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  1. 2000 kW RF 200 MHz Gosh who would have guessed that RF means Radio Four and MHz means medium wave hurts.......Not heard of Nagra they make cartridges?
  2. The do have a big bass driver so our largest amplifier may be needed, especially if you like your music loud. I SAID IF YOU LIKE YOUR MUSIC LOUD>
  3. Two Nagra amps a SS amp 2000Kw replacing a 130 kW valve amp.
  4. Just had a look at the book and there are a lot of simialrities (not surprising as it is A Clarke). Large object in book 20kms (Comet 20kms), fast speed of 100 kms/sec (Comet 90 kms/sec) and on an unusual orbit (Comet on hyperbolic orbit of 3.2). Let's hope there are no aliens on board or biots.
  5. A Russian amateur astronomer has discovered a new alien visitor. The object looks like a comet and has a small tail but because of the hyperbolic orbit it can only have come from beyond the Solar System. Unlike last years object this object has been found on its way in whereas last year's object was seen on the way out. It will continue getting brighter and it will be its brightest in early December peaking around the 10th before the moon interferes. It may get bright enough to be seen in binoculars/naked eye(?). Should get bright enough to allow a decent spectra and we can analyse its chemical make-up. Standby for great alien spaceship stories.
  6. It measures well and sounds brilliant; obvious really. It looks quite nice although I prefer a meter even if it never moves when I play it.
  7. I suspect you can turn it off. But I agree and I turn off the display on the XP22 sat here singing its little heart out. Some seem to like the simpler output transistor make-up (XA25)and others prefer the more current, paralleled approach (XAXXX.8). I suspect we will find with the £ sinking against the $ and euro non UK audio will get really expensive. Sign of the times I suppose but even so $7500 is a high price for an integrated and First Wtt may be a better call for those not wanting the fancy case and added extras like meters.
  8. Eeeh Gods and tiny fishes what a load of nonsense........
  9. You rang?? How do you get a drummer off of your porch? Pay him 10 bucks for the pizza. What do you call a drummer with half a brain? Gifted. What does a drummer use for contraception? His personality. What's the first thing a drummer says when he moves to LA? "Would you like fries with that, sir? Deep in the African jungle, a safari was camped for the night. In the darkness, distant drums began a relentless throbbing that continued until dawn. The safari members were disturbed, but the guide reassured them: "Drums good. When drums stop, very bad." Every night the drumming continued, and every night the guide reiterated, "Drums good. When drums stop, VERY bad." This continues for several days until one morning the drumming suddenly stops and all the natives panic and run screaming. The man asks the guide what's the matter? The guide looking very frightened says: "When drums stop, VERY, VERY bad," he said. "Why is it bad?" asked a member of the safari. "Because when drums stop, bass solo begin!"
  10. How do you design a cable not to show his effect?
  11. Hmmm. There are some loudspeaker cable company that would agree with your observation. They argue that cables can be affected by vibrations in the room and you can eiher isolate the cable or damp it. You may have heard the damping effect....or may be not. If you had an AN Io cartridge and tapped the cables that goes to the Stepup transformer you get a sound out of the speakers; the peizoelectric effect?
  12. I was thinking more of creatinine....... The full running in period for those with good and sensitive ears is aligned to the solar cycle with the crystal mat operating optimally after only 1 solar cycle but even better after 2 solar cycles. If you are not satisfied please contact us (or our administrators) and we will die laughing refund your money.
  13. For the first time since 1986: