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  1. Good Vibes


    I'd like to take this please with postage added... Thanks Mark
  2. Beautiful work Gordon, well done for having the ability and patience to put all the various models together that you have on the Flickr page. Illuminator 4 and Fusion designs are top class, all the others ain't too shabby either! Respect to you sir.... Mark
  3. Good Vibes

    Brand New - OYAIDE BR-1 Rubber Mat

    SOLD... Pending payment.
  4. Good Vibes

    Brand New - OYAIDE BR-1 Rubber Mat

    Purchased recently, but no longer needed. Never used, so brand new condition... £27.00 including postage. Mark
  5. Good Vibes

    Audio Technica AT150MLX cartridge

    Interested Chris... Mark
  6. After one of these to put under my Oyaide metal mat if anyone has one they don't need. Mark
  7. Whereabouts in the U.K. are you please, if still available!
  8. Looking for a Yannis tonearm cable to try out if anyone has one they are thinking of selling perhaps! Mark
  9. Good Vibes

    SME 310 Tonearm In Rare Silver Finish

    Had no replies for over a week, so in the meantime I have double checked with some folks and it seems it will fit (just) on to a 1210 turntable, but in the week gone by I have also decided to explore the possibility of sourcing a SP10 instead to put the SME on. If I manage to find one in nice shape, and for a fair price (already spoken to someone who works with them) I will probably go with this option instead! So sale on hold at the moment I'm afraid guys. If it does come back up for sale the price will be firm, as when I purchased I considered it a bargain for what it would have cost new!
  10. Purchased this SME 310 Tonearm a couple of weeks ago. I had always lusted after one and when this ad appeared jumped in sharpish to secure the beauty. Alas in my haste to finally own a SME arm I made a fundamental silly error. I did not take into consideration if this tonearm would actually fit OK onto my Technics 1210 deck that I want to take the upgrade path with. So I now will have to relist for selling sadly, unless someone has an SME 309 in great shape that they might want to trade up to the 310 model for perhaps!!! I could also explore the possibility of sourcing a Technics SP 10 turntable if anyone might have one they want to part with, depending on price and condition of the unit... This is the original listing from member Hermit , who by the way was a pleasure to deal with and very helpful with queries on the arm... Click on the below link to see the full listing info and pictures of the beauty.... SME 310 in rare silver finish. Bought new from Unique Audio in November 2016. Excellent condition apart from one small mark where the arm meets the arm rest. It's hidden when in the rest. See photos. The mark is hard to see on the photo but is more visible in real life. Boxed and complete with 310 protractor, all tools, manual and unused SME hybrid arm cable. No mounting template. I had the original headshell machined by Johnny at Audio Origami to suit my cartridge which has a long body and short cantilever. I think it is a great improvement. However, I can also supply a new and unused spare headshell which cost £143 and this is included in the price below. Please also note that the silver finish was a £200 option. Looking for £1100 ono delivered to UK address.
  11. Good Vibes

    My very special JBL L112

    Would love to give these a try. Beautiful work done on them. Shall come back to you maybe in a month or so if still here on the Wam, though surprised they are still not sold to be honest! Mark
  12. Good Vibes

    Upgrades On Technics 1210 MK2 Deck

    Thanks for the info so far chaps... Mark
  13. Good Vibes

    Upgrades On Technics 1210 MK2 Deck

    Already had from when the deck was new some Isonoe feet added, replaced the Technics headshell for a Sumiko headshell with an Ortofon Blue M cartridge, and lastly a Japanese Oyaide metal slip matt. Want to do power supply and tonearm for certain, just weighing up if its worth to do the bearings as well (depending on cost).
  14. Good Vibes

    Upgrades On Technics 1210 MK2 Deck

    So my question is I would like to do some upgrades to my fairly new Technics 1210 MK2 turntable (had about maximum 100 hours on it) in the near future. The usual stuff like better tonearm, separate power supply, and maybe even better bearings perhaps! I could alternatively maybe sell this 1210 MK2 model and purchase the new 1210 GR deck and then just swap over the tonearm only! What do you think in regards to various work needed on the 1210 MK2 model to get it sounding pretty good, better sounding after all that upgrade work than it would be just buying the new 1210 GR that has improved the power supplies and damping inside the deck and then just adding a decent tonearm only? Look forward to hearing people's opinions with a better knowledge on this subject than me.... Mark
  15. Good Vibes

    SME 310 tonearm in silver

    Hi Hermit, Where are you based in U.K., not in London area by any chance are you? I've long desired a SME tonearm, though out of my personal reach normally financially! This one though might just be possible if you could wait until start of October (one week away). I want to pimp my Technics 1210 turntable, already have a Japanese Oyaide metal slip mat and Isonoe feet, together with a Ortofon blue cartridge and Sumiko headshell. Regards Mark