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  1. George 47

    Science and Subjectivism by Douglas Self

    Pushing the old Williamson article from Wireless World from the late 40s. All amplifiers met these criteria 50 years ago so they have sounded the same for 50 years. Yea really. Put on some more music. 30 years old Self article and zzzzzzzttttttt .
  2. I appreciate you are trying to be helpful guys but I suspect Paul knows what he is doing as he has a little bit of experience of installing audio.
  3. George 47

    FS: Impulse H2 Horn Loudspeakers

    As you are not keen on posting them (and I understand why) it may be worth saying whereabouts in the country you are.
  4. George 47

    When Hifi designers get it “So wrong”

    I suppose it is better than most hifi as styled by Mr Lego.
  5. George 47

    Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

    You replied just as I was...
  6. George 47

    Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

    And of course with CDs you can compress the dynamic range to nearly zero and have loud music all the way through the album. You can' do that with vinyl otherwise you will burn out the cutters. Benefit of digital???
  7. George 47

    Pre-amp for newly acquired ATC SCM40A's

    That's the blighter. Although Max Townsends version is actually an autoformer not a transformer. Another damn term...
  8. George 47

    Pre-amp for newly acquired ATC SCM40A's

    I had a dabble with passives a few years ago and the results were interesting (to me anyway). The classic passive was the Hattor which used Takman resistors in a stepped array. They were truly balanced having 4 sets of stepped resistors. It also had remote volume control and input selection. To me they were incredibly neutral and transparent but could sound a little less exciting than the Pass Labs XP12. The dynamics sounded slightly subdued and the bass had less impact. Oddly enough they worked better in balanced mode. I liked what they did. I used a Promethieus TVC and although a little crude in construction they overcame the bass and dynamics issues so I sold it and listened to a 'better' constructed TVCs. The MFA copper was a much better constructed passive but it did not work too well with my ARC valve Ref 110 power amp, so I sold it. The balanced inputs sounded much the same as the RCAs. I then tried a Townsend Allegri which for me provided the best of all worlds but it is totally single ended. It had the clarity of the other passive with bass and dynamics. but its inputs used a cheap set of RCA sockets on a strip which precludes the use of decent wide cables. I used long cables on the Allegri and it did not seem to cause any problems. Following that lot I tried to rationalise what I heard and 'think' that the problems with the resistor passive were from matching impedances . The MFA is not a true balanced passive as there is only one transformer per channel, which may account for there being no differences between RCAs and balanced. There are TVCs out there that use 4 transformers and are true balanced passives. My fave is the Allegri as that gave the best of both worlds but it does not have balanced inputs/outputs. A few of my 'trusted' reviewers use the Allegri and consider it the bees knees. Martin Colloms loves it and was on his second when I last spoke to him. Max has just released a bells and whistles version with balanced inputs/outputs and RCAs and a headphone amplifier. I suspect it won't be cheap. Despite that I like the sound quality, convenience of the XP12 and its balance control. Have fun listening comparing measurements.
  9. George 47


    It actually has medicinal value.....ironic really.
  10. George 47


    Ahhh that is an extra feature, sir. To prove that others have heard the stunning quality of these cables (or when you look at your bank account) we have given you evidence of the great musical climaxes you will enjoy. Only 2,000 guineas extra. A bargain. Come on it is.
  11. George 47


    I'm OUT
  12. George 47


    One comment from their site: God Shabir any chance you can take my Porsche GT3 and I'll pay you some money for some speakers and cable I can't stop listening to it!” Most people don’t understand, they must think we are mad. Says it all
  13. George 47


    But it is only 33% of retail price. I'll just check my piggy bank.....damn thirteen pounds 28p and a euro....that's four figures. If I save I should be able to get a mains cable in 17 years.
  14. George 47


    Yea but it is only 0.5m long.
  15. George 47

    Recommend crazy nerdy audiophile "effect" tracks

    Do you want my list in alphabetical or chronological order?? I don't have any....