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  1. Normal convention is for the red plug to indicate right channel, and white for left. Does the balance control affect the volume? If you connect one speaker to the red and black terminals (switched or unswitched) and then unplug the right channel on the input do you still get sound?
  2. No problem James, glad I could help.
  3. Hi I'm local to you and I can help you out. Send me a PM - I can drop the disc off or you can collect Bob
  4. Yomanze wrote: In general open back designs sound better at the expense of sound leakage. More "airy", "open" and "neutral" sound (sorry, no other words to use here). Closed back phones have the issue of having to deal with reflected back waves and can generally impart a more muffled quality to the sound. However, some people prefer the sort of walloping bass that can be achieved with closed backs, but I think it's a bit unnatural. Open back for HiFi, closed back for noise isolation / sound monitoring. There's a reason why all Grados + Sennheiser, AKG etc. top-end phones are open back. Thanks for that , I think it will be closed back for me as not wishing to upset my wife. Yep, my girlfriend gets driven wild when I'm using the STAX electrostats - I'd may as well be playing speakers at low volume. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of kick-arse closed backs out there like the Denon AH-D2000. I think Denon really nailed it when they entered the headphone market. As for these ATH-AD700 that is an incredible discount! People ordering from Amazon.com without a mate in the US to send on might want to take a punt with a service like this: https://www.parcel2go.com/Rent-US-Address.aspx Thanks, that looks interesting. But a quick check of us/uk shipping costs for a single parcel would wipe out most of the savings - might be OK if you needed several items and could consolidate shipping Sorry for taking the thread OT :minikiev:
  5. dgdgdgdgdg wrote: You could start taking orders at that price:) I'd be in for a pair
  6. Good luck, it's a shame they're making you sweat for 90 days - that's not pleasant. I've just been made redundant but my company only made us sweat for 7 days with a 1 in 3 risk. TBH, I'm sort of glad it was me - we were short staffed with 3 people so I don't envy the 2 guys that are left. In the meantime, I'm just trying to be positive. I've got enough money to last the rest of the year and insurance to cover the mortgage - now I've just got to find a new job!
  7. I never knew until fairly recently that 'Woodstock' was written by Joni Mitchell. Having heard the JM version of the song - well, it's quite different to the MSC version Whether it's because I've grown up with only ever hearing the MSC sing the song but I can't stand the Joni Mitchell version - not that I really like anything else I've heard by her. I even prefer the Counting Crows version of Big Yellow Taxi The point I'm trying to make here is that liking the sort of musical style of the track you heard on the radio doesn't necessarily mean that you'll like JM's other stuff - you may but I don't think it's a natural progression.
  8. Well, that redresses the balance somewhat and I'm pleased for you. I'm gonna have to ring me ins co. and see what they say
  9. Thanks for the replies guys, pretty much as I expected I suspect I'll be fecked whichever way I play this - if I don't actively look for work then claim denied -but- if I do get temporary work then claim denied >:
  10. I'm about to be made redundant and looking at the jobs market atm I'm in IT and certainly in my part of the world there doesn't seem to be a lot of work out there, and most of what little there is - is contract or temporary positions. What's bothering me is that should I apply for and actually get one of these temporary positions - will that feck me mortgage insurance policy? I can't start a claim as I will get 3 months notice in lieu, the policy says I can start a claim and then suspend it if temporary work is found - but as I won't have started making a claim yet, will that disbar me as the work immediately preceeding the claim was temporary? Anyone got any experience of similar?
  11. type 'uk proxy servers' into google set your browser up to use one of these proxy servers for uk traffic - i.e .co.uk; org.uk, ac.uk; etc some of the proxy servers ban the bbc iPlayer though because of the high volume of traffic it generates
  12. My top 10, at least for today Alan Parsons Project - I Robot Joan Armatrading - Joan Armatrading 10cc - How Dare You! Supertramp - Breakfast In America Rod Stewart - Every Picture Tells A Story Chris Rea - Water Sign Genesis - And Then There Were Three Rush - Moving Pictures Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Stranger In Town The Who - Who's Next
  13. Martin If you hit the F8 key just before XP starts to load you should get the advanced startup screen. One option on the menu is 'Disable automatic restart on failure' (or words to that effect). Use that option and instead of a reboot you should see a blue screen with white text giving details of the error - somewhere on screen you should see a STOP code, this will help in pinpointing the cause of your problem. hth UB
  14. SSM wrote: Boy, that is one awful website. I don't have any of this guy's music and after perusing the site I'm not sure if I'll be adding any soon. ps: the thread title is egging my desire for deep fried food. Torture. SS SSM This *just* might be to your taste