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  1. Every time I see these I'm minded of a cartoon from my yoof.
  2. Kondo Kagura monoblocks Kondo G1000 preamp Kondo GE 10 Phono Some massive pair of JBLs from Kenrick A full Kondo silver loom of cables. My current turntable and tonearm and a Dynavector XV-1T cartridge or maybe an Air Tight Opus. (or both.) Dream big. Aim high.
  3. ESK

    Guilty Pleasure.....Music

    I think you're alone now...
  4. ESK

    Pet Hates !!

    "Should of," "Would of," "Could of." "Back in the day" really gets my goat. Oh, and that bloke on the BBC news that stands outside the Houses of Parliament" that shouts "No Brexit!". Oh and people with wonky pictures hanging on their walls. I just have to straighten them.
  5. ESK

    Wild Garlic

    After the mild spell it is running rampant around here. So, I picked some this morning and turned it into a pesto with walnuts, parmesan, lemon zest and cold pressed rape seed oil. I just had it for lunch stirred into some pasta. Food of the goods.
  6. ESK

    Instant Kwoffee

    There's only one thing worse than instant coffee and that's decaffeinated instant coffee.
  7. ESK

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Its a manufacturer's video for goodness sakes. They (Townsend) sell cables (expensive ones too.) They're hardly likely to hold their hands up and say, "its a fair cop. They all sound the same" now. Are they.
  8. ESK

    Phono Stage or Pre-amp...?

    You sound like my wife. Spoilsport.
  9. ESK

    Phono Stage or Pre-amp...?

    Does your Dacmagic have a volume control? If so, how about a phono stage with a volume control and forget the preamp.
  10. ESK

    Amp recommendations for up to £3k for magnepans

    I know someone that runs his with a big old Krell. Sounds sublime.
  11. ESK

    Aside from your own system...

    Heard a full Audiopax set up in an Edinburgh show, 2004. I had to be dragged from the room. There's every chance I could still be there listening to it now had I been left alone. Truly memorable.
  12. ESK

    Help on phono stage.

    I'm with Rabski. Could you have nudged the tracking force or have the arm riding a bit too high?
  13. ESK

    Curry anyone?

    Fenugreek also called methi is at its best in leaf form. Last time I bought it was from Asda of all places.
  14. ESK

    New Preamp, Croft or Tron?

    I wasn't a fan of the Mastersound pre. I used it with Mastersound monos and it was just a bit too warm.
  15. ESK

    Valve amp questions...

    I suggest you train the rat not to jump on an 845 when its powered up or you won't need to worry what's for supper that night.