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  1. The print/poster of the Maxell ad... Is that looking for a new home too?
  2. The SME 310 that this armboard was intended for is about to have another ebony armboard made for it by Steve. Shame it's going on a different deck or this would have been ideal!
  3. Hi Dean, Can I have these please: Big Country - The Crossing (inner, TEX)(VG/VG+) £5 Black ‎– Black (Ex/Ex) £4.50 Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell (Ex/Ex) £10 Icehouse - Man of colours (inner, dc)(VG+/Ex+) £4.50 ZZ Top - Afterburner (insert)(VG+/VG) £3 Thanks, Nick
  4. I owned these before the OP. Superbly transparent and musical speakers that worked well with amps of many different types. As said above, the next owner will be getting a LOT of sound quality and musical enjoyment for their money. GLWS.
  5. There is a world of difference between proper target shooting and running about pretending you're in some militia like in that video. One is very much for me, the other very much is not. As mentioned above, probably the best route to take is to approach a suitable local club for whatever your son would like to do.
  6. It is such a shame that the mere mention of guns brings out the forum's simplistic kneejerk. Far better to introduce a child (if they have an interest) to shooting in a controlled and safe environment than otherwise. Target shooting in the correct supervised environment is an extremely safe activity, in fact safety and discipline are the first things that are taught to any new shooter in a formal setting. To my mind the multitude of kids blasting away in game worlds are far more disturbing than what is being proposed here. Of course shooting may hold no interest for many people but to blindly dismiss it as unsafe or irresponsible or as an activity for weirdos is daft. Target shooting has an awful lot in common with Golf, for example. The only significant difference is the means of delivering the projectile to the target. And please actually think about that before starting with your righteous indignation To the OP: in your situation I would consider an air pistol rather than an air rifle, they are smaller and easier to handle for a young child and less powerful. Have never used airsoft kit so can't comment on that. Pellet catchers are a thing and can be bought for under £20, could be worth having a couple in your setup to stop ricochets. Draped carpet material behind would also be good to deal with any less accurate shots.
  7. 1.0 m long Pure AV heavy duty component video cables. Could I have these please, if you still have them?
  8. You can't have trid very hard - - - Updated - - - You can't have tried very hard
  9. Wish I'd seen this earlier, I'd have bought them back
  10. The Howard is a transmission line speaker, not a conventional ported box. Not sure how much of that info above will be directly applicable. FWIW, a friend of mine had Howard S2 for years and always struggled to get really clean well-defined bass out of them. They have weight and extension for sure but are not the tightest. I agree with the posts above though. The room dimensions/construction and room/speaker interaction will be the major determinant in the quality of sound and bass you hear.