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  1. St. Oswald's Beach, Dorset. by Rick Francis, on Flickr
  2. Whoops posted a photo on the wrong thread! Sorry Colin!
  3. The ferry terminal looks like a shot from a film, lovely tones and dramatic lighting & water.
  4. They're both good shots, but the top one is really good Steven.
  5. As per title, post your favourite two shots that you've taken in 2019 and the reason why they appeal to you if you want. My two are this recent shot of Newhaven Harbour. I like the simplicity of it and the harbour wall guides the eye in to the scene and how the Seven Sisters balance the shot. It also came out exactly as I hoped it would when I took it! Newhaven Harbour, East Sussex. by Rick Francis, on Flickr My second shot was taken at Covent Garden. I just like looking at all the different people and stories that they suggest to me. Some interested in the entertainment going on, some chatting, some bored and even the dog waiting patiently with it's owner, probably wanting to move on! The day out. by Rick Francis, on Flickr
  6. Thanks Richard, much appreciated.
  7. Yes that's the place. Shame it's moved up north though
  8. Is this in south Wales? I saw a youtube vlogg from a photographer in what looks like this place. It's somewhere I'd really like to visit.
  9. Starting my two weeks off work using up holiday by popping down to Newhaven Harbour this afternoon. No clouds, flat sea, sun and no working remote for my camera so I had to keep my finger on the trigger for 8 minutes until I managed to work out a way of hanging my camera bag over the trigger and holding it on B setting! Newhaven Harbour, East Sussex. by Rick Francis, on Flickr Newhaven Beach, East sussex. by Rick Francis, on Flickr
  10. The Auralex foam bases aren't a patch on the Townshend supports. Admittedly, they also don't cost anywhere near the price! If you have a deep carpet place the podium feet on some strong tea mats or metal sheet to spread the load as they tend to sink in to the carpet unevenly and become a problem to level.
  11. St. Thomas a Becket Church, Fairfield. by Rick Francis, on Flickr
  12. The reason I went for the 100mm was to hopefully future proof my system due to outgrowing the smaller system as mentioned previously. It sounds like you're already deciding you need a fair few different filters! I would suggest you get the best quality filters for the main ones you expect to use such as the polariser and ND filter as these will get more use.
  13. I also use Format-Hitech Firecrest 100mm filters. Yes they are expensive, but they aren't as expensive as Lee! I started with their more affordable smaller filters but this became a pain when I went to the pro lenses. I don't use too many filters so I own the CPL (this is always on whenever using this filter system),the big stopper and 3 soft grad filters which are 0.3, 0.6 & 0.9 . I also have a Hoya 7stop ND circular filter but don't often use it. I would like to get a hard grad at some point and will probably opt for the 0.6 . Just remembered, I'm also thinking about getting a Super Stopper ND filter to really push the exposure times. The ten stop is great, but I want more cloud movement.
  14. Hope you enjoy your new lens Richard. I'd make my usual comments about your GAS problem, but I also bought another lens last week. Despite owning the Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 I felt I "needed" the Panasonic 8-18mm F2.8-4 lens as well. The main selling feature to me is it can have filters attached which is great for my landscape shots. Also, noticed the G9 produces much nicer images imho with their own lenses than with the Olympus ones. When I used the G9 in London with the 12mm F1.4 last week I actually enjoyed using the camera. I've never got on with it from when I bought it until this week. Now I'm like a kid with a new toy!
  15. Another shot from my recent trip to London. I'm trying to improve my b&w production, but still a long way from some of the classy work posted here! Soho, London. by Rick Francis, on Flickr