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  1. As I've said, it's not the medium but the terrible music played, jangly guitar and male baritone , shockingly bad female jazz covers of pop songs, R&B noodling, stupidly loud drum pieces, xylophone pop, Korean opera, et-al. I've been to so many shows and the music is horrendous, banal and nowhere on earth have I heard anyone played in someones home. Well, apart from that tiresome and relentless "Keith don't go' by Nils Lofgren whilst its ok but its played to death.
  2. Egzakerlee. On your system George just about everything sounds gorgeous apart from Narr.....
  3. Check this travesty out @rabski @Ron Hilditch Yes! This is what I'm getting at, the music used to show-case the medium.
  4. Nope Dire Kill me now Smash my teeth with a toffee hammer.
  5. Some pop is pretty classy stuff and well constructed, the stuff trundled out on main stream radio such as Heart, Radio 1 and oft Radio 2 is usually pretty poor. Could you imagine Sam Smith in high-rez on a pair Focals at near filed?
  6. Easy tigers! What I'm getting at isn't necessarily the medium its the utterly dire music used to 'show case' the high-rez format.
  7. That's madness (not the band) but there are some out there willing shell out 'just because...'
  8. You've hit the nail firmly on it's bonce,
  9. It's the actual styles of music that are spectacularly bad, vomit inducing R&B, whiney female Eva Cassidy style, Leonard Cohen type vocals that only a whale could interpret. Then there's the banal cover versions, don't get me started on those....
  10. What is it with 'high-rez' music? Why is it all god-awful dreary jazz, twangy guitar with grumbling male vocals, screechy classical and mostly utterly boring trite guff. Why do they play it hi-fi shows when its nothing more than audio wallpaper sparkly elevator music? YMMV of course...
  11. Fidelelizer is really good and it's free. I've been fiddling with it on my NUC headphone based rig, highly configurable. a note though regarding setup, follow the instructions as there are a couple of additional files needed to get it working g on certain troublesome PC's and to save curves.
  12. Sorry but a huge bunch of red X's instead of pictures mate.
  13. The majority of 'hi-fi' coaxial cables aren't fit for purpose technically, to attain 75 ohm it needs to be a minimum 1.5m+. As the input of most equipment is robust it's almost irrelevant what cable you use up to about 5 metres, you can prove this yourselves by using any standard phono lead and it'll still work. There was only one improvement I found by changing from a branded 'hi-fi' coaxial cable to an industry standardised VDC BBC broadcast coax, its a true double shielded and is pig to terminate, I only use cold weld/crimp BNC and if needed a good quality BNC phono adaptor. Did a bit of cable swapping between a QED silver sig, TCI something and another Chord coax, the improvement was the odd squeaky interference I was getting from my microwave through my SB classic ceased immediately. I terminated a few other cable lengths and passed them onto Wammers that seemed to love them too.... Buy whatever one has the prettiest braiding and take the hyperbole with a pinch of salt. Just added a picture of the excellent performing cable minus the "veil-lifting/inky blackness/my wife could hear a difference" twaddle.
  14. I've got five Buffalo NAS drives for various scenarios but one is used purely for network music streaming duties. Never had a single issue with any of the drives and two are 6+ years old. some people seem to have an unfavourable view of Buffalo but that's not a problem for me. To be honest any NAS is ok as long as it's reliable.
  15. Is there something you don't like about the sound of your system or you fancy having a dabble with some kind of eq/DSP/effects software?