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  1. keiron99

    Harbeth club

    Inspired by the now deleted and very expensive Skylan magnet gadget for removing the grilles, I made my own such contraption. I bought some neodymium magnets from ebay (£2.99 for ten) and hot glued them on to a little plastic bracket I had in my parts box. I made a messy job of it. Anyway, it did the trick. I just lined it up with the corner of the grille and bit by bit, eased it off. It didn't get as good a hold as I would have liked - maybe I should have got bigger and more powerful magnets. But at least I now got to look behind the grilles. And very classy they look too, in an old-school way. And to be honest, I can't hear any difference.
  2. keiron99

    Harbeth club

    Naturally I have been there and I'm too scared to mention it
  3. keiron99

    Harbeth club

    Driving me mad trying to remove the grilles. I know it doesn't matter that much, but hey, I want a peak. I bought an 11kg magnet but it just doesn't grab. It's almost as though the grille frame isn't even magnetic. There's no space at all to insert any kind of implement to tease them out except in the corners, and that would involve crushing the veneer as you'd have to use the cabinet to get some leverage. It does seem to be an odd design choice they way they have approached this. Surely, on occasion, the factory must need to remove the grilles, so how on earth do they do it?
  4. keiron99

    Harbeth club

    Oh man... It's taken me a few days to just get over "they don't sound like my last speakers" which I had been so accustomed too for years. They just make beautiful music. Voices just spill out so easily. You can turn them right up and they never get shrill, yet they are never dull. As for the bass I commented on earlier - I think it's just a case of my ears getting accustomed to the different nature of the way it's presented. It's all there alright. I played Rush's Camera Eye and it sounded massive. And just earlier, for contrast, some Joe Cocker, and it was like he was in the room. Hard to believe that such an unassuming boxy thing can sound like this.
  5. keiron99

    Harbeth club

    Curious thing is, with my new 30.1s, there appears to be less bass than my Monitor Audios with the smaller drivers. I had originally worried it would be overpowering, but far from it.
  6. keiron99

    Harbeth club

    I have finally got my 30.1s in tiger ebony! Now, I know they are designed to be played with the grilles on. But I really want to have a peak behind (and, I can't help but notice all of Harbeth's publicity shots and even when they dem them in shows are sans-grilles). I've read you can try to pry them off with your fingers - no chance in my case. I also have tried with a bent paperclip, which I read about on the HUG forums - again, hopeless. I have a reasonably powerful magnet which was also useless. Anyone got any suggestions? Maybe a more powerful magnet? If so, just how powerful?
  7. keiron99

    Feet for speaker stands

    I've placed an order for a pair of Harbeth M30.1 speakers. Now comes the dilemma of choosing stands. I don't buy into the idea that they are all that critical (a philosphy which drew me to Harbeth!) so I'm not really prepared to cough up the £600 plus that some of the stands designed for Harbeth go for. I know that Alan Shaw of Harbeth is happy plonking speakers on Ikea stools, alas I cannot find any the right dimensions for the 30.1. However, I have found some 'telephone / lamp / side' tables on Amazon, made of wood, and perfect dimensions (ie place the tweeter at ear height and the top plate is exactly the same size as the speaker base), from about £40 each. They tend to just be a top, with 4 vertical legs and some reinforcing bracing between the legs at the bottom. What more does a speaker stand need to be? All I need now is to decide what to put between the bottom of the legs and my wooden floor. As I understand it, spikes 'couple' to the floor (and therefore transfer the energy / bass in particular?) whereas rubber feet would 'decouple'. What happens to the bass energy then? I'm leaning toward some kind of rubber/sorbothane. But ideally I'd like them to be adjustable as my floor is a bit uneven. Does anyone know of such a thing - at a sensible price? Additionally, what should I put between the top of the stand and the speaker? I'm not keen on blu tack because it can damage the veneer (even though noone ever sees it!). But I don't want them to slip around. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. keiron99

    Harbeth club

    I see Skylan stands mentioned a lot. Are they available in the UK?
  9. keiron99

    Harbeth club

    Well I've only gone and ordered a pair of new M30.1s in tiger ebony...
  10. keiron99

    Harbeth club

    Maybe I'm reading too much into things but the p3esr is quite small isn't it? It only has a 5" driver; my existing speakers have 6.5" I hadn't considered getting smaller speakers.
  11. keiron99

    Harbeth club

    My room is only about 12 x 12. Would that be too small for the SHL5? I read a lot of owners saying the bass is a bit overpowering in smaller rooms for even the 30.1. But - correct me if I'm wrong - can't I just turn down the bass on my amp? (I know that Alan Shaw is a big fan of tone controls!)
  12. keiron99

    Harbeth club

    I've been thinking about Harbeths for years now. To date, I've just never been able to get beyond the poor perceived value for money... I've also never heard any, and not likely to unless I buy some (because my "local" dealer hasn't returned my emails - so bollocks to them - and I tend to buy second hand anyway). I currently have a pair of Monitor Audio GX 100 speakers. All high tech, curvey cabinets, metal woofer, ribbon tweeter etc. I like them - a lot. But you know how things are - I just want a change for change's sake, to be honest. So I have been considering the M30.1. They are a similar size to what I have, and they would sit atop record cabinets, albeit they are very solid and at the right height. Could anyone comment on what I might expect from the change? I never expect night and day differences (never heard anything "blown out of the water" yet") but what would I get? More bass? More realism?
  13. keiron99

    Where are the classifieds?

    So to access the Classifieds, you go to the "Megastore" tab at the top? Is that correct? I've been in there and....there's not much there. (Maybe I am navigating wrong, it's a bit of a mess in there.) The Classifieds used to be buzzing. What happened?
  14. keiron99

    Monitor Audio

    How big is your room, Brian
  15. keiron99

    Monitor Audio

    I have a pair of GX100 speakers. Not ideally mounted as they are plonked on record storage cabinets - albeit at about the right height. They are tremendous but for all that, as is the way with these things, I want more and better! What would be the next logical (but significant) step up in the range (I buy used only). Would the platinum PL100 be a big step? Or should I be looking at a floorstander? (My room is only 12 feet x 12 feet.) In fact, what are the main differences between the Gold (or GX) and the Platinum range?