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  1. Fair do I suppose it's different for me as I was 16 when I got hold of their first EP so things are the other way round for me - I tend to hear their influence on other bands and not the other way round. I did panic in the early 90's when Michael Stipe mentioned them in an interview and that he was fan. I didn't like that at all.
  2. You mention you knew nothing of the band so I just mentioned how long they have been going. Simple as that. Their sound hasn't really changed that much other than they got to be better qt what they do and certainly not a covers band. That was it. However search youtube and will find rhcp doing covers of fugazi songs
  3. Fugazi have been going since 1987 and very much a part of the us hardcore scene. Rhcp were a funk rock band way back then.
  4. Repeater is quite possibly my most played album and is classic of the genre as notty stated. I chose this album over that one as it shows more depth an complexity and may well be the last fugazi album Glad most have given this a try. As a place to go next check ou mackaye's latest offering with his other half the evens - punk with both anger and subtlety
  5. Sadly I've not been about too much lately due to problems that life chucks up at you so not really been involved too much in the WAC. Anyway Barney has emailled for my turn and since I'm not really around much tomorrow you can celebrate Xmas early with a quality slice of American Hardcore - something missing from the WAC so far. So I give you one The Argument by Fugazi. One of my favorutie bands and a band that came out of the ashes of the very great and wonderful Minor Threat. Ian Mackaye not only was in Minor threat and Fugazi but in the great way the US guys do this he also runs the record label Dischord which heavily promoted bands from around the Washington area. Sadly, for me anyway, it looks like this may be fugazi's last album. Ian is now doing The Evens and other emebers of the band are doing their own things as well. It would have been a little to easy for me to choose Repeater but this shows how the band grew as musicians over the years. enjoy and merry Xmas to one and all.
  6. Well if you want to live in the posh part of Brum you're gonna pay - quite a few Villa players live in Sutton Coldfield, Good luck with the job, hope it works out for you. I've had a lot of recent dealings with Land Rover and jaguar when they were part of Ford and I used to look after Land Rover dealerships systems back in the day from my first job when they were part of Rover.
  7. I've just read Naim's latest marketing slogan
  8. Just had a first listen to this, hmmmm. really not as bad as I thought it would be. I actually found the album quite consistent. It does have a very dated feel about it though and it didn't hold my attention at it's fullest if I'm perfectly honest although I didn't think there was any particularly bad songs, it did seem to let go of my attention rather than making me sit there and listen. Sort of reminds me of an electronice version of Queen - big, bombastic and confident. Even the lighter tracks have a feeling of bombast about them. I'm not really keen on the sheen given to the vocals, seem to be a little too soft and smooth for me. I've got to do some work this afternoon so I'll put the album back on then and see what happens on second time through. It's certainly not something I would buy but maybe would have on in the car every now and then see how the 2nd listen goes.
  9. Didn't Metalllica have a go as well - using an orchestral version of some of their songs. Must have been when they sat down and realised they'd become pretentious twats.
  10. If the album club had a poll it would have to go to 11 - one higher
  11. I don't think it's really any more commercial than her other stuff. She's tried to do something different, more subtle and deeper and I think she's achieved it very well. Watching her live performance at the Mercury's and I was out the next day purchasing it after nearly giving up on her after the 2 albums previous to this one.
  12. griffo104


    Lovely. Really love the El Primero - quality timepiece
  13. The problem with being dated and cheesy - it goes mouldy. I promise to listen to this with an open mind and remove all bias - honest.
  14. Oi I wanted that award. I quite enjoyed your choice, I struggle to understand some of the criticism but I find that difficult in general. I chose what some would have said was a difficult album simply because I love it. It's always interested in hearing peoples reactions to what you enjoy. It also shows that some people can't actually sit and listen and be genuinely critical through their narrowmindedness (don't think that's a proper word). Just shows why some people can be critics and why most think they can. I'm waiting for someone to pick a U2 album so I can also just slag it off without listening to it properly.