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  1. Apologies for not being there. But it appears maybe a good thing!
  2. Yeah cheers guys. Was nice to meet up with like minded idiots Wammers and listen to some good sounds
  3. I fancy popping in, as I am only down the road. Won't be bringing anything except maybe some music. Cheers Lee
  4. Bump and price reduced to £165 excluding RA Yello
  5. his unit in excellent condition, working perfectly. Comes with it's original RC6000CD remote control, KI certificate and instructions. This is based the CD6000 OSE, which has been "hot rodded" by Ken Ishiwata hence KI version. This is done by copper-plating of the chassis in the interests of interference rejection and better earthing. The lid and chassis are given extra damping to damp resonances. The standard transformer has been replaced by a bigger, high-quality toroidal, together with the fitting of better capacitors and copper shielding of the regulation stage. The captive lead has been changed with an adaptor so you can use your own power cable. I will include a generic cable or can include a Russ Andrews Yello 1m cable for an additional £25. Collection from Maidenhead or willing to post. Looking for £170 or £200 including the RA Yello power cable + Postage.
  6. Pleasure doing business. Now I have a chance to compare fettled Brown vs Grey 34 and 405 with new Quad boards vs 306.
  7. Shame I couldn't make the last or this one. There is definitely some kit I would like to hear. Maybe the next one! Cheers Lee
  8. ^ I think it's this which is sold out at LSO, but is on Amamzon
  9. Similar thing happens at Norden Farm Arts in Maidenhead
  10. Many thanks John for a fun day. Good sounds, good people and good fish finger sandwich. I didn't take any photos, but I'm sure some will appear later, and I'll pm those I said I would in a couple of days as I am away until Weds. Cheers Lee
  11. I'll bring some home built LS3/5a clones and an old JVC amp for that 70's vibe.
  12. I'd better make it down or no PL-12d 😁 I'll bring a 70's JVC amp for the lol's