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  1. aargh....Don't say that! Ever since I saw them a few years ago I said I wanted a pair just from the looks and finish alone.Then I read the reviews. I really do think getting a pair would be the end point in HiFi for me.
  2. Have to say I've gone through half my CD's in the last couple of days and the Elex is a really nice improvement in virtually all aspects. The extra power is evident, detail is improved in that details that were vaguely there with the Brio are now crystal clear. Everything seems to be a clearly defined step-up. The Rega house sound is clearly there (I like to say it is quite neutral) but the differences are the clearest/easiest I've heard since going from Mission 780SE's to my current Art Stiletto's. My first upgrade in a number of years and I'm super happy. Just wonder what the Dynaudio Special Forty would sound like in this system....Help!
  3. Hi all. Just upgraded my bedroom system amp from the Rega Brio R to the Elex R and even from cold (the amp was really cold to the touch from the box so let it get to room temp) it sounded familiar but straightaway I heard more detail and a bigger, more muscular sound. I will let it run in for a few more days before really making any judgments though. One thing that was a pleasant surprise was the look and finish of the amp. It looks and feels far better than any of the pics I've seen online. So far so good.
  4. Hi there, Wadsy. This amp is on my list of possible upgrades and wonder where its available for £800? Cheers.
  5. You're quite right I really should take advantage of the many great wammers and their systems but I'm far too awkward to do it. I did buy my System Audio speakers from jhud here a few years ago and got to listen to his system at the time that I only remember for the amazing Triode amp he had. That sounded (and looked) wonderful but was probably £5,000 alone! I have a bit of time today so will use it to have a critical listen to my system to see if I actually do want an improvement rather than just some new boxes and go from there. Thanks all for the advice.
  6. Indeed the Arts are the original version with the horn tweeter. I see Art just launched a new Stiletto version called the 6V3 that they say are the most affordable yet but are £3,500! The rest of your post is quite something to think about....Maybe I really should think long and hard about this rather than just upgrading for the sake of it. I don't know how the more active box swappers do it!
  7. Thanks for the replies, guys. Food for thought for sure. @Uzzy Honestly I'm actually quite happy with the system sound wise but if I was to highlight anything it probably would be the amp in so much as I wonder if the Arts might benefit from more power/grunt? Maybe the Elex-R or Elicit-R to keep the same type of sound? Maybe try another DAC too? @T1no and MartinC Will look into those active systems. Cheers.
  8. Not really now. It is my main music system these days. In the living room I have a Rotel RA-1062 and System Audio Mantra speakers hooked up to the TV. Elsewhere someone recommended Kef LS50 wireless as an all in one. I can demo locally but I'm not too keen on the looks of them TBH (I know this shouldn't really matter). I think the main reason I've stuck with the same system for so long is that it is so hard to decide what to change to. Or whether to change one thing at a time or the whole lot.
  9. Hi all. Long time since I participated here (a rare happy audiophile! ) I have, and still enjoy, my bedroom system comprising of a Rega Brio R amp (mk1), Rega DAC and Art Stiletto floorstanders (2005 model). Was thinking of just upgrading wholesale but I'm not sure now. Might be better to do the amp/DAC first then the speakers later or vice versa? As for what I'm after I would say a similar sound type but higher quality all round if that isn't too simplistic? I admit the simplicity of something like Dynaudio Special Forty with one of the new breed of all in one streamers like the NAD M10 or Naim Unity Atom appeal for a small (12 X 8) bedroom system but this would run me £4,500-£5,000. The biggest issue is lack of nearby dealers to demo....There are none at all for the brands I've been looking at and I much prefer to buy new in all honesty as I will no doubt have the system for a number years. Budget wise I was thinking ~£3,000 but really I think it best I be as flexible as possible as things have changed quite a bit since the last time I bought. Thanks for looking.
  10. Jon, I thought I replied to your PM earlier but am now not sure if it went through. Could you confirm?
  11. A very kind offer Darren, but I really couldn't be so cheeky to have you come down for that. Also, as funds are relatively tight, I think I'll play it safe and just upgrade speakers first and then look at amps later. Though I'd feel a bit cheeky doing this.....it would be great to have a listen! If I was to buy these speakers, what amp types/brands are a good match in your experience? The Brio R is a nice little amp, but I'm sure these speakers would respond well to an upgrade when funds allow.
  12. I'd never heard of them to be honest. They look very nice. I was initially taken a back with the multiple drivers but then realised they're only a bit bigger than my Stiletto's. You are also just up the road from me too. I'll certainly give it some serious thought Jon. Thanks for letting me know about them
  13. I have been trying to find Art Deco 6 for sale to get an idea of secondhand values vs new price etc..no luck! The E-Mail link on Art's website doesn't work and the dealer that supplied my Stiletto's doesn't stock Art anymore and have moved. No dealer list on the website that I can find, either. Are there any speakers with a similar sound that are more readily available that will work well with my system now and take future upgrades?
  14. That is actually a good shout. I have owned them for nearly nine years so definitely like the Art sound. Finding any Art speakers secondhand is bloody difficult though A pity Art don't do a £1500-£2000 model in their current range... I suspect that if and when I get new speakers I'll be itching again for a better amp!