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  1. Do you trust magazine reviews

    Depends on whether you believe most SS amps sound the same. If you believe they do then the measurements confirm that as most SS amps have adequate measurements. If you believe they sound different then there must be something else going on. It could be the measurements are not adequate to describe the sound or people are just imagining it. Do you believe most SS amps sound the same and are you imagining the differences? Then you can go to the extreme position of myself and Serge. If all SS amps sound the same then go for the cheapest that meets your needs for power, weight and reliability(Serge). If measurements do not adequately describe sound quality, listen and find an amplifier you like the sound of. You could end up with Audionotes, which measure badly but for me sound superb. Your choice, your paying and maybe even listening.
  2. Do you trust magazine reviews

    And the reverse. The measurements of the Devialet amplifiers were 'superb, stunning'. Paul Miller billed them as a revolution in amplifiers.....yet they have always sounded mediocre to me at best and a few guys I know. I have heard them in a few systems and they only became 'bearable' when used with Wilson Duettes (£21k). They do not communicate the emotion in the music which other SS amps do. The sound is bright and stark. It is called 'truthful' but it does not sound like any music I have ever heard. As all SS amplifiers measure 'acceptably' then they tell you nothing about how an SS amp sounds. They do not sound the same. Measurements are therefore pointless.
  3. Do you trust magazine reviews

    Ahh but you are an unusual guy Serge most people like to at least have a test drive. In some cases to make sure they can drive the car. The Nissan 300ZX does not have a height adjustable driver's seat, which meant my wife could not drive it. May not have been a bad thing though... I agree on the A&R Cambridge, it was an excellent combination. My in laws asked for advice on buying audio and I recommended that A&R A60, which is still singing its little heart out. Some 20 odd years later. Just had a noisy pot a few years back. Sounds good as well. John Dawson knew what he was doing.
  4. Do you trust magazine reviews

    Yes find someone you trust (measurements or subjective views). The problem with measurements is that they are now well and truly out of fashion. Both because they are not that useful in telling you how a products sounds and because people find them boring. They also come with a requirement that dictates you learn all about measurements and get a good understanding of them to interpret the results. Most measurements show that everything sounds the same, but they don't. Listening to the products allows you to hear first hand that they sound different and that the measurements are not that helpful (as they all meet the measurement criteria developed in the 50s). So listen, even if you are driven by measurements as that is what the audio system is designed to do: sound good. However, it is getting more and more difficult to actually hear the various components. Surprise, surprise, I would recommend that you use reviews to help narrow down your choice to products that you want to follow up. If you can, get to a few bake-offs or organise one yourself. Then maybe contact a few dealers (nearby or on-line) and try the products out at home with your kit. Yes there are a few dealers who will let you try before you buy and that helps no end. For me, I do all of these things where possible. Measurements will tell you if the amp generates enough power, works into bad loads etc. Reviews from people I either know or trust gives me broad pointers whether I am going to to like the sound and should follow them up. Listening at dealers or in bake-offs or a show confirms views and normally narrows things down to one or two items ready for trying out at home with my system. If you do this, try to listen for a day or two and do not do A/B tests that only shows up frequency response differences or major differences. It won't show whether you actually enjoy the music and are moved by it. There are systems where you can end up admiring what it does but not enjoying the music. Remember you are not getting something to boast to your pals, or admire their response on charts but to listen to music. You would not buy a car without a test drive.....would you??
  5. Do you trust magazine reviews

    Agree: These Quad specifications did not reveal a problem with the power output into low impedances. Hence the 405-2 or bust. Specifications: Two-channel, "current-dumping" solid-state power amplifier. Rated output: 100Wpc into 8 ohms (20dBW). Frequency response: -1dB at 20Hz (12dB/octave subsonic filter), -0.5dB at 20kHz, -3dB at 50kHz. Sensitivity: 500mV in for 100W out. Power bandwidth: 10Hz-20kHz. Damping factor: 80. Channel Separation: 85dB at 1kHz.
  6. Do you trust magazine reviews

    Amstrad amps's lifetime was not its main selling point and getting them repaired was not easy....
  7. Speaker cables

    Solid core mains is a bit stiff and looks er...basic. Good 79 core copper cables would be ideal. I like Supra as they make their own and are appropriately priced. I am not sure you would gain anything going for OFC cables.
  8. Do you trust magazine reviews

    There you go, relying on numbers.......Even they are somewhat variable depending on people's subjective choosing of what number to measure and then under hugely varying conditions. Look at the variability of how people measure something simple like how much power does this amplifier generate. There are at least ten different ways with all sorts of caveats.
  9. Question for Recording Engineers

    Cheers Keith. It was this density recording that I was puzzled about. Apparently it is how some engineers record in glorious studio sound. They use L+R to give very high density sounds in mono in the centre. They then can do L-R and R-L and get different stereo positions and densities. Add different levels of reverb and a whole world opens up. This has apparently been used for many years and is not that new. Sounds interesting and like fun. We have a recording engineer in our midst whom I have met and he has been round here as well. I'll give him a call and see what he says.....
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Recorded/mastered differently:
  11. Something a Little Different

    Try Iron Maiden A Matter of Life and Death: Got my copy of the new IRON MAIDEN album ['A Matter of Life and Death'] — well, a reference disc — and took off early this morning in my car to check it out, top down on an uncrowded ocean highway, and I must say, I'm pretty happy we (well, Steve [Harris], really) decided against using the mastering! I dig it! For all the little extra hi-fi nuances they add in mastering, the raw attack and bite of the original mixes is quite refreshing to hear! It is EXACTLY as I mixed them in the studio, EXACTLY what the guys in the band heard! In the mastering process, the mastering engineer sometimes takes it upon himself to be creative, say to add certain frequencies which boost vocals or the bass, which makes the balance between the kick and bass guitar change, and on many occasions I've got a mastered CD back, and then have been unhappy — but usually blame myself! Even when we mastered this album (which we didn't use), it had a little analog compression added, which brings the guitars up a tiny bit, and knocks the transients off the snare drum, thus diluting the attack and impact of the snare. Now what you'll hear on the MAIDEN album is the way it sounded in the studio, and while it may not be as loud as some other CDs
  12. Hmmmm.... I saw him at RAH and he was brilliant but not as good as at Gdansk. I suspect he can't be brilliant all the time for a full concert as some of the singing from Floyd days was very powerful and it ain't so easy for a 71 year old to keep up that pace/power and control. Mr Plant for example, when he did Celebration day, had to re-record the last few tracks as the popular encore material required a big powerful voice hitting the top powerful notes. He can't do that anymore, for a full concert. I would still go to another concert though. We watched it until the singer finished (only a minute or so as he had 'sung' most of it). The judges comments were amazing. 'You lost time a bit' and 'you were a bit pitchy' but otherwise very good. A singer who can't sing.
  13. An audiophile restaurant?

    Yes please. I liked the sound system in Spiritland but the music was bland during the daytime. Must return in the evening. No problem with going in the other direction to Bristol though parking can be a pain.
  14. Easy: dCS Vivaldi stack with D'Agostino Momentum pre and power amplifiers with Wilson Alexx loudspeakers all for the princely sum of £300 ....K...... Generous to give it away as well.
  15. Agree. We, by accident, ended up looking at X Factor live. I think it was some way into the competition and the singer kept losing time and singing out of tune. Good job this is a fading competition as if that is the future of music we are dead. Mr Gilmour slightly aged is infinitely better than the 'I want to be famous' brigade.