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  1. George 47

    Internet speeds (domestic...bit of a rant)

    Ha........I manage to get 1.8Mb download but never fear GigaClear is delivering up to 1Gb in 2015 (according to their web page). Maybe sometime in 2019 or maybe not. And I live near Reading. We have all clubbed together and bought a flock of pigeons, much quicker.....
  2. George 47

    Metrum (Amethyst) experiences

    I agree although I had the Octave. A great player that does not shout about it. I may be able to give you an address where you can get some stunning recordings at high resolution for free. Mainly classical or jazz but a great indicator of what can be achieved by careful recording at high resolution.
  3. George 47

    Windsor Hi-Fi Show Live 2018

    Aw shucks....
  4. This year’s Windsor Hifi Show will be the last at Windsor as next year it will be at Ascot. And, for me, it went out with a bang. There were so many exhibitors I could not get around them all so excuse not covering everybody. And the number of people there was huge. It was very crowded and busy. Probably one of the best shows I have been to this year. I started at the busy end of the show in the Absolute Sounds rooms. There were three of them with great systems in all of them. The first was the ARC/Wilson room. There were three key people in this demo, Peter McGrath from Wilson, Gordon Gow from ARC and Raveen Gawa from dCS. The system was a dCS transport/DAC, an ARC Ref 10, ARC 160M and the new Sasha DAW in memory of Dave Wilson who died early this year. This system had an enormous soundstage, powerful bass and a very realistic overall sound. And so it should at over £100K. The demo was good apart from maybe spending too much time on chatting and not enough on listening. Nevertheless, good demo, excellent system. Next door was a really different system. With a beautiful Kalista CD player feeding a Constellation Centaur 500w amplifier with the Magico M6 beasts. The cables, as for next door, were Transparent Audios. This was a real brute of a system and played music in a way where every detail was easily heard. But it did not quite communicate the music as well as the system as next door even though it was more detailed. And the price was er…..astronomical…sky high. The Symmetry room had another humungous system present using Brinkmann, Trilogy amplifiers and huge panel speakers. However, the best part was a cracking demo from Mike Valentine of his new audiophile recordings. He loves using valve microphones and recording in churches to get superb natural ambience. His demo of a valve microphone vs the best of the transistor microphones was very informative. A quick demo of different recordings showed that CD quality was good but limited in scale compared to 24/192. DSD was another improvement in warmth and tone but was less good in dynamics. All of these were eclipsed by direct cut vinyl which was much better. And then he played the master tape recording of Elanor McAvoy…….it was miles better…off the scale good. Breathtaking. I managed to collar the poor devil……and I am hoping to visit him and carry out an interview with some real treats for everyone. To come. Onto the last Absolute Sounds room which had a walk-in room with a lot of more affordable equipment. More images from the Show
  5. George 47

    Windsor Hi-Fi Show Live 2018

    Yes, especially the Absolute Sounds rooms and the Symmetry rooms where Mike Valentine is. Get there early as the car parking fills up quickly and the overflow is a bit of distance. It is worth it though. Ascot next year. The drink and food were reasonably priced. I went to buy a coffee at £3.90 but they said to go next door into the exhibition and get them at £1. Lunch £5 for sarny, drink, crisps and fruit.
  6. George 47

    Windsor Hi-Fi Show Live 2018

    I was there today and will try to get a review up soon with lots of images. It was very good with a lot and I mean a lot of people. There were a few great systems (and not the most expensive ones). Oh and a few treats. Try to go to the Mike Valentine demo, he is a great entertainer whilst informing. And you can answer the questions: best microphones, valves or transistors; best format--- CD, 24/192, DSD, direct cut or......1st generation R2R. Yes he plays a genuine master recording.
  7. George 47


    Why you sly little devil..... I have the Forte IIIs here for review and it is going to be a good one.....And there could be another horn system here soon.....
  8. I think I understand: You want to start a cable thread with the Klu Klux Klan.......and you are worried it might damage your left wing?
  9. Has Liverpool declared UDI. What Class D amplifiers???
  10. Right back on topic. Of course, cables make a difference. If you do not believe me then just get hold of the end of this mains cable. There you go, proved it and get up off the floor.
  11. Can be bloody arranged.
  12. George 47

    Deleted Due To Monumental Bellends

    Moved as you requested. I like your review it is thorough and gives a great collection of your experiences. Of course, I have arrived at a similar conclusion having tried a large number of DACs. The NOS DACs just play music as it sounds like in real life and a lot of other DACs sound like good hifi but the more complex they get the less real they sound. The overall sound is more than the DAC chip but when companies use NOS DACs they tend to care more about the sound quality to use such an old fashioned chip and the surrounding circuitry is chosen to give a great sound and not just measure well. A lot of DACs are really computer designed and not meant for humans to listen but for people to admire the charts and graphs. Pointless. I really like the MHDT DAC and you will have to spend a lot to get a much better sounding DAC.
  13. Knock yourself out there are no restrictions. Yes, there will be people who will say snake oil but all views are welcomed (aggressive p*** taking, not). I hear differences with mains cables but find it is system dependent with some amplifiers, for example, there are minimal differences, even very expensive ones. I am currently using a cheap cable that works really well, the Belden mains with 2 good connectors, costs £20 and sees off a good few more expensive cables. It has a lot of shielding which can help.
  14. George 47

    Not your usual audiophile, speaker recommendation

    Hmm If you like Wilson and want used then Guildford Audio has a nice set of Watt/Puppy 6s which appear in one of my images from my recent visit. Trevor and Gavin know exactly what they are doing and will deliver and install. In fact, they are such nice fellas they may leave it with you for a bit of time to hear if it is what you want. Of course, tea and biccies always helps.
  15. George 47

    WAM takeover by Linn?

    Yea, do you think there may be a connection between Naim on PFM and Linn on the Wam? Nah a bit far fetched..... Bloody stop are not meant to enjoy your hifi. It is to be studied not enjoyed. Bloody Linnies......