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  1. Brought one of these AT LP5 decks last week. Have only managed a few hours with it,but have to i'am very impressed with it. Build quality is far better than i expected. Will be using it with an MC cart so expecting very good things from it. If you're after an alternative to an 1210 that hasn't been thrased,this deck is well worth a look.
  2. Would some magic eraser wrapped round a rampant rabbit work?
  4. Was that the tricky 2nd album?...or a porno film?
  5. Yes,van day bought it,but hopefully will be back in July.
  6. Indeed,best to sweep it under the carpet and move on.
  7. He just wants bits for his arm,but thanks for the offer. - - - Updated - - - thanks,will pass it on.
  8. Most are 2.5mm but sounds like they could be 2mm ones.
  9. Thought LCD soundsystem did there final gig a few years back?
  10. - - - Updated - - - No,off to work in a minute.....that's about it i'm afraid.
  11. If i had the funds,i'd have similar speakers recessed into making a living room wall. With a lovely 70s white shagpile carpet,and loads of g-plan and pieff furniture