination. I fear the 201/2s may well oust the Rega R9s after a 3-4 years (non continuous ownership though although same pair). Giving the 2500NE a little work out yesterday, with the 201/2 its certainly effortless!
  2. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Yeah, I was not originally thinking of having the Sony back but the stars aligned and its back with me! I am using the MC input on the Denon, not had a chance to try it so far though.
  3. Hoops, Cheese or Beans?

    Rob, great to see you and have a natter
  4. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Initial impressions, like what I remember from the older PMA-2000AE, it has bass grip and dynamics that really get hold of the speakers!
  5. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Latest change, Rega Apollo, Cursa and Maia out, my old Sony S9000ES and new Denon PMA-2500NE in System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr
  6. Hoops, Cheese or Beans?

    System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr My, what a heavy beast, and now kept company with my old S9000ES back from Rob Over the next few weeks, I shall switch between the Sony's DAC and the Denon and give the MC Phono a good work out! Only real impressions so far is more on the build, like a tank as you would expect, and did not realise quite how big the knob is System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr
  7. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Looking good Colin! Nice and simple
  8. An experimental active Lowther 2-way build

    I got mine second hand, but you can get them direct which automatically add VAT, Purite Audio sell them as well.
  9. An experimental active Lowther 2-way build

    I only used the original 2x4 version, yes you can import REW data to correct automatically.
  10. An experimental active Lowther 2-way build

    I can't recommend the MiniDSP boards highly enough for a DSP Crossover, so cheap and easy to implement. The 2x4 Board, a Behringer A500 with a T-Amp would be an excellent start I think, I did similar (MiniDSP 2x4 with an A500/Decware Zen) for a 2-way with a Full-range driver alongside a large mid-bass. Certainly a very flexible (and low cost/easy to sell) way to start out so you can get them going, and they implement something more perminant once you have all the right Crossover settings.
  11. How locally made is your setup?

    Seems to be a mix of England/UK and Japan.... Rega P9/RB1000 - England Audio Technica AT33/PTG/II - Japan Denon PMA-2500NE - Japan KEF 201/2 - England Decware Zen and Frugelhorn speakers technically England as they were DIY.....
  12. Ampregen - Fantastic service

    Yup, Graeme is a true gent, even if he does have an unhealthy obsession with valves and Quad 57s So helpful and I learned a LOT when he walked me through my Decware Zen Kit build, very patient!
  13. securing standmount speakers without damaging veneer

    White-tac, no residue
  14. I'm after a new Integrated

    What about a big Denon? I've just put my name down for a PMA-2500NE, plenty of power, built in DAC too.
  15. Michell Engineering Thread

    I used to have an SE but I have always thought the full Gyro looks better with the integrated plinth/cover, just a timeless classic! Looks spot on with the two-tone SME!