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  1. From memory, there is nothing to identify them apart, other than the shipping box. The DS/1 is Dynamik powered and will state this on the base of the unit. You should, I imagine, be able to check the serial number with Linn. Someone may be along later to help further. D
  2. glenavy-drongo

    WTD: Linn Klimax Kontrol

    Pm me please. D
  3. glenavy-drongo

    WTD: Linn Klimax Kontrol

    Thanks for the above. I missed one on Lejonklou and am in touch with both dealers and my local Linn dealer too. Oddly, there were a few around a month or so ago, but none recently. D
  4. glenavy-drongo

    WTD: Linn Klimax Kontrol

    Hi all As per heading, I am on the hunt for a Klimax Kontrol with Dynamik. Must be in unmarked condition and complete. I am aware of a couple for sale on Ebay, but would prefer to purchase from a fellow forum member. TIA D
  5. glenavy-drongo

    Wtd Peter Bradley Adams

    Just recently discovered him and even the cds are commanding high prices, when you can find them! I see there is a more recent release on vinyl, but it appears to be Stateside only. D
  6. glenavy-drongo

    Wtd Peter Bradley Adams

    Replied. D
  7. glenavy-drongo

    Wtd Peter Bradley Adams

    Hi all I am looking for a copy of Peter Bradley Adams - Leavetaking, on cd or vinyl. If anyone has a copy they are willing to sell, please get in touch. The cd would be for ripping purposes only, if that helps. Cheers. D
  8. glenavy-drongo

    Ripper/ streamer conundrum

    Thanks for all the input guys. As you suggest, it may be worthwhile contacting the manufacturer as a first port of call. I am sure I am not the the first person to be in this position. I will update when I have more info. D
  9. glenavy-drongo

    Ripper/ streamer conundrum

    Thanks Ronnie. I have made an art form of thinking as little as possible! There are two drives and one mirrors the other as I understand it. I dont't believe there is the facility to connect any external drives. I was wondering the same thing about the optical drive too. I don't know the dealer, other than remotely Cable Monkey and you may well be correct in your thinking! D
  10. glenavy-drongo

    Ripper/ streamer conundrum

    Thanks guys. I think I am starting to understand some of this and my usual default position of fixing things with heavy blunt instruments won't cut it! I do have an IT guy I use for the company IT infrastructure and will have a chat with him. Is there a NAS drive you would recommend in this instance? D
  11. glenavy-drongo

    Ripper/ streamer conundrum

    Hi all I posted this on another forum, but no replies, so apologies to those who may have seen it elsewhere. Seeking some guidance regarding options/ideas on a way forward with my AVA RS3. The optical drive has stopped working for the third time (replaced twice) and on speaking with the retailer, it appears that the optical drives are no longer available. Although not ideal, I can work around the optical drive issue by ripping through a mac and dbPoweramp. Of more concern is that, according to them, the hard drives are coming to the end of their working life. I have a few thousand cds ripped to the hard drives and am concerned that if these give up the ghost, I will lose the stored cds. As I see it, there a few options available: Keep everything crossed and hope that the hard drives continue to operate normally. I have no indication that they are becoming faulty. Purchase a new ripper/server. Purchase a new NAS and use the mac to rip. I should point out that I am a bit of a luddite and whilst willing to give things a go, I want a solution that is reasonably user-friendly wihout the necessity for a degree in programming. Further, should I settle on options 2 or 3, how difficult would it be to transfer the information from the existing server to a new device? I really could not face ripping all my cd collection again! Over to you....
  12. glenavy-drongo

    Linn Akurate DS

    Sold. Thanks for all the enquiries. D
  13. glenavy-drongo

    Linn Akurate DS

    Bump. D
  14. glenavy-drongo

    Linn Akurate DS

    Linn Akurate DS in immaculate condition. I have owned this from new and after placing it in the rack, it has remained there ever since. Original box and (unused) remote control. From a child and smoke free home. Just noticed that the protective plastic has never been removed from the screen! The only reason I am selling is due to upgrade to KKR. Collection or postage available. Based in NI. £1000 ono.
  15. glenavy-drongo

    [WTD] Turntable / michell gyrodec or similar

    That is a lovely thing. D