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  1. Streaming Sound Quality

    Cheers guys. I thought adaptive bit-rates were not used but this guy was certain and he was from a major UK audio company. Doesn't make him right just an odd excuse to use.
  2. Streaming Sound Quality

    In discussion at Bristol a manufacturer said he did not want to use Tidal in the hotel. He maintains that if you have a slow or a busy internet and there is a problem with data throughput then the software reduces the bit rate rather than have delays on the delivery of the audio. In other words if it gets busy it down-samples. Maybe that is why people find streaming sound quality variable. Roll on cable delivery at home.. Anyone know if this is true?
  3. Tannoys

    The Legacy range was at the Harrogate Wam Show and sounding mighty fine. They could not get the 15" version to work well in the room (too much bass energy) but the 12" version sounded superb on the end of the MSB power amps and MSB CD set up. In fact, playing a live Kraftwerk track at a real lick was almost a concert experience. Yes they are slightly coloured but boy it was fun and who wants an antiseptic (Magico) experience? Give me the music man. I hear the sales are good and impacting the Prestige range but that was just a rumour.
  4. Logburner frustrations.

    Does this help....
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    I like this Brandi Carlile's new one:
  6. What is the dem item/s you wished you had bought

    There are a few pairs advertised but the pictures all seem to be of the same pair. They are advertised as being in Brighton, Manchester and Scotland but when I ask to come over and have a listen it all goes quiet. The latest is on a new scam web site that has lots of brilliant used hifi at great prices. They are 'experts' and only accept money by bank transfer to avoid card charges. How thoughtful. If it is looks too good to be true then it probably is..... Obviously Audio Emotion are NOT in that bracket.
  7. What is the dem item/s you wished you had bought

    I just missed out on a beautiful pair of Sonus Faber Stradavarius speakers. In perfect condition for about £11K. I phoned Audio Emotion and asked to buy them and they agreed. Unfortunately someone had just bought them after a demo. Missed the blighters.
  8. Pass Labs XA 30.8

    Come on man get that meter needle moving and feel the bass...... Depends on your speakers. The INT60, INT 150 should be good enough and will go LOUD.
  9. What is the most expensive hi-fi purchase made?

    No we have a detached house but you could hear it in the garden outside and I did occasionally generate rather loud sound levels in the room. Seeing over 100db at the listening seat was fun and it did rattle the wife's plates on the wall. The Krells certainly kept the Wilsons under control. The sad bit was some of those reviews were so Linn/Naim that when a good TT came along (Rega) its good qualities were so overstated that people did not believe the product was that good. And good Japanese products did not exist for these fellas and got ignored (or worse slated). And as for reviewing a product that did not leave the box.
  10. What is the most expensive hi-fi purchase made?

    Mine was getting a whole system swap. What came in was an Krell CD/SACD with a Krell 202 and 2x Krell 600 amps to match my Wilson 6s. What went out was an ARC Ref 5SE and Arc Ref 75SE. Cost about £7K.
  11. 'Height' as perceived by some: Fact or placebo delusions?

    I was told about the LEDR test by a studio engineer who used it to set up loudspeakers in the studio. By using various 'tricks' they can then record sound images in left/right and depth planes including going beyond the left and right boundaries of the speakers. Also getting sounds to start at the sound-stage front and then disappear off to the far distance is a common trick. But height was an interesting effect. There are 'real recordings' where you can hear height information from naturally recorded music. Then there are studio recordings. Pink Floyd have played a lot with adding height as has Peter Gabriel. Unfortunately I have lost contact with my pal who knew Chad Blake to ask him how they do height on PG recordings or whether it was an accident (I doubt this knowing the care they take). Some people can't hear the stereo effect which is 'strong' so the subtle height information will be more difficult to hear. I can hear height and that is with Audionote Es against the wall.
  12. Replacement DAC

    Just a thought. If you ask nicely there may be a wammer who for a small fee (some are open to bribery with cake) who will open the case and remove the board (and re-install it). We do have some very talented guys here and London is fairly central.
  13. Replacement DAC

    Firstly welcome to the Wam. It is a friendly place. The AMR is a superb CD/DAC and is well built with a great sound. I would think again about getting it fixed as once it's repaired it will still sound superb and be valuable. There has been a lot of talk about new DAC developments but there is, and always has been, little that can beat the sound of the AMR CD77. However, if you are determined to move on (and I understand the frustration of equipment misbehaving) and you like what the AMR CD77 does, then the choice is narrowed. The key elements of the AMR sound is the use of the R2R DAC Philips1543) and I see some NOS valves in there. Given that, there are a few DACs that I think will surpass it, but to be honest very few. There are a lot of DACs out there that are competent but not in the class of the CD77. The Metrum DACs sound very natural and they are solid state. I think they sound excellent and they are great value. Others such as Martin Colloms agree. Others do not like them as they say they do not have the sharpness, bite and drive of other DACs but for me that is artificial. However, I am not sure the best Metrum will match the AMR. After that there are valve variants such as the Audionote DACs which use an alternative R2R DAC to the TDA1543. They have valves in the preamplifier stage as well. To match the AMR CD77 you may need to go to the DAC2.1x or higher. A listening test will confirm and you have a system good enough to need that. If you like the AMR sound then I would avoid the 1bit based DACs and their variants especially any with the ESS chips in them especially if they are followed by op amps. I am not saying that sound is poor just not for people who enjoy the Philips 1543. Of course a DAC is more than a chip but those using R2R chips and valves tend to be different to those using 1 bit chips and op amps. R2R is resistor to resistor DAC chips which some , including AMR, say sound more natural and organic.
  14. 'Height' as perceived by some: Fact or placebo delusions?

    I believe it is done by taking advantage of people associating HF with height. So a sound can be made tall by accentuating the HF and lower by HF roll off, although I think the bass is accentuated. It is not an easy effect to utilise. For depth, I believe the following is taken advantage of: Louder sounds closer Brighter sounds closer Less reverb sounds closer Have fun with the LEDR. Doug Jones invented the test and there is an AES paper on it but as a non member I can't get a copy without $33.
  15. 'Height' as perceived by some: Fact or placebo delusions?

    I agree with Serge here (). Some CDs and LPs generate height information. On the Nordost test disc (and available elsewhere) there is an LEDR test track that not only gives left to right information but also height. The computer generated tone starts from the LH speaker. It then moves towards the centre and goes up in height. At the centre point it is at its highest point. It then continues to the RH speaker and coming down in height. There are also LEDR test tones where the image starts in a speaker and then just goes up and down in height. A Google search on the LEDR test should identify sources. My studio pal uses it to set up speakers.