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  1. lilolee

    (Sold) Quad 34 pre and 306 power amp

    Pleasure doing business. Now I have a chance to compare fettled Brown vs Grey 34 and 405 with new Quad boards vs 306.
  2. Shame I couldn't make the last or this one. There is definitely some kit I would like to hear. Maybe the next one! Cheers Lee
  3. ^ I think it's this which is sold out at LSO, but is on Amamzon
  4. lilolee

    Classic Album Sundays.

    Similar thing happens at Norden Farm Arts in Maidenhead
  5. Many thanks John for a fun day. Good sounds, good people and good fish finger sandwich. I didn't take any photos, but I'm sure some will appear later, and I'll pm those I said I would in a couple of days as I am away until Weds. Cheers Lee
  6. I'll bring some home built LS3/5a clones and an old JVC amp for that 70's vibe.
  7. Do you have any 24 inch or so speaker stands?
  8. I'd better make it down or no PL-12d 😁 I'll bring a 70's JVC amp for the lol's
  9. lilolee

    Upgrade 33/303 or replace

    Peter Walker deliberately tried to voice the 33/303 like the preceding 22/QuadII. Which to some means too lush and a bit rolled off in the top. The 303 had better drive and bass to deal with the pesky esl57 speakers. In the context of a normal domestic situation ie 'You can't put those there!' I will stick with my get them service and be done. However if you can have things setup a bit more sympathetically I would agree the Grounded Grid in the classifieds could make a difference as could the valve pre I sold on here at the weekend. But do notice I said difference and that's not always better.
  10. lilolee

    Interconnects, what made your jaw drop?

    I've been away such a long time from forums. What is there some kind of debate about cables? (snigger) - - - Updated - - - The therapy didn't work though.
  11. lilolee

    Upgrade 33/303 or replace

    What Ian said. The 33/303 is a great combo, all others are just different, not necessarily better.
  12. lilolee

    Interconnects, what made your jaw drop?

    IC's never jawdrop, but speaker cables are another matter.
  13. lilolee

    EL34 or KT88?

    Kt66 ftw
  14. lilolee

    Reliable source for GEC KT66 ?

    Try the below, but I not 100% sure he is still going. P. G. Hi-fi. Surrey, England, UK. Telephone: +44 (0) 1428 651554
  15. lilolee


    A couple of editions ago HiFiWorld reviewed all in one boxes and they really liked the NAD.Even considering it myself as I have downsized myself to 2 boxes and may go smaller again. Oh and I'm always suprised what gubbins you do need in the end, so extras are always handy and at least it's all in one box.