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  1. Thanks Tim I’m delighted to hear your happy with it. Hope you have many years of listening. Tim was a pleasure to deal with, no messing about & a real gent. Thanks again. Ian
  2. Used for 2 weeks, so it’s like new. £900 incl fully insured postage.
  3. Used for 2 weeks, so it’s like new. £900 incl fully insured postage.
  4. Used for 2 weeks, so it’s like new. £900 incl fully insured postage.
  5. Trying to post more pics, but I get a message saying 2MB is the limit. Is that per post or per thread? Ta
  6. Help!! Is there anywhere I can find my password on this site? I’m typing now on my iPad, which seems to be permanently logged in. I’m trying to log in on my Laptop in order to post some new Pics, but can’t remember my Password & am afraid if I attempt it too many times I’ll lock myself out. Thanks!
  7. There’s another older model on eBay now for £1700 Old model on eBay Not sure if they made any internal changes (I’ll have to contact Bel Canto & ask), but the Aluminium facia changed to a chamfered design. <<<New model>>>
  8. Thanks Hifinutt Yes, I saw that one. That was an old model. Mine is a newer model (rounded facia, not square like that one) & mine is boxed in the original packaging (which that wasn’t) & absolutely Mint. If that went for £770, this should be worth at least 1000-1200, but hey, I suppose stuff is worth what someone will pay.
  9. Apologies Amormusic! I’ve only just seen this post. So thanks again. I’m reducing this to £950... Can’t believe I’m doing it. It’s 50% of retail price for something that’s been boxed for all but 2 weeks of it’s life. I just don’t have a use for it though.
  10. Thanks Amormusic! It’s already on there. Can’t believe it’s not sold. It’s a lovely piece of kit & absolutely MINT. I wonder if I have to take it off & relist it to get that deal???