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  1. keiron99

    Two questions about phono stage “noise”

    OK thanks for the advice. I’ve tried everything I can. But whatever I do, the combination of my S1200G / AT 150MLX / Rotel creates buzzing and noise, whether I have the ground connected or not. I’ve tried moving things around and attaching the ground to the Lehmann phono stage whilst actually using the Rotel phono input, but that doesn’t help. It would lead one to think the problem is with the Rotel. But, the same cartridge on my old Technics/Jelco was silent through the Rotel. Also, worthy of note, when I wiggle the headshell on the arm (loosen it a bit), the buzzing disappears.
  2. I have a Rotel RA 1592 integrated amp with a built in MM phono stage. The official specs say that the signal noise ratio is 80db (A weighted). I also have a Lehmann Black Cube SE II phono stage. Now, I’d have thought this would have better specs, being a specialist device. But according to their published specs, the SNR is only 71db. Now, I must confess that those figures mean nothing to me. But does it mean that, in this regard at least, the phono stage of the Rotel is better than the Lehmann? Or does this not make any difference in the real world? Now the second part of my question is this. When I connect the ground from my (rather wonderful new) Technics SL1200G turntable to the ground on the Rotel, I get quite bad noise. Humming and buzzing. But when I connect the ground to the Lehmann, but with the actual TCAs connected to the Rotel, it’s almost silent! So does this imply that the grounding on the Rotel is inadequate? And what might be the solution? What I’m trying to do is get to a situation where I can sell on the Lehmann and just use the Rotel’s phono stage, but with the current noise from the grounding, this is not possible.
  3. Any SL1200G owners here? I got one last week. What a magnificent machine.
  4. keiron99

    Socket for a dedicated mains spur

    Thanks for all the advice. It is indeed a "radial" that's being installed. Don't worry, he's a qualified pro and wouldn't fit anything that's illegal. I was just wondering what my options were before he does the job.
  5. keiron99

    Socket for a dedicated mains spur

    Good point, I'd not thought of that!
  6. keiron99

    Socket for a dedicated mains spur

    I'm adding a dedicated mains spur directly from my consumer unit to the room with my hifi in (literally on the other side of the wall). I have an electrician friend who can help. I really don't want to go down the path of spending hundreds on fancy gold plated cables and switches etc. However, what I'd really like is a well made 4 way unswitched socket. I could get away with 3 way. But I will be blown if I can find any. Anyone have any suggestions? Or am I buying into the foo by thinking an unswitched socket is preferable? And if it does have to be switched, can anyone recommend a good brand?
  7. keiron99

    Sweet vinyl sugar cube sc1

    Can I ask where you've seen that?
  8. keiron99

    Sweet vinyl sugar cube sc1

    What does the latest software update do? I'm still dithering. I had an email exchange with Dan Eakins at Sweet Vinyl, who to his great credit was remarkably open and responsive. He disclosed stuff to me in the email which I won't share publicly (since it was a private email exchange!) but he did say that there is a lower cost product in prototype which they anticipate releasing in autumn (actually, he said "the fall"), and that they also plan on releasing at the same time some software to deal with vinyl "roar" (which you could install via a USB which you'd have to pay for). So, I am holding on for a bit to see what materialises.
  9. keiron99

    Sweet vinyl sugar cube sc1

    Ah, yes. I hadn't thought of that. Looks like my project is doomed.
  10. keiron99

    Sweet vinyl sugar cube sc1

    Thanks. Unfortunately there is no tape loop. There’s no way of separating the pre and power. The manual does say that with the pre out, the tone control settings (which I use - perish the thought!) still apply. But that arrangement just seems odd. If I had say the treble lifted, then it goes through the pre-out to the Sugarcube, then back into a spare line in…and the treble lift is applied again? I guess I could test by just running a pair of cables from the pre-out straight back into a line in, but I’m worried something might go horribly wrong!
  11. keiron99

    Sweet vinyl sugar cube sc1

    I'm interested in this. My integrated Rotel 1592 has a built-in phono stage and a pre out. Would I be able to take a feed from the pre out to the Sugarcube, then out from the Sugarcube back into a line in on the Rotel?
  12. keiron99

    Harbeth Owners Club

    Inspired by the now deleted and very expensive Skylan magnet gadget for removing the grilles, I made my own such contraption. I bought some neodymium magnets from ebay (£2.99 for ten) and hot glued them on to a little plastic bracket I had in my parts box. I made a messy job of it. Anyway, it did the trick. I just lined it up with the corner of the grille and bit by bit, eased it off. It didn't get as good a hold as I would have liked - maybe I should have got bigger and more powerful magnets. But at least I now got to look behind the grilles. And very classy they look too, in an old-school way. And to be honest, I can't hear any difference.
  13. keiron99

    Harbeth Owners Club

    Naturally I have been there and I'm too scared to mention it
  14. keiron99

    Harbeth Owners Club

    Driving me mad trying to remove the grilles. I know it doesn't matter that much, but hey, I want a peak. I bought an 11kg magnet but it just doesn't grab. It's almost as though the grille frame isn't even magnetic. There's no space at all to insert any kind of implement to tease them out except in the corners, and that would involve crushing the veneer as you'd have to use the cabinet to get some leverage. It does seem to be an odd design choice they way they have approached this. Surely, on occasion, the factory must need to remove the grilles, so how on earth do they do it?
  15. keiron99

    Harbeth Owners Club

    Oh man... It's taken me a few days to just get over "they don't sound like my last speakers" which I had been so accustomed too for years. They just make beautiful music. Voices just spill out so easily. You can turn them right up and they never get shrill, yet they are never dull. As for the bass I commented on earlier - I think it's just a case of my ears getting accustomed to the different nature of the way it's presented. It's all there alright. I played Rush's Camera Eye and it sounded massive. And just earlier, for contrast, some Joe Cocker, and it was like he was in the room. Hard to believe that such an unassuming boxy thing can sound like this.