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  1. ESK

    Amp recommendations for up to £3k for magnepans

    I know someone that runs his with a big old Krell. Sounds sublime.
  2. ESK

    Aside from your own system...

    Heard a full Audiopax set up in an Edinburgh show, 2004. I had to be dragged from the room. There's every chance I could still be there listening to it now had I been left alone. Truly memorable.
  3. ESK

    Help on phono stage.

    I'm with Rabski. Could you have nudged the tracking force or have the arm riding a bit too high?
  4. ESK

    Curry anyone?

    Fenugreek also called methi is at its best in leaf form. Last time I bought it was from Asda of all places.
  5. ESK

    New Preamp, Croft or Tron?

    I wasn't a fan of the Mastersound pre. I used it with Mastersound monos and it was just a bit too warm.
  6. ESK

    Valve amp questions...

    I suggest you train the rat not to jump on an 845 when its powered up or you won't need to worry what's for supper that night.
  7. ESK

    Magpie v Blue Peter

    Jenny Hanley. Nuff said.
  8. ESK

    Art Emotion Signatures?

    Yes to my Alnicos. Expensive but a brilliant upgrade.
  9. ESK

    Assisted Death

    Delia Smith already beat you to that one. One of her cats was crushed do death by a portaloo a few years ago.
  10. ESK

    Golf in the S.E.

    I play with a chap in his 80s with new hips and he can still knock in round in under his age. Can't hit it far but rarely misses a fairway and his short game is inspired.
  11. ESK

    Golf in the S.E.

    Until a couple of years ago I was pretty wild off the tee and hit some pretty bad fades/slices. I got one lesson that gave me a bit of a move to make at the top of my backswing. Ever since I have hit the ball with a functional draw and kept the ball in play all the way around. It has saved me big time. So now rather than having big misses right, I now have small misses left. I'm hitting the ball straighter and further than I ever have. If I want to get even lower then as you say, its chipping and bunker play that needs practice. That and being able to get within 9 to 10 feet from 100 yards in reliably. I broke the magical 70 barrier this year having never down it before in my puff. To get down from mid high teens down to 12 or so, I found the biggest change was not the golf itself but thinking your way around. ie don't try and hit the hail Mary shots. Take bogie. Its better than an 8 or worse! My favourite comment to the guys I play with is, "You've just missed a 40 yard fairway. What chance you can hit a 6 feet gap between two trees?"*** Shot 74 today but had a triple bogie at one hole. I should have listened to *** If you come over the top and hit slices, try these tips on the practice ground. Line up as usual but place the ball in line with your right toe with the club behind the ball. Make a slow, half swing and try to hit the ball out to the right. You are trying to get the feeling of swinging from in to out rather than over the top. Don't try and hit too hard. Just get the feeling. Second tip. Line up as usual with your club behind a tee peg Place a ball one ball width nearer you than the tee peg. Line up with your club behind the tee peg. Make a swing and try to hit the ball rather than the tee. Again this will give you the feeling of swinging into out and stopping a flying right elbow. Take it slow. Euan
  12. ESK

    Golf in the S.E.

    Love a bit of golf. I live in the home of golf though, so no good to you. I managed to get my handicap cut this year from 7 to 5. I can't see where the next reduction is coming from though unless I start to dedicate a heck of a lot more time to practice than I currently do. Damn frustrating game.
  13. ESK

    Cover versions better than the originals

    But my personal favourite. Max Raabe - Sex Bomb
  14. ESK

    Cover versions better than the originals

    Senior Coconut - Smooth Operator
  15. ESK

    Cover versions better than the originals

    Senior Coconut - Smoke on the Water