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  1. Boxer

    When you realise your system's good

    There is something about some mono recordings: the Dylan monos are excellent; as are some old Ella recordings we have; one of the real eye/ear openers for me, though, are the original mono singles of Airplane's White Rabbit and Someone To Love (available as bonus tracks on the 2003 re-issue of Surrealistic Pillow, for example), which just blow away the stereo mixes on the album.
  2. Boxer

    Public Sector strike argument thread

    Quite! As I have said repeatedly, the NHS scheme takes in billions more in contributions than it pays out in pensions, which renders the "unaffordability" argument somewhat redundant. And another thing: every time I pay for goods or services I contribute to the pay of someone or other in the private sector, and from my taxes in the increasing number of public sector contracts awarded to private companies, and thus, by extension, private sector pensions. And when the private sector pension schemes were being screwed over (after employers had been allowed to take huge pension contribution holidays - where did that money go? I didn't notice prices for goods and services falling!) what prevented private sector workers taking the same sort of collective action that public sector are now under similar circumstances?
  3. Boxer

    Texting for the over 40s

    Indeed, as should posts on the interweb!
  4. Boxer

    How would YOU write reviews?

    Feeling guilty about sarcasm here? Please, no! I do it much of the time. NB I did mean everything I posted in certain threads - no sarcasm there.
  5. Boxer

    How would YOU write reviews?

    Good point! I am just so glad that I abandoned the concept of guilt, otherwise I would be completely f u c k e d. And thus rendered completely incapable of pretty much anything... Oh, aside from being a sarky git.
  6. Boxer

    How would YOU write reviews?

    You aren't Catholic? I'm an ex-Methodist and I gave up guilt years ago...
  7. Boxer

    Texting for the over 40s

    What is this "texting" of which you speak? Boxer (age 52, and no personal mobile `phone)
  8. Boxer

    How would YOU write reviews?

    Reductio ad absurdum....
  9. Boxer

    How would YOU write reviews?

    It works, so I'm told, but I don't have direct personal knowledge or experience... And I don't know the exact mechanism by which it is fatal.
  10. Boxer

    How would YOU write reviews?

    OK, hands up all those who fully understand (to the current state of the science knowledge) how their bodies and brains, let alone minds, work? Right, form an orderly queue for the handing over of your corporeal affairs..... PS I understand quite a bit, but not everything...
  11. Boxer

    How would YOU write reviews?

    Well, we aim to please!
  12. However, I suspect Kid A, long term, will turn out to be their best, but then I am fond of many of the things they borrowed from on that one.
  13. Boxer

    How would YOU write reviews?

    Consider yourselves BOTH slapped around the head with a wet kipper!
  14. Boxer

    How would YOU write reviews?

    Play nice, boys! Take a breather and play some choons. Or if you want to rant and rave use the thread about Google-censorship in the Questions about this forum and put the bile to good use.
  15. ^ I'm old: gimme a break!