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  1. I have a couple of lengths of Blue 4 core 4mm - bi-amp (or common them one end for bi-wire, I have a new set of ‘fat’ plugs that should take 8mm that I bought for this purpose but never got round to doing). Unfortunately I cant remember the length of them - I can get in the garage tomorrow to measure if you’re interested? Is 6M the shortest you can get away with? Just 5.5M rings a bell...
  2. I picked up the modern version of the Quad 909 mentioned a few times here - QSP power amp. A little under the £500 budget and I have to admit to being absolutely gobsmacked at the sound, the power and the ‘Just right’ balance of sound. Crazy value . Im so impressed I’m seriously looking at the QMP monoblock versions...
  3. Bump. I can also thrown in a 3 week old 7” Kindle Fire HD tablet with Bubbleupnp software installed so you can have a dedicated, smooth browsing and control system.
  4. That budget would get you the Teddy Pardo pre and monoblocks advertised over on PFM.
  5. His 7 disc set of xylophone played with walrus whiskers on an Icelandic active volcano didn’t finish until 04:35. Party was over at 04:30. So close, yet...
  6. I read that and I’m left a little dewildered to be perfectly honest - I couldn’t imagine a time when my choice of music would be led by subjective playback ‘quality’. I appreciate well recorded and well produced music but it means nothing if the ‘music’ doesn’t move me, take me back to a time, invokes a feeling etc. An exaggeration, granted, but New Year’s Eve - friends house, far too many people, Yourube played on a TV app through the TV speakers - distorted, nearing painful but it was Nivana SLTS. The whole house jumping. No one cared about subjective sound quality. Contrast with the middle aged, greying bloke sat in front of a £40K system, internally conflicted over a nail catching a key in a G minor chord recorded at 300,000Khz/ a million bit.
  7. Just a thought (and not really too important) but will you ever be trying hi-res streaming? It looks like your DAC is firmly 44/16 only.
  8. Just added an NDX (first gen) with a TeddyXPS to my system - the streaming platform is relatively ancient compared to most but managed to eventually add Bubbleupnp server to my NAS giving me hi-res Qobuz, reliable streaming from Tidal and making the NDX an ‘open home’ renderer allowing use of Lumin and Linn apps - I’m liking the Lumin app over Naim and Bubble options. Its good. Really good. And so it should be at the price. The problem is how close a Cambridge 851N gets at around one third the price but all is forgiven when that first string is plucked - attack!!
  9. There are some great replies here. Some (unbiased) input from me: I originally went to a streamer/renderer/DAC all in one because I lost patience with IT stuff I didn’t really understand and (more importantly)didn’t take the time to understand. My first foray into all this started years ago using a Pioneer Blu-ray player with early version DLNA, streaming MP3s wirelessly from a PC in a different room. It was woeful, sounded dire and dropped out every 20 seconds... I moved onto WD Live boxes, various Slim devices /Logitech boxes ending with a Touch some years ago. I still had issues. I still couldn’t understand 90% of the advice I was given. I slowly lost the will to live having to add plug in, soft through 3rd partly apps and software and lots of other stuff I, didn’t, understand. A pattern was forming. I swapped to a Marantz streamer. A bit dull sounding. Then a Pioneer N50. A bit sharp sounding. A nightmare with gapless tracks unless you used the (shite) Pioneer app. I then ripped CDs to a Synology NAS. Ran out of room so upgraded the NAS to a more powerful version with bigger drives and moved to a CA SM6 Streamer - now we were getting somewhere. Decent app/control point, wired so robust and reliable and the best sound yet. I sold my AudioSector NOS DAC as it was now surplus. Then I went to Richer Sounds to buy a TV but listened to an 851N system they had running - whoa.... Kept the old TV, sourced an 851N and used it without issue streaming my own CD and DSD rips, streamed from Spotify, Tidal (Masters using MconnectHD to feed HD to the 851) and latterly Qobuz hi-res integrated into the much better CA app. I use my CD player as a transport into the 851 DAC, family use their phones to airplay or blutooth (aptX) playlists to it, Inoccasionally use the internet radio options. It’s been a simple, elegant and fine sounding solution for a fellow Luddite. One box fed with a single Ethernet from my router covers 99% of my listening. The digital inputs cover the other 1%. Well, they did until I heard a mates Naim NDX/XPS. It never bloody ends does it? Thats my objective journey so far. The 851N is for sale but if you find a better fit, a better solution then I’ll be pleased for you. Genuinely. Good luck with it all. Im just about to check if bubble server on the NAS is transcoding from FLAC to WAV to feed the NDX and, if so, which sounds better.....
  10. Thanks for the offer. I can move slightly but not to that extent.