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  1. George 47


    You are being somewhat polite Keith....
  2. And corruption, don't forget corruption... Remember you are starting from a base level!!!
  3. Could be because new products are sometimes offered for sale...
  4. As Python would say: 'Lucky Bleeder, Lucky Bleeder'. Piccies or we do not believe you....
  5. George 47


    And that people love those goddam awful **** amps.
  6. George 47


    One of the best I have is an Edgar Froese recording Aqua which really makes full use of space. He was the founder of Tangerine Dream.
  7. True but when there is click bait all over it I get suspicious because WOW, FANTASTIC, HACK......means Take Care.... I would not try it with Tannoys or horns as their key points would be diminshed/lost. Whatever approach is taken a bit of experimentation is always worthwhile and whether you end up with 60 degree toe-in or straight down the room positioning depends on the speakers and what works in your room. Still good to see alternatives.
  8. George 47


    It is possible to 'cheat' and get a Mike Valentine recording (or better his Audiophile test disc). He uses natural recordings techniques and allows you to hear how that effects the 3D recordings. he CD is accompanied by images of the venues and the equipment used. You can listen to the track and see if your localisation of the instruments is 'correct'. Equipment can change the ability to hear this effect as some equipment does not reproduce decays very well and that seems to make venues 'smaller. Also I have found that when I have improved the bass response and have a measurably lower bass it provides more cues on the venue. Or if the equipment is microphonic then the venue size can sound bigger but the localisation stays the same. I use the LEDR test to set up speakers as that provides left to right localisation and height information. For me localisation is easy to hear on both classical and modern music with one of course natural and the other painted. And the Audionote/Allnic valves show great 3D effects as does the Pass Labs (possibly better) and the Naim less so.
  9. I think they are not for sale here as they still use lead in their solder. Have to use another company's SET....
  10. Ah....of course you could have meant whiskey as in Irish or Bourbon...spelling correct but a real lowering of taste?
  11. But it happened 15 hours ago or did it??????
  12. In the front room I have a 20 year set of ANEs, AN Kit 1 20 years, same for M2 and DAC2.1x. Their design is from over 50 years ago as is some of my music. But the classical music is over 200 years old!!!