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  1. HoopsOnToast

    Where's your sofa

    Yeah, my room is 17' long, which accounts for the ~32Hz mode, and 12' wide which I guess could account for the ~50Hz dip....
  2. HoopsOnToast

    Where's your sofa

    In my experience, room issues will not be solved entirely with a speaker change. I have found, bringing the seating position away from the rear walls really helps with bass boom, even if its by just a foot or two, adding some soft furnishings (curtains etc) can help even before proper room treatment. My room, with the seating position around 4ft from the rear wall, has a pronounced peak @ ~32Hz and dip @ 48Hz, this is noticeable on all the speakers I have tried in my room. Below is some measurements with REW/UMIK-1 Mic of a variety of speakers, the KEF Reference 201/2, Frugelhorn Lite and DIY Supravox Full-Range speakers. The KEF 201/2 has excellent bass response, a ported 3-way stand-mount that has generous bass performance for its size produces quite a large peak. The Frugelhorn Lite speakers actually start rolling off at around earlier than 100Hz and very little output normally below 60Hz, but as you can see in my room, it brings it up around the 65Hz area, as well as some output at the 32Hz peak. The Supravox Full-Range driver speakers I currently have are a happy medium, designed to work in the room, with no crossover or Baffle Step Compensation taking into account of the design, that I have planned to be room-friendly. FHL Vs 201-2 FR (Stereo @ Seat) by Robert Seymour, on Flickr Supravox 165-2000 (L) Distortion by Robert Seymour, on Flickr I would recommend getting REW, a USB Mic and start measuring what you are hearing, so you can then alter accordingly. You may find, that some speakers just do not work in your room, I have had that with the little Neat Petite III, larger Tannoy Stirling HE & KEF 104/2 I just could not get to work on the bass. It would be worth using your existing speakers, and playing around with placement of the sofa, speakers and maybe try some temporary room treatment, even with pillows or a mattress for example, just to see what effect it has.
  3. HoopsOnToast

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Is that the PMA-850? I do love the look of the S10 and S1, love a bit of champagne!
  4. HoopsOnToast

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Thanks, yeah I am a big fan of the older PMA-2000AE and of course, this PMA-2500NE. Far too big and over-specced than I need but I love it anyway.
  5. HoopsOnToast

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Replacement drivers back, and very happy! Switching between the Little Decware Zen and the Beast Denon PMA-2500NE. [/url ]System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr Experimenting with some room treatment, helped tighten up the soundstage placed at the 1st reflection point. Supravox 165-2000 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr The Supravox 165-2000 full range driver. Supravox 165-2000 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr
  6. HoopsOnToast

    Have TV's changed much....

    Without going too far OT, I have the 55FZ802 and its excellent. The only downside I can see is the 'Stutter' that is reported, only really noticeable with some poor quality SD content and some panning shots. Stuff like the F1 and 4K disks seem fine. Other than that, the colours, black levels (to be expected) and software is excellent, even the built in speakers are very good even compared to my old P42X20 and P42VT20 plasmas.
  7. HoopsOnToast

    Have TV's changed much....

    Having just bought a 4K 55" OLED Panasonic in the past few months, upgrading from a 1080P 42" Plasma Panasonic, the difference is amazing. SD content, on a 4K screen is going to look pants, no two ways about it, there is only so much upscaling can do! The Panasonic range have always been good at their upscaling, 720P 'HD' content from SKY looks great on 4K, as does 1080P content on Bluray. Full fat 4K UHD content on Netflix and Bluray is outstanding though. I would say its worth it on films you really like. 4K UHD (HDR too) Blade runner and Blade Runner 2049 are simply stunning, as is Batman: The Dark Knight. In short, I would rather have the best 1080P screen you can get if you dont care about 4K content. If you want 4K content, I would wait for OLED to come down as I've not been impressed with any 4K LED/Q-LED screens I've seen. Coming from Plasma anyway. IMO/IME etc.
  8. HoopsOnToast

    Age profile of Wam members.

    To be a Pro, you have to have a belly that you can rest a beer on while thumbing through Vinyl....
  9. HoopsOnToast

    Recommended small form-factor phono stage?

    Trichord Dino (+ PSU) is a good shout, nice and compact, flexible. I have a Ray Samuels F117 Nighthawk battery powered stage at the moment, again flexible and even smaller.
  10. HoopsOnToast

    power amplifier with no pre amplifier

    The TA-N55ES looks to have a built in attenuator so yes, I guess you could use it direct from the Rega Apollo-R CDP, just make sure its turned down all the way when you turn it on!
  11. HoopsOnToast

    Sony TA N55ES

    Oops, wrong thread
  12. HoopsOnToast

    Hoops, Cheese or Beans?

    So bit of a change, once again heading back down the single driver route properly. I'm trying to keep hold of my favourite stuff, although I can't afford to have lots of stuff lying around so the KEF 201/2s are sold, the big Denon PMA-2500NE is boxed up into storage and the Decware Zen thrust back into full-time use! The Rega R9s are still mine but with a friend on long term loan. Some large donor/test cabinets arrived, awaiting a new front plywood panel..... DIY System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr In prep for a pair of these, Supravox 165-2000 full-range drivers. I have the Veravox 5S drivers in storage, excellent but lacking in sensitivity at around 90dB/2.83V, the 165-2000 are around 96-97dB/2.83V which is an excellent match with the ~2pwc Decware Zen. They are a mini beast, a ~2Tesla AlNiCo magnet and 5mm Xmax! Supravox 165-2000 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr And installed Supravox 165-2000 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr Compared to the little Frugelhorn Lites Little and Large by Robert Seymour, on Flickr They were however only installed for a test fit and test as the drivers themselves did not meet the manufactures spec. So they are back with Supravox in France to see whats up I did do a quick test sweep in REW as well as measuring the T/S parameters with a Dayton DATS In-Room response for Left and Right Supravox 165-2000 (L) Distortion by Robert Seymour, on Flickr Distortion for one speaker Supravox 165-2000 In Room Response by Robert Seymour, on Flickr For the moment, I am back with the Frugelhorn Lites to tide me over. To pass the time, I have sourced a new Phono stage as my previous one was integrated in the big Denon amp, a lovely little Ray Samuels F117 Nighthawk. I had one on loan a few years back in 2012 and was very impressed so it seemed like a good choice in the ~£300 budget that I had. Decware / Emmeline by Robert Seymour, on Flickr
  13. HoopsOnToast

    What is worst amp you have had that worked

    Eagle SA-100 little PP EL84 amp, nice mid-range if a bit grainy, bass was punchy but lacking any depth. Eagle SA-100 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr Eagle SA-100 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr
  14. Long shot, but looking for a Ray Samuels F-117 Nighthawk Phonostage. ALL SORTED NOW, THANKS
  15. HoopsOnToast

    New Rega on the Block

    I had a Gyro SE, moved to a Rega P9. Very happy with the result, although comparable price in the second hand market, when new the P9 was quite a bit more.