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  1. In that particular case it's feasible. There is a vinyl version of the Radiohead track ... Two actually ... At 45rpm in the original box set and a 33rpm version they released later.
  2. Maybe Panasonic spread this rumour every now and again ... It'd boost sales after all . You don't think WHF's standards of fact verification are so flaky? Really?
  3. Then someone needs to have a word with WHF then because that article, dateline yesterday specifically states they are ceasing production of all turntables.
  4. That and that there is now a lot more competition on the DJ side of things from Vestax, Stanton et al. Generally not as good as the Technics but on the other hand generally a lot cheaper too. I doubt that general home use was ever much more than a small percentage of the 1200's Market. It's only in the past couple of years that the hifi side of the Market even looked at the 1200s with anything much other than a derisive sniff. It's sad, but I'm not convinced it says much about the state of the vinyl Market at all regarding people who just listen to records at home. I think too much is being read into it.
  5. My ten year old once on the fly CD transport can do bit for bit accurate copies. Copied to a CD-R in a CD recorder via toslink from the CDPs digi out and verified in accurate rip. People who go on about how the Cd just goes along making guesses need to understand that error correction is exactly that - correction not guesswork and the standard is very robust (and think about it - something "bumbling along" at 1x read speed is actually far more likely to get it right first time than something flying along at 40x a la ripping. No. If transports do sound different you need to look somewhere other than the accuracy of the 1s and 0s themselves.
  6. Hmm ... maybe but for now I have a Touch at home which allows me to do all I want for lying on the sofa doing net stuff use ... just at home not out and about ... and last night I dug out my old dumbphone and put the Sim in another old dumphone someone gave me. I was surpised there's actually £8.50 credit on it ... which means I only spent £11.50 in the 11 months I was using it. It'll do for now. I can wait. And also see if I really do not need much in the way of calls/text. There's a new Desire out so they say, in September, they reckon it's got a better camera, and the Legend style case ... I can hang on til just after Christmas ... by then you'll be able to get minters half price on ebay - unwanted Christmas presents and unwanted upgrades.
  7. Yup. I didn't have a play with the HTC HD2 ... but did handle it. Those buttons are not the best are they? The buttons on the Desire look a lot sturdier, at a guess they are metal capped, not solid metal, but it's hard to say. The build quality of the Desire is quite a lot better than the HD2, it has a nice feel and the screen is excellent - easily as good as the iPhone 4 I'd say. The build quality of the Legend is superb - on a par with the iPhone, but the screen isn't as good as either the iPhone or the Desire. The Sony was a bit plasticy and like the iPhone 4 too big, also it's an old version of Android and it's a bit laggy and stuttery, but the Camera is better than any of the others. The iPhone 4 (first time I've handled one outside a leather case) is beautifully made, but doesn't look like it'll handle too much punishment and is too big for my hands. The keyboard is better I think - though that may just because I'm so used to the Touch keyboard which is identical - the Android ones are sensitive and accurate enough, but they are a bit busy - I could learn to live with them though. I'd rather the iPhone were the same size, shape and button countas my old 1st gen Touch (maybe a bit fatter), but even Apple seem to have got a bit busy with the buttons these days and have made something that's too big a brick. They had some iPhone 3gs in there as well, and I actually preferred them. It has to be said though, all other considerations aside, if we are talking about how nice it is in the hand and the impression of beautifully crafted sturdiness the Legend has the others beat including the Apples - shame the Legend's screen isn't quite up to the same standards as the Desire, iPhone 4 and Sony. I'm going to wait and see what comes out in the next six months I think.
  8. I just went down to the Vodaphone shop for some hands on with some of these things. I concluded that I want an HTC Desire with the HTC Legend's case and build, the Sony X10's camera and the iPhone4's touch keyboard.
  9. Hmm. Well that doesn't look so good, no ... but then neither before or after look like the Desire buttons I handled, which really did look like brushed aluminium. It looks like a reason not to buy an HD2 though, as if running Windows weren't a good enough reason. I'll have to ask a couple of my friends who have been running Desires for a couple of months and see if they have had any issues like this.
  10. Hmm. Well I haven't tried the HD2, but I have briefly tried the desire ... and the sensitivity and touch screen typing was fine. Certainly no worse than my Touch which I generally get on with. Pretty sure the buttons actually were brushed aluminium - they didn't feel like coated plastic.
  11. Just out of interest, which HTC was it? I have handled the iPhone and regularly use a Touch, so know how nice to use and how well made they are. However, I did have a brief play with an HTC Desire and it seemed pretty close in use and very nearly as well made - the buttons on that model were embossed I think. Thought the screen was really very nice actually and far from woeful ... bright, vibrant and just sensitive enough ... but I also gather that some of their earlier efforts were pretty poor. It was just a five minute play with it though. I'm not really interested in a polarised argument ... I just want to get the right device.
  12. I've been looking at online video reviews and the photos people have been taking. It definitely looks like the HTC Desire is the one to go for. If you are good at spotting ebay scams to avoid them it looks as though you can pick a "used", often effectively an unused but unwanted upgrade for about £250. A friend of mine tells me he has a bunch of cashback credits worth £100 I can have, valid against a 12 month, sim only, £15 a month, O2 contract, - so for a year, effectively £70. I need to look into the details on this. I think I'm going to go for it unless the internet allowance is really stingy. One thing I was wondering about the HTC Desire camera. A lot of the pictures I've seen look a bit washed out and flat ... but I did see that it has various saturation, balance and contrast adjustments. Has anyone messed with these to see if better results can be had? It looked from the video reviews that the autofocus works fast enough ... lot faster than my camera anyway.
  13. I have now been on a big trawl through the various networks tariffs. t-mobile looks best for this and do a 6 month internet booster for £20. (1gb/month) - about 10p a day. Which seems very reasonable. What I don't know is if there's some hidden nasties in the fine print.
  14. I like the camera on it and it is beautifully made ... but for 500 notes I could get a mighty fine camera. I can't say I'm all that interested in whether the technology is the very latest or not, so long as it works. This shits out of date within six months anyway and I want to be able to use it for 2 or 3 years at least. What difference does it make if somethings the latest or 6 months behind the time in two or three years. What I don't like about Apple is the way they effectively obsolete your kit within a year or two via the medium of OS updates. I've been looking at the Acer Liquid E. Looks a good spec and only £250 sim free ... is it any good or is it sucky?
  15. I love my Touch too, but it's gen 1 and I'm a bit worried that if I upgarde the OS it'll grind to a standstill ... and Apple are scum sucking bastards. and tbh £500 is more than I want to spend. If I'm going to bite that bullet again I may just get a new Touch for the camera when they come out and use a cheapo DumbPhone. I surf the web more than is healthy anyway. Maybe being able to do it down the pub is not going to be good for me. Oh I don't know ... I'm just confused.