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  1. I'll take them for a friend called Pete coincidently! He's not a member on here but picked up a pair of speakers at the weekend so needs some cable. I can pay for them and get you to mail them to his business address.... Regards Mark
  2. I got Steve of Magna Audio to make me up one of his beautiful ebony wood arm board plates for a SME 310 series tonearm I had purchased at the end of 2018. I was ready to go forward in the spring once I had received the ebony arm board, but as fate would have it Rob's super pimped 1210 came up for sale with all the top upgraded bits on it (including one of Steve's ebony arm boards for the upgraded Micro Seiki tonearm that is on the deck). So to fund buying Rob's deck I sold the SME 310 tonearm, and therefore no longer have use for the still unopened package containing the SME ebony arm board plate that I purchased from Steve at a cost of 165.00 pounds. I am looking to sell it for 135.00 if anyone might be interested! Mark
  3. Yes please, would like to take it if still available. Mark
  4. Can you confirm if they are bent in any parts of the reel please. Would like to buy for a friend in the US who has a reel to reel. Regards Mark
  5. Bit too pricey for me Panpeers on the Russ Andrews cable, and I had a SME cable but sold it together with a SME arm recently. Sorry if I'm sounding picky!
  6. Might go the route of buying a new cable, but just thought I'd first check before I do to see if anyone might have a good quality 1.0 or 1.2 metre cable with a right angle pin connector they might want to sell perhaps! Cheers Mark
  7. Went with the MK Silver plugs. Thanks for the advice and info guys... Regards Mark
  8. Yes, 13A plug is required please.... M
  9. Looking for a decent plug to go on the end of a power cable.... What have you got to offer that might be spare or gathering dust in the back of a drawer! Mark
  10. This was a project I had planned to do since December of 2018, but still not got round to it alas! Something else I desired for a while has surfaced and you can't have it all I guess... If it does not sell for the price I'm asking it can wait a while longer before I get around to finishing the project I originally intended for this great tonearm! No tire kickers, or low ballers please for what is a great price for an arm that would cost with the extra headshell double this amount. Any other queries please message me.... This tonearm was purchased from a lovely Wam member (Hermit) from up in Scotland who purchased the arm new himself in November 2016 if memory serves me well, and then replaced it with a new SME V 12" tonearm in the late summer, early autumn of 2018. Well cared for and in top shape. The 310 arm is in the original box, never even took it out of the box myself as of yet! The SME 10" tonearm was a special order done in silver not the usual black for the 10" model, cost around £200 extra to have this package when new. Tonearm comes with a brand new unused SME 1.2 metre black tonearm cable, and an extra headshell made specially by 'Audio Origami' for those slightly longer cartridges if needed (tonearm has the 'Audio Origami' headshell on it in the pictures attached). The arm is in top shape having come from a hi fi loving home originally, only a small mark on the arm where it sat against the arm rest, seems to be a normal occurrence with these SME models! Image 5. shows a white arrow pointing to the small mark where the arm sits up against the rest. All pictures of the arm on a Sony turntable are from the seller I purchased from in Scotland, boxed photo images are mine. Looking for £1150 firm including recorded postage (pick up in Croydon area also possible). Payment either by bank transfer or Paypal friend/family option (same way I paid for the arm myself). No tire kickers, or low ballers please for what is a great price for an arm that would cost with the extra headshell over double this amount. Any other queries please message me....
  11. I'd like to take this please with postage added... Thanks Mark
  12. Beautiful work Gordon, well done for having the ability and patience to put all the various models together that you have on the Flickr page. Illuminator 4 and Fusion designs are top class, all the others ain't too shabby either! Respect to you sir.... Mark
  13. Purchased recently, but no longer needed. Never used, so brand new condition... £27.00 including postage. Mark