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  1. Footie

    Fantastic penalty-shootout win - (after sad failure to be 6 up before Japan came back ...) well done Anderson-goalie for stopping one/scoring ... USA next in quarters after 4 successive victories - REMEMBER to score lads - more than t'oppo. ...
  2. Champions League

    Well done nominally British sides last night - EUROPE.
  3. The Home Brew Thread

    Must get out my barrels etc soon, but know I would go up to 20 units weekly/pay less tax to NHS ...
  4. Cider thread

    PLEASE drink taxed alcohol potions responsibly.
  5. Veggie

    Yes, please be veggie-nice-correct.
  6. I bought-enjoyed all Potter-stuff/wife read all Rowling other books/Strike - 2 series so far on Beeb - was fine (bar his ... as most ...chucking fags to litter-burn world ...). Ms Chumpy liked too, but knows detail obviously was absent. Ignorantia = felicitas
  7. Formula 1 2017

    Come on Veggie Ham - may we all use solar-wind-wind-up -wave etc p.d.q. ...
  8. Is the WAM becoming less popular?

    Never mind the stats - be a real apt person.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    ... as usual, when on computer - webbed or not ... latest digital-only new U2 live-Wurzels-George Ezra etc etc x 200. Occasionally, one offline can play vinyl or Cd or tape or USB or SD etc. Best to sing near bath/record analogue someone lovely ... PPI - often BBC R3 FM is great as 'filler'.
  10. Delicate Sound of Thunder reissue?

    Love/ buy proper Floyd/purchase also ersatz ripoffs ... Must check this item out etc ... ... checked out - nothing new since I bought the original CDs etc (still have my original 'Pulse' battery kept separately/checked for viability often...).
  11. Best Broadband deals

    YOUR context-choice, but for 19 years have preferred all what is now VM products, including BB. Others achieve great results alternately. Stuff tellie only on Sky or ... P.S. As is usual for us energy-media-insurance etc consumers, I still have to ring up free every 6 or 12 months to rearrange best loyal customer deal, or be fleeced ...
  12. Linn

    Still believe in apt Linn suitably purchased-installed-maintained.
  13. ... Fortunately, still enjoying 2008+ pre-256k displays ...
  14. arcam owned by samsung ?

    Wow! I now have 5 items owned by Sammie! Or me.
  15. Turntable mat?

    Being for many years a questing-git, have tried many tt/mattish combos. Have ultimately always (probably psychologically rather than objectively) preferred supplied artefacts. Still have a few bought rubber-felt separatelies/can't be arsified to re-test ... May loveliest analogue reveal due music.