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  1. John Just let me know if you fancy a test of some of my valves and we'll arrange something. Cheers
  2. John I have the following: 2 Siemens Halske ECC83 (labelled Mazda) 1960s? 2 JJ ECC803S gold pin 6 Mullard EEC83/12AX7 white label 2 Raytheon JAN JRP 5751 black plate 1960s 1 Raytheon JRP 12AX7 long black plates 1962 2 Psvane 12AX7 T (the TII is supposed to be better) Chris
  3. John it might be interesting just trying a number of different valves to see if that yields any perceptible changes, good or bad. Maybe you'll find out that what you have is the answer. I have a selection of ECC83 and equivalents I would be happy for you to borrow. Cheers Chris
  4. Unfortunately we're away for the weekend from this evening otherwise I'd have been keen to come along. I hope all goes well and I'll try harder to make the next one. Cheers Chris
  5. Robin/Carl - Well if I was coming I could make another like the one I took when we went to Chris's bake off (Big Lebowski) a while ago which I think went down well! Have fun
  6. They're just ip the road from me in Liss, Hampshire.
  7. I'm a fan of making my own curries from scratch. In fact this morning I have just made a batch of chicken phal. But I have eaten at this restaurant on a number of occasions and they do offer pre-packed sauces I haven't tried them myself but their food in the restaurant is very good.
  8. That's both gone, thanks chaps. Macvisual, Maverick (I appreciate your kind offer of a charity donation at Scalford) - once I have your details (via PM please) I'll pack them off to you. It may be next week as I'll be away for the next few days. **EDIT** Thanks Pete (macvisual) got your details now and thanks too for the donation offer, excellent. ......And now got yours Frank They will be in the post today. Thanks to you both Chris
  9. No problem, please PM me with your details. Cheers Chris
  10. I have a couple of nail brushes available to anyone who may like them. They're brand new and I don't need them because I realise I have more than I'll need for the rest of my life. They appear to me to be very similar to the excellent "Super Brush" one of which I have ( see ). You'll see that the link does clearly say that it is a nail brush. I've taken a few pictures of one of the brushes alongside my genuine SRM one. I offer this for interest's sake only; these are just nail brushes.
  11. My one engagement with the company was not a happy one. I'd placed an order and there was a delay in being able to have it sourced and delivered. That didn't present me with a problem but from the day I submitted the order I received unsolicited emails almost each day. There was no "unsubscribe" option on the emails which for a start is bad practice. I emailed them asking to be taken off their distribution list as I just didn't want all the stuff I was getting. I was told that there is no way to get off the junk mail list unless I cancelled my account and if I did that then my order wouldn't be delivered. So I told them to cancel the order and close my account. It really shouldn't be a big issue to ask not to be sent crap. I was left with a very unfavourable impression of the outfit and won't be going back.
  12. Now sold, thanks John.
  13. Depends which set of lips you're looking at I think. I always knew that studying Latin would come in handy.