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  1. Marantz CD4000 without remote control. Black in colour. Son used at uni, although the display doesn't seem as bright as I remember. Sounds great though. I'm driving up the A41 tomorrow to Liverpool, and noticed you are in Chesire. Could rendezvous? £30.
  2. AnilS

    Boris and women

    Can only agree. Sajid is my MP (Bromsgrove) and he has been excellent. He did the honourable thing and was bullied out by Bojo and Cummings. Respect to him.
  3. I have a Marantz 1070M with led meters. Although not in your power bracket, I didn't have much trouble driving a set of Monitor Audio S8.
  4. Embarrassingly no. I'm now deaf in my left ear so I'dstruggle to tell.
  5. I have in my possession, a Marantz CD player and an X10-D, that was my late relatives. He said, at the time, it really improved the Marantz. I still have it box somewhere. Must have another clear out LOL
  6. James, if it helps, in a Wam taxi effort, I live in Worcestershire, about an hour from you. I travel up the M6 towards Liverpool for work. If there is a buyer along my route, I'll happily relay these up north, along that route. Just offering a helping hand
  7. Additionally, my son has returned from uni, and I forgot I gave him my Yamaha. It has a "play trim" feature that allows the playing tape to be tweaked during playback. Really nice feature.
  8. I still have four, 3 head decks. Great for tuning recordings. 2 technics, 1 sony and a Nakamichi. Will be sold in the new year but one will stay.
  9. Keep an on gumtree locally. Stick to Technics, Denon and Yamaha, but to name a few. Belts may need changing at some point. I have a fully working spare Denon (sadly not free) if your son's University is local to the Midlands.
  10. PP, maybe you should do the opposite and give him an amplifier
  11. Very generous of you. Maybe worth posting in the spirit section.
  12. My main deck now is a Technics RS Bx626. It's far less fussy than the AZ7 I had that died because of demagnetisation! There are warnings on the machine, not to do this but try telling the technician that was servicing it
  13. Flimber, if it were me, I'd be looking at that Aiwa 850 offered here. I had one and it sounded excellent. I did the belts, which were a bit fiddly but then I'm not great with HiFi diy. I sold it for a tidy sum too so if you do the belts, you'll always get your money back.
  14. As per on AVF. I have a Denon DRM 600 (£40) Yamaha KX300 (£40) Nakamichi 300E (£250) Priced collected