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  1. Well its wasn't at full trouser flap, more of a wiggle so seemed a little bass light especially in the middle of the room... I did turn it down and put on something more gentle in my defence Thanks for that Jacko, have ordered it
  2. Harrogate 2018

    Excellent news... Thanks for pulling it all together and hope you all get a break before we start bugging you about scalford 2018
  3. Well I do try to please... Actually played a fair bit of non bass obsessed music over the weekend this time... Even played a couple of classical tracks... Yeah I know Well spotted with the paving slabs... stolen from the mother in law's
  4. The show has very different vibe to scalford... Dare I say... a more grown up vibe to it in plusher surroundings... definitely space for both in my annual calendar. It certainly feels less frantic and gives the punters a decent chance to hear what wammers systems can do as people sat through 3 or 4 tracks (even in my room) rather then just a few mins.... The wammer systems I heard over the days all sounded pretty good to me even my brother's! Although I found it quite difficult to get it to sound the way I wanted as the middle of my room seemed to suck out all the bass... making my speakers and my musical choices sound tinny. Despite that, the hotel seems like a good venue, the rooms were all decent sized although a few were funny shaped, the sound bleed from other rooms was fairly minimal and access to a lift was great! The wam organising team and their helpers have clearly done a good job in getting this off the ground and I'm glad that 2018 will happen... When can I sign up So big pat on the back for everyone involved.... I enjoyed my weekend thanks
  5. New date Sat Oct 14th

    I think you find that's just my musical taste
  6. New date Sat Oct 14th

    ooh extra bass I really did miss out
  7. New date Sat Oct 14th

    Sad that I missed out seeing everyone and cake but glad everyone had a good time with a most hospitable gent
  8. Thanks for coming chaps, was really good to see you all... and my brother passes on his thanks for several hrs of a good chin wag and some nice tunes... Think I'll stick to Saturday bake off though in future... Sunday music afternoons are far too mellow See you all soon
  9. lol... I'll have to buy my own house first... I'll look forward to hearing the newer Audionet stuff though... best get saving!
  10. It if had a remote.... But think I've got my heart set on something black, green and gold... And japanese... Thanks GJO she's certainly built up a food rep
  11. Planning on having a bake off at mine on the 23rd July... Will probably have 2 rooms running with my setup in one room (audionet CDP, advantage amps and focal speaker's) and my brother Navi having his in another room (marantz CDP, modded MF A300 and spendor BC1s). Both systems are cd only... but depending on numbers and additional kit could maybe run a third room if needed... No particular theme in mind kit wise... but a search for a new pre's is on my future radar... Limited sofa space at the moment but should be able to cope with around 12 to 15 peeps or so on chairs... Will sort out food of some description and soft drinks... Otherwise bring your own... Attendees: Baggawire, GJO, Testure, BatteredHaggis
  12. That was a great show

    Just to my 2p worth.... Big pat on the back to organising crew, the welcoming pack is a nice touch and my brother and I just wanted to say thanks to all who came to chat and listen to some tunes... Was nice to catch up with plenty of peeps though I didn't get to hear many systems over the weekend... I really enjoyed my time let loose with the wilsons & plinius setup of battered haggis and rabski on sat night, whether anyone else did whilst i was there is a different question Sunbeamgls system sounded nice and taut and flak monkey who stayed up a little later to impress us with another fab sounding system... Whilst I couldn't quite get it sounding right... I didn't blow anything up this year But next year can I have a room that doesn't rattle please
  13. March bake off

    Yes please 😀 Happy to bring the audionet cdp otherwise just some CDs
  14. Scalford 2017

    Well I'm down, hopefully won't blow anything up the night before this time So are the syndicate rooms still the same?
  15. Croydon bake off 25th June

    Sorry a bit slow... decamped to the continent... Was a very enjoyable afternoon, good to meet a couple of new wammers and listen to speakers I've never heard before... Big thanks to Kevin for hosting and looking after us so well... Can only echo the impression that the little Snells and slightly bigger Rogers made, even with me being a off the bell curve on the bass front. Both very different in sound but most enjoyable. They both handled what ever was played on them well... the soundstage for the Snell was wide and it was just a proper foot tapping sound. The Rogers sounded slightly narrower but with more punch and surprising amount of bass... was a very nice afternoon