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  1. George 47

    Audiophile delusions

    Go on I'll bite. I think the constant referring to expensive audio as not being much better, not good value and not worth it, is an indication of bad demos or maybe jealousy. I accept there are some expensive hifis that do not sound good but whenever I have listened to audio that I have an interest in then the more expensive equipment has nearly always sounded better. I have a fairly broad taste in hifi and I am not one of those who says 'my hifi is good therefore everything else is bad or crap'. So I preferred the Audio Research 5SE to the Ref 3, I preferred the ARC 250 to the 150. I preferred the Wilson Max to the Watt, I preferred the Audionote Ongaku to the Conquests, I preferred the Audionote DAC 5 to the 4.1x , I preferred the Vox well anything. Sometimes the smaller amplifiers can be faster, sweeter with music but the sheer control from a large power amplifier wins through. Of course, I can not afford the super expensive equipment but I do appreciate what they do and the sound they bring. Sorry guys but the constant carping about expensive equipment is just that, carping. I do not own a Ferrari but appreciate what they do (never driven one). Maybe car/watch forums are full of people bitching about expensive cars, or expensive watches, dunno but I doubt it. Or maybe some just like to bitch.
  2. George 47

    Alan Brownstone RIP

    Very sad news. A real gent and he always made me welcome at his home. He will be missed. Condolences to his family. RIP AlanB.
  3. George 47

    Best DACs £1000-£3000

    I have a Metrum here and guess what.....
  4. George 47

    Interesting and Unusual Facts

    How very dare you....... He was a sharp lad though. When asked what he wanted to call it he said George's Star (Georgium Sidus) after the king, who also happened to be his patron, but the boring sods named it after a Greek God....the only planet named after a Greek God. And of course the one named after a Disney Character, Pluto, which ain't a planet any more. Declassified by the europeans. There was a move to change the name as Uranus sounds like your anus, so some US guys wanted to call it Reagan. For some unknown reason it did not catch on, can't think why. We could call Pluto (a failed planet) Trump!!!
  5. George 47

    How do YOU judge?

    Yet if you go into Currys or any major TV shop you find the TV images are not natural, they have greater colour saturation, sharpness filters and other such enhancements. It is a bit like the boom and tizz (loudness) controls set to on in audio areas. And if you go round to friends are their TVs set to natural?? We sometimes like sugar with everything.
  6. George 47

    Rip Off Audio

    Rip Off....everyone knows that Dark Matter is black because it is dark innit?
  7. George 47

    Interesting and Unusual Facts

    The discovery of Neptune sparked off a major diplomatic incident between France and England with both claiming its discovery. The incident lasted 150 years and was re-ignited when some papers were discovered in Chile, claiming the English calculations were inaccurate. This is still disputed. Galileo was the first person to actually see Neptune some 230 years earlier. Some claim Herschell did not find Uranus but it was his sister Caroline.
  8. George 47

    Best DACs £1000-£3000

    Certainly, some music can help sort out equipment but you have to be careful. I have had systems that sounded great with a lot of classical music, very natural and realistic but when you play some rock music (even when not well recorded)and the system can't keep pace with the dynamics, speed and power and the music sounds uncoordinated and, if it is Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant sounds a bit weak. He ain't. So sure try your test tracks but make sure you are not going down a blind alley to make that table jazz audiophile nonsense to sound superb and when you play your normal music and it sounds dead. Some brilliantly recorded music can sound great on anything, even a radio, yet play some less than well-recorded music and it sounds dire. I am not arguing for systems that make everything 'nice' but there are some that make a real dog's breakfast of less than brilliantly recorded music. Remember it is the music that is important and if your system starts to make you not want to play a lot of your music then you need a different system. Obviously some music is unrecoverable....
  9. George 47

    Trump - You couldn't make it up, but he does.

    I think your reason is incredible and not feasible. However, it is pointless to discuss it as there is not broad support for gun control and the current president does not give a dam. He will have to accept (and does) that there will be collateral damage (death of innocents and family deaths). I just had to smirk that one of the most pro-gun lobby was accidentally shot by her son. I used to do sporting shooting and occasionally shoot air rifles but there are some things more important than my sporting pleasure. The example of Australia shows a country can do it and unfortunately, it took a major gun tragedy to make it happen but the US has the most powerful lobby in the US in the NRA and has become hardened to what happens including grieving families meeting the president and a lot of ordinary folks raising concerns.
  10. George 47

    Trump - You couldn't make it up, but he does.

    Compared to 22 other high-income nations, the U.S. gun-related murder rate is 25 times higher.[11] Although it has half the population of the other 22 nations combined, the U.S. had 82 percent of all gun deaths, 90 percent of all women killed with guns, 91 percent of children under 14 and 92 percent of young people between ages 15 and 24 killed with guns.[11] The numbers do not accord with your view.
  11. George 47

    Rip Off Audio

    Speakers are tricky. Some are superb pieces of furniture (Sonus Faber) and guess what, you will have to pay a lot for that with stand mounts costing 5 figures (and not £101.36!!). Some are more technologically focused such as Wilson Audio using high tech boxes with slightly modified drivers, some are pure science (B&W) and some black boxes..... At a recent event I got chatting with the guy next to me and he said that the new Wislon Alexxs were pretty good value and he was going to hear a pair. £120,000! There are many customers like that with open cheque books. There are much fewer £3,000 guys and they tend to want to hear everything, have a home dem and then fuss it for weeks. Speakers tend to be very personal and not many people think they sound similar. In fact, the more you pay the less similar they sound. One US company found going to a show in Asia he kept getting asked 'do you not have a speaker over $100K!!'. Not a lot of sales. The following year, yes he did. Sales galore. In fact so many he could not initially cope with the demand. Lesson learnt.
  12. George 47

    Rip Off Audio

    Agreed. And if you read my review of the Nord you will see that I liked it a lot. Enough to move on a very large and expensive monoblock. Now I was not saying it sounded better just that the Krell was not worth the difference. However, the Audionote Conquests were much better as are the Pass Labs. Some are and some are not.
  13. George 47

    Rip Off Audio

    A few magazines have tried DBT and published many pages of results following carefully carried out experiments. Some showed differences and some did not. And a few have also carried out market research into what articles people were interested in. Tests and test data was just about above adverts but not popular. Subjective reviews were very much in favour as people said it gave them clues to how the item sounded and if they were 'in-tune' with the reviewer. Graphs, charts, statistical analysis of DBTs were not. So magazines do not do them and of course it is a whole lot cheaper. Even Hifi World and Stereophile who have editors keen on measurements have to use borrowed test equipment as it is so dam expensive. So I think DBTs will not be appearing in magazines anytime soon. Subjective comparison test will.
  14. George 47

    Rip Off Audio

    Yes. There are some amplifiers where the cases make up at a substantial proportion of the costs of the amp, % of costs for the Dan D'Agastino cases? Some amplifiers have very expensive components in them as the makers believe that SET amplifiers must have higher quality components as there are so few of them in SET amplifiers.. However, some really expensive SS amps use very cheap (a few pence) resistors. Others use £ cost resistors or worse go out and get manufacturers to make the components for them. A lot of companies sell products for what the market will bear, not its value, based I guess on the products sound quality. And there is an interesting tale of a company that makes very expensive amplifiers. They made an nCore amplifier, put it in a less expensive case and sold it a much lower price. It was a sales failure. They 're-engineered' it into a more expensive case, upped the price and it became a sales success. What should they do? You guessed, a new product, a better case and a more expensive price. Can you blame them?
  15. George 47

    Hi Fi Terminology - Guidance Required

    I agree and certainly, Rob Watts has asked questions on this issue. A lot of the measurements guys are stuck in the Wireless World 1950-60s measurement mind trap. Distortion below 0.1% THD is not audible, frequency response from 20-20 kHz within +/- 0.2 db and noise below 70 db are also not audible. Every one of those assumptions is inadequate. Yet they are still trotted out. However, get them incredibly low and still, differences persist.