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  1. Even if his style does look like an octopus that fell out of a tree, that was bloody magnificent. He even smiled.
  2. When I had a valve amp my missus called it my bulbous sex-toy. She did concede however that I only had the one as opposed to a drawerful
  3. Biff

    Sad news

    Mr Shifter has gone too [video=youtube;CNslTmBRuww]
  4. Love his final comment - "I know women who could get a machine-gun up there!"
  5. " I know where you keep your fish-paste buns "
  6. I love that ad because its one of the few things which makes my old Ma smile widely. She's 87 and no longer wiith it.
  7. My deaf girlfriend has just called me a cunt. That's not a good sign.
  8. Not even with an extra special steak.
  9. Watery and unseasoned - agreed, but with plenty of butter and sea salt lumpy mash is a thing of beauty
  10. Spare a thought for the Tour riders, descending at 50mph+ on tyres 2cm wide with 120psi in them. Wearing nowt but lycra. No ta
  11. When I heard that oxygen and magnesium hooked up I was like, OMg!
  12. It's so hot in France today that I expect the British cyclists to really suffer! More suited to someone from Africa, but come on Chris Froome anyway!
  13. I did my back in visiting Egypt, but the Cairopracter sorted me out.