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  1. Strider

    Bottom Ported Speakers in a Flat?

    The majority of ProAc floorstander speakers are bottom ported..
  2. Not sure about the Allo, I fitted the Audiophonics AUDIOPHONICS DAC I-Sabre ES9038Q2M KALI EDITION Raspberry Pi / I2S & SPDIF / PCM DSD, the sound quality is stunning not just for the price but it is so good. I've got an Rpi 2 with the TXCO MK3 top hat and again the sound quality is superb, my son has stolen it to use in his system!
  3. Strider

    Cable Management Tweak - Salamander Synergy

    Accidental post.
  4. Strider

    Advice on AMP DAC for HD650 Cans

    How about something from the Fiio range? Very portable and excellent sound quality, I've got the Alpen E17 and it goes everywhere with me.
  5. Strider

    Madness......on the BBC

    That's her!!🤘Her voice was full of emotion and she had wonderful inflection and tone control. What a girl!
  6. Strider

    Madness......on the BBC

    No' Jess Glynnne sounds like a bleating goat. It was a rather rotund black girl. we've ID'd her now, thanks same!
  7. Strider

    Madness......on the BBC

    I think Jools is a very talented musician and a genuinely nice guy, unfortunately the genre and formulaic soul/jazz/swing doesn't belong on a new years eve program. More a kind of BBC 2, 3am broadcast fot those still using a VCR to record their favourite programs on. There was one girl with a stunning voice that gave me goosebumps, she was backed by the house band, can't remember her name. I know it wasn't the hollering, bellowing Ruby Turner! 😁
  8. Strider

    Madness......on the BBC

    I sympathize entirely, his ego is bigger than Jupiter and on to is that he's a narcissist..
  9. Strider

    Madness......on the BBC

    You forgot Van Morrison, the bloater cannot sing, at all. I had the displeasure to work with him once, a vile bully that relentlessly criticized the other musicians, shouted at stage crew and acted like a petulant child. Redeeming features? The hats he wears are quite cool...
  10. Strider

    Madness......on the BBC

    Hackneyed old pop band masquerading as a ska band. Over hyped and sadly still on staged. Mind you that Jools Holland thing was utter garbage for the 5th year in a row, screaming soul singers, self indulgent big band racket and mediocre pop drivel. Did it have Nyle Rogers on it playing the same riff he's got away with for the last forty years? #Worraloadofoldcrapagain.
  11. Strider

    WTD - Double width rack

    Soundstyle make a good and very affordable double width equipment support, have a look on eBay, I payed 60 quid for mine and it came with a free DVD rack!
  12. Strider

    Starting over

    Dang, their range of speakers are gorgeous!
  13. Strider

    Speaker Placement

    Stunning system, as usual it's the mundane and non taxing, elevator music playing. Make it work out, give a wide band track to test dynamics and scale. Still, the presenter was fantastic and informative, she was the most interesting part in the whole thing.
  14. Strider

    Some help required understanding roon

    I use MoOde on an RPi 3. It's not as difficult to setup at all and you don't need to be an IT expert to get it up and running. The latest version is OS and MoOde complete so no need for coding or scripting. Sound quality is seriously good and for such little outlay not much comes close to besting it. Good luck whatever path you choose...
  15. Strider

    Christmas Tree?

    I like the cut of your job sir. My good lady has upped this anti and now used fairy lights around the door frame creating something of of a si-fi movie where an alien strolls into my lounge carrying an inside out reindeer. Beer is your friend, it requires little effort to consume it's bubbly goodness, the only trade off is the frequent trip to the lavvy to relieve your distended bladder...