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  1. No problemo, your posts honestly make me laugh! This place needs a little fun injecting into its prosaic patrons....

  2. Strider

    Clothy's trolling thread - new

    I received my first ever two week bar from this very forum back in 2006 for posting about the, "best speaker in the world."
  3. Strider

    What wireless routers are we using?

    We use a TP-Link Archer V900 ii, the coverage is excellent when through four walls and down the garden about 20m away.
  4. Strider

    DCT (deep cryogenic treatment)

    I can do that. Simples. (running away very fast from the kidney punches and face stomps for saying 'simples'..
  5. Strider

    DCT (deep cryogenic treatment)

    I might get my Hi-fi tuning fuses DCT'd. The fuses made the blacks so inky my mates called me Parker. I'm serious here, can you imagine all the veils would be lifted in one hit! Where's my Coutts checkbook?
  6. Strider

    Speaker terminal question

    Rights banged too.....😂
  7. Forgive me for asking the obvious: Have you tried connecting the output to an amplifier from the usb interface? Also try a different device on the same input to the amplifier. I know Windows headphone out is nasty but can you plug your headphones into the headphone socket to see if the issue follows?
  8. Strider


    I had my lug holes tested this morning and managed 17 KHz (only just), not bad at all for an early 50's freak of nature..
  9. Strider

    usb to spidf optical or coax converter

    Thats a tasty little gem.
  10. Strider

    usb to spidf optical or coax converter

    The Behinger UCA202 are really good value and surprisingly good audio quality, we've got a few of these on AV installs where we needed a USB to line out and my engineers stole them as they are so good!. Don't be put off by the looks also, don't bother with the red version as itdentical to the silver one just some pointless software added.
  11. Strider

    Speaker terminal question

    Kondo...... But of course cables make no difference....
  12. Strider

    Speaker terminal question

    Oh my, scattered limbs, profanities that aren't even found in Roger's Profanisaurus , death threats and bare bottoms.
  13. Strider

    Speaker terminal question

    Blimey cupcakes, I suggest you consult your dictionary about the word 'forum'. If you have an opinion on any subject be prepared to hear a counter opinion, an opinion is based on your experience and without empirical or scientific credentials is open to debate. There is much wisdom here regarding the technical and learned experience from both system designers and from years of a wealth of sorting the fantastical to the factual. Please express your thoughts freely but also by proclaiming something is 'better" and you cannot tolerate a counter opinion your butthurt meter is going to be at eleven. Peace and love.
  14. Strider

    Nabru Modular Sofas - Any experience?

    At first I was a bit dubious about the extra thick cushions as my head was well above the tweeter height of my Proac's where as my last old sofa placed my ears a good eight inches below, now the furniture is settled in a bit my bonce is perfectly aligned with the tweeters. Just be sure about placement of the sofa, try and move it once its completed is a Herculean task but at least you can remove the seats and backs. If your'e a short ar$e like me (5'6") the cushions are on the deep side and my little legs don't touch the floor if I sit right back, I use a thin cushion just to bolster up. I forgot to add, the Lear version we bought is a 3 x 2 (6) seater but remember that the corner is also classed as a seat or a slob section as my wife uses it for....
  15. Strider

    Nabru Modular Sofas - Any experience?

    Yes, We bought a large 3 x 2 corner sofa just before Christmas. Really nice and efficient people that were great to deal with, answered all our questions and explained in detail what we were getting, the delivery driver was a star too as the boxes were really heavy! We bought the 'Lear' with arms. We went for the extra thick cushions and under seat storage, this thing is like a Tardis underneath! The MDF construction is extremely precise with sharp edges and no faults, the frame itself took about 45 mins to assemble, cushions about half hour. The hardest part s getting the seat covers and boards into the seat covers, that was a bitch and involved a lot of swearing. It's also effing heavy. A good thing is you can buy replacement parts including covers, cushions, seats etc and they don't rip you off. We are still very happy with ours so far and it does see a lot of arses but so far is holding up really well. (I don't work for them at all!) Oh yeah, they can send you swatches so you can choose your fabric. Just make sure that before you commit that you get the orientation right on both the website and give them a call.