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  1. The late, great, Russell Tomkins Jnr. I always put the voice down to trousers that were too tight!
  2. From my roots as a DJ in the early 70's, I have always loved soul! This album contains my all time favourite "Feel the need in me!" fullsizeoutput_18d9 by , on Flickr
  3. The REL Gibraltar G2 may now be a discontinued model, but it is a very capable sub-bass system (sealed enclosure, 10" drive unit, 450 watt class AB amp). I have owned one since 2016 and use it to enhance the performance of my main system speakers (TAD CR1 MK II) which tail off at 32Hz. The REL takes it's signal from the high-level feed (connecting to the speaker outputs of the power amp) and is "rolled in" at 32Hz, with the volume control set no higher than "10." The effect is mainly heard in the area of soundstage and image scale, rather than added bass response. The bass "signature" has the same characteristics as the amplifier delivering signal to the main system speakers and the 10" driver has the speed to keep up with the main speakers. It comes with a remote control, which allows easy control and fine-tuning from the listening position. REL recommend running the sub in to "seat" the bass driver and burn in the amplifier components. fullsizeoutput_18b0 by , on Flickr
  4. fullsizeoutput_18d7 by Stephen Coward, on Flickr
  5. Left to right (in the photo above) John (Lurch), Barry (Brigadoon), our host, Ian (Baggawire), Jessica, Chrisph, Steve (Snoopdog) and Jules_S. Pictured here, are Barry's Harbeths, being driven by John's Lector CD player and Ian's Modwright integrated amp - a very satisfying combination! fullsizeoutput_18d6 by Stephen Coward, on Flickr
  6. Thank you Barry and Michelle, for your warm hospitality and a great day of music, great food and of course, the good company! A very relaxed, smaller gathering, with the opportunity to sample different speakers, Ian's (Baggawire) Modwright integrated amp, Jessica's excellent phono stage and new music! Despite the glum looking bunch captured on camera, I can assure you, that we were all smiling inside! fullsizeoutput_18ce by Stephen Coward, on Flickr
  7. English Breakfast tea and CHOCOLATE Digestives please!
  8. Ooooooh! MQA! Not seen that before! fullsizeoutput_18b9 by Stephen Coward, on Flickr
  9. I've never really settled on a streaming provider! Having had a succession of FREE trials of varying duration over the past three years with Tidal HiFi, Spotify Premium, Qobuz Studio and Amazon HD, I have probably realised that I just don't use the service often enough to warrant the premium monthly subscriptions (£19.99/month and upwards for Hi-Rez). With the Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify apps built in to the dCS Mosaic master app, streaming Hi-Rez files is simple, but I have been unimpressed with some of the Hi-Rez remasters on offer (especially from Qobuz) which sound distinctly "odd" compared to CD copies of the same music in my collection. I started a FREE 90-day subscription to Amazon HD, which expires mid-December, but I can only use Apple Airplay to stream the service to my dCS Upsampler, so I don't get any H-Rez benefit, just plain 44.1 Khz CD quality, which I think Apple Airplay is limited to! This morning, a "Black Friday" offer from Tidal dropped into my inbox, offering 4 Months subscription to Tidal HiFi (normally £19.99/month) for just £1.99!!! So I've signed up and will again assess the Tidal HiFi service until the end of next March!
  10. Hi Barry I'm driving! Just being flippant about The Times!
  11. Thanks John! I admit, I don't use vinyl enough these days as the digital front end has surpassed it in quality terms! However, I did fire up the turntable after getting back home from yours last Sunday and it doesn't sound too shabby! BO (of sorts) will probably have to wait until next spring (I don't want the smokers moaning that they are cold sitting outside in the garden) but I'll speak to you more at Barry's Petersfield shindig on the 30th! Steve
  12. Kind of, Jonathan! Tony supplied the Mutec clock, BlackRavioli feet, RTZ3 ground box + cables and four of his 6D power cables, but all installation and setting up done by me! He does have a good pair of ears though!
  13. Thank you for your kind words Barry.
  14. fullsizeoutput_18b5 by Stephen Coward, on Flickr
  15. Barry, Arriving at 12:30 hrs. No visit to the record shops, thank you. No dietary restrictions/allergies. I will just be bringing music - No equipment! Would you like a contribution towards the catering? I can bring a cake or something! I will be carrying a copy of the The Times!