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  1. falcoron

    Change of amplifier

    Just give credit card details and get one posted for demo. Don’t like it send back
  2. falcoron

    BK subs and antimode

    Sorry they are M6
  3. falcoron

    BK subs and antimode

    Think they might be M6 mate but will check after work this evening cheers
  4. falcoron

    BK subs and antimode

  5. falcoron

    BK subs and antimode

  6. falcoron

    Wanted, Tannoy Xt8f speakers

    Eh? Have you got the right post mate?
  7. falcoron

    Starting over

    Ha Ha! He would never part with any of his kit now, never seen him so content and he had some of the so called best for years. You can have first refusal though
  8. falcoron

    Starting over

    Got rid of years ago lol! to my brother ( read my reply to you) and the 72 to my mate. Both great players and I enjoyed both in there time with me. No CD players now, I’ve all my 2500+ cds downloaded in lossless flac to hard drives and backed up, I stream from my computer nas storage and use roon , my Dac is the Sublime SOTM sd1000ex fed by the equally superb ultra 200 streamer/ renderer from the same marque.
  9. falcoron

    Starting over

    As I’ve said I don’t really go by magazine reviews but rather talk to or read actual owners reviews on forums etc. I do read magazines from time to time but usually just out of curiosity of what’s new, let’s face it the rate of change over the past few years is staggering especially to the older community lol!
  10. falcoron

    Starting over

    Nothing wrong with brand loyalties if been an avid fan of Arcam in the past, my brother and my mate still own the CD players I sold them once I moved on! a cd72 and a FMJ 23 Both still playing flawlessly after all these years. Had a few Arcam amps too. As for AV I just don’t have or will ever have so cannot comment. My affair with Proac was really frustrating I actually have a dealer close by and have auditioned and adored them in the past only to be really disappointed a few months down the road, not really bad just em...Meh! So have never returned to them, I loved spendor for a time too when i had a real love for Copland amps and CD players match was perfect for me and lasted quite a while! i then went valve and have had lots from audion, audio note, Hovland, Graaf, Art, SJS etc.etc. Last one was a Luxman MQ88, lovely amp but didn’t match the 300b SJS amp Simon made for me and the only piece I really regret selling, can’t for the life of me understand what I was thinking! Really sad about that! Speakers?what ive had and listened to would take all night to go through! I used to buy and sell speakers and make a few quid doing so, so had a great deal come and go and I got a real good feeling for marques and how they sounded, alas that’s hard to do nowadays, of all I had through here I really liked these, PMC, Spendor, Audiovector, Living Voice, Vandersteen and Audionote ( in the right system) my last pair (recently sold) was a really nice pair of odeon Rigolleto which had one of the best sounding treble I’ve ever heard, superbly detailed sound with cracking see through sound stage but lacked bass, I added 2 small active subs and an antimode as compensation and that worked really well, but in a living room was a bit cluttered looking so sold the odeon’s and am now selling the subs and antimode here in the classifieds. what got me rethinking all this was my brother did the same thing, he sold all his really expensive kit bar his old FMJ and he bought a used tube tech unisis amp for under £700 and a pair of Q acoustic floor standers at around £500. Seriously in his room ( purpose built hi fi room) it sounds bloody amazing! Much better than the prices should do, especially the speakers, I did try these in my room and they are really good fir the money but in my room the bass was not so good so sounded a bit disjointed even with my brothers amp or mine in play. so Luxman amp and odeon speakers sold and putting away half the money into our new boat fund ( sold our boat last year now looking a newer one) so dealer in Belgium wanted my Luxman amp and offered me a brand new Perreaux 80i mosfet amp and good cash my way so as the perreaux is nearly £3k and I got a wod of cash with it I did the deal on the caveat I could return if I didn’t like it. Have to say I’m really enjoying it, it’s as sweet as a nut! Slight warmth to it which I like and nice power delivery, has all the connections for future proofing comes complete with a phono stage and a decent DAC too, although I’ve kept my high end digital front end so don’t need that. But I’m really happy with this amp, I heard it with the rigolleto’s and It made a nice difference on those too, but as they are now gone I’m using my stand by speakers I made a while back, frugal horn XL which for very little spend and effort are fabulous wee speakers that have served me well over the years in my main system, in between changes and in a second system in a gym room I built the Mrs. The 3 short listed are; 1, pylon sapphire 31 (£1000) I just think the quality parts list, build quality and awards these have won over the years is impressive and has me really interested. 2, Tannoy XT8F ( £1399 usually but audio affair has clearance at under £1k) 3, Sonus Faber chameleon or veneer 2.5 ( used) I like SF speakers owned a couple and heard a lot! They have a house sound and I’ve never heard a bad pair yet! Cheers Ron
  11. falcoron

    Starting over

    Nothing is really, don’t let it annoy you! Lol! true I have been fed up “recently”’going to higher end kit, but have been “mostly” very happy with my choices over the years with or without audition. My last 2 set up’s have been big spends with very little reward but with these components, (all of which I did audition) I was initially impressed but longer ( 6 months) living with them ive become underwhelmed. So auditioning is not always foolproof by any means. I’ve sold my high end amp and high end speakers. I’ve banked half of the money and will spend the other half on a system that won’t be high end per say, but I bet with a bit of effort, research and knowing my tastes I can better what I had before. To my ears anyway which to me is all that matters. Anyhoo! I’m down to 3 options for speaker now as I’ve bought an Amp I’m over the moon with. Was sold to me blind and I have the option of full refund fir 30 days but im really sure it’s staying! thanks fir the input appreciate it.
  12. falcoron

    Starting over

    Yes I’ve done it lots of times and always done my homework first usually owners reviews are a wealth of info regarding sound quality. As stated this is not everyone’s way but I’ve bought 90% like this and 85% has been really good. Of all auditioned stuff I liked in a shop only about 5% was actually bought
  13. falcoron

    Starting over

    Yes read up on the history too, lots of experienced skill in the factory now. They still manufacture cabinets in very high quality for some of the biggest companies, and are at this time designing their own drivers as well as using quality ones from seas scanspeak and visitron Germany.
  14. falcoron

    Starting over

    Thanks a million for that very nicely written, I’ve heard a few Kef’s and most (not all ) never really floated my boat to be honest. I’ve been to loads of shows, owned hundreds of different systems and have lots of friends who had done similar so I have heard lots and lots of speakers in my time. Bought from every shop in Northern Ireland at some point and know what I like in a system for my aging ears. I totally agree that auditioning is key to getting things right but that is not always poss and sometimes you have to take a gamble! ( not for everyone I know) Saying that buying at distance gives some prectection if you really don’t like what you buy. At under a grand or there abouts, the speaker world has really woken up probably as Q acoustic has raised the bar and a few others like Fyne, kralk, and a few from Poland and surrounding countries have really pushed the spec. I have a few friends on the continent that are really into the hifi game much more than I can dream of and to a point they keep me well informed. I work overseas a fair bit so do get to hear a lot of hi fi when I can and to get out of hotel rooms! I’ve been speaking to a few and they have all heard the pylon range or most of the ones at shows anyway. One guy I know well from Finland when working in Sweden and Finland together (I’ve heard his system which was superb ) has home demo’d the Saffire 31. His system is, speakers are Living voice and amp from lavardin, streaming with PS audio. He said the pylon speakers are sensational for the money. Much better detail, soundstage with deeper better quality bass, mids very similar but treble so much sweeter and better detail, I’ve owned living voice and loved them but found bass a little shy and treble smooth but safe and mids excellent. His hifi mates also heard these at his house and Everyone of them were gobsmacked how good these are! ive been speaking to a few Pylon dealers and the Manager over Europe and they have been exceptionally helpful. They have loads of speakers in 4 or 5 price ranges I asked for recommendations and gave them info on what I like, room size furniture etc. System now and music tastes, they all recommended the Saffire 31. Now there are a lot of more expensive speakers in their portfolio and it would be easy to recommend these more expensive models to get more money from me but not one did so that was both condistant and reassuring, I have a few more owners reviews to read that I have to get translated and I don’t read too many magazine reviews I tend to ask the owners and fellow hi fi geeks who are a lot more real world when reviewing, warts and all. Pylon also have a Facebook forum page and I’ve PM’d a few owners there too and have had great replies. Cheers fir all the comments won’t suit everyone the way I do things but hey! Were all different and all love a challenge lol
  15. falcoron

    Starting over

    I’ve read all the pylon reviews with translator app, they have a cracking build, quality drivers from seas and scans peak and use quality cross over components all point to point wired, add to that superb fit and finish ( they make cabs for audio physic and a few others) do real wood veneers or any high gloss colour you want. Not many others do that fir around a grand fir a 3 way speaker! think I’m going to take a plunge