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  1. How is everyone getting on with their test cd? D
  2. Yep. Mine just arrived with cd attached. Be interesting to have a play with it later. D
  3. Running a Zenith into KDS3, rather than an ADSM. Sounds pretty good to me. D
  4. Perhaps a vain hope, but worth asking nonetheless! I am looking for a pair of Acoustic Zen Silver Reference XLR cables in either 1 or 1.5m length. If anyone has a pair lying around doing nothing, please get in touch. Cheers D
  5. You made the stretch, so well done! Yes. The reference was to big in Japan. Jazz is also correct. You’re most of the way there I would suggest. D
  6. Have a look on Companies House and you will see the statement of affairs re: creditors. As rabski has said, pretty dismal. D
  7. Steve Gadd was the drummer. D
  8. Think that was the follow up album....! D
  9. Plenty on the Lejonklou forum. Seems to be where the majority of Linn gear is bought and sold. Fairly international as well. D
  10. From memory, that’s where the album was recorded. D