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  1. Flimber, if it were me, I'd be looking at that Aiwa 850 offered here. I had one and it sounded excellent. I did the belts, which were a bit fiddly but then I'm not great with HiFi diy. I sold it for a tidy sum too so if you do the belts, you'll always get your money back.
  2. As per on AVF. I have a Denon DRM 600 (£40) Yamaha KX300 (£40) Nakamichi 300E (£250) Priced collected
  3. Add this one. I have a Sony STR-DH820 in black with remote control. In great condition and working order. Surplus to requirements. Very decent home cinema amp with upscaling. 4 HDMIs in. £60 collected from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Specs here: Pictures to follow. Update: Cyrus and Arcam have sold. Available: Marantz 1070M in a bronze type finish. Very retro. Sounds lovely according to my failing ears. £90 Trio KA2000A solid state goodness. £70 Pioneer A400. Controversial no frills and clean sounding machine but you knew that already. £90. I have 2 of these. Thanks
  4. My first amp was an Arcam Alpha 5. As warm and cuddly as you like but entirely unfatiguing which is what I wanted. My grandad had a 400. It was a shock to the system! He used vintage Hitachi speakers. I decided to buy one to try and slowly learnt to like it, with some Dali speakers. It sounded very musical. Since my grandad passed away, I have inherited his stuff but with my hearing loss, there will be two 400s for sale If anyone wants a punt into the 400 world, I'll post in the classifieds. The Arcam has already been donated
  5. The only places I'm really looking at are JL and RS. Prefer shop front but if a deal pops up online, I may take a punt.
  6. LG C9 Panasonic GZ950 Sony AG8 Wildcard is the Sony XF9005, as its LCD. I'm hearing good things about the OLED from Phillips so will bear those in mind but they don't seem to have many on demo.
  7. I'm the same Bodgit. Pioneer plasma will be donated to a friend for Christmas, who has hit hard times. Still life in it and having looked around, I'll probably go OLED. I'll look at upcoming sales as I have a shortlist.
  8. My sister in law had one at low mileage and it constantly threw big bills for repairs. She only ever took it to Audi and it was a 1.4 petrol. Gave it away in the end in a part ex. Beautiful car though but a no from me.
  9. Tim, I have just under 15m of QED cable (unterminated) if of any interest. Just need to recheck the length as I'm not at home. Regards
  10. Knock a tenner off each item. Still for sale. Thanks