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  1. Who can repair a Linn Karik II ?

    Not sure of this helps or not: If you have a karik that is skipping, lasers to repair are available. kariks pre 13000 serial are hitachi HOP-M3 lasers. if you have a karik post 13000 or an ikemi the laser is a hitachi HOP-M3a replacement is easy just remove the mech (four screws into the tray) remove ribbon connectors to main pcb. lift out the mech. remove the two connectors to the laser assy (under the mech) undo (a quarter turn) the two cam locks retaining the transport bars. remove the transport bars. tease out the old laser and replace. replace the transport bars. replace all in reverse order. If you can get the laser (they are available) then a reasonable techy should be able to do this. Donberg have them.
  2. I have made a playlist of the tracks from the original tracks (a lot in 24/96) and played that PM. Excellento. Now when is the 24/96 album due out???
  3. Ah...they have run out of albatrosses.
  4. The film was superb and the show was a real spectacle. I saw him at the RAH and it was also brilliant. The Reading Vue was terrible. The sound quality was not good. It was all mid-range with little bass and top end. In fact, I could not hear the bass drum or the bass guitar all the time. Could have saved a few bob and not had them in Reading. Despite that the music was great. Oh and the drunk next to me that smelt of body odour and wanted to sing along to comfortably numb. Fortunately, the young lad next to me who was 7'9" gave him a glare that shut him up." I paid £20 to hear Mr Gilmour. I can hear a drunk singing out of tune for nowt."
  5. The last album i bought was

    Om trip to the US I bought: Fine Young Cannibals Genesis: Foxtrot and Nursery Cryme (US double album release twin album) Michael Murray plays the Great Organ Lincoln Mayorga Volume III The SQ of Genesis was not brilliant compared to my worn UK release. The Lincoln Mayorga is the only 'serious audiophile' album that had myself and a fellow audiophile in tears of laughter . Kitchen sink or what. So bad it was brilliant and there are two more volumes of this...
  6. Alien Life?

    The problem with quantum mechanics is that as it is well outside our normal perceptions it sounds unusual if not just plain weird. Unfortunately that can encourage people to join in and start pushing their own versions of weird and wonderful. Unfortunately they come with very little or no evidence and certainly no mathematics. That does not make the ideas any more acceptable than just guessing and flying. I'll leave you to it.
  7. Alien Life?

    But it does matter if there aren't any out there. Even with our super sophisticated equipment we get nothing. Is that because there aren't any or because we haven't spotted them yet. So if we get a signal saying 'hello' we can then respond by saying 'hello' and at the best wait 8 years for a response at the best. Given alpha and proxima Centauri do not have planets it is likely to be much much longer than 8 years. Never mind our first signals have already gone. No problem in looking and with citizen science we can process the data more quickly.
  8. Alien Life?

    Using the Drake Equation and the current numbers and the number of available stars you end up with lots and lots of aliens. So we have found one in the Lizard Overbearing....where are the rest?
  9. Alien Life?

    Err.....not so sure. If the universe is 13.5 billion years old and the earth is 4.6 billion years old then it is entirely possible for other planets to be much older than we are. If you think we have been developing for about 10,000 years then there must be a high chance of other civilisations being much more advanced than us. So do you want to find someone who was that much more advanced than us? Despite all the probability arguments the fundamental question remains; if there are so many aliens out there where the hell are they? Please no spooky weather features that can't be explained means that aliens are visiting us. I hate the 'if you can't explain my flakey observations then you must accept aliens'.
  10. Oxford Audio Events

    Chris...ahhh the guy with the huge grin after picking up his prize. Needless to say I won 3 raffle tickets but they were free. Blackstar certainly has odd timings and themes which takes a few listens to appreciate. A set of Wilsons help no end. I guess the ATCs studio background accounts for the box-like appearance. I am not a great fan of upsampling. I thought the advantage of upsampling was not 'extra' information but by upsampling you could use a gentler filter rather than the 44.1 kHz brick wall filter. But then I do not make DACs.
  11. Oxford Audio Events

    Well spotted. It is a stock photo from their Devialet demo. No I did not win anything. I was sat on the lower level just behind the guy with the electric scooter. The ATC actives were a pleasant surprise and hopefully we can get a smaller pair in for review. I had never seen the Ortofon step devices before they looked pretty chunky and a Unison One phono stage was unusual.
  12. Come on guys, there is good music out there. All it takes is a little effort and a lot is really well recorded. Yes there is rubbish, there always has been. How about Shaddap Your Face keeping Vienna from Ultravox from the number 1 spot. And Chirpy Cheap, Cheap. Yes novelty lives with class....
  13. oxford audio hi fi concert 9th sep

    My views of the event:
  14. My views of the Oxford Audio Event at the Holywell Music Room on 9th Sepember 2017: Oxford Audio held an ambitious event on Saturday 9th September. They took on the challenge of putting a top quality hifi system into a small hall. That can be very difficult as any system can sound lost in such a large environment. Not only that but they made the challenge three times more difficult by having three top notch hifi systems during the day. And to make it really difficult they had only 30 mins between changing two of those systems. Clearly this event required a huge amount of organisation and effort. Especially as all the speakers weighed hundreds of lbs. Of course, there were also amps and front ends to be moved and a heavy and big turntable. From my point of view, it all worked well. Well done guys much appreciated. The first system was an Aurender W20 Reference, dCS Vivaldi system, T+A 3000HV preamp and A3000HV power amp with Sonus Faber Amati Tradition speakers. The system was wired with Chord cables and supported on a Quadraspire X Reference table. The first album played was the Jacqueline du Pre Elgar Cello Concerto, which is a cracking piece of music made famous by her brilliant playing. Oxford Audio played all four movements. The sound was very natural. However, it did become a little lost in such a large room. This was not due to volume levels but more of a speaker design for ‘normal’ living rooms being played in a much larger environment. The bass got a bit lost. Odd. I compared this speaker to a Wilson Sasha as two potential purchases and shortage of bass was not an issue for either. This was followed by a complete playing of Kind of Blue by Miles Davies in very high quality DSD. This actually worked a lot better than the classical music track. Yes the bass was a bit lost but the imaging was superb and the instrumental sound was very real and the overall sound very smooth and most unlike a typical SS system. Because this system was not typical. Right onto system 2. This system had a Chord CD front end of Blu MkIII transport and DAVE DAC with a Chord CPA5000 preamp and 2xSPM 1400 MkII amps. Speakers were the exceptional Wilson Sasha IIs. Obviously the system was connected with Chord cables and sat on a Quadraspire X Reference table. The album chosen to play was David Bowie’s final album Blackstar. This album took 4 years to record under great secrecy and was released a few days before his death. This music is an eclectic mixture of styles with some really unusual timings. This audio system was really up for it. The Sashas played really the tight bass. The bass was more powerful, deep and had great impact. The complex bass and drum patterns were easily heard despite the size of the room. In fact this system relished it and used it. I have heard the amps some years ago and it was a bit steely and hard. Not here. The recording is a dry digital reconstruction but this system played it really well and did not emphasise it. We got to track4 before I wrote any notes. I was getting into this album even though I have played it before a few times. It can be a difficult listen but not here. I enjoyed this set up as it brought back memories of my time with a Wilson. After hearing the whole album we had an hours break so I went off to the High Street for some excellent coffee and cake. The final system looked much smaller. It was a Project Signature 10 TT with a 10” unipivot arm and Ortofon MC Winfield II and Ortofon step up transformers. The phono stage was a Unison Phono one with an ARC Ref 6 fed into a set of active ATC SCM100A loudspeakers. The vinyl of choice was the ‘new’ remastered version of Sgt Pepper. Giles Martin was given access to the original master tapes (before they were copied and copied and copied) and he has produced a much better sounding album using modern technology. It does not suffer the significant losses from multiple tape recording (multi-tracking). This was the most successful system. It was natural, real and very organic. The speakers were able to handle the large space easily. The bass was not as sharp, clear and super tight as the Sashas but it was more realistic and flowed well. I thought it was a little murky and the sound was unclear but as we played other tracks they were very clear. ‘Within you without you’ sounded very clear and I will guess it suffered less multi-tracking than ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’. This is an excellent remastering of an iconic album and I may just have to go out and buy the album. This was a great event and a real success. I wish Oxford Audio success with their next event as I know they take a huge amount of effort but for me it was well worth it. Those of you who did not go, you missed a great event. Try the next one.
  15. wilson watt puppy 6

    I had a set in Ferrari grey to match Ricardo's car. God they were good with Krell 600s. Sold and having heard the Sasha 2s today I can hear what I liked about them. They filled a small hall with ease and some really deep and tight bass.