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  1. falcoron

    Starting over

    Thought you had a wee joint there for a minute lol
  2. falcoron

    Starting over

    ah I see what your talking about now! Those speakers in the background are my home made frugalhorns the rear is still in primer I’ve yet to paint Matt black lol
  3. falcoron

    Starting over

    Don’t know why my pictures came out this way!! Loaded from I phone library all up right but come out sideways
  4. falcoron

    Starting over

    Well plunge finally taken after much reading debating and talking to the manufacturers I ordered a pair of Pylon sapphire 31 speakers in hi gloss white. 2 weeks later and with regular updates though the probuction line to paint shop to testing and great tracking info they arrived last after 2 weeks. Now when I say I’m impressed with the fit and finish in really gob snacked how good these are and the finish would grace any Rolls Royce! Beautiful full deep very high gloss white paintwork, drivers fit is second to non and even down to the optional felt bottom speaker feet all exude quality of the highest order. The manufacturers told me that run in is not nessesary and these will sound great from the box so feet fitted and set in place with laser measurements to get perfect rear and side wall distances, laser the toe in to hit my listening position and select play, Straight from the off these are very good indeed, now I’ve had valve amps for 30 years but after selling the Luxman and the odeon rigolleto speakers I got a brand new perreaux 80i mosfet amp witch is really nice wee amp, slight warmth and good power, the 2 seem to match really well together no nasty ness at all, treble is a seas unit and really detailed and smooth the scanspeak mid driver is also detailed and smooth with great bass down to a claimed 36hz the whole package just works beautifully I can’t get over how good these speakers are for under a grand, Seriously! Covers have magnets so no ugly holes to mar the lovely front baffle. ive been playing seriously all weekend and biy can these rock! Detail is superb and separation and soundstage are impressive, no boxy sound just a really nice speaker all round, I would have these over some I’ve had in the past that cost 5 or 6 times the price. Must get a valve amp on the end to see how that sounds too. But really over the moon!
  5. Subs now £120 plus post each antomode now £180 posted uk and Ireland M8 soundcare superspikes £35 per set ( 2 sets available) post free
  6. Perreaux lovely amps and they do huge power too
  7. Just took out of subs last night and they are M8 pm if still interested cheers
  8. Lovely! wish you had this up when i was looking a few months back perfect! GLWS
  9. Why not mate lol! Good luck on your quest. I have to say i do miss a valve amp glow but my wee perreux 80i is a sweet little amp wil as many connections as you could ever want and inc a phono and dac. Have a hankering for an other Audio note amp maybe an otto or soro.
  10. Just give credit card details and get one posted for demo. Don’t like it send back
  11. Think they might be M6 mate but will check after work this evening cheers