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  1. HoopsOnToast

    Proac tablette style speakers- name that tweeter?

    The Seas 11F-GX was popular in the late '70s and '80s being used in the Proac Tablette and Super Tower, Keesonic Kolt and a few other small mini-monitors. Its basically the same as the current CA12RCY although now with a round basket. It can comfortably cover up to around 4kHz+ so I would expect the tweeter as you say, to be crossed over quite high.
  2. HoopsOnToast

    Magnepan LRS (Little Ribbon Speakers)

    I had a pair of the original MMG models, and I really liked them. They have certain limitations due to the design (bass depth, limited vertical dispersion etc) but they do have some special attributes, being dipole the bass is very even and tight with great speed throughout the frequency range. They do however require a decent amplifier, they are not very sensitive but have a pretty easy resistive 4-Ohm load. Even the larger ones despite their size, can easily be hidden by moving against a wall when not in use, making them slightly more WAF friendly..... System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr
  3. HoopsOnToast

    Rega Owners Club

    Quick question guys, has anyone got an opinion on the Elicit (Mk2) phonostage? I've just bought an Elicit Mk2 with the built in MM stage, although at the moment, I have the P9/Ania combo so would need an SUT. I've a Ray Samuels Nighthawk phonostage which I am really happy with so far, just pondering if the Elicit stays long term, if it would be worth upgrading the built in one to the MC version? I wonder how the following options might compare: Elicit w/MM Stage and an SUT Elicit w/MC stage upgrade Elicit with Fono MC Elicit with Nighthawk Half planning a simple long term system, when my R9 speakers come back from loan with a mate, with a CDP TBC: P9/Ania Some CDP Elicit R9
  4. HoopsOnToast

    FS - Nuforce STA120 Power Amplifier

  5. HoopsOnToast

    FS - Nuforce STA120 Power Amplifier

  6. HoopsOnToast

    FS - Nuforce STA120 Power Amplifier

  7. HoopsOnToast

    FS - Nuforce STA120 Power Amplifier

    Reduced £225
  8. HoopsOnToast

    FS - Nuforce STA120 Power Amplifier

    Still Available
  9. HoopsOnToast

    FS - Nuforce STA120 Power Amplifier

  10. HoopsOnToast

    FS - Nuforce STA120 Power Amplifier

  11. HoopsOnToast

    FS - Nuforce STA120 Power Amplifier

  12. HoopsOnToast

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    I really like them, not the last word in bass but they work very well in my room. I don't feel the need to add a tweeter although I do like the idea of using the drivers with some bass support.
  13. HoopsOnToast

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Yes, very much so. I've not listened to the P9 as much as I have recently, in the last month even more!
  14. HoopsOnToast

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr DIY Source Selector by Robert Seymour, on Flickr From the previous post, I have moved the Rega Saturn on as there was not enough of an improvement on the Sony, and added a MiniDSP 2x4HD ahead of a multi-way DIY speaker project. I've also added a long standing 'want' in the Something Solid rack, with my own 30mm Baltic Birch Ply shelves for the moment. Sources Sony DVP-S9000ES Rega P9 / Ania Ray Samuels Nighthawk F117 Logitech Bluetooth Adapter Source Selector Box (DIY) Integrated Amplifier Decware Zen SE84C (DIY) Speakers Supravox 165-2000 (DIY)
  15. HoopsOnToast

    Sub bass & bass Speakers with 18" Volt RV4564 drivers

    Sweet, you can't go wrong with Volt Bass! Although I have only used a couple of the 'smaller' 8" and 10" mid-bass drivers!