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  1. glenavy-drongo

    Guess the album cover

    Unkle - The Road Part 1? D
  2. glenavy-drongo

    Bel Canto Pre3 VBS & Ref 500s

    Bump. D
  3. glenavy-drongo

    Bel Canto Pre3 VBS & Ref 500s

    Remiss of me. Based in NI. D
  4. Rarely seen for sale.... Bel Canto Pre3 VBS including LNS power supply - this is a factory supplied VBS version and not an updated Pre3 Bel Canto Ref 500S power amplifier. Both in unmarked condition from a smoke-free home. The sale will include original packaging, power cables and remote control. These have given unfailing service. The power amp has driven my Kef 207/2 with ease. I would prefer these go as a pair, therefore I am pricing them as such at £2300 plus insured delivery. Payment by BT or cash on collection. D
  5. glenavy-drongo

    Wtd - Innuos Zen/ZenIth MK2

    I am trying to source either of these in MK2 format. As I understand it, the new MK3 contains a dac, which I don’t require. I have misssed a couple at dealers and none can be had from Innuos. Any help appreciated on sourcing one would be great, or if you have one to sell, please contact me. Regards D
  6. From memory, there is nothing to identify them apart, other than the shipping box. The DS/1 is Dynamik powered and will state this on the base of the unit. You should, I imagine, be able to check the serial number with Linn. Someone may be along later to help further. D
  7. glenavy-drongo

    WTD: Linn Klimax Kontrol

    Pm me please. D
  8. glenavy-drongo

    WTD: Linn Klimax Kontrol

    Thanks for the above. I missed one on Lejonklou and am in touch with both dealers and my local Linn dealer too. Oddly, there were a few around a month or so ago, but none recently. D
  9. glenavy-drongo

    WTD: Linn Klimax Kontrol

    Hi all As per heading, I am on the hunt for a Klimax Kontrol with Dynamik. Must be in unmarked condition and complete. I am aware of a couple for sale on Ebay, but would prefer to purchase from a fellow forum member. TIA D
  10. glenavy-drongo

    Wtd Peter Bradley Adams

    Just recently discovered him and even the cds are commanding high prices, when you can find them! I see there is a more recent release on vinyl, but it appears to be Stateside only. D
  11. glenavy-drongo

    Wtd Peter Bradley Adams

    Replied. D
  12. glenavy-drongo

    Wtd Peter Bradley Adams

    Hi all I am looking for a copy of Peter Bradley Adams - Leavetaking, on cd or vinyl. If anyone has a copy they are willing to sell, please get in touch. The cd would be for ripping purposes only, if that helps. Cheers. D
  13. glenavy-drongo

    Ripper/ streamer conundrum

    Thanks for all the input guys. As you suggest, it may be worthwhile contacting the manufacturer as a first port of call. I am sure I am not the the first person to be in this position. I will update when I have more info. D
  14. glenavy-drongo

    Ripper/ streamer conundrum

    Thanks Ronnie. I have made an art form of thinking as little as possible! There are two drives and one mirrors the other as I understand it. I dont't believe there is the facility to connect any external drives. I was wondering the same thing about the optical drive too. I don't know the dealer, other than remotely Cable Monkey and you may well be correct in your thinking! D
  15. glenavy-drongo

    Ripper/ streamer conundrum

    Thanks guys. I think I am starting to understand some of this and my usual default position of fixing things with heavy blunt instruments won't cut it! I do have an IT guy I use for the company IT infrastructure and will have a chat with him. Is there a NAS drive you would recommend in this instance? D