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  1. It's a win for Kegworth. Firstly, access just off M1 (I wonder how accessible Salford was yesterday in the snow) Secondly, a decent size car park vs. park & ride which was a turn off for me Third, A Lift !!!, for those of us with beefy speakers, plus entry doors at both ends of the building Fourth, the bedrooms are indeed larger and of a more solid construction than Scalford. Unless you were one of the lucky half dozen to get a syndicate room at Scalford, the bedrooms were wafer thin cells. If the weather could just behave, then next year could really bring in the punters
  2. Final Bling version............... Room 222 - line 72 sources: Bel Canto cd3t transport Linn Klimax LP12 amplification: Devialet Le Expert 400 dual mono speakers: Neat Acoustics Ultimatum MF7
  3. Interesting choice Dean. Siouxsie and the Banshees were important players in the Punk/ New Wave thing 78/79, and morphed into founding fathers of 'Goth'. I pulled this out for a spin on the linn (maybe 20+ years since I last played it) 'Overground' is still my song of choice, but on the whole it's an album by an artist still developing. After the Scream they had a run of Hong Kong Garden, Playground Twist, and the Staircase Mystery - songs of this calibre are missing from the Scream. For me, the Scream is a snapshot of an emerging talent whose later output was far superior. Only saw them once promoting Join Hands (supported by Cure) at the sadly defunct Aylesbury Friars. Bad memories of a set cut short due to a lot of Agro.
  4. AdamK

    Guess the album cover

    Crucifix wearer is Ronnie Montrose, and the album is ‘Montrose’, also featuring Sammy Hagar, and the legendary Space Station #5 Have no idea how to post pics from an iPhone so someone please take it from here
  5. AdamK

    Guess the album cover

    The wearer of the crucifix died 2012
  6. Change of venue has rekindled my interest in exhibiting - am i too late ?
  7. The perfect antidote to Gillian Welch A modern Prog concept album- not full of noodling nonsense like the seventies. There is a distinct Gilmour feel to the guitar parts - reviews also cite Muse & Black Mountain as reference points. Crippled Black Phoenix are less a band and more a Collective, centered round members of Iron Monkey, Electric Wizard & Mogwai - so thats Sludge, Doom, and Post rock influences. Its nowhere near as metal as the name implies. Would be grateful if someone could do the Spotify (and any other) link Many thanks
  8. AdamK

    Best tracks of the 80s

    Dave TV..............................
  9. AdamK

    Best tracks of the 80s

  10. Not sure we have ever had a Ramones album in WAC- maybe they are not audiophile enough. Anyway, most of them are already dead but their musical legacy lives on- the first 3 albums really say all that you need to know Ramoneswise. This one Rocket to Russia contains Rockaway Beach, Sheena and Surfin Bird. If you ever wondered what would come out of the mixer if you put 3 chords & the Beachboys in. Only 32 minutes long so wont take long to sing along to those catchy choruses. p.s. would be great is someone could do me the honours Spotify-wise- cheers
  11. AdamK

    Ok or terrible?

    I'd date it late 70's My first vinyl player was a 'Ferguson 3047b' from the mid 70's- very similar aesthetics Performance wise 'dreadful'
  12. AdamK

    Scalford 2017 Emergency Help Thread

    How are you transporting it? - proper LP12 box / remove outer platter/ suspend inner platter on some poly so it is not touching the bearing ?